Alluring Poisonous Consort: Overwhelms the Demonic King


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She crossed into another world one day, it was forced, but she endured! Three months later, her belly largened, she admitted it! Six months later, she laid an egg, and she completely panicked!

But ever since she laid that egg, she had been robbed, poisoned, chased, and at the end, she stepped onto an endless journey of hiding. She even concealed herself in her own storage space. Not only did those people want the egg, they want her life, and they even want the space!

If she could endure that, what else could she not endure? If one comes, poison one. If two comes, poison a pair!

Finally, on the day when a certain egg broke its shell, an organism which came to “spread seeds” appeared, and it actually stared at her with a face of dislike, “So you’re the woman who will extend this king’s bloodline?”

She was finally enraged! Even if it was an incomparably arrogant divine dragon, she was going to poison it into a cute and obedient little insect!

Associated Names
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Qing Cheng Du Fei: Ya Dao Yao Mei Bi Xia
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Munya rated it
November 19, 2018
Status: c120
50% cultivation and 50% love story.

But I still think that the cultivation part is more than the love part.

This story is extraordinary, very good and I don't get bored reading.

As far I can't tell about our male lead. Because there are at least two of them. One of them cares about her, gentle, and helps her a lot. Even after knowing that she got pregnant (the original body owner got raped in the black forest by an unknown creature. The gentleman gongzi found her and treated her... more>> injuries. At the same time the soul of our transmigrated MC entered and possessed that dead body).

The other "man" or "beast" or whatever is the one suspected to be the real father of our MC's baby or egg (?) He looks like a gentleman outside but only our MC who knows his personalities better than anybody else. He even tried to kill her! But because of the fetus in her belly, under its threat, she couldn't leave his side. Like father like son.

Personally, I prefer the first gentleman than the second "man". But... Yeah... I haven't read the story until the end. So I don't know if the real father can change in the future.

5 stars! <<less
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Kala rated it
June 8, 2018
Status: c3
Description really look interesting!!

I can't say if it will be a great novel after 3 ch. (But I need to say this 3 chapter were pretty tasty !! Want to eat more <3) but description made me want to read it.

But I am worried as I see someone started to translate this novel last year and dropped it just after one chapter. I hope new translator will keep going !!
Add oil!!!
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