Alice mare


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Alice mare is a book by △○□× (Miwashiba), a novelization of their Wolf RPG Editor game of the same title. For the uninitiated, Alice mare is about a group of children who are taken into the care of a kind teacher, but one night end up in a strange World.

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03/21/15 vgperson author's notes
03/21/15 vgperson c6 + final +...
03/18/15 vgperson c4-5
03/06/15 vgperson c2-3
03/03/15 vgperson prologue + c1
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Shizuka15 rated it
January 6, 2017
Status: author's notes
This novel is pretty interesting. It mixes psychological aspects with fantasy. There is some reference to the titular Alice in the Wonderland but you can easily understand the story even if you just know the basic of Carrol's novel.

I'd suggest to read it in one go because the structure of the narration is a little hard to grasp, at the beginning, and you have to pay attention, at first, to the narrator switching. It's short but feels complete. I enjoyed it and even if the ending in somehow "open" ... more>>

or more like "history repeat itself" and feels bittersweet (more bitter than sweet, actually) but the feelings born between the Teacher and the children feels warm and true

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