American Reincarnation★Love Alliance. America Was Expelled to Another World, and Reincarnated as a Blonde Haired Girl (Along With Japan♪) And Headshots Monsters With Her Gun Summon Skill! What!? The Earth’s in Danger and You Want Us To Go Back? Oh, Too Late, Die!


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“America, I am expelling you!”


America and Japan were expelled from Earth by the new super weapon of the Chinese empire. They crossed dimensions, and were reborn in another world as beautiful girls.

The beautiful blonde Ameriko controls small arms at will with her『Gun Summon』, and the black haired Himeno swings unlimited blades.

The world where they were sent is a dark one, controlled by sorcerers with strange powers.

While flying the flag of ‘justice and freedom’, the two form an alliance, save a little girl (boy) from being sacrificed, and decide to travel together to liberate people from the terror and oppression of the sorcerers.

It’s a nonstop adventure where the duo fights to liberate this world, armed with their friendship, bonds, love, bullets, and swords!

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Amerikan tensei ★ dōmeiai tsuihō sareta beikoku ga i sekai de kinpatsu bishōjo tensei ! (nippon mo issho ♪) jūki shōkan sukiru de mamono o heddo shotto! What? chikyū no kikidakara modottekoi ? Oh , imasara osoi DEATH!
アメリカン転生★同盟愛 追放された米国が異世界で金髪美少女転生!(日本も一緒♪)銃器召喚スキルで魔物をヘッドショット! What? 地球の危機だから戻って来い? Oh、今さら遅いDEATH!
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