All of Humanity is Blind, Only I Can See!


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When I opened my eyes again, I found myself reborn at the moment the apocalypse began.

A black fog engulfed the Earth, blinding all of humanity.

But I…

As a reborn soul, I was immune to the fog’s corruption. I became the only person who could still see.

From this moment on…

All of humanity was blind.

Only I could see.

I could do whatever I wanted!

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07/12/24 Dao Divine TL c16
07/11/24 Dao Divine TL c15
07/08/24 Dao Divine TL c14
07/02/24 Dao Divine TL c13
06/28/24 Dao Divine TL c12
06/25/24 Dao Divine TL c11
06/23/24 Dao Divine TL c10
06/22/24 Dao Divine TL c9
06/22/24 Dao Divine TL c8
06/22/24 Dao Divine TL c7
06/22/24 Dao Divine TL c6
06/22/24 Dao Divine TL c5
06/22/24 Dao Divine TL c4
06/22/24 Dao Divine TL c3
06/22/24 Dao Divine TL c2
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