An Accident in Broad Daylight


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In broad daylight, eyes open and clear of mind
An accident, maddening, possessing.

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Bai Ri Shi Gu
Love You Over All
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Ritsuka rated it
August 4, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't have words to describe this Beautiful masterpiece!

I'm more biased towards plot-based novels than romance based but there are a handful of these that have a special place in my heart and this is without any doubt one of them! (Might be dominating even that list)

I can't wrap my head around how this could be so underrated! Guys you need to check out this amazing work!

    • It has double perspectives!the tags might say seme protagonist but actually we get to see to story unfold from the perspective of both our protagonists and that is honestly such a treat! We get to see the feelings, developments, pain, circumstances of both the leads and that is just so unique and good that I was enjoying this the whole time reading the novel!
    • The plot is romance based and wholly focused on our two leads! Their feelings, circumstances and developments and so the romance is sooo freakin good! So breathtakingly good that its the type that can make you cry just because of how beautiful it is! Throughout the novel, I was literally clutching my heart constantly thinking that Yi Zhe loves Xu Tangcheng so much and vice versa! Their love was just perfect! It was based on how much they both were willing to do for each other, indulge each other, protect each other and sacrifice for each other and I dare say that they have made into my top favourite couples list!
    • Since it was a double perspective novel, let me take Yi Zhe as ML (gong) and Xu Tangcheng as MC (shou) and then I think Yi Zhe is one of the most developed MLs I have ever read! No wonder in all danmeis, The MLs are all good, loving and willing to do anything for their loved ones but which of these have actually delved deeper and developed/explored the MLs? Only some of the novels have done that and I love all of them!Song Yu from Lovely Allergen will forever be at the top for me but Yi Zhe comes quite close to him! From his unconditional one sided honest love at start to his desperate development to become stronger to be someone who could be protect XTC in the future, all this just made my heart warm so much. He loved XTC unconditionally, willing to love him and protect him from a distance even when he thought XTC might not! He wasn't willing to be even a little dishonest with XTC even if it meant benefit for himself, he wanted their relationship to be genuine even if there wasn't much to it. The way he treasured every advice/gift given and every moment spent with him like a treasure and the way he couldn't control his delight when he was with XTC was just so precious that it felt like my heart was being squeezed. He was willing to let go... he was willing to make any sacrifice for XTC. His love was just so... gentle and fulfilling that I honestly felt like crying.I love this guy to bits!!!
    • Now to the MC, Xu Tangcheng, tbh a lot of danmeis do a good job developing their MCs at the very least but one thing that always makes me a bit uncomfortable about them is that their love always more or less pales in comparison to the MLs, like they are always the passive party in the relationship both in vocalising or expressing their love through actions. An important factor in my list of favourite MCs is exactly that! I need equality! I need effort! I freakin swoon when our protagonists express or make an effort for their loved ones! Its just so endearing and oh boi Xu Tangcheng this boi has literally won over my heart! If the first half of the novel was spent on me crying for Yi Zhe then the second half was definitely for both, or a bit more for ma boi Xu Tangcheng! Despite him knowing the difficulties they would face in the future, he still chose Yi Zhe and didn't avoid him because his heart couldn't bear to see Yi Zhe sad. He never told Yi Zhe about their difficulties, wanting to protect him and his courage. He literally considered Yi Zhe as his source of courage. Despite being awkward, he still tried his best to express and vocalise his love and I could go on and on about how much more he and Yi Zhe did for each other but then I would be filling this review for 2-3 pages and spoiling you all so i'll stop now but I need a XTC in my life! And a Yi Zhe too! Like these guys are just perfect for each other! Its like the world won't be right without them as a couple!
    • And now is the time when I gush about how absolutely stunning, deep and beautiful the writing of this novel is! The use of wording coupled with the amazing quotes was just so good.I mean just look at this para:
"The streetlights then were very beautiful and so was the new moon. Light leaped around in a dance and climbed up Xu Tangcheng's fingertips, filling Yi Zhe's eyes together with the lustre of that night that was unlike any other."

Not only this, But the wording used by XTC when he was describing Yi Zhe's love for him left me stunned and with an urge to cry, not to mention when both of them were thinking how the other loving them was a blessing/miracle they were thankful for! HOW CAN YOU WRITE SOMETHING SO BEAUTIFULLY THAT IT TOUCHES YOUR HEART!!!! I am in love with the author!

    • Not just these beautiful quotes but the author's use of perfect psychological ideologies for a lot of situations to explain and wrap them perfectly left me speechless. This is the only novel after Mo Du in which the deep psychological quotes were used so perfectly and were so good that I was taking ss and nodding my head relating to them all the whole time!
"When examined carefully, no one had a spotless and easy past. It was just that if a person didn't become someone you cared about, you would never get to know and understand their sorrows."

And lets not forget the perfect way in which the author handled the issue of XTC parents being against their relationship with perfect psychological basis and its resolution too! Nothing was dragged! It was the perfect length! Boi, I even wanted more!Honestly, at this point I'm just blabbing lol I don't know how to put my feeling into words but I'm a big fan of the author now!

The only problem I have is with the prologue, which was hinting at the imminent doom and made it seem extremely angsty enough to break my heart into pieces. Honestly, it was a clever idea cause it could get people hooked but I honestly would have preferred to read without it because from the first chapter to the end, even when I got a lot of beautiful and fluffy romantic moments, I was anxious because of what was to come, my mind was already making up scenarios one more heartbreaking than the other due to all the angsty novels I have already read.I think I might have enjoyed this novel a lot more if I had no worries from the prologue! And Don't worry its not as angsty as the prologue makes it to be so don't be afraid guys and read it! Its worth your time! And I would have also preferred some more extras after the end to see our leads' interactions with their family because it would have been so wholesome! But this novel is already so good and perfect that I shouldn't ask for more!The ending was Beautiful and the extras were fluffy.I couldn't ask for more!

Last but not least, The translator did a terrific job at the translation! I mean I am loving this so much, gushing at writing but it was translator who brought this amazing work to us and also her who used beautiful words in English and connected them perfectly to bring to us a stunning piece of writing as accurately as possible! I appreciate her hard work for us so much!

I might have went above and beyond with the review just blabbering on and on but I honestly loved this novel so much and I hope more people pick this up, read this and appreciate this piece of art! 10/10 would recommend it!
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MissJo47 rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: --
This one is too beautiful I cried so hard at the last part.. Yi Zhe loves for Xu Tangcheng is just too great.. A lot of life lessons the phrase "Kindness is a great weapon" is what I love the most.. Indeed it is.. I just hope that more and more parents will be understanding and support if there son loves a man. And also more people support the LGBT Community..

Thank u author and translator for sharing us this beautiful love story..
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dee_ism rated it
September 27, 2021
Status: --
Beautifully written and bittersweet.

The journey of our main couple make you root and ache for them.

The ML connect the world to MC. And the MC put his whole existence for ML.

I cried quite bit reading the last chapters, wow the angst. When ML explain how good MC was to his mom, I cried a river.

Yi Zhe, you're loved!

ML said: What kind of person was Yi Zhe? He had never received much love, yet he was using the most pure heart to love him.
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Amemori rated it
August 28, 2021
Status: --
Just finished reading the whole story. Oh, I'm lost for words! This definitely one of my fav!

The story is so good, well-written, heartbreaking, yet so heartwarming at the same time! Watching Yi Zhe and Tancheng's journey is like watching your own kids grow up. I love them so much, they are so precious, must be protected at all costs!

And to the translator, thank you so much for pick this story. You did a great job!
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periperi rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: Completed
4 stars

It's so bittersweet it's maddening. I'm giving it 4 stars more because I love the main couple and my heart just aches for YZ and he deserves the best things in the world and XTZ also loves him so much. Minus 1 star because gosh it's so bittersweet that I want to read a brain rotting sweet story after this.

This is a slice of life story that really just follow the relationship of the main couple and it's ups and downs. Nothing earth shattering, even a little bland but... more>> the story grips you in subtle ways and you just ache for the characters, even the side characters (ESPECIALLY THE SIDE CHARACTERS WHAT DA HECK).

Relationship troubles, stormy waters ahead spoiler (I saw it 10 miles ahead) :

typical but it's the family drama. I knew it the moment XTZ asked his mum what if he didn't marry at all and she responded super negatively to it. It's not even like what if he was gay but if he DIDN'T MARRY. Like, there's people of different orientation that don't marry right? But his family is super traditional, they want him to marry and have kids the traditional way. Major red flag of what will happen down the road. Of course sh*t hit the roof later on and there was major angst but fret not for the happy end.


The bittersweet stuff regarding side characters, don't get your hopes up folks:

author decides to sprinkle some dash of possible side CP that goes unfulfilled. No seriously, that ship doesn't sail. It's with XTZ's friend CX and another guy. CX has an unrequited love with a childhood friend that gets married and he gets super upset but there's another guy (YZ's sort of friend) who seems interested in him and vice versa. But said friend (who is sort of a playboy and knows it himself) says he's no good for CX and that CX will find someone good someday. CX asks him if he is someone good and he replies no. So ship sank. WHAT. They just part like that. They kind of had good chemistry vibes? But I suppose it was realistic? Because friend felt like he wasn't good for CX and he wanted the best for CX? But then argh, so bittersweet. I want an extra for them but alas nothing.


Overall, this is not a long story so it's worth the read if you want an angsty modern story with good romance (YZ is really the best). <<less
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jasmin1028 rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: c13
I am surprised to see that their are no reviews for such an 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗻𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗹. I only read this till the latest chapter so my review might not be relevant since I don't know what's going on either.

I just want to say that this is definitely a 𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗺𝗶𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗴 story. It is so well written and also the translation is so good. Thank you.

For now I can just say that the interactions between main characters are cute and heartwarming but I feel like the journey is going to be quite painful//... more>> sad?? <<less
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Reyleisha rated it
September 23, 2021
Status: extra
Rating: 3/5- Excellent translation of what looks like a super difficult novel. But it's a draggy, slow paced drama that leaves you with a bit of an underwhelming, flat feeling.

So I expected this to be angsty, dramatically sad and memorably moving and perhaps it is to others. To me, it was kind of a realistic portrayal of the difficulties of traditional families and their views on homosexuality. Another highlight is the reality of how horrible parents still have good (albeit kinda deficient) children and that children can't help but love... more>> their parents no matter what.

Besides the above, this story is actually very poorly paced. It's written in a sort of airy, essay type style. There's a ton of filler information that add no value to the story so I just skipped through pretty much all of that whilst reading. The side characters were okay... but I also didn't feel deeply for them. I'm not sure why it was so hard for me to connect to this story, but the poor pacing and literary writing style might have been what threw me off.

It's kind of hard to call this a very good book but it's not a bad book either. It's got a very good premise its just that the ending for all the melodrama that was set up, falls flat. You go through this long, extended period of liking, confession and then dating, cohabitation and then the coming out and then 3 chapters defines an entire separation. All that airy, filler type writing from the 60 chapters before fall away and you get a conclusion. So it doesn't actually fit well to be a convincing end. I would have felt more closure if the individual separation experience and character thought process was elaborated as it was from the beginning.

I think that the author focuses too much on "writing well" with metaphors and nuances instead of building an emotive and captivating plot.

From a romance perspective, it's not all that romantic. It's a book about the consequences of dealing with a family who cannot accept you for being different to what they expect. I picked up some character inconsistencies but maybe because this novel didn't get me invested in the struggle of non-acceptance. I'm convinced I'm the wrong audience for this book so please don't rely on my review and have it prevent you from finding your next ultimate romance.

It's an okay read overall. I didn't find it all that memorable. Perhaps this book was just not written for a reader like me and others may enjoy and appreciate it a lot more. Do not read it if you want something light- the writing is complex with heavy undertones.

Give it a go if you don't mind more literary pieces that are choppily paced that may leave you with mixed feelings. <<less
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Anuskaa rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't know where to start. When I started the book, I approached it only with the thought of killing time. Then I realized that I had come across an extremely well-written fiction. It was nice to read about their relationship, especially to Yi Zhe, to whom I was very attached, but it also has a bitter taste. I loved it a lot. Very very much. I'm even considering re-reading it. The progress of the events and the translation is very nice. (I haven't seen such a simple and good... more>> translation for a long time. It definitely makes reading even better) The love between them is so deep. They complement each other <3 <<less
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Cloudy_hills rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c30
A very intriguing story. Patiently waiting for the next chapter to be completed. I wasn't keen on reading it due to the lack of context and reviews, but I am glad I went ahead nonetheless.
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peppergum rated it
August 2, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel wasn't as unbearably angsty as I was led to believe by other reviews. While you feel your heart squeezed by the yearning that Yi Zhe went through in the first part of the novel (or the stuff that happens later), the exceptionally sweet relationship that the two main characters form more than made up for it.

The later family drama was pretty typical of what you'd find in a realistic modern day premise. At the same time, I didn't feel like it was repetitive because of how detailed the... more>> varying family dynamics were portrayed. I really wished there was more about Yi Zhe's complicated relationship with his mom.

Accident in Broad Daylight was wrapped in the theme of unconditional love, so much so that I felt like I haven't read many other works like it. Rather than portraying love as something all-consuming and possessive like most danmei usually do, love here becomes gentle, quiet sacrifices that are made simply to see the other person smile.

I don't know. Other works may have exciting page-turning plots or provocative chemistry that makes your heart race, but this was the one that made me feel genuinely bad about being single lmao. <<less
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glitteryjoon rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: --
Where do I start..

Hmm. Anyway, I did enjoy reading this. The angst wasn't too heavy to where it felt overwhelming and over dramatic, but rather pretty realistic in both the era or times and the reaction the older generation would have had.

I feel like the two contrasting sides of family dynamics was also pretty interesting and saddening. It hurt a lot to read through on both sides because at the end of the day most people may have a chance to have kids, but not everyone should. And those that... more>> do should love them unconditionally, but unfortunately the condition for "unconditional" love is usually so long as you do as your told. And this was a prime example of that.

On one hand, I understood the traditional thinking his parents had, but being so quick to easily cut him off and kick him out also shows that the "unconditional" love we should have from our parents can only last on a basis of reaching the expectation they blindly set out for us.

It's something I've thought a lot about as I'm pan and my lean towards femininity is probably more likely to have me experiencing something similar and it's terrifying.

It makes me wonder, if you only love us "unconditionally" based on these expectations that are so blindly set, then what's the point? I could go on a whole tangent but I don't think my emotions can handle thinking to much deeper on it for now.

Anyway, I understood but it didn't stop me from wondering why he was so keen trying to get them to understand. Then, I figured maybe I'm just not a good child to my parents or maybe I always understood the conditions of the unconditional. Who knows.

I gave this a 4.5 on the low end because although it was good, thought provoking, and emotional. I still think there were areas that could have been better. For example, although the side characters were there, they only seemed memorable when they were brought up, otherwise I forgot they were there.

I can't say they werent fleshed out well exactly because the pain Cheng xu shared was understandable and I cried for him, but at the same time, he wasn't paced well. The only side I can really remember and actually somewhat liked, was Yikun and that was more because he said things plainly.

Meanwhile, it felt like the main couple never really plainly expressed their pain, only just barely their love. That was another thing that bothered me but I feel like that also has to do with me just being more straightforward too. If I'm hurting, I want to be able to tell the person I like especially if it deals with my family because if you can't tell your s.o "my dad basically never thought of me as his kid, and pretty much disowned me without batting an eye" then why be with them?

Whether it's because you want to sulk or cry it's nicer to have that feeling with someone that will comfort you, but with them, they hid all the bad and only shared the good and even until the very end, the bad was just barely touched upon. That annoyed me to no end. I just wanted them both to lay all their cards on the table. But even when telling him about his moms passing, he sprinkling the sweetness overtop the bitter to make it less bad. "I started to like her, she may not have always been like that."

In the end, I'm glad I read it, but I do wish it was a little more interesting. It became stagnant more often than not and was only pushed along by random problems that pop up. <<less
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yooa_12 rated it
October 30, 2021
Status: extra
4 stars because of the brain damage they gave me in the last chapters, everything was so fluffy and BOOM angst I WAS CRYING AT 2 AM I WOKE UP WITH A HUGE HEADACHE

... more>>

I chose this novel because I thought this would be a very light experience just something to detach myself from reality. AND WHAT I GOT WAS THIS HEARTACHE. At first I thought the main conflict would be the reluctance to get together, and yes I considered the parents..... but xtc was so firm in not leaving yi zhe and I really believed they'd keep going despite the opposition, which I liked, but that was hurting xtc too. And I couldn't understand why would yi zhe let xtc go, JUST WHY???? until xtc explained it to his mom, that's when I got it and I cried so hard bc how can someone love so much? how can you just let the person you love the most not even sure if they will forget you, if they will move on, if they will stop loving you. but that's the point, Yi Zhe trusted and loved xtc so much. [hold on I will cry] and at least, this break helped yizhe grow so much as an individual, stopped depending completely on xtc to stand as an equal the next time they met, how is this not so beautiful. they are now better versions of themselves and have a better relationship than in the past. it was so much in such a short novel that I'm feeling so dumbstruck right now, it held a lot of topics and developed them really well.

on the other hand is chengxu, he was so adorable but even as a side character he showed a great development and growth, I felt so proud of him, but also sad? I want him to find his person and be happy with someone that can accompany him. will that person be zheng yikun?? idk :/// they'd have made a lovely couple but zyk also needed to grow up and live on his own to know what he really wants, if they meet in the future I also hope it's a better version of each other ;;-;;

please PLEASE REAd it you wont regret it, it touches a lot of heavy topics like h*mophobia, coming out, absent parents, growing up, maturing, finding your place in the world, so it really stuck to me and I really connected with the characters, so I'm really happy that I found this story. even tho it broke my heart in the last few chapters., BUT DONT WORRY, IT HAS A HE!!!!! THEY ARE HAPPY AND TOGETHER <<less
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Ppkk85 rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: Completed
I rarely cry while reading sad novel, but I actually cried. It's a slow burn, beautiful love novel. There's no smut scene, but you can feel their love and intimacy. Their love and sacrifice surpass any obstacles comes their way. I love

how no matter what MC refused to leave ML. Even when his family tried to cut him off. Even with the 2 year separation agreement MC left so many clues that he still plans to comeback.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
PeachyOs rated it
March 23, 2022
Status: Completed
Very few stories manage to grip my heart from beginning to end, but this was one of them.

The tone I get from the story is incredibly warm like if my heart was wrapped in a soft blanket and someone gently prodded at it with each word on the page. The prologue is set in present time and then we are transported to the past where we get to see Yi Zhe's and Xu Tangcheng's journey of how they fall in love and grow together. The author (and translator) has managed... more>> to make the readers deeply feel the yearning, love, and pain that the characters go through. XTC and YZ's love throughout the story is expressed through tiny actions and often unsaid words (not in a misunderstanding sort of way), so readers often have to read in between the lines to understand just how much they love and care for each other. There is some angst in the latter half of the story, remember my analogy about my heart being gently prodded? well it got beat up for a couple of chapters near the end...

I highly recommend this story to anyone interested or on the fence about whether they want to start it. It's a good read and is one of those stories I think I'll remember for a long time. After finishing the story I also recommend looking up some of the songs mentioned throughout the story if you're not familiar with them or the lyrics. It really helps add a deeper look into some of the scenes in my opinion. <<less
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Sakura Dream
Sakura Dream rated it
September 23, 2021
Status: Completed
So sweet yet so bitter, so beautiful yet so painful. I'm glad that I finished this story, there are some parts where I was so suffocated that I needed some time to rest just to continue a chapter. I don't remember the last time I cried this hard over a book and now I'm bawling my eyes out until they are swollen;-; Their love is so beautiful that I am at a loss for the words to describe it. The angst is so real that I somehow wondered how many... more>> pairs of lovebirds out there had experienced like this and only how many of them survived and how many of them chose to give up?


the chapter where MC's family found out the truth, I used TWO days to just finish it for I was so scared and worried for our MC and ML😭 I needed to warn myself from time to time that it's a HE, HE, HE (HAPPY ENDING) My heart ached so many times for how deep they love each other oh god please spare me for being a single dog〒▽〒 I can't even count how many times I cried over the last 10 chapters😭 The way the author describes love and family affection through daily lives is so emotional and delicate that you can't help but deeply moved.


Overall, 'An accident in broad daylight' is a very beautiful piece of work. A simple tender love story with the right amount of angst. It's very well written and well translated. Give it a try <3 Alas, spread love to my dear Yi Zhe and Xu Tang Cheng, please stay happy in the dimensional world you belong to and have a happy wedding <3 <<less
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twobada rated it
September 1, 2021
Status: --
Pain, a lot of pain.

But it was worth it. I'm impressed at the amount of fleshing out the writer did for the characters' emotions and states of mind. I think they aimed for this piece to be a bit more literary than most webnovels.

I didn't really like it tbh because I prefer fluff fluff and more fluff because of how stressed I usually am, and this story has 0 fluff. But there's beauty and substance in it that makes it so moving and memorable.
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May 18, 2022
Status: Completed
To echo what someone else already commented, "painfully beautiful", just sums it up pretty well.

Go on read it and don't be afraid of the pain, it will pass, promise!
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April 12, 2022
Status: c36
Honestly I dropped this because I did not like the fact I had to edit the drama tag onto this book. Can you believe this did not have a drama tag before me? Unbelievable.

More seriously (although I was seriously mad about that), even if had I read the reviews and realized the angst it had and thus would probably not have read it, I actually did not drop it for the angst. In fact, the angst had me by it's jaws for it's realism and heartbreaking writing.

I realize, although terribly... more>> cliche, gay people possibly really resonate with getting together while or after drinking. (I mean yeah heterosexuals too but that's also f*cking cliche) anyways, I think this goes along the lines of how other critical reviews felt although this feels like good writing at points - which I truly did think so - the resolutions for angsty good writing felt wrong. Like a shortcut. But I mean, is it bad writing? I don't know.

All I know, I did not like how the author got them together after that intentionally realistic angsty period. Although it felt disrespectful for me toward li zhe, it is a "legitimate" response for a realistic resolution. But it just falls flat for me and I recognize that this is not for me. I think someone will resonate with this, probably more than people who won't, but yea I just did not like

that we build up all this reasonable tension on whether Tancheng will like him back, stop avoiding him, like him despite of society and it honestly broke my heart for them, that before he ever clearly apologizes for his cowardly behavior and confesses, he does that yes but after drinking a lot in a hotel room seducing li zhe to have s*x with him at that very moment. Did you feel that? How all that reasonable tension crashed down into nothing?

it felt as if it crashed down into wet puddle, nothingness - like why tf did I feel so bad for this? Like I said, this does happen irl so yea if you're looking for realism I suppose, this is it? I just can't. Not for me. <<less
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cwnyng rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: Completed
painfully beautiful. 10/10 would recommend.

to be honest, I initially didn't like the prologue as it was too vague and it was hard to grasp at how the story was going to happen. But that’s about the only part I didn’t like about this book. Everything else was written beautifully and gotta admit many tears were shed in the process of finishing this novel, esp during the latter parts.
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keighlysays rated it
February 10, 2022
Status: Completed
An absolute hidden gem.

This is a wholesome novel with a strong emphasis on romance. If you enjoy novels like Guomen, and MouMou (A Certain Someone), I encourage you to give this novel a try. It's a modern, slice of life novel that paints a painfully realistic journey depicting two characters' growth and how they overcome their personal flaws and obstacles to be together.

We meet our MC, Yi Zhe, at the present timeline and learn that there is a separation between him and the ML, Xu Tangcheng. The Prologue left us... more>> with, "Day 164 at the South Pole. Thinking of you, my heart still beats fiercely." Immediately after the prologue, chapter 1 cuts to the flashback, and we get snippets about the MC's introverted personality and difficult life, as well as the struggles he went through at home with his abusive family. That got contrasted with the ML's amiable personality and his wholesome family upbringing. The flashback began with MC's high school life, and lightly brushed on his studies and Gaokao, where the majority of the novel then focused on their lives during college.

This novel explores the MC and ML's feelings in a very deliberate, well thought out manner. Unlike most novels, where the pursuer relentlessly pursues and oversteps boundaries, there is none of that here. Yi Zhe fell unequivocally and unconditionally in love with XTC. While he didn't realize that his actions were of those who normally pursues someone, once he realized that his actions were making XTC uncomfortable, he apologized and toned down the way he acted. This is a character that is observant, willing to learn and grow so that he can continue to be a part of XTC's life. There's heartbreak, but then there's the slow realization when a character learns that the others' presence had already been imprinted in their hearts.

This author is especially talented in how they broke down every scene with the character's feelings. As readers, we understood why a character's heart skipped a beat, why their heart ached, and why they smiled for the first time and showed a dimple nobody ever knew existed prior to that day. I've never read a novel with such a strong focus on the characters' thoughts and feelings the way this novel does. What made the characters extremely likable, wasn't how many friends they have or how extroverted they may be, but the intentions and motivations behind their thoughts and actions. XTC is a mature and kindred spirit, but the complexity of his character and the depth to how much he loves someone but doesn't express it in conventional ways, was what made him one of the most lovable characters I've ever read. He's the kind of character who doesn't overtly display his affections, but he loves so deeply. XTC's love language was in his actions, and they're a bit subtle, so as we turned the pages and those actions were unraveled, we learned that there was so much attached to those actions that were deemed trivial before. YZ may be quiet and introverted with other people, but he was rather vocal and proactive in his affections for XTC, so much so that there was a never a doubt in XTC's mind that YZ loved him. YZ is the gentle and doting ML, the kind that will deliberately order a bowl of noodle soup with cilantro so that he feel the happiness of adoringly removing each piece of cilantro off XTC's bowl. This dude is a next level simp, ya'll.

I highly recommend this novel for those searching for a bittersweet, but wholesome love story. Of those looking for a mature relationship with smart and intelligent characters. Of those who want to feel good reading about all the ways YZ doted on XTC (and there are so many), and vice versa. <<less
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