Against the Gods


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Mythical Abode Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff, the most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent’s four deadly areas. Cloud’s End Cliff’s base is known as the Grim Reaper’s Cemetery.

Over countless years, the number of people that have fallen off this cliff is too high to count. None of them, even three stronger than god masters, whose power could pierce the heavens, have been able to return alive. However, a boy that’s being chased by various people because he alone holds a priceless treasure jumps off the cliff, but instead of dying he wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world!

This is the story of a boy wielding the Sky Poison Pearl, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven and earth, a lord overlooking the world!

Associated Names
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Heaven-Defying Evil God
Nghịch Thiên Tà Thần
Ni Tian Xie Shen
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One Reader
One Reader rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: c904
Admittedly while I like this book a lot, I thought to outline some points that may be demerits for others if they cant stand them. I couldn't initially.

The author absolutely loves coincidences:

... more>>

Every time the main character needs a seed like the fire seed or the devil seed, it is pretty much going to be handed to him at the right time. He gains the appropriate power ups to fight the enemy and eventually come out on top. When he needs to pose as a medical saint or fakes an old master (old man doutian) they happen to exist in real life and completely works with his disguise, though these two particular examples only happened twice so it is somewhat bearable.


The romance and a bit about his master:


It was expected to be somewhat shallow, though some unique characters eventually develop a real personality later on. Princess Cang Yue eventually suffers the assassination of her father and becomes more befitting of a monarch and is somewhat ruthless though she still remains aware of what her country needs and makes concessions others probably couldn't in Volume 7. She hates the divine phoenix sect but knows she is not in a position to retaliate.

Chu Yuechan, well she kind of disappears so not much can be said at the moment but the main character is lucky enough to probably find out she is alive. Most haven't fully read how their relationship developed, and though it is rape in some sense, at least it wasn't like MGA Chu Feng rape. She regained her cultivation and rose a realm. The author does at least give enough time for her to develop feelings for him anyway. She was crippled for months and essentially helpless, and could only depend on him so like many female characters in many other novels, it was expected to see feelings develop to some extent. She does not abandon her cultivation or get crippled as some state, she abandons her profound art willingly which still leaves her with the abilities of an emperor to some extent but I didn't really care to pay attention at that point. Admittedly her personality is pretty undeveloped among all the love intersts.

Xia Qingyue is not terrible though every time the main character has to make her actually feel something for him because she is gone for so long that her emotions are somewhat stale due to her profound art. She is another undeveloped character but considering the amount of actual time he spent with her that is stated in the novel, I wasn't expecting much out of it until much later.

Jasmine, while not yet, is expected to fall in love with him. The signs were pretty obvious. Unlike some other novels, she doesn't die and the main character doesn't attempt to revive her. She recovers in chapters 800+ but is eventually found by those looking for her (with unsavory intentions). The obvious foreshadowing throughout the novel indicated it would eventually happen and it is expected the Yun Che will go save her. Some say she is way too powerful, well they haven;t read far enough. Her power is inherited from another through special conditions. And it is hinted that she is a sacrifice (perhaps for another to get her power to collect it in one person) because after further profound power transfers it is blatantly stated that there is a loss or degradation.

The Little Demon Empress (Huan Caiyi) has by far the most noticeable personality traits. Ruthless and domineering with a soft heart for those she cares about. She was the most interesting love interest out of them all, and the relationship could actually be seen to form, at least to some degree, with Yun Che in Volume 6.

Feng Xue'r is probably a staple love interest. She is innocent and naive, trusting and utterly forgiving. She presents an all encompassing heart that would care for just about every living thing in the world.

While some of these relationships became intimate through generic means, others were somewhat forced. As one reviewer stated in Wuxia, at least the author was consistent. The golden crow pretty much states the little demon empress and Feng Xue'r must have s*x with Yun Che to either help themselves, or Yun Che, or both. That is how the relationship is either started for the former, or cemented at least for the latter. Dual cultivation makes a prominant appearance, and is even the driving force for the plot at certain times. But Yun Che was finally stated as an ideal male incubator, it isn't often the main character is indicated to be one. It is a pity it isn't really explained much.

I almost forgot Su Linger, she doesn't show up again until Volume 9 where she reunites with Yun Che. He saves her and etc. Her personality is kind of dull but that again she hasn't had a chance to develop one because the last time Yun Che saw her she was a child so not really a demerit just yet. Surprisingly for a plot twist she vaguely remembers the past Yun Che on the Azure cloud continent which brings about a bit of mystery to the story. MTL was kind of hard to understand for this though.


Regardless all the love interests get along surprisingly which is quite a detriment. They all just accept it but I guess emperors in the story are stated to have over 100 wives, specifically the divine phoenix sect master so it was expected they would accept it because Yun Che appears to be so powerful.

One particular pet peeve of mine was the consistent adventure into the secret realms where everyone always thought Yun Che died.


There was the phoenix realm, the azure dragon realm, (pseudo heavenly punishment seal with Yun Che's grandfather), Primordial Profound ark which later leads to illusory demon realm continent, and the most recent would be the devil nest in supreme ocean palace. I am not counting the one at cloud end cliff because nobody really knew about Yun Che entering it.


These moments were bearable, I just ignored them because of Yun Che kicking ass. One point I found a little disappointing is the versatility of the sky poison pearl. It pretty much solves everything related to the body health etc. And the main character doesn't even have to use any actual techniques to refine a pill because the treasure does it for him. While he does state that he can do them without it, I find it somewhat lackluster. Admittedly the pearl does not play a significant part in the story aside from healing Jasmine.


The mirror of Samsara, while it is considered a key portion in the story for various reasons, it has other secrets as indicated by when it flashes so obviously in the story. I don't remember the chapter but as of right now It pretty much does nothing. It's just a necklace that serves as a target for ignorant enemies (like Xuanyuan Wentian who doesn't know what it even does).


While I stated I hated the coincidences so much, later exposition leads to why there is so many realms on the blue pole star. This is a pretty major spoiler for those who haven't read to Volume 6.


Essentially the blue pole star was the first world created by the evil god, and he had friends I.E. The phoenix, gold crow and azure dragon. Hence all the heritages. The world actually traveled across the cosmos after being partially destroyed (pretty much equivalent to falling from higher realms I guess).


One of the advantages towards world building is the fact that some history has been slowly fed to the reader, allowing them to understand why the blue pole star is the way it is and why so many treasures (lucky chances) are everywhere. The location of secret realms are even indicated to have some form of aura (which I forgot) that attracts all manner of beasts, leaving them in pretty dangerous areas unless discovered. Another advantage is the fact that the main character has explored all three of the continents though I do find the story is lacking on painting an actual picture of what it is really like. Mainly the distribution of civilization and where the cities are etc. Or perhaps I didn't really pay attention to it.

Yun Che himself, well there was enough statements to indicate what kind of character traits he has. He is lecherous and somehow women accept it to some extent though sometimes there are obvious reasons why if people pay attention (it does create a strange atmosphere considering the woman are all conservative but some don't mind being groped before marriage). And while some find him too ruthless, setting an example Yun Che style is definitely presented effectively. Pretty much everyone is too fearful to even attempt to kill him unless they are sure they can actually succeed. If there is even a possibility of him actually having an old powerful master, they won't try attack lest he survives. I do enjoy the fact that the Yun Che doesn't think he is a good person, he doesn't think he is just, nor does he think he is truly evil. His morals are pretty clear, and while they may not be the best, they don't really change much.

The cultivation system could be fleshed out a bit more. Some stages don't really serve a purpose or I forgot the reason. A few though are clearly indicated. Sky profound realm is when people can use the profound floating technique and emperor profound realm is the moment when they can summon their domain. The divine profound realm is when they gain a better understanding of the laws of the world as well as their body, life and soul are supposedly are elevated (MTL is hard). Yun Che just breaks the rules around this but he isn't the only one anyway. This in fact is probably the reason why not much focus is placed on the cultivation. The evil god profound veins' nature is berserk and the great way of the buddha of the rage god gives strength, essentially making the main character have multiple times the profound energy and strength equal to those of a higher realm than himself.

Personally though I really enjoy him taking out his revenge in the novel. It's the best and sometimes it involves scheming. Other characters just go and kill but Yun Che:


His revenge on the divine phoenix sect is awesome, unfortunately the author blatantly tells the reader that Yun Che wanted them to refuse his offers so he can humiliate them even more. He made them think he was weaker and showed them a bit more power, and each time they thought they had a chance only to get completely crushed the very next day.


Sometimes I think the author doesn't realize others can read between the lines. But ignoring that fact, Yun Che comes off as a decisive character that some may enjoy while others find him going too far. Killing innocents may not be fine but the mob isn't really fleshed out enough. The villains, well they're villains, I don't really care too much about them, most act out of spite or arrogance but sometimes it's hard not to notice they are lacking somewhat.

Regardless I personally enjoy it because it is still one of the better and more interesting stories out there. <<less
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febriyj rated it
January 24, 2016
Status: --
God, I just love this one.

It's just a wonderful one. I... just.... No, this novel.. is undescribeable. Sad, funny, cool, I just can not describe it.

If you like Wuxia/Xianxia genre, definitely read this. I've read some other xianxia novel, yet this is one of the best I've read. I couldn't stop reading even though there's exam that time.

Read it if you have the time! If not, note it and read it when you have much time (like, days or weeks of free time).
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rainx rated it
December 23, 2015
Status: --
Nice for both new readers and veterans of xianxia/wuxia novels, with the usual plot of protagonist starting out weak and advancing towards letting the world knows of his fame and power.

Different thing is, the protagonist somehow never did pass over his generations' level. Meaning, each of his confrontation is where is he is under-leveled but managed to be the black sheep and wins it all. Till the newest chapter, a total of 3 tournaments and all of it follows the same old tournament where he uses his power to... more>> prove "level gap" is useless against him. But, you gotta admit the way he writes the stuff for the tournament does not get you bored, even if the plot is overused. Personally, I'm liking it the tournament in the demon world right now ^^

As for other people's rant like why don't Yun Che gets homesick after 18 months of leaving Tianxuan Continent etc..., he did try to rush going back when he first stepped into demon world. Plus, he cant leap through space and no other alternatives, plus one big plot where he met his biological parents and their crisis. You think homesick got anything to do with these? Get lost, you furballs.

Although I do praise this novel, but it's got the downsides, yeah.
1. Overused plot-Overused but interesting still but only for now. But from how I see it, the story is still in the late-early phase if not the mid-phase so if the author got better ideas for the latter part, it's alright.
2. Harems Overload! - I mean, all men dream of harem. But, this story turns all of em' into his wife lol. From how I see it, Xiao Ling Xi, Chu Yue Chan and the little phoenix girl is 100% ending up as his "wife". Good thing is, the way relationships are initiated got some comedical romance and other plots. However, this story is still early and he got himeself around 5-6 wifes already?? Since the recent chapters are still about the tournament, no romance are enacted in the arc ""YET"", but I'm thinking it has gotta be the demon empress. This is really bad, Yun Che's age is 22/23 and the empress is not only married although a widow now but her age is...... over his damn biological pops. Speaking of yet another to be in his wife-harem thingy, once the one residing in his poison bead comes out, its gonna be another harem inclusion. This author got some bad taste, seriously. Sorry for my rant but this is about the only part of the novel that I am SERIOUSLY not happy with.
3. Slow-probably nothing much for readers reading english translation but for the chinese ones, it's not even one chapter per day... from where I am now, its still 567. Slow, too slow compared to other novel releases.

Haha, but still it's not a bad read. It's among my top reads for now (depends on how the latter part goes anyway) <<less
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gameofscans rated it
December 19, 2015
Status: --

There’s some comedy, action, romance, and of course revenge. This is my favorite novel to read right now. Yup, I like it better than any other novel I read so far.

It is one of the best Wuxia/Xianxia web novel I have read up till now.
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flower4 rated it
May 7, 2019
Status: c249
This is the kind of story that's exactly what you would expect it to be. I will say that it's weirdly addicting, the kind of thing that's easy to binge- not that I would necessarily call it incredible though.

The MC is unbelievably powerful and even only 250 chapters in he's already collected a bunch of miraculous ancient powers. At the very least, I enjoyed how he starts off weak, but then he catches up to everyone basically immediately anyway.

The harem in this is particularly overbearing, even for this sort of... more>> wish-fulfillment story. I like the MC's original wife, but most of the other girls aren't that memorable. All of them are basically 'jade'-skinned, innocent beauties. This is oddly specific but I almost find it humorous when the author writes in cold, proud women who reject all men. Unlike other harem members where the relationship can just progress naturally, the author is forced to last-minute add some random, absurd reason to justify them sleeping together.

Despite all that, I can see how people enjoy it. If you think about anything in the story for too long, cracks start to show in the convenient plot and characters. I wouldn't really recommend it, but it's like the novel equivalent of trashy reality shows- addictive but better to turn your brain off before consuming. <<less
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joellyanne rated it
February 1, 2019
Status: c889
I initially like this and read it as soon as newly translated is up then I decided to give up when he is becoming more of a lecher and have one woman one after the other. Seriously I could put up with the repetitive story in each arcs about his road to power ups and what nots. But I have had enough of his stud horse antics. Thanks for the ride up to here, but that's it for me with this novel.
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Brohatter rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: c1100
It was promising at the start, it would even make you laugh, he later goes on a classical strong MC template but then YC couldn't control his lust, like he would die if he didn't smash, eventually it became stale and the chapters felt like filler, his character seems smart sometimes and an utter wreck at others, the fanservice is over the top and even the female main lead downgraded into a forced plot which made little sense, God of Slaughter seems more coherent, even PMG seems like a spring... more>> breeze after I read this, this is the type of story that makes Chu Feng look good in later chapters, it got so watered down that it became what it is, another novel that burned out too quickly. Gave a 2 since it had a fun plot for some tens of chapters <<less
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throwawaytohidemylnobsession rated it
May 10, 2018
Status: --
This novel started out pretty good and was actually one of the better novels I read, however after like chapter 400+ it just became absolutely trash.

It just became an endless cycle of 'look at me im a young master hurhur give me your girl your pet your weapons blah blah' and then MC killing them and then their dad comes and go 'how dare you' then followed by MC running away until he finds some heavenly treasure and then kills the dad and then the granddad comes and goes 'how... more>> dare you' and repeat.

I could still live with that as there's so many novels that do this stupid plot. But what made me not able to go on was the arc where MC went back to the phoenix island. The way how their conflict escalated up so much just to be stopped by one girl is just absolutely stupid. What was the point of even doing all that bull about raising the conditions every day and killing princes if one girl can make you go soft hearted.

Like it is honestly just stupid. Just a piece of trash literature. <<less
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LeeEzekiel rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: --
I would say that "early" Against the Gods is a 5/5, and the standard I compare all Xianxia to. This is the story that got me into reading Chinese novels in the first place. The hot blooded action, humor, trickery, and high stakes underdog battles made it an unforgettable experience. Some might say it's cliche, but it's cliche DONE RIGHT. It's not very good writing but it is incredibly fun.

Then past a certain point, the story dies. Mars Gravity loses it.

It spirals into a painfully drawn out and repetitive mess... more>> that would make DBZ blush. All the potential for an epic plot was thrown away just so the author could stick to his tried and tested formula. Really a shame... if the beginning wasn't so good, I would have toughed it out, but I'd rather not stain my enjoyment of this series any further. Maybe once it's done and I hear people say that the story has found its footing, I'll pick it up again. <<less
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cape rated it
April 22, 2017
Status: c778
One of the few CNs that make me want to read them again and, so far, the only one that I have actually read again.

Against the Gods, while not being necessarily original in some ways, has a uniqueness to it that manages to resonate with me completely. The novel shares many tropes with other CNs, however, no other novel can replicate its overall narrative as perfectly. The story-lines may not be the most creative that I've read, and it may not have the deepest, well-built up, characters, however, it is... more>> undeniably the most enjoyable novel that I've read. I love good writing and, in that prospect, the novel goes above and beyond. The story, writing, and the translation do an excellent job in making the novel feel completely immersive. Amongst the novels I've read, no other could make me feel the same interest, excitement, anticipation, and emotion. Whether it comes from the backstory of the character, the way he interacts with those around him, or even the whole world itself, there was rarely a dull moment in reading, with the emotion in the novel actually making me tear up at some points. Occasionally, however, this strength can hurt the novel. When random chapters in the story dip in quality, you quickly get drawn out and may want to skip reading a little bit until the high standard is regained. Fortunately, this happens extremely rarely, and when the standard is there, it is always above and beyond.

While the story contains everything that I look for in a novel, others may not necessarily enjoy the same things as much. The story features reincarnation from a past life and, as a result, the main character is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to medicine, cultivating, craftiness, and killing. What I like about the novel is that it doesn't make it seem like the character is completely overpowered but, at the same time, doesn't make him annoyingly dependent on other people/things. The character relies almost solely on himself, due to his past experiences, and he possesses the ruthlessness and attitude necessary to make it seem like those experiences were real, instead of just one time things that are forever forgotten. The story also contains romance and if you're anything like me, romance is a MUST. In my incredibly simple mind, the romance in the novel is great. All the girls (spoilers there's more than one girl) have their own deep plot and it isn't like many other novels where the romance is just a 'hey we've had 2 chapters of interaction and I'm hopelessly in love with you for no reason' type thing. That being said, even a hardcore romance lover such as myself was a little annoyed by the extent of the harem. In the beginning it's extremely well done but, eventually, after many hundred chapters, you'll see again and again mentions of 'peerless beauties' and you already know that the MC is ready to slide into those DMs. Okay, the harem isn't actually that big, and impressively, all the girls manage to stay decently relevant even 700+ chapters in the story. Other than momentary annoyances, I am completely satisfied with all of the romance.

Against the Gods is not a perfect novel, however, despite its flaws, it manages to rise above them all in my opinion. They never fully take away from the enjoyment and the overall experience. Things you see in the novel have an immediate, and far future, meaning that is real and affects the outcomes of individual character stories. The world, its characters, the writing, its pacing, and the stories all combine to make it one of the best novels I have ever read.

(Note: I am not someone who demands constant originality, or new ways to tell stories and as a result have no problem with repetition and, instead, enjoy because it means I get more of what I want rather than what might turn me off.) <<less
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WolverineM rated it
March 23, 2017
Status: c761
This novel is one of the best out there. Totally worth a read!

Our protagonist is Yun Che. He is medical genius capable of curing anyone. Has a big Harem, so prepare for some testosterone filled moments (XD). If you like extremely OP MC capable of surpassing levels and beating others then this novel is for you.
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Tragically Rad
Tragically Rad rated it
February 26, 2017
Status: c400
I really, really liked the novel at the beginning... but I disliked the how women (and "love") were portrayed and the MC's increasing ruthlessness. I tried to ignore it but it grew a wee bit too annoying and tedious. I enjoyed the challenges the MC faced, the little details on how he cultivates or whatever items he aquired, which were creative and fun to read. So I guess it was a difference in taste.
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IEatPotatoes rated it
December 19, 2016
Status: c331
I've read a lot of translated novels over the past year and a half, but ATG has to be the slowest start of any novel I've read. I believe it was about 40 chapters in before the main character could start cultivating. Considering this is a cultivation story, that's pretty meh! Despite the pace, I continued on. The author often over describes everything. He'll tell you a dozen ways about something pointless. Eventually he does this less often, but it's still very annoying and he also starts repeating the same... more>> phrases to describe the same thing. They nodded their heads like chickens pecking rice (I enjoyed this analogy though) or every beautiful female looks like blah blah blah. It's a lot of the same stuff continuously. Sometimes the author will just go off path while writing. The MC is also extremely lucky, one lucky encounter after another.

Despite the author lacking proficiency, the story itself isn't too bad! The world building is nice and the combat isn't horrible.

But the real kicker, and the reason I stopped reading is because of the dumbassery of the harem. A MC getting a handful of girls I can understand and put up with, but our MC will literally just get everybody for no apparent reason. Oh, the author randomly described a rumor about a beautiful princess in a foreign country? I bet the MC will some how nail her too!

At one point he evens rapes somebody and then she magically falls for him.

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clowred rated it
January 25, 2016
Status: 466
This xianxia can be considered one of the best reads in terms of action and plot line. Don't get me wrong, our protagonist is a little to easy going, but at least he is portrayed the right way from the beginning. Pressure helps him grow so he gladly jumps in hell anytime he has the chance. And his luck with women is the best. My only complaint, which doesn't drop the value by much is the following :

... more>>

He accidentally obtains a extra powerful loli which is a tsundere and somehow has the same sins as our MP, and also finds residence in an object that is embedded in our protagonist. If the author hadn't managed to put a leash on the loli then this xianxia would have gone down the drain, thankfully the interaction with the women from Asgard made everything way better.

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BlueFireGod rated it
December 31, 2015
Status: --
Horrible novel.

Started alright and interesting. Keeps getting worse and worse after an arc ends it just repeats itself with different people/powers.

After a few hundred chapters MC keeps going after girls now I don’t really mind the harem genre in general but whenever its a mars gravity book the harem is over the top.

... more>>

he gets a 3rd chance 1st time he’s a coward 2nd time he’s a medical saint/mass murderer 3rd chance he’s a playboy what kind of logic is that where I stopped reading he had several girls already seeing as its not even the end of the story and knowing Mars Gravity this book will end with another ridiculous ending with 20+ girls. Although the book started great is like the writer has no idea what kind of female he wants to be with the MC so he just randomly keeps throwing girls in who all fall in love with MC it had a good start with good plotline wich got ruined by adding more and more girls (a harem with 3-7 girls sure go ahead a harem with 20+ girls is just a sick fantasy the writer somehow manages to throw in several of his books)

Then his “luck” is overpowered normally finding 1-2 of the things he gains is already a miracle yet he keeps finding them


(evil god blood from jasmine/ phoenix blood-trial/true dragon blood soul etc-black dragongod if thats not enough he also gains several skill from the “land of the gods” or whatever its called now most MCs are stronger than their peers but skipping whole stages etc is going too far exemple : linley could 1-2 levels at most Qin Yu also only 1-2 at most (+ other characters in those books could too) take long hao cheng from divine throne with extreme measures to skip 1 whole stage at most wich costs him more then he gains, no matter what xianxia I read they only skip 1-2 levels or 1-2 stage at most but Yun Che skipping 1-2 stage or 10-20 levels no problem at all while Mars Gravity keeps mentioning the “gap” between each level as it should be impossible for a level 2 to beat a level 3 yet yun che as a level 1 beat level 10 with no problem
Gains 2 heavenly treasures (sure wont stay at 2) several elemental seeds from the evil god (fire/water) special herbs with miracle properties (power leveling his wife into emperor realm making himself invisible curing whatever boosting cultivation speed etc.) sure other MCs also got plot armor and incredible luck but his luck is a bit to overpowered.

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zaoh rated it
October 26, 2015
Status: --
One of the best xianxia novels out there who thinks rationally with major OPness..
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March 18, 2019
Status: c1325
The Worst type of story is one that starts good then goes to sh*t.

1200 Chapters of an engaging story with world building and power scaling. An intelligent and ruthless main character propels this novel forward. Multiple love interests, some very minorly developed, others that take up too much screen time to be comfortable.

Then in 100 chapters this Author completely destroys the story. Throwing out the MC's entire characterization as well as destroying any cohesion in his own ideas. MC becomes the usual trashy "Faceslapping" protagonist with no real justification but... more>> somehow always able to come out on top.


Jasmine leaving Yun Che and refusing to speak to him is illogical and ridiculous. These actions make no sense for her character as she has been diametrically opposed to doing stupid stuff like this. But this can be forgiven through an insanity defense (I don't want to hurt you by telling you so I am going to ignore you and hurt you instead.)

One Star Off.

That was dumb but I could swallow that down with some salt. However,


Yun Che's participation within the Profound God Convention is idiotic. He knows that his greatest enemies will be attending as well as overseeing. However, he decides to do so anyway because "My Jasmine is more important than my life". This is absolutely inconsistent with his conniving and covert personality. He then decides to do some "Faceslapping" because someone is looking down on him, even though that person is magnitudes stronger than him and isn't acting maliciously against him. Especially after Jasmine refuses to speak to him it becomes evident this is fruitless yet he still continues to expose himself. He shows off his powers that Jasmine specifically told him never to do otherwise the other Gods would destroy him immediately. But someone none of these Ultimate existences can detect the Evil God Successor right in front of them. No explanation for this at all, Author just ignores this entirely.

Another Star Off

But this is the most egregious example of Power Fantasy trash I have ever seen,


Throughout the Profound God Convention it is expressed that Yun Che is not qualified to even step foot into this competition. However the Author throws in some Plot Armor and now Yun Che is stronger and his Evil God Veins are "Realm Breaking". This I can accept. However when Yun Che fights Luo Changsheng, Yun Che draws out on all his "hidden potential" to defeat someone ridiculously stronger than him. Though stretching the logic of the story Yun Che wins. However when Luo Changsheng comes back with the 10X power boost and Yun Che returns, barely healed. The Author decided to asspull the entire fight. He Deus Ex Machina's with some super powered lighting that has no explanation at all and he ignores it entirely.


The worst part about the entire story is that if the last 100 chapter stayed true to the first 100 then the story would have been an amazing departure from the usual drivel so widely accepted on this site. Unfortunately, the Author could not be bothered to retain his own plot consistency and in doing so ruined the entire story. <<less
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DekuHero rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: --
This girl named Jasmine just confessed that she had killed over 1 million people after he saved her from death and the MC's response is so f**king childish and disgusting.

“But those are all not important. The reason why I was so desperate to save Jasmine, is because Jasmine is a very... very beautiful girl; as beautiful as an angel.”

“Besides, for cute and beautiful girls, no matter how big of a mistake was made, they can still be forgiven."

This is the kind of trash that is in this story. The MC... more>> sounds like a cringey "Nice guy" when he talks to women and although women in real life would back away from a guy spouting lines like this, for some reason in this story these kinds of lines have women swooning over him left and right. This isn't the first time this gross sh*t has been spouted either. I made it pretty far before I just found myself grossed out. The Author is for sure a virgin that doesn't understand women and the readers that liked this sh*t are probably just as cringey.

If you skip over all the poor romance in this story it's not that bad, but later even the good parts of the story get fairly repetitive. <<less
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Jojo775 rated it
October 27, 2018
Status: c1210
A lot of you are looking at it wrong, if you don't like wish fulfillment xianxia/xuanhuan bs with it's 1D characters then don't read and rant here! For what it is ATG is one of the best novels in it's genre. First the battles are epic and the cultivation system interesting, second it doesn't get boring now matter how many new realms MC reaches and the cycle repeats, third it has great humor and that's saying something considering that this genre rarely has humor at all.

That's it from me, everything... more>> else rdawv has said, haters gonna hate for reading the genre they don't even like, I suggest you ignore every 1 star review. <<less
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mokachan rated it
August 22, 2018
Status: c1388
A must read novel.

It containst everything... a good story/plot, good characters with character development and the fights are great too. The plot armor isn't that annoying like in other novels, in fact it is pretty balanced. Great novel for people who want a gripping story that will make you wish to have more chapters.
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