Almighty Game Designer


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Chen Mo a game designer got sent to a parallel world with advance technology but undeveloped game concepts.

Watch as he redefines the world’s gaming industry with the games he remade from his old world.

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Almighty Video Game Designer
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New earthdrake rated it
June 15, 2020
Status: c74
While slightly entertaining the novel suffers SEVERAL error.

The system is a joke, it's a let's be cheaty just because, of course it also has a gacha system and usual kind of shit, not even mention the stats that it has.
The games that he develops suffer from a few problems. PvZ has waaay too many US nuances to be made by a Chinese (a game dev can hide nuances from other countries sure but the game is full of them, also it has a few jokes that has to do... more>> with our culture, if the world is different they won't be understood). Also, the, supposedly, most pirated game in Chinese history
The second game (and first absolute break in logic) is "I am MT", a game directly related to and based on WOW but, WOW DOESN'T EXIST. He creates an anime to try to explain the nuances however it's not really believable.
The plagiarism and theft of ideas that he suffers from other companies (as he is doing from games and as Chinese have done over the years with tons of things, "I Am MT" for example) doesn't affect him at all.
Author has little to no true knowledge about game development and it shows glaringly. One specific point (may be because of a mistrantranslation) is Numerical Value stat and it's importance. It's the catch all phrase that it's used to justify everything however that is wrong. The proper term is BALANCE and while it affect numbers is not just damage and armor. Balance has to do with a lot of things that affects the whole game from positioning (which is not a numerical value) to many other things, worse of it is that balance is never perfect and you can't properly balance everything (see corncob strategy on PvZ, the only plant strong enough to reach higher difficulties simply because they are stronger than others).
It's also filled with s*upid and useless face slapping seen in many Chinese novels and quite a few other tropes.
Not recommended for normal people except those who want to know more or actually know about game dev, that way you learn all the don'ts and s*upid things/myths so you don't do them. <<less
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tyes77 rated it
August 6, 2019
Status: c1000
This novel starts promising but feels disappointing later on. Every arc can be summed up with another developer is coming out with a game and MC comes out with his game the same time. He gets praised and throws in one update to the game. After that he never touches the game again. Rinse and repeat. The same can be said for esports games as he does one tournament then it's only mentioned as that game he did.

It's literally IRAS but in game form. Countless developers are always picking fights... more>> with the MC by competing in games. All in all I began skimming especially the dumb Pokemon go arc and now dropping it as the formula got stale with no character development at all. <<less
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August 13, 2019
Status: Completed
for the people who haven't read a chapter yet. this is an MC like I am really a superstar. He goes to an alternate world where the gaming industry is far behind ours and literally just copies the games from this world and makes them there. He gets challenged..... blah blah.... he beats them and repeats.

I enjoyed this novel a lot. But it gets repetitive after a while. This is how it goes, mobile games.... switch-like devices which he creates.... pics and finally into virtual reality. The virtual reality had... more>> a lot of potential but it was never used. He makes f*cking overwatch on VR and almost never touches it again.

But it still a good read if you got a lot of time to waste. hope this review was helpful <<less
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rifkiboys31 rated it
May 20, 2020
Status: Completed
It's Pretty Good novel, but the main problem for me is like this

1. MC Create lot of games, from our world, after that the game that remarked as master piece, but after creating them MC just mentioned and skipped there is no detailed info about the development of that game

2. MC Create/Copy bunch of amazing games, but they almost like full copy from our world, with disadvantages almost intact. 3. MC always want to stick the plot of gameplay the original game, and never want to create something new about... more>> that game. For example: After creating Warcraft and Full lore of Azeroth, MC wants to create League Of Legends, even though MC can add original heroes from warcraft like Malfurion, Thrall, Arthas, etc and combined them with LoL heroes, he choose not to.

Just like that, MC Has full rights to these awesome games franchise

1. God Of War

2. Warcraft

3. Diablo

4. Dark Souls and Bloodborne

5. Super Mario

6. Prototype

7. Monster Hunter

8. Ark Survival And PUBG

9. Legend Of Zelda

10. GTA

11. Uncharted and Last Of Us

12. Infamous : Second Son

13. Plant Vs Zombie

14. Assassin Creed

15. Resident Evil

16. Minecraft

17. Ovewatch

18. League Of Legends

19. Detroit Become Humans

20. Silent Hill

And bunch of indie game and some games I forgot (I don't know why the author didn't create Classic Metal Gear, Elder Scroll and Fallout).

MC Also create Batman and Ironman


When I read the stories I thought that MC will use his rights, to create some sequel for the games that never happen in real world, or to create more game based on awesome movies.

This novel is super fun, but it can't get 5 stars. <<less
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Abastika rated it
August 6, 2019
Status: c7
I like the story so far and translation is great and comfortable to read.

The MC is not too op just because his system and the game he create purely of hard work, and the help of organization of the world where he live now.

Just like the description the novel is about the world with advance technology but undeveloped game concepts like program, PC, smartphone and VR with up to date technology but the game just so so.

I'm looking forward to the continue of the story
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Dwaidar rated it
July 31, 2019
Status: c4
The translation is great and the novel looks very interesting so far

It have a system similar to 'iras'

The MC adaption was fast but I think its a good choice, to move the story forward instead of having the 'i need to go home depression scenario'

Gave it 5 stars for its good promise, and I'm looking forward to see what games the MC devolpe
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selweron rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: c60
Something for the fans of I Am Really a Superstar and Superstars of Tomorrow.

I Am Really a Superstar is about face-slapping and plagiarism in the literature, poetry and writing sphere. MC uses many famous works of our world that didn't see the light in the alternate world.

Superstars of Tomorrow is about face-slapping and plagiarism in the song composition and virtual idols industry. Our world meets apocalypse, MC dies and travels 500 years in future where he brings forgotten old Earth creations in the memory of his dead comrades to light.

Almighty... more>> Game Designer is about conservative face-slapping and plagiarism in the gaming industry. The alternate's world technology progressed too fast all the way up to VR, so many popular PC, mobile and browser games and their strong points or mechanics were never seen and implemented.

If anyone's curious I lean towards Superstars of Tomorrow, but since it's been years, I can't really give objective opinion there.

(Don't hate me for not giving 5 stars, these are reserved for masterpieces). <<less
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katoumegumi_ rated it
April 27, 2020
Status: c50
Well, the system was fairly interesting (boosts behind gacha rolls that required the world's currency to operate.)
However, all that is wasted on the story where it's just an endless one-upping contest of who's better. MC is rather bland and is basically an example of isekai MC curse, a.k.a being oblivious of the girls in his harem.
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Ekoyi rated it
December 21, 2019
Status: Completed
This is so good. There's romance but it doesn't take a large part of the story. The MC, oh my gosh I love him. He's not annoying, not greedy, have the ablity to plan every step catefully, not rude, not lusty and rational. Although he copied games from the original world but he also has talent. There're also differnt feedbacks from the players and that made the novel very enjoyable. (Sorry if my grammar is wrong.)
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IAMallEars rated it
November 28, 2019
Status: c390
It's a bit nationalism, Which is ok for me but the repeatedness and face slap is so high that it's boring he has no set back he always win and he always throws the game he create aside to make a new game that's all no proper enemy no loss no tension it's like "I am really a superstar" that's all it's enjoyable if your looking for light read with a faceslapping story !!!
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