Alliance of the 15s


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Ryoichi, a soft-spoken and quiet fifteen year old, meets Naomi, a young girl who is battling a life-threatening illness through her childhood friend, Tetsuya, who is the ace player of their school’s baseball team.

As they become closer, she opens up to him about her fears and secrets, and he also comes to deeply care for her. But one day when he visits her at the hospital, she suddenly asks him: “Why don’t we commit a double suicide?”

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Ichigo Doumei
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08/09/13 Japanese Novels part5
07/26/13 Japanese Novels part4
06/10/13 Japanese Novels part3
04/05/13 Japanese Novels part2
03/04/13 Japanese Novels part1
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Batjok3r rated it
February 29, 2020
Status: Completed
This was rather somber. Not as sad in the moment as it is looking back on it now.
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