Aiming for a Cozy Life in a Dangerous Forest in Another World!


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Betrayed by my first boyfriend on our birthday date, I jumped off an observation deck to protect my innocence…

When I came to, I was reincarnated as a strange species in a dimly lit cave!

I ended up saving two children and began living with them in the forest…

But this forest turned out to be a dangerous place from which no one ever returned alive…

Together with the children I met, using my mysterious racial skills, magic, natural cheerfulness, and proactive nature, I strive to create a cozy life for us in this dangerous forest!

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06/15/24 GalaxyTL c41 part1
06/15/24 GalaxyTL c41
06/15/24 GalaxyTL c40
06/15/24 GalaxyTL c39
06/15/24 GalaxyTL c38
06/14/24 GalaxyTL c37
06/14/24 GalaxyTL c36
06/14/24 GalaxyTL c35
06/14/24 GalaxyTL c34
06/14/24 GalaxyTL c33
06/09/24 GalaxyTL c32
06/09/24 GalaxyTL c31
06/09/24 GalaxyTL c30
06/09/24 GalaxyTL c29
06/08/24 GalaxyTL c28
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