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Indra (5) grew up in her family while being shunned and ostracized. When she regained the memories of her previous life, she decided to run away from home and thus trained herself to absurdity.

During her training, she encountered the young adventurer Sword, who looked just like a middle-aged guy. Worrying about the impertinent, eccentric, pointlessly strong young girl, Sword invited her to go on a journey with him.

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All Rounders!! Tenseishitara Youjo Deshita. Ie ni Izurai node Ossan to Bouken ni Demasu
オールラウンダーズ!! 転生したら幼女でした。家に居づらいのでおっさんと冒険に出ます
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gary0044187 rated it
August 2, 2022
Status: c4
in which the author has his MC invent soap at the age of 5 because this medieval european setting doesn't have soap "as it’s a standard template"

why is this the third or fourth japanese webnovel I have read where supposed european settings don't have soap? soap was invented 5000 years ago. people made their own soap in medieval europe, and in some cities soap making was practically industrialized. I can ignore "their food is flavorless" because it's just as silly as "if I don't find rice I will die", but... more>> for real? europeans not only don't flavor their food AND they don't use soap? gtfo... <<less
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cavler rated it
August 14, 2022
Status: c330
On average this story is quite nice. The protagonist is extremely strong, however 1 important thing is missing from the summary: the MC has completely given up on humanity and is ready to destroy all of humanity at a moments notice. The midde aged guy is practically the only thing keeping her in check.

Also the 'MC looks like a boy and no one believes otherwise' joke is waaaaaaay overused.

However I do like how the MC has a clear opinion and personality where she really drives her own arguments (a lot... more>> of destruction with word) but really specific flaws

It's a verry enjoyable read, even if its a little rough around the edges. <<less
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Arteg the bear
Arteg the bear rated it
October 10, 2022
Status: c118
This is a nice story. I had always wanted to know how it would have felt to have a girl companion that surprisingly knew how to take care of me better than I could myself. My opinion kept improving when she came up with more invention to keep herself and other happy. It is difficult to say what a main character could bring in to another world, but wouldn't you want it to be something simple to explain and caring? Also, the main character Indra is very exceptional and has... more>> a bright mind of survival! It relieved my heart. I wanted such a partner by my side when I read the story.

The story explores the concept of the main character obsessed with herself and her companion. I found the description sometimes lengthy, but the exploration of the topic had its interesting twists. Will their world implode on their self interest or not? Overall, it's a intriguing read that makes your day relaxed if you had been wanting for a company weirder than yourself. Like a friend of mine who was amazing to me but left me without an explanation. It made me wonder if such a person had felt burdened. Maybe even angry? How about Indra? Read ahead to find out.

There is description of a difficult childhood and some thoughts about s*xual attraction topics. There is some cruel description. <<less
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Hasenpfote rated it
June 16, 2022
Status: c20
pretty good, the MC's thought process is kinda wild though. It would make sense if her body is still developing even though she has that much knowledge and experience.

So if she gets older her mindset needs to be fixed by the author. The tone needs to change, let's see if that happens.
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Dragons-inn rated it
January 25, 2024
Status: c213
This is personally on of my favorite novels I've ever read on here. There's something so calming and uplifting about watching these two people slowly grow closer and forn there own little found family. It's become my own little personal safe haven on escapism and I find myself returning to it again.

I really enjoy the slow character development and growth. I also love that the characters have emotional closeness without romantic intrest, which I find is often used as a crutch in most fiction. The world building and background is... more>> a little lacking, and some of the side characters are shallow but I understand that both of the those are trope that are practically staples to this genre.

No its not realistic for the main character to invent soap when they're five, but it's also not realistic to be reincarnated into another world with magic. Yes it's inaccurate for a vaguely medical europe to not have soap, good food, or good alcohol (because despite popular belief, those existed then), but I think the author knows that but is just using those to emphasize the misery of daily life and the shift in standards that the main character has to endure. Will forever be a favorite, thanks to the translators and the author for bringing this into the world. <<less
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Anirudh4321 rated it
December 14, 2022
Status: c34
Dropping this. The MC is the most unlikable female MC I've ever read. Even Elaina (Majo no Tabi), Yuuna (Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear) are better than this brat. They are greedy, selfish and only think about themselves but thei know when to tone it down and are flexible but this brat is just stubborn and won't yield.h e just whines, whines, whines, woe is on me. At first understandble because of misunderstanding but she goes on and on and on. Thought she will get better later through character growth... more>> and trusting offer parties but nope. She'd rather put other to s*avery than help because she didn't feel like it. I like some Selfishness in my MC but she takes it to a whole new level. The author takes it to the extreme. She can be good character in another setting where the world has gung to the dogs but this world is not like that. <<less
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ZeroA2 rated it
March 27, 2024
Status: c240
I was really enjoying it and I do like that the MC seems to be asexual, but the relationship between Indra and Sword is a bit too much for me. As soon as they revealed he was actually 25 I became pretty worried and those worries were valid. Also, that age means he was like 18 or 19 when he met her at 7. It's just all very unsettling. I like the characters but Indra's love for Sword creeps me out. Also, as they stress repeatedly, she is a different... more>> person from her past life, so she's only like 13. If their relationship hadn't started as a caregiver/training master-and-student/substitute-father relationship, maybe I'd feel differently, but I liked it a lot more when Sword was portrayed to be in his 30s as a substitute father than as whatever they are at chapter 240. <<less
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seldanor rated it
December 7, 2023
Status: c100
The first chapters are somehow quite good, but as the story progress the chapters became all mundane. The main character is written as very smart, but that badly done, she transform the whole setup from pure medieval (as in other novel rather than reality) to a modern one in the span of a week. In overall, the MC is really absurd in her writting, her other self was good in cooking, sewing, chemistry, programmation, hand-to-hand and sword fight to the point of nearly mastering every single one of them. She... more>> is in a word all mighty. The world around her is also absurd and only exist to make her stand out as exceptionnal even more. <<less
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