Akuyaku Reijo no Otouto


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I, Oohira Tooru, who is reincarnated into the world of otome game for beginners, “Shirayuri no Kimi to…”, am planning to live as minute as possible behind my outstanding sister.

However, I, who realize that we’ll go into destruction end if things continue this way, have to clean up after the mess that my sister keeps making.

Several years have gone in this fashion… I’m only cleaning up, but somehow, I’ve raised entirely different flags from the capturable guys, leaving me bewildered.

Moreover, something weird is going on with the game’s heroine…?

Associated Names
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The Villainess Noble Girl’s Younger Brother
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
06/19/18 c4
06/13/18 c3
06/12/18 Isekai BL c2
06/12/18 Isekai BL c1
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August 15, 2018
Status: c46
Reads like a lot of other Japanese light novels I don't like in that it comes across as a dragged out summary than a full blown story. By that I mean the details on certain crucial plot points are never explained/explored (summary), yet the author will spend half a dozen chapters talking about a scavenger hunt only to mention the tiniest of plot developments in chapter 7 (the dragginess). In this novel, all of the capture targets seem to love the MC. That's about as much detail as we're given... more>> as to why; it's just part of their character bios I guess. At no point do you see any of the characters' budding love toward the MC - it's more like they meet and then BAM! Love. It seems that form of writing is pretty prevalent throughout the novel. We rarely ever see anything happen; rather, by time it comes up, it's already occurred and it's recounted in the most bland and boring way possible.

Honestly, I really don't recommend this novel. I won't give it 1 star as it's not offensively bad, but there's really nothing worth reading about it. <<less
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