All the Women Who Have Loved Me Have Betrayed Me… I Keep Breaking Down… I Wonder If One Day I Will Be Rewarded…


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“Kyosuke… boys… no matter how hard it is… there are times when you have to endure…

There may be times when you are going through hard times… and misfortunes… and you may hate everything…

But you must never become desperate…

If you continue to work hard and diligently… one day… you will be rewarded…”

It was my mother’s last will and testament.

I chewed on these words and made up my mind, even as a child, to live my life with earnestness and continuous effort.

A few years after my mother’s death, my father remarried a subordinate of his company named Yukina.

Yukina was a kind person who loved me like a real child.

Unfortunately, my father died in an accident soon after I became a junior high school student.

From that point on, the wheels of my life started to go haywire.

My childhood friend, whom I thought shared mutual feelings for, was being seduced by her ex-boyfriend, an older student, in front of my eyes…

My stepmother, whom I loved so much, was wooed by a man from her company…

My best friend, the girl who supported me through my heartbreak, was forced to be with a man I didn’t know…

How many times do I have to experience despair?

I want to give up everything…

But… the only thing that supported me in those times was my mother’s will, whom I have always loved…

Even if it’s hard, even if it’s painful… after diligently continuing to work hard… I..

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rrobz rated it
January 28, 2023
Status: c74
I am glad soafp picked up this one. But warning folks - it is dark. R*pe, mu*der, betrayal, violence, trauma - the MC goes through a heck of a ride. However, he shows resilience through it all. The one downside in my view is that I am not happy about the direction the end proceeds and the focus on one particulate female character.

Also, the statement that it is 50 chapters and completed is not really correct. While there is a "main story" that concludes at chapter 50, there... more>> are multiple after stories that are necessary reading. It is currently on c81 or so. <<less
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arifureta rated it
January 31, 2023
Status: c26
Ok I feel s*upid for expecting anything different from a series like this.

Here’s a breakdown of what happened to each girl

The childhood friend was r*ped by the Senpai and after the first act recorded her and threatened her fathers position as he thought his father was in a position to do so after the first in order to prevent her boyfriend from seeing the photos and to protect her father she voluntarily drank a drug and f*cked him while giving into the pleasure although she wouldn’t be in such a situation if she wasn’t an idiot.

After the MC’s father died a bunch of pe*verted old men were planning to take control and kill the MC in order to protect the MC and get control she f*cked all the old man and even got a full on gang bang with three of them.

With the Third girl after her mother remarried she was repeatedly r*ped and abused by her father in law and instead of doing anything about it like calling the police or child services she just silently takes it like a masochist. He plans to kill the MC but the mother in law who’s actually his sister in law takes care of him.

The MC meets up with them and practically forgives his mother in law the moment he fiends out that she’s actually his sister in law and didn’t “betray” his father two chapters after the third girls backstory.

The childhood friends situation could have been prevented if she wasn’t a moron so what happened is on her if she actually had some common sense. I can sympathize with the mother/sister in law as she was up against a mega Corp and didn’t really have a way to deal with the situation without the MC’s father but honestly I find it hard to sympathize with a girl who literally has a way out but refuses to take it out of s*upidity or shame all it would have taken is single call and the step father would have been taken care of. Although some parts may have been mistranslated and this is incorrect hopefully but in general this should be what happened. Anyways this is nothing unqiue or special it’s similar to all the “oh I’ve been betrayed by women” troupe series if this is your type of poison go for it.

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February 7, 2023
Status: --
this novel is a bit darker then usual for this type of trauma/ tragic MC setting but this MC is so meh, he just forgives ppl like nothing happens which is so unrealistic in an already unrealistic situations.

one of the plus point about this novel is it already completed and the chapters are easy to sit through. Mtl is fine if u are use to mtl.

it also uses r*pe so much its kinda disgusting even for me who is use to r*pe and sh*t from all the dumb r*pe victim... more>> become lover trops in cutivation novels. <<less
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