Against the Gods


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Mythical Abode Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff, the most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent’s four deadly areas. Cloud’s End Cliff’s base is known as the Grim Reaper’s Cemetery.

Over countless years, the number of people that have fallen off this cliff is too high to count. None of them, even three stronger than god masters, whose power could pierce the heavens, have been able to return alive. However, a boy that’s being chased by various people because he alone holds a priceless treasure jumps off the cliff, but instead of dying he wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world!

This is the story of a boy wielding the Sky Poison Pearl, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven and earth, a lord overlooking the world!

Associated Names
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Heaven-Defying Evil God
Nghịch Thiên Tà Thần
Ni Tian Xie Shen
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jessl rated it
July 29, 2018
Status: c1170
The world and mysteries created in this novel was the only interesting thing left in this novel.

The MC is a selfish and disgusting man-child. He rapes innocent women with the convenient excuse of saving them.

The first woman he rapes was from a female only sect that have staunch teachings and beliefs when it comes to the opposite sex. The woman was dying after using a suicide attack. Instead of the MC listening to the woman's pleas of letting her die with her dignity intact. The MC rapes her and takes her virginity with the excuse of saving her by using the method a Spirit had suggested to him and our dear MC showed no signs of guilt and made sure to laughingly thank and praise the Spirit for providing him with an excuse to rape the woman.

The second woman that he rapes is his very own master. This was the most disgusting thing that happened in this novel to date. The manner in which the MC carried out himself. The woman was also a virgin and was affected by some kind of aphrodisiac. The MC first acts afraid and then decides to rape her and after the rape he was acting like he is feeling guilty then all of a sudden he noticed that the aphrodisiac hadn't completely worn out so MC gets all excited again and didn't forget to comment on how he must " continue to work harder" and then the rape continued for who knows how long. The woman was treated like his personal cum dumpster. The MC runs away from his sect not long after the rape in fear for his life.


I'm all in support of MC's having harems but in this novel it's so disturbing as to how the women in this novel are forced to lose their virginity by having s*x with the MC for the sake of being forced into life and death situations.

One of the MC's fiances is forced to have s*x with him in-order to save his life. Another woman who is a complete stranger to the MC forces herself to have s*x with the MC in-order to gain a stronger power for her to take revenge on her enemy. Our dear MC initially feinting resistance like "I already have a wife" but that only lasted for a second and then MC is on cloud nine. That's the number one beauty in the continent and the MC is an out and out womanizer and it's the creepy kind. LOL MC trying to pretend seriously?


MC is a lecherous wolf - at some point he becomes the leader of a female only sect. MC uses his status as a doctor to molest the women there and he is very sly. He only preys on the easy targets like the shy and naive women the one's that are easy to deceive. Keep in mind most of these females grew up from a very young age in this sect and spent most of their lives away from the outside world and are therefore like children unaware of the dark-side of humanity. Some of the women there are aware and the MC makes sure not to target those women so he is weary of them. He is like a real life sex-pest and child molester taking advantage of the weak, naive and unsuspecting.

The novel has been very repetitive. The MC is almost always disappearing and mistaken for dead. The MC has ridiculous luck. The enemies are one dimensional. MC's cultivation is always several levels below the enemies but then he goes and gets some cheat power or lucky break to gain several level within a short period of time and then easily beats them with no suspense.

The MC is not very likable at all and it gets worse as the novel progresses. He makes many promises that he doesn't keep and he's so selfish as he does things that jeopardizes the safety of people around him. He is a faker constantly doing the wrong thing over and over to fulfill his own selfish desires then apologies to his master and promises to never do it again but then does the same thing again which is so ridiculous.

Initially MC was portrayed as someone who had matured through his difficult time in his past life but that is not the case as seen by his actions over time. There are so obvious things that MC doesn't or takes so long to figure out. In the end the novel is just a disappointment.
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WolfNexus rated it
July 13, 2018
Status: c1000+
It's a repetitive whirlpool filled with arrogant young masters and a super OP MC. Funnily enough, I noticed one of the reviews said the MC is "OP but not too OP." Regardless, the earlier half of the novel at least, had some flair. Especially the "Good Grandson" gag which was the high point of the novel, imo. Later, the novel is another generic Xianxia flex fest. But the main plot mysteries ares somewhat intriguing. But a lot of it looks like this:

"u suck."

"Say what?"

"u suck."

*MC flexes*

"oh mai gaaaawd. U don't suck! Father! He doesn't suck!"

"Say what?" *looks at MC* "u suck."

"Say what?"

"u suck."

*MC flexes*

"oh mai gaa-*elderly cough*. U don't suck! Father! He doesn't suck!"

"oh mai gaaaaawd! It is my super coool grandpa!"

"u suck."
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novelarr rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: c966
Even after all of the usual clinches it was one of my favorite novels. But after chapter 650 it became bad. Most frustrating thing in this novel - ... more>>

are missing heroines. Like seriously his first wife and baby mama has been missing for half of the story. With no idea where they are. The founder of the sect (his first wife's sect) left a teleportation array so a single person can escape during disaster. But she set the destination as random. How stupid can you get? The planet they are on 97% water with 3% land, what if she got teleported into the ocean?? She quite possibly got teleported to higher realms. Thats like sending a small powerless rabbit into a lair of wolves. And don't even get me started on his baby mama. She has been missing for 600+ chaps. Like a weak pregnant woman somehow dissapered from the whole planet without a trace. Every possible fact tells MC that she is dead (offcourse she is not). He goes into denial that she is alive. But what does he do with the woman who sent assassins after his pregnant woman. He spares her bcoz that woman's son is mc's friend (He has only provided minor help to MC on few occassions). This is completely out of MC's character. I mean the dude went apesh*t and exterminated an entire clan bcoz they kidnapped his family members. Sparing that woman is fine as well but what about the actual assassins he didn't even gave a single thought about them.


Most re****ed thing is MC's purpose in the novel. There are a lot of things that could have been his future aims.

But he decides to go to higher realms to say goodbye to his master. I mean she left him in a hurry after saying goodbye. But what about your missing wife? Missing child?. He would not be happy in his entire life if he doesn't bid her goodbye. For that reason he drops everything he was doing in his home world and decides to ascend.


MC's character has completely left his character ouline. He was smart in initial chapters but now he is dumb as rocks. I mean he has a knack for dying (dissappear for months, people think he is dead), he tells his bro-in-law that never beleive he is dead unitl you see his dead body but he doesn't even have the basic decency to give a soul crystal to his family. Even small fry antagonists have soul crystals (which alert their sect by shattering when MC kills them) but not the MC. He used to give importance to loved ones and promises but now they mean sh*t. <<less
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beddedOtaku rated it
March 24, 2018
Status: c762
AGA is usually one of the first names that pops up in my head when someone mentions Chinese WN, but, as fate would have it, I have only recently began reading it. Considering my score, you'd probably be wonder as to whether I regret it, or why did I even 'endure' for 700+ chapters, but I'll naturally come to that later on. If I could summarize the entirety of AGA in a very condensed, simplified manner, it would probably end up being something like 'a journey of a bi-polar-boner-ed hypocrite... more>> where stuff happens but it doesn't really matter when you think about it'.

As formulaic as the entirety of AGA's story is, I can't really fault it for it because, well, it's a long-running web novel. It is bound to have repeated storylines by the very nature of its existence, but, as mind-boggling as it is, AGA simply takes it too far. Whether it is with the mini-arcs (where MC meets random spoiled kid, gets in 'conflict' with him/them, and then beats their asses) or the long arcs (that can reach 100+ chapters at minimum). both simply repeat the same, barren plots to no end. In addition, story is marred with simply impossible levels of 'luck' and 'coincidence' to the point where author is actually forced to acknowledge them all within the story itself.

The pace is also dragged down quite often (whether it's through 10 chapters of pointless flirting with nobodies, or 10 chapters of pointless fights with nobodies) and it feels much, much longer than it should. I've skipped chapters often without ever feeling like I missed something important, so you should keep that in mind when reading.

Most of what we've gotten about the world's backstory actually happened in the past 200 chapters (so 500-700), while before that we only got those 'accidental slips' that tell us there is SOMETHING, but we just won't be getting anything any time soon. The story also suffers from the 'last-second-hero' mentality; MC will ALWAYS show up at the VERY LAST SECOND and save the day. Not after, not before, but just at the very exact moment he's required to show up in order to resolve the situation.

Beyond that, cultivation makes no sense. Not that it is complex or something like that, but that the only difference between these realms are basically their names. What is the difference between Emperor Realm and Overlord Realm? It's the difference of heaven and earth, of course!! Why? I have absolutely no clue.

As far as the MC's luck in finding treasures goes, it's... wow. It's just... wow. He randomly falls from the sky --> gets involved with the descendants of Phoenix --> gets its inheritance. He randomly spots five people flying in the sky --> decides to follow them for some ungodly reason despite the fact that they're 1000 times stronger than him --> lucks into Dragon treasure. There's no prelude to his discovery of wonders, it just sort of happens. And it happens often, yet it never - ever - seems enough.

One thing that always boggled my mind is that the MC is supposedly genius doctor (he himself says so), but I don't think I've ever actually seen him (maybe once in the entire 700 chapters) concoct a pill to speed his cultivation up (he does this for others). I think it was 'explained' in some thorwaway line at some point, but this really makes no sense as he's always lagging not just 2-3 stages behind his enemies as is the case with most other similar novels, but 2-3 freaking realms.

Speaking of MC... in the first 50ish chapters (before the whole cultivation emerges), he's rather interesting. He's calm, collected, cunning, vindictive, and even charming to a certain degree. However, the moment he starts cultivating he becomes an idiot. And the moment he starts building a proper harem (one where s*x can actually happen), his IQ goes down by quite a large margin. There's a contradiction in his character; to his very bones, he's nothing short of a 'misogynist'. Forget seeing women as equals, you'd be lucky he sees them as nothing but objects. Yet, he does absolutely ANYTHING these supposed 'lower beings' tell him to do, even if it's endangering not only his life, but lives of his other loved ones. I get that his character is supposed to be the 'friends/family/loved ones come first even before me', but it goes well beyond what any sane person would do, to the point that it's no longer realistic.

He EXTERMINATES -- COMMITS A GENOCIDE -- of 70, 000 people because his Aunt and Grandfather were kidnapped. Mind you, NOTHING happened to the two - but 70, 000 people (out of which maybe 100 wanted this kidnapping to happen) die because of it. He's simply a tantrum-throwing bi-polar psychopath. However, what makes it worse, is that author tries to justify his actions. If he just said 'well, yeah, the dude lived through hell, he's now an emotionally crippled psychopath', I'd actually see it as something normal. But, he doesn't. He justifies every single thing MC does and he sucks the MC's **** so hard I'm pretty sure the poor thing went limp by now.

I wouldn't bother about the other characters. Women, even if they do have shred of personality when they meet MC, will eventually become his ****-sucking robots. Their thoughts bear down to pleasing MC and nothing else. After a relative time-skip, one of his ****-sucking slaves actually developed a whiff of personality, but the moment MC comes back, it's forgotten. Nill. Nothing.

The reason why I call the MC bi-polar so many times is because there's nothing else I can use to describe him. At one moment, he's ruthless to the point of dehumanizing everything - including himself. The next, he's a sentimental goody-goody who cries over some sh*t that doesn't matter. He's a hypocrite - much like every other character in this novel - yet nobody ever points it out. He's a 'face-slapper', but I don't feel as though he's 'face-slapping' grown up adults with developed brain, but 7 year old children. So what if he lived through 2 lives? People he's 'face-slapping' are sometimes almost a 1000 ****ing years old. Step back with that sh*t.

Action is passable. 'Conquering' of the girls can be funny from time to time. Whenever he doesn't use 'might is right' and actually thinks for a moment, it's a somewhat decent read.

But, I endured until ch 760 (2). So, let me quickly share why I'm deciding to drop it although nothing really aggravating happened in the recent chapters. Direct spoilers below.


So, Jasmine - the girl he rescues at the very beginning that's super-op - has finally cleansed her poison and can use her powers however she wants. Meaning, she's unequaled in the world MC's living. Meanwhile, larger-than-MC plot is revolving in the background, and his identity is exposed to the 'big-baddies' of the world and they're planning to do something (probably expose him publicly or something like that) about it during the gathering that will happen soon.

There are two routes this can take, and both su** ass: one route is that he's exposed, but in turn exposes them and reveals the whole truth of the matter. They attack him, Jasmine shows up and cleans everything up nice and proper.

Second route: Jasmine will suddenly decide she has to go someplace else to resolve something, leaving MC alone to battle against whatever.

Mind you, even if Jasmine doesn't help him, he's almost impossible to kill due to his treasures. Regardless of what happens during the gathering, story is beset to su** simply because of a re****ed matter of Jasmine having cured her poison. Even if we - as readers - knew the whole time that MC simply can't die because Jasmine will always save him (and it's not as though I give too much sh*t about his dependent companions to care), so it effectively nullifies any tension. Nobody in this current world can rival him. Nothing can endanger him. Instead of going to this BS conference that has nothing to do with him (as far as he knows), he could be traveling the world and looking for the two remaining 'seeds of the Evil God' because he can go anywhere he wants now. Rather, I don't know why Jasmine - who always tried to push him to become stronger faster - doesn't point this out.

In addition, with the hints we've gotten so far, nothing about this story will change even once he leaves this world. Going by the current speed, he should probably 'ascend' in about 200-300 more chapters. And the same cycle of repeated plotlines will continue. I guarantee that - eventually - Jasmine's dad will find her and capture her for that whatever ritual to make himself stronger, and MC will show up just in the nick of time to save her, and it will be a sort of payoff for her teaching him all those years.

I don't care much for grand, unpredictable stories (as much as I'd like to see them), but this is simply barren, far too simple. You can practically predict everything that's going to happen as long as there's even a whiff of a hint. When the Golden Crow talked to Jasmine about that 'thing' or whatever that will maybe occur, which is why everyone's feeding MC inheritances like it's nothing, I later on immediately connected it to that Evil Wheel thing. Following that, MC's sword is most-likely that holy sword thingy because she was 'adopted' during the Era of Gods or whatever out of nowhere.

I may be wrong, but I doubt it. Every bit of foreshadowing that happened was never there to mislead readers, but basically to tell them what will happen in the future. That's not interesting.

Anyway, I'm done.

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drewjn rated it
April 7, 2016
Status: --
This was a series that had everything going for it. MC that had a past, and a purpose. Plot was simple, yet progression was steady as he strenuously climbed up through cultivation, and focused intently on every pathway he tread. Then... the author decided to suddenly and immediately flip the switch from sensible but stringent lead and decent characters to:

– Harem with female members consistently becoming more one dimensional

– MC becoming lecherous to every woman he meets, while acting as if his love is monagomous to each one.

– All female... more>> chars that have any relationship with MC all believe he can do nothing wrong and excuse every issue he has.

– 110% plot armor where his powers and abilities just seem more tacked on and ‘world breaking’

– Every enemy in the series, after the half way point are the same ‘you court death!’ cliche sort of villains with absolutely no value.

– MC is extremely hypocritical and acts with severity for the sake of severity. It is as if the author saw dark and sinister MC personalities in other series, and then decided he wanted his to have it to; but then not realize that it didn’t fit the tone or the situation. It is out of place, and the reasoning given for his actions are almost nonsensically idiotic.

A real shame what this series became, but the further I read, the worse it became. I read completely up to 395, and a few random chapters afterwards to see if it got better... <<less
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qull rated it
December 5, 2016
Status: c900
UPDATE: I decided to drop this after the new arc. It has be another big letdown. The common theme of this novel becomes "a hype train into a big crash". You can expect a lot of promising stuffs such as expected reunion, expected retaliation, and expected superior MC comeback. All to end because of some forceful plots (very forced) where the author want to make MC becomes hopeless just to pull another rabbit out of hat to save him. This is common recurring theme. Everything is "unexpected", because "anything can... more>> happen" (even if it's deus ex machina). It was once one of the best xuanhuan novel I've read, until the new arc. The early arc composed of MC rising up. He gains treasures, gains power, then beat off enemies with that new found power.

However, the new arc was rushed. MC was forced to jump like 6~7 realms of level within limited time. Therefore, what happened is our powerless MC is being thrown around by powerful guys. Not only did he become trouble magnet, he also become hopeless and powerless. This is not a "heroic" novel, but rather just let "other/armor save your ass". <<less
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jonsylo rated it
September 2, 2016
Status: --
Starts of good for the first 100 chapters or so, the rest is pretty much disappointing and goes downhill. The MC is more lucky than intelligent.

The MC plot armor is ridiculous, no matter what stupid decisions he makes, things still works out for him eg. He slaughtered an entire clan but spared only one survivor (This guy was one of the causes for him slaughtering the clan and he also hates the MC and it's also obvious that he would kill the MC given the chance but the MC is... more>> too arrogant to recognize him as a threat). The survivors entire family was killed by the MC but the guy just so happens to get incredibly strong later on and returns when the MC isn't around and prevents the MC's aunt from being raped and also protects the MC's clansmen LOL.

The MC survives months in a space where even cultivators that are 2 whole realms higher than him wouldn't be able to survive.

When enemies that he can't handle are after him he conveniently (it wasn't his intention to go missing he just so happens to and thus avoids the enemies that could've easily killed him at that time) goes missing or is thought to be dead and by the time he returns, he's already stronger and then steamrolls them. This becomes repetitive.

The Author constantly explains the crowds (the people watching him fight) thoughts about how amazing the MC is. OMG this is one of worst parts about this novel. It's always like everyones so shocked because BLAH BLAH... LOL, almost everytime he's witnessed fighting. We get it, he can fight realms above him everyones shocked but we don't need to hear it for the 100th time LOL

There's plenty of negatives with this novel like the lucky power ups and how the strong and high status women fall on the MC's lap. Most of these have already mentioned by previous reviewers so I'll end it here for now. <<less
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Wife of Sovereign
Wife of Sovereign rated it
August 15, 2018
Status: --
Girls turn back, this is a very disgusting novels who treated girls like fickle-minded creatures.

It started awesome. very awesome. But then... just simply disgusting.

For once, in the start of novels, what disturb me the most is the fact he kissed his aunt. NO!!!

... more>>

I'll fight those who dared to say "But they're not really blood-related" Come on! Fight me! As far as Yun Che knows, he was reincarnated in different times in different body with the same name. He inheritted this body's original memory and AS FAR AS HE KNOWS they're freaking aunt and nephew, Blood-related. What did he do? He harassed her and kissed her in the lips. Disgusting! absolutely without morals.


But, I overlooked that thing, you see, despite my initial discomfort. I quickly got hooked with this novel, with the MC's godly medical expertise and plain awesomeness.

Heck, I read it till it was several hundred chapters. I binge read it for days, disregarding studies and even food sometimes. And that's why... I'm terribly disappointed by the turn after such great start.

The MC's shameless. I love shameless MCs, but he's... over the time, he became unbearable. He flirts with every beautiful girls he saw, and even seduce them to a less-than-innocent affair.

My bottom line was crossed when...


He r*ped a woman who most probably a whole century older than he is. The reason? Ohoho, it's because he got no choice because the woman is poisoned by super-deadly-hellish-poison and will die. the only way to detoxify it is with his semen. Despite the woman's protest and firm rejection, he f*cked her either way under the pretense of righteousness of paying a favor and "Whoa, she's beautiful anyways, it might be once in a millenia chance. Let's do it!" reason.

The woman already said she'd rather die than to lose her purity but??? He r*ped her anyways!

And surprise! The woman fell in love with him after getting r*ped! idk about chinese 2d female characters and their bizare way to fall in love through r*pe. At the very least, Medusa in BTTH has some decent interaction where both were talking in the BTTH and Medusa literally watched how Xiao Yan grew stronger step by step. this one?

Ha! This woman is simply passing by, owe Yun Che a favor, coldly guarding from afar, her words to Yun Che and their mutual interaction could be simplified in words "Almost non-existent". Fall in love? I'll kill the bastard regardless his 'help' to save my life. After I kill him, I'll retrace his family, dump his corpse and paid back in a full for their loss.



And surprise! She got pregnant! there has to be at least four women who were deeply in love with the MC when I stopped reading this


YC also likes to seduce every beautiful girls he saw, and well... those girls fell for him for his 'charisma', power and sweet words. Yeah, completely disregarding that he literally already has a wife, there was another woman beside him, behind him, on another side, on the corner, another corner, in the bedroom and so on. I loved this story, but the moment, YC did that in the spoiler part, I lost my interest and decidedly dropped it after several more chapters.

The more you love the more you hated when it disappoint you. Sorry. <<less
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DidYunCheGoddamnDieAgain rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c945
This is probably the easiest way to describe the plot of the story:

    1. Yun Che dies
    2. Everyone is sad
    3. "Ha Ha! I'm actually very much alive, and much stronger than before!"
    4. "Oh, wow! He's actually very much alive, and much stronger than before! I'm soaking wet!"
    5. New wife obtained!
    6. Yun Che dies
    7. ....
That's all.. Seriously.. Don't expect anything else.. One time he literally shows up, just to get trapped in a goddamn cave like 2 chapters later...

It wouldn't even be that obnoxious, but every time he dies, you have to read like 15 chapters about his wives standing in front of a window, staring at the sunset with a tear sliding down their face.. When it happens for the first time, you're fine with it.. Hell, it even gives you some feels.. The second time, it starts to get awkward.. When it happens for the 10th time, you seriously wonder about why are his wives still giving a crap.. When he's leaving the house, they should be sarcastically asking him wether he's coming back for dinner, or if he plans to "die" again...

Another thing is, that the way he powers up is very different from regular novels. Usually, the MC has "his thing", and that one thing is the main reason why the MC is the MC, while supplementing it with other techniques, items, etc. (Wang lin with his knowledge and comprehension, Leylin with his bloodlines and A.I. chip, Bai Yunfei with the upgrade technique), but not Yun Che.. Nuh uh.. Yun Che doesn't do anything that requires effort.. Whenever he needs to power up, he just gets a brand new busted ability.. It reminds me of that one episode of Red Dwarf (

https://youtu. be/AOE7qTAK87o?t=2m14s

). At this point in the story, Yun Che is essentially a huge cumbucket of most divine and primordial beings in the known universe. Even the spiritual veins of whatever god that made him able to cultivate can be summed up as "Cultivate very fast, become the master of all elements, the avatar, and make all divine/primordial beings rock hard.." In short, his "main thing" is "everything", which is pretty unsatisfying, considering that the character progression is just Yun Che finding random sh*t all over the place...

... Also, the way he talks to every single one of his 358 wives as if she's the only one just makes him seem like a massive piece of sh*t of a man.. I get that polygamy is supposed to be common in the ATG world, but he has the attention span of a kid with ADHD rolling in cocaine...

But even tho all of these things are really, and I mean REEEALY

annoying, the times when he's not dead are pretty enjoyable (even tho they're somewhat rare). If you learn which parts you can just skim through, you'll find out that it's an ok read..
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BookWorm65 rated it
December 30, 2016
Status: --
I am completely baffled by the 4 and 5 star reviews. This novel is one of the worst novels I have read. It's basically a wish fulfillment like MGA.

The MC basically goes for every single pretty woman he meets. In interaction with a girl, he acts like she is his entire world and there is no one else he loves more. The next girl he meets, same thing. Lol. All this guy wants is a harem of indescribable heaven-shaking beauties which apparently pop out of nowhere every single arc just... more>> waiting to be MC's.

Another thing is that somehow every single OP bloodline, treasure, etc., that is found in the continent falls in MC's lap. These things are one of a kind in the entire damn universe and it's all there in his world which is not even close being a strong world relatively. Oh and a bloodline he gets has condition: he has to be kind-hearted and not evil. Once he gets it, he goes on to slaughter an entire sect which has thousands of innocents who didn't do anything evil to the MC.

This novel is just plain bad. I suggest you do not waste your time reading it. <<less
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Magnas rated it
August 23, 2016
Status: c364
Surprisingly listed as the Number 1 Ranked Series for Overall Popularity.
I've read things I would personally place in the 80-95/100 range before, that are lower ranked than this series.
Rating 1/5.

- The word Profound being used 10 million times more than it should be.
This issue is not arguable.

-It is in each realm of cultivation's name (listed 2-3 times in some sentences),
in each of the currency names, in school names, used as an adjective, everywhere.
It would not surprise me to see it used twice in the... more>> same description
"What a profound Profound Treasure"

- All major problems are being brought on by the stupidity of the protagonist and main characters we are supposed to like.
This issue is not arguable.

- What's that? Super heaven shattering secret about MC that could result in him being
located and obliterated and also get the Xiao clan exterminated?
Let the Strongest, wisest, most magnanimous dude not scan his environment or be aware
of anything around him and let a Nascent Pleblord overhear him blurt it out for no reason
to a grave. Utterly ridiculous and bad writing.

-Super mega giga dragon of the emperor realm (Realm 7), dragons are super intelligent
and crafty and resilient and strong. Let the MC run into it's lair as a low level
Elementary cultivator (Realm 1). What did you think was going to happen?
(Don't see Origin Level Chu Feng stealing the most valuable and only treasure of an
unbeatable Ancestor Realm Monstrous Beast do you? No, Because it would be silly to have
the MC completely ignore the fact that they would be a billion times stronger than himself.
Remember when Chu Feng first went into the emperor's tomb entrance with the Su sister's mom? Detected something that was above his capabilities and got the **** out, and that was with 1/3 of the life experience of Yun Che.
The bead and dragon corpse/core and both of them not dying was unbelievable. Oh look at that instant 8 level power up! The stupid prizes are supposed to be bad not 8 levels at once which cheapens the feelings of reward and excitement when the MC levels up in the future.

-New place you know nothing at all about, Let's offend 5 bigger and 2 super massive sects
to an outrageous degree while only being at the lv 1 Nascent Realm, with knowledge that involved bigger sects have access to spirit and or earth realm peeps, and the 2 branch sects would have not only spirit and earth peeps but would be heavily tied to the main branch with Emperor ranks I believe it was said and known?
Exposing literally all of your battle capabilities and drawing scorn and animosity upon yourself to the
point where you would have to literally fend for your life. What's that crippling or killing somebody
important goes against the status quo and doing so in front of witnesses will bring their family and elders down on you like a ****ing hammer? Pro Survival Skills Bro. Utterably Foreseeable.

-You know that branch sect that has discarded all face and has summoned reinforcements and has sworn a blood debt? Let's go sneak in without a plan or cover story or any research done. Access to the vault by himself was just assumed based on what? Hey! Let us carve a confession into the wall to serve as proof and alert them before having even left the premises, them figuring stuff out would have taken much longer.
You know they are coming back with the dragon core, you know the aura is detectable and is a problem, why wouldn't they place it in a more secure location and or use a valuable box/item/storage
device from the treasury to shield it? This could have easily been foreseen. Also remember how you revealed all of your battle capabilities earlier in front of over a thousand people? Now you have revealed that you can store hundreds of meters worth of stuff without a ring while being at the Nascent level, literally the only way to remove all that stuff in that time frame.

-Emperors daughter disguised in backwater location with Elementary/Nascent lv plebs, looking for a husband? Never killed anybody before, is just too nice. Going to Xiao Branch Sect by herself, ya no. Letting those 3 devilish looking dudes who were kidnapping children and unreservedly talking about enslaving you and turning you into a s*x toy, who were obviously just peons but just below your strength, ya they have to have stronger leadership, perhaps multiple spirit level or higher dudes given that a peon is lv 8 Nascent. Let's take away their slaves, dash their hopes of debauchery, then just let them go. I'm sure nothing bad will happen, like them telling their boss in hopes of somewhat salvaging the situation and earning brownie points. Oh, hey the place they are targeting and have attention focused on is in immediate danger, let us go over there and directly insert ourselves into the situation. Yun Che injured and unconscious, surrounded by a bajillion spirit and earth beasts, inform the local evil dudes that are obviously stronger than you about your presence, they will know that you are attractive, have valuable weapons and a storage ring. These actions are figuratively
spitting in the face of the guy who took a poison bullet and fall for you, forsaking the life he saved and his own as he is unconscious. Given how 95+% of people behave in these stories, including many places in real life, such stupidity would get you raped and killed, no way she would have made it this long.
So basically all problems within the first 100 chapters.

- MC stays as a Scrublord until ch 45, that is what the end of the 4th arc? That is a bit too long for this
type of story.

-Do enlarged Divine Channels make you less intelligent? The 'Tyrannical Emperor Divine Veins'
description by Jasmine seem to imply that they relied on brute force and were not smart.
This seems to be supported by how annoying and unretentive Yuanba appears to be. Lovable Oaf, but taken a bit too far.

-You know why Eggy doesn't retain all of her powers once sealed inside Chu Feng?
B/C it would be a complete ass-pull whenever she would get involved in anything.
That would be terrible writing. -The author keeps referencing the fact that the MC has the experiences from two lives, implying that
he is intelligent, has superior survival skills, and can read and know everybody's personality
and thoughts just by looking into their eyes. His behavior and actions do not support these.
Hey these perfect pills which shouldn't exist and are super good which MC should know, 100 purple coins?
Trader was obviously low balling him, that should have been easily obvious. OKAY let's sell these for 10% of what they are worth even though we are broke. Drawing attention to himself and getting ripped off, nice.

-Hey he is the world's greatest doctor and master of poison, with the assistance of perfect undetectable storage, detox, pill and mixture crafting. You can be undetectable? Poison the entire sect with an undetectable time delayed mixture, give the antidote to who you want to live, put it in their food, make it airborne and contagious, I don't care which way you do it. Leaving Gramps and little aunt here is just asking for trouble.
BAM solved it for you. Eagle flying behind you, mixture that makes it go wild or blinds it as it would be useless without it's sight, which is stated as its strength. Why wouldn't the 3rd or so ranked dude chasing you have a fire rod? How the **** would you know or understand if your channels could receive or withstand Jasmines power? Ass-pull.

-Only have 5th and 6th stages of a phoenix ability, reverse engineer that sh*t. Except the 5th stage is a
pair of flame wings with an explosion on impact, are stages 1-4 flame whip, flame wings, explosion, and at 5th stage they are combined as to be able to be reverse engineered, not explained in the slightest. Just another instance of 'MC got stronger in these 5 ways all at once' and also went up another 9 levels of PROFOUND power again.

-MC uses up all of his profound power and is severely weakened after using the 5th phoenix move twice and fighting the 3 sub-caps, cap, and dozens of others, hey instead of killing all these few dozen guys left quickly or blocking the one exit, why don't we use the 6th ability that takes up even more energy.

-The Characters are all mentally re****ed, I don't mean that as slang, they are handicapped.
-Text based stories are not like action movies where you should be able to enjoy certain aspects of the
experience and shut off your brain if the plot is bad. The entire experience is about immersing yourself without disbelief, and imagining everything that happens. Some enjoy self inserting as the main character for this genre, kinda hard to do when things are completely unrealistic. Do stupid things and only good things will happen to you, every time.

This was written from notes I jotted down as I was reading, but eventually I just got tired and frustrated going into so much detail as to why this story is not good, might update it later with all the other problems I have with it. Past ch. 100 many other stupid decisions from the MC continue to bring him fortune. He can beat people 20 levels above him, Insists on killing all 70, 000 HBC peeps, but leaves the grand elder alive long enough to pass on the legacy to the other dude he really shouldn't have left alive as his purpose in killing all of them was to remove future problems. Why didn't you make sure he was dead? He was a level 4 emperor! Why didn't you get his storage ring? Why not cripple the profound veins of the 3rd son? That would leave him alive but diminish his threat.

Why do we even have a review system and popularity tracker if this gets rated so highly and listed as number 1. If that is the case, I should have the ability to block users individually so that after filtering out 80% of people I can then only see reviews that are accurate. <<less
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riida rated it
January 6, 2016
Status: --
at first he’s a few levels stronger than his same-level peers, then ten, then fifteen...

why not make him a hundred levels stronger than his peers. those power levels already lost their credibility anyway.

too much of anything is a bad thing, and speaking of too much, there’s too much drama and too much continuous tension and definitely too many “I’m so much stronger, die” -> “how is he so strong, I’m so scared"

... more>>

dragon god, evil god, phoenix god, profound handle, profound gates, profound treasures...
that’s too much...


it’s still more enterntaining than not, but there are definite turn-offs <<less
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mrttao rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: c628
Some reviewers are b***hing about how the MC is a rapist... this is rather nonsensical

... more>>

MC has magic healing sperm, a woman who is madly in love with him and clearly reciprocating is crippled and dying and he can heal her. Despite actually wanting to (both because she is in love with him and because she doesn't want to die), she declares that she needs to die because her sect law bans relations with a man and as much as she loves him, she would rather die than disobey her sect.

At which point he "rapes" her, she makes a full recovery, and we discover the reason the sect has that law is that their cultivation technique is copied to anyone they have s*x with and they rightly know other sects will be lining up to gangrape them if they knew.

This is extremely contrived and unrealistic scenario the author has set up, and yes technically speaking this is rape since she said no in the end.

But saying "this story is bad because MC is a rapist" implies a completely different scenario than what actually happened in this story


So, while it is unjustified to say "MC is a rapist, therefore this is a bad story", this doesn't mean this story is not utter crap.

There are some really BS time travel stuff that completely ruins tension. MC starts out as somewhat clever, but soon transforms into being extremely stupid. With plot armor thicker than the earth's crust.

MC is just chasing one woman after another while abandoning his previous waifus to horrible fates (but don't worry, plot armor extends to them too somewhat. although their family might all die horribly / become s*x slaves, the waifu herself would always be saved by plot armor or the MC coming back in the nick of time. If plot armor is what saves her she will also disappear from the story for hundreds of chapters).

Literally every tiny ass piddling minor clan has a soul crystal that shows if a person is alive or dead. But MC never ever leaves any of those behind even after becoming royalty and having access to such resources. So that the same people can repeatedly assume he is dead (after he does a suicidally stupid thing and only survives due to plot armor and being transported somewhere where it is slightly difficult to communicate with them so he doesn't bother to), his families (both original and new wives/baby mommas and their own clans/sects/countries) then get rekt to the brink of ruin, and then he comes back out of nowhere to save the waifu dramatically at the last moment (too bad about her clan/sect/country being rekt).

Every antagonist is a moustache twirling villain with a single digit IQ. MC is constantly picking pointless fights, then goes on edgelord pointless genocide route with the claim of not wanting any relatives rising in revenge (MC literally killed millions of civilians; this is played off as cool; often they are not even clan members but just happen to be in the same city when he wipes it out)

Except, he only genocides the clan and not the various other clans who had marriage relations with that clan he genocided! nor people who are physically outside the clan at the time. so actually plenty of people wish revenge on him and his genocide attempt actually vastly increases the number of living people with a grudge instead of decreasing it. Moreso when he is wiping out a city instead of a clan. All the while literally say "I am a righteous hero doing what I must..."

Furthermore he also often pointlessly spares people who are actually a credible threat to him in a completely and utterly uncharacteristic manner because the PLOT calls for him to do so. Despite explicitly admitting in character that he shouldn't spare them because they are a credible threat, but then he does anyways for no reason.

The only reason I even reached as far as I did is that I am a completionist who dislikes dropping stories. And because it started out interesting but has been getting progressively worse. <<less
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Aruzu rated it
January 18, 2016
Status: --
In a few words....

One of the best novels I've ever read.

Definitely has to give it a try... the building of the story is amazing, the plot keeps geting richer without those random things a lot of xinxia wuxia uses... the story doesn't feel random at all.
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 12, 2017
Status: c606
This boys and girls is one of the worst novels to exist.

Perverted MC, who despite saying I love you I love you, doesn't care about YOU. Instead of searching for his pregnant old lady (over 40 years older than MC) he asks some guys to search for her.

Major change of character in less than 2 chapters. First he was seen as a serious and smart person, but then he changes and says like is all about women, then why did you ****ing have just one love in your previous life,... more>> mister very smart?

Anyway, don't even try to read it, in less than 400 chapter you'll get sick of it. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
q25t rated it
July 10, 2017
Status: c890
This novel is essentially heroin. You know damn well it's bad for you but it's still addictive.

The good.

World building is actually pretty damn good. Multiple powers and realms with discrepancies in power levels for semi-decent reasons. ... more>>

An overarching conspiracy about the world MC is on right now.


Fights are actually done pretty well. Nothing spectacular, but they're certainly good enough.

The bad.

Practically everything else.

Writing. Everything in this entire universe is composed of jade. No female mentioned in the novel that I can even recall isn't a peerless beauty, which is a bit of an oxymoron since there are about 8 of them. The whole idea of expanding your horizons and finding stronger people is fine but it's happened maybe 9 times thus far. From his branch family in a small town to a slightly larger town to the capital to the overwhelmingly stronger other country to sacred grounds to divine realm people. I'm probably missing some.


I'm almost positive that the only reason YC killed the whole ****ing burning heaven clan was just to develop Fen Juechen as a villain. This whole novel actually has a weird habit of acting like it's virtuous to drag thousands or even millions of unrelated people into your own personal problems. In the war with Phoenix nation and blue wind, the empress doesn't surrender, thus resulting in millions of casualties for some reason? She expected no reinforcements, had not a chance in hell of even denting the enemy, and had no particular reason for resisting except for face.


Everyone is this novel is re****ed at all times except when YC does some face smacking. YC has on likely more than 10 occasions walked by choice into situations that without plot armor would kill him in two seconds. If the protagonist of the novel goes into a situation willingly without current powers to resolve it, you don't get to call him smart. He's an idiot.

Phoenix nation has a war over a mine. Really big mine even so the superpowers above them would even be interested. Must mine discreetly. How is this accomplished? Launch a full scale war out of the blue on the nation who has said mine and then station troops there whose entire job is to pound the ground to cover up the noise of mining. I have no words for how preposterously dumb of an idea that is.

The romance. The first few of YC's harem had fairly normal reasons and were acceptable. Cang Yue was saved by him a few times and spent a decent amount of time together with him in a perilous situation. Sure. His aunt is weird in the incest sense

but they're not actually related so...

but The relationship is actually normal. The ice fairy he got pregnant in the weird I need to rape you to save your life situation. O.o The demon empress I honestly don't have any idea why she likes him. Effectively he ends up blackmailing her into not killing him for his bloodline and they fall in love because she's goddamn emotionally scarred and broken. Real nice. Princess #2 of Phoenix nation falls in love with him because he is literally the only option she has had. She grew up seeing apparently no one and just sort of stayed sheltered because her dad and brothers are all kinds of ****ed up about her.

This is the only novel in all of my life that I've rooted for the main character to die. This includes multiple anti-hero protagonists and just straight up villains. The combination of being a raging a***ole and also being so unbelievably stupid just makes me root for his death. It might help him learn a mother****ing lesson for once. And because he has OP as **** artifacts, he'd just reincarnate again at this point so the novel wouldn't even end. <<less
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Narutolvr rated it
January 5, 2017
Status: c715
Pretty much how everyone has described it: repetitive, over-lucky, hound dog MC who just miraculously gets through every life threatening event because... MC correction I guess? But his action of going after every pretty girl is ridiculously irritating, especially his hypocrisy in attempting to sacrifice himself for every single pretty girl he meets despite claiming he can't afford to die as each one of his million wives is waiting for him. Don't even mention him trying to woo the girl he was raised with as an aunt.

Also, I'm really... more>> getting annoyed by the author's description of beauties. If I see another "Jade like skin" I'm going to throw up. What does it even mean any way?!

I just want something interesting to happen. I'm tired of the MC being the lowest cultivation only to pull out a miraculous turn around and win only for everyone to realize they underestimated him, MC enters some realm/land he's not supposed to and is trapped by the people who want to kill him *Yuanba screams in the distance* only to escape, enter another realm/world/planet/jade store where he miraculously stumbles across another tournament so the cycle can begin anew. The one decent story line (grandfather arc) has already come to a conclusion in the same manner as all the others and I'm really starting to lose interest.

This is just a disappointment of a novel; not because of the harem, or the pettiness of the MC, but the fact that the author can't seem to stick to a personality trait longer than half an arc (excluding MC's horndog ways). Author describes MC as careful? 3 chapters later MC does something idiotic. Author praises MC for forethought? MC literally jumps into any dangerous situation for little to no reason without thinking about the consequences, scrapes by by the skin of his teeth, then does it again. Honestly, it's headache inducing.

And to those who say 'this is what WX/XX novels are!', I call BS. There are WX/XX novels that make an op MC with a harem but still manage to keep a consistent characterization for the MC. Martial World, for example, is one of them. At the very least, that MC is actually has to work hard to get stronger, rather than being wrapped in plot armor whose thickness is only second to his face like Yun Che. I mean come on-

he made up some bs name that just so happened to be the name of a famous Empyrean legend? Seriously??? Of the infinite possibilities of names?

That's so illogical and unnecessary; even with all my disbelief suspended, no one should be that lucky.

Overall, the Illusionary Demon Realm arc was awful- possibly the worst arc so far (though I enjoyed it the most-contradictory, I know :P). At the very least, it required the most suspension of disbelief; regardless of how little sense the story made, the author shoved that plot line down readers' throats in a borderline aggressive way. But, from the start, I just wanted to know what was going down with his parents, which is the only reason I read through 700 chapters of him f***ing every beauty and plundering every lucky break he saw.

Honestly, I don't even know how this universe still exists seeing as the MC comes across a "world-shattering beauty" in every town. You'd think all the planets would have turned into dust by now. My suggestion for a plot twist: the "gods" are actually a legion of jade-skinned beauties set out to kidnap men with talent from every planet before destroying it. And Jasmine is one of their main comrades, dispatched to get close to Yun Che, seeing as he only has to breathe to find another miraculous, only eight-in-the-world treasure. <<less
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alphaGulp rated it
August 21, 2016
Status: c150
This novel is the perfect example of the disappointing limits of a cunning mind.

A cunning person will want to do bad things for the short-term benefits, even though the long-term consequences are bad. Like a child, they become obsessive about immediately obtaining the object of their desire (ex: sex, wealth, power, etc.) and so they will do ANYTHING and everything to attain it, without sufficiently considering the consequences of their actions.

So in this case, we have an MC who is a self-centered, abusive a***ole who wants the world to be... more>> all about him, without a thought to the consequences *even if he is successful in making the world be all about himself*. In his own personal fantasy, he can easily accomplish all this just by way of his lowly cunning means (ex: he simply murders all the 'fools' who dare step in his way and all the babes fall for him) - BUT THEN WHAT?

LOL. For example, his imaginary harem obviously DOES NOT WORK. What exactly is he offering his women, other than safety and medical care? It is pathetic to watch the MC flail about and obviously NOT SATISFY his women's needs!!!

Women need way more than just what he offers to be happy and thriving, and the best women are not only good-looking - they are also THEMSELVES inspiring and fun to be with. Yun Che's girls are all boring and a billion times past insipid. In real-life, at best they are the type you learn to move on from quickly, even if they are pretty.

In fact, his chicks' main attractive factor, aside from being 'desired by all', is them being extremely hard to approach and interact with (ie: terrible social skills and attitude), as well as bringing HUGE BAGGAGE (ex: a stupid princess caught in a power struggle) - all red flags, in reality, but the MC sees these as positives since that way the chicks get so indebted to him that he can try to coast on the fact that he dealt with their crap. Then there is the MC's aunt, whose freaking INCESTUOUS LOVE is disgusting but conversely so easy and all-forgiving that I guess that makes it tempting for people with abysmally low self-esteem?

As well, if you look at the MC's professional goals in life, you realize that he has none other than being strong enough to bully everyone. What kind of world does he want to create with his power? Well, the bully world he lives in is ALREADY his perfect world to be a reactionary bully in (ie: he gets his easy excuse for being abusive from the fact that everyone else is a hateful bully like himself), so he has nothing to do! Everything is already perfect: just wait for the next re****ed bully and then use plot armor to win in a lazy, uninspired way, AGAIN. And then repeat FOREVER (since he has even cursed himself with immortality in hell, that f'ing moron).

So it isn't surprising that ONCE AGAIN, a cunning author is able to create a beginning that is fairly interesting and seemingly full of potential, but you just have to let him try to elaborate on that beginning to have his stupidly cunning mind show just how bad his ideas are, given enough time. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
matricha rated it
May 31, 2016
Status: c300
This is a novel that I dropped.

As usual, like many other Chinese novels, it starts off excellently, you will love it (as I did), the early chapters are truly awesome but it gets worse with each chapter after a while. The great things that novel started with will disappear/or replaced with nonsense ecchi moments, MC being too OP, but not the usual OP, this guy is the most OP among all OP MCs. It just gets worse and worse with excessive, I repeat, excessive unnecessary repetitious explanations. Near the time... more>> when I dropped it, I would read only few paragraphs in each chapter and skip all the rest. I was very patient not to drop it, which I usually don't like since I know the beginning of the story and wanna see how it ends, but I couldn't handle massive amount of garbage filler explanations and decided to drop it.

Oh, and before I forget, at some point people will pop off out of nowhere (in some sects, they weren't there before, not mentioned at all), just so they can be match to our OP MC, and just so the garbage story would have something to continue. Some people will love it, no doubt, it was simply unacceptable for me.

For those who likes ecchi moments, staring and blushing moments, slow pace, excessive explanations, overly OP MC (with very low cultivation level, which can trample people 2 entire realms above. At this point it doesn't make any sense), shallow writing, then this novel is for you. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
expertsource10 rated it
August 31, 2018
Status: c873
- The hypocrisy in this novel finally repulsed me at around ch 870s.
- The hypocrisy is SO, SO big that I'm disgusted with the MC at this moment.
- The hypocrisy existed long before, from when he destroyed the whole sun-something sect, but I had chosen to avoid it for the sake of the rest of the plot.
- However, the hypocrisy has only grown bigger, and bigger.
- How? While the MC talks about right and reprimands all his opponents about justice, he, his... more>> family, and wife finally came to the point of massacring babies together with innocents now.
It's so much disgusting and repulsing that I can't avoid it anymore.

- If you don't talk about right and reprimand your enemies about justice, then kill babies. It's okay because it's consistent, you're an evil person, and it's not a plot hole.
- Or if you talk about justice and beat enemies, but don't destroy whole sects with innocents inside and don't kill babies. It's okay too because it's consistent too, you're a righteous person. And it's not a plot hole too.

However, if you do the both, it's inconsistent, it's a plot hole on universal human relationships because this creates a split personality (if you watch the movie split, lol)

We put our shoes at the MC's as he's the main character, we're him, he's us. That's why, either we break ourselves mentally and make our mindset an inconsistent, split one. Or we become repulsed, and disgusted by it (after some avoidance.)

I chose to be disgusted after some avoidance. The MC is incoherent, a mentally broken disgusting hypocrite and far from me. <<less
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