Akuma Hakushaku to Honoo no Otome


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In this city of Rosetta, where magic dwells in secret. Lizelle, who had no memories from when she was very young, was saved from a monster by Count Albert, a young man who manipulates magical flames. In exchange for protecting the girl, who was an ‘Ephemera’—a wonder drug that will bestow great power to demons, Albert demanded her to assist in investigating a certain incident he was following. Furthermore, she was ordered to work as a maid in the Count’s residence…?! This encounter with a demon Count, weary of his longevity, will change the life of the girl forever. A romance fantasy set in the city of hazy mist—.

Associated Names
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Ephemera’s Pledge ~The Demon Count and the Maiden of Flames~
誓約のエフェメラ ~悪魔伯爵と焔の乙女~
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Return of the Female Knight (2)
The Male Lead’s Villainess Fiancée (1)
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08/24/18 Towards the Sky prologue
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