Am I A God?


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“Let go of that kitty cat!”

A shooting star whizzed across the sky, causing countless of super powers to appear on Earth. However, the main characters that awaken during this phenomenon aren’t humans, but cats…

During this event, this same thought appeared in the minds of countless cats: “Am I a god?”
Zhao Yao, an ordinary human, is the only person that can control these super-cats. Zhao Yao: “Am I a god?”

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kamikazedrew rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: c46
It was a good story overall in my view but it started showing signs of being nationalistic in a bad way at chapter 46 so I decided to stop there.
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SavageFish rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: c15
Really enjoy the idea of a "Pet King" but instead of owning a store he fights and cheats at life with his magic cats. Plus, the story isn't moving slowly like most animal related stories do.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
treecat rated it
July 20, 2018
Status: c200
This is bullshit.

Developing the plot for an arc then using deus ex machina and constantly changing rules to keep some sort of status quo.

Developing the characters for an arc then writing bullsh*t dialogues denying any sort of growth.

I suspect the writer is at his wit's end trying to balance reasonable character and plot growth while keeping the novel exciting. He or she is finding excuses to turn this novel into a collection of Three Stooges short stories.
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ubas maalyd
ubas maalyd rated it
April 4, 2018
Status: --
Quite good, especially for cat lover. The plot is quite enjoyable. Although, I'm still can't digest the arrogant title in this series.
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April 26, 2018
Status: c85
This novel ia actually quite good. The cats have their own personality and funny. I love Dust Ball, the tiny tsundere cat. And George Matcha reminds me of Umaru chan.
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the_black_gift rated it
September 25, 2022
Status: --
It's been a while since I dropped this novel, so just what I remember why I dropped this novel:

    1. He exploits and mistreats the cats in later chapters. I would add the tag "animal abuse" if it existed. He doesn't appreciate what he achieved thanks to the cats at all and tries to exploit them to the greatest possible degree without them running away.
    1. There is this lesbian girl whose homosexuality gets "treated" by the protagonist. Not gonna comment much to avoid calling the author a "dirty bastard" and... more>> stuff.
    1. There was something related to racism and nationalism, can't remember too much.
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Edge rated it
April 10, 2020
Status: c65
This novel is literally the opposite of a slice-of-life heart-warming wholesome novel.

Basically, cats across the world awakened to superpowers and MC had the ability to "borrow" the cats' superpowers. Unlike in [Pet King], cats here duked it out with each other, killed people, and helped villains with terrorist attacks and establishing crime syndicates.

Because this is a modern urban novel, the nationalism plagues it with the usual "China good, foreign countries bad and Japan can suck a dick" so there's no surprise here.

MC treated his cats like he was playing Tamagotchi.... more>> "I feed you now you must like me and lend me your powers" kind of thing. His first cat, which gave him the strongest power, was obese but he just chuckled and "will feed it less" but he just gave in later. I suspect this dude frequent r/chonkers and upvote others' morbidly obese cats. Worst yet, this mf went out to catch cats with A f*ckING KNIFE. I can understand cages and ropes because catching supercats can be dangerous but WHO THE f*ck CATCH PETS WITH A KNIFE?! And he expected them to like him?!


One of his cats, who could suck things into a spacial storage, had dwarfism and the author also agreed that its body was weak and fragile, but upon learning that others could access the storage by reaching into it, this motherf*cker grabbed the cat by its legs and began shaking and flinging it like a rucksack. If that's not animal abuse, I don't know what is.

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sivasms rated it
September 15, 2019
Status: Completed
I am baffled by the low ratings for this story as a slice of life story it is one of my favorite, as far as racism concerned readers shouldn't get offended by everything and it's one of the rare modern day story with palatable racism the cats and MC in this novel will always stay with my heart. One problem I have is the cover, where a badass MC with super cool powers is shown with cat ears which is totally irrelevant to this story and the only reason I... more>> didn't read it sooner. I would recommend it for anyone who likes op MC, comedy, slice of life, X-men like powers. The few plot holes in the story can be ignored I would recommend it as it is 10/10 for me <<less
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November 16, 2021
Status: --
I am currently on chapter 1000 and this is my thoughts on this so far.

Translation Quality - Really good, barely any mistakes and it all makes sense and flows well. 5/5

Stability of Updates - I mean its completed so.. 5/5

Story Development - It's pretty good but it gets a bit repetitive during most arcs. They're basically just going against organizations over and over. Finally, it feels like most of the things in the story are just to make the story longer. For example, the MC does basically absolutely nothing and... more>> yet there are people who want to kill him for no reason at all. Makes no sense tbh. 3/5

Character Design - MC and his cats are f*cking annoying as hell. First of all, the MC legit doesnt learn from his mistakes and is so lazy and yet super hard working. Doesnt make any sense. For example, he managed to defeat a cat by giving him his laziness which made the cat feel so lazy that it was too lazy to even breathe. And yet the MC is able to train super hard even though ITS HIS laziness.. Also, the MC's cats are legit the main reason that the opponents manage to take advantage of the MC. For example, the MC gives them a mission to watch something and they dont do it. They literally just dont do anything and are only there to move along plot and give MC power. 2/5

World Background - Pretty good but I HIGHLY doubt that all the powerful supercats somehow managed to be focused in the MC's city even though the asteroid landed in the other side of the world. Other than that pretty good. 4/5

Overview - Although this is only rated 3 stars overall I still reccomend it since its a better story compared to most in my opinion.

Note: He keeps all his cats loyal to him using money, meaning all his cats could legit just leave him whenever as long as someone gives them money. Yet they stay with him even though they are offered a ton of money when it has been explicitly told that they only stay with the MC for his money.

Note 2: Somehow, for some reason, all the cats that were originally enemies with him start being extremely loyal to him as soon as they are defeated and all the cats that were originally with the MC start falling prey to promises of power given to them by other people, essentially creating trouble for MC. Example: Roly Poly allowing Project X (The person MC wanted to kill the most as he could literally end the world easily) into his body because he wanted a power that wasnt "weak". <<less
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Pretinaverse rated it
February 25, 2020
Status: Completed
An excellent novel. It has action, comedy and a completely original and captivating story. The only thing that disappointed me a little was the ending. After so many epic battles throughout the novel, I expected an incredibly exciting final battle... but that last boss, can't even be considered a last boss. But, well, at least it had a happy ending, kind of?

If you don't care about the anticlimactic last boss, I recommend you to read it 100%, because you won't regret it. It's very entertaining.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ShinkoNet rated it
February 4, 2019
Status: c551
It's a good comedy, so you can't take the storyline/events seriously. I like reading this book as its a nice comic relief compared to some more serious chinese novels, and the humour works with me (although it can get a bit nationalistic at times, but what can you expect from chinese novels)... MC's personality is flawed, but that doesn't make it entirely bad - after all, it is used to lead into more comedy.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Italosprado rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Its a great history. Is original and funny.
There is a bit of the chinese nationalism, but is bearable.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
loutish 0.2
loutish 0.2 rated it
July 15, 2023
Status: c260
"A Cheap Novel Like Her Sisters" Below Average Review:

The novel revolves around Chaow Yao, who has the ability to communicate with cats that gained supernatural powers from an unidentified meteorite. The initial structure of the story is excellent and unconventional, but the execution is poor and no different from other novels of its kind. The writing of events was weak and ordinary, no matter how hard the author tried, and the weaving of events was mediocre, except for a scene or two that were excellent.

However, the novel is not devoid... more>> of its strengths. One of the main genres in this novel is comedy, and it can be said that it never failed to make me laugh. The idea of cats possessing human-like intelligence, combined with their feline nature, was brilliantly exploited, giving the story a unique and distinctive atmosphere.

In terms of characters, they were good compared to the quality of the story. Perhaps the quality of the characters is what compelled me to read several chapters, along with a touch of nationalism that didn't have a significant impact and would mostly go unnoticed as you read. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 20, 2022
Status: c41
Deus Ex Machina, Deus Ex Machina, Deus Ex Machina.

Like my review? I like it too! It's so accurate...

Some ball-sucking and toe-eating from Bear Wolfdog for every single sh*t character that isn't friendly; especially 'villains'. No f*cking solid understanding of his own novel and not stability at all overall nor in any particular subject. This f*cking sh*t is just another one of his 'rule number 1 is...' and then there is the 'rule number 2 is actually the real number 1, that is...'.

Paradise of Demonic Gods was disappointing and frustrating to... more>> read because of the writing's inconsistent changes and development. Here, every single f*cking cat is an annoying child, and everything they do has to do with the MC so that it can be funny, haha.

Huge pass. <<less
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fangyuan rated it
March 11, 2022
Status: c423
A surprisingly decent novel with adequate research on cat behaviour, care and diet. I kinda liked how the feline characters are rather 'unreliable' and 'childish' to reflect the mental age of the supercats. The concept of the novel is very unique and could have been more interesting if the arcs are not rather repetitive. MC got OP too fast and as such, antagonists had to be made 'rather OP' to provide some challenges and tension. Novel got a bit boring for me so I decided to drop it for now... more>> but might pick this up again later. <<less
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