Age Of Worldwide Monsters


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Humans wished for longevity, Earth, wished for longevity as well. When Earth was on the brink of destruction, the Will of Earth awakened. A Game App that connects the Reiki of another world was thus been born. A frustrated youth unintentionally entered this game and was drawn into a stage where 3 million criminals were embroiled in a massacre, what path would he take? “This one is a Black Belt 4th Dan. Please to exchange pointers with you.” A vicious criminal gave a bloodthirsty smile. “Wing Chun, Ip Man!” Lin Xiao Bei gave the most desperate brag he has done in his life. [Ding. Congratulations, your bragging is successful. Obtained the martial attainments of a Wing Chun Grandmaster]

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Trane rated it
February 19, 2019
Status: c9
participates in a game which turns out to be the gate to a different world with magic etc..

connecting the two worlds together are energies and knowledge shared, every "player" has their own boon while the protagonist only gets the awesome ability to brag?

Fine, his boasting has no equal (probably the only one) he will gain power, money and women ... more>>

his girlfriend left him for another girl T_T so saddening. What "there is only true love between the same gender?" from that day onwards he will be the face of gender equality

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