All Quiet on The Frontline


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The sky filled with burning smoke of red blood.
The city filled with what remains of Sangvis Ferri ,
with the Limbs or body of the tactical dolls.
there isn’t any weaponry left
or force of protection left.
only the left girls and I,
are marching forwards.

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girl's front line
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03/18/19 Black Box Internet... c5
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xiazixin rated it
March 20, 2019
Status: v1
Lol, now I know why the author ask my stop wasting my time translating, saying that its not worth it and just use mtl. Wait till you get to the mid point of the novel it turn in to some thing awful. Should have listened to the authors warning in the volume one synopsis. Which is rejected by novelupdates.

Volume one synopsis:

    1. The original post of the story got taken down.
    1. The story start as the commender who is a beginner noob.
    1. The novel is about first person romance cultivating non-traditional harem similar to the threesome in white alblum. Light hearted user please be cautious. Under 18 readers be cautious. Friends with high sense of procession please only role play with your self.
    1. Author of kancolle doujin with a accumulated word count more than 500k. Definitely troll free.
    1. Wrote with love.
I'll still be translating this, but I'll put an censored version together with the hardcore version. (my heart broke... Still hurts)

For those who wonder about the sales of the book its only available in cons 16 I think. No future printing is available. With the content and Chinese government censoreship there will never be a market sale I think.
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