Against the Gods


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Mythical Abode Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff, the most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent’s four deadly areas. Cloud’s End Cliff’s base is known as the Grim Reaper’s Cemetery.

Over countless years, the number of people that have fallen off this cliff is too high to count. None of them, even three stronger than god masters, whose power could pierce the heavens, have been able to return alive. However, a boy that’s being chased by various people because he alone holds a priceless treasure jumps off the cliff, but instead of dying he wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world!

This is the story of a boy wielding the Sky Poison Pearl, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven and earth, a lord overlooking the world!

Associated Names
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Heaven Defying Evil God
Nghịch Thiên Tà Thần
Ni Tian Xie Shen
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Tarroyn rated it
December 29, 2015
Status: --
Many Xianxia get the yy novel classification, loosely read as “mental masturbation”. And in this aspect, all are inferior to Against The Gods. It is the perfect fantasy for someone to enjoy when they just don’t feel very powerful or significant in life, because it shows you that you can be amazing, even if you don’t start out such. It is the perfect fantasy for seeing comeuppance received by the “big guy”, and the perfect story for people stressed with the complexity of romance or wanting such.

Just like masturbation,... more>> however, there comes a point where you honestly feel disgusting for enjoying it so much. You start to realize that everything is cyclical (tournament, run away cause I pissed someone off, powerup, save wife, tournament, etc.), and that all of the enemies are comic book villains. You start to realize his girlfriends are only a little bit more than dakimakuras, lacking personality or characterization in general. And you begin to feel a bit icky. At first, you might chalk it up to suspension of disbelief, but eventually it’ll start to get on your nerves.

The worldbuilding in Against the Gods is fairly staple for the Xianxia genre, which is wholesomely lacking and unrealistic. But its to be expected, so no faults there.

I’d give the novel a solid 3/5. Its enjoyable, for certain, even if that feeling is temporary. Give it a read.

Complex Score:

Worldbuilding 2/5 Its run-of-the-mill, but leaning towards the bad end of 2.5/5.

Characterization 1/5 Characters are one-dimensional, except for Yun Che. Villains are evil rapist puppy-kickers, and allies are nice, but mostly useless.

Story progression 1/5 Its difficult to give this story a 1 at all, given that there’s no real story. Its just the adventures of a Badass in a world filled with assholes.

Enjoyment 5/5 Its a fun story for as long as you can stomach it, which is good enough. <<less
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Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby rated it
December 6, 2015
Status: --
Ok. Now I have a complicated feeling about ATG. Right from when it began, I knew it was a harem but now that the harem is developing, my mind is blown and I am having completely mixed feelings. I will assert this to my gender and ignore it. ATG is an intriguing read and I do recommend it to anyone looking for a nice Xianxia to read. I have kept up with it ever since it arrived at WW and I do like it. Now if only his plot armor... more>> was not so absurd, i'd give it a 5/5. <<less
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Nyanko rated it
December 6, 2015
Status: --
So this story fits in the "Really Good In Parts, Really Hard To Read In Parts" category. It's not bad, and the story is pretty good. However the story just seems to get bogged down in places; in other words, the pacing is reasonably bad. For me, Against the Gods is one of those save up a dozen chapters then read type of series; it helps with the pacing if you do it that way, and chapters come out rather regularly.
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Panda rated it
December 3, 2015
Status: --
This was really promising but I feel like YC's powers up are too often. Some fights drag for too long when the result is obvious. He just walks and offends different people every arc, picks a new girl then another arc. The plot is really good and if u ignore the stupidity of MC who claims to be a genius (doctor). The good part about him is that he's at least willing to give his life for the sake of protecting any of his girls which actually gives the feeling... more>> that he deeply cares about them, rather than just collecting like pokemons. He is relying on his loli master too much. To summarize it the novel is worth time but be ready for strong plot armor. <<less
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Jhamelle rated it
October 3, 2015
Status: --
Although I do like this novel a lot, I can't help but be a little dismayed by all the hype. I do believe that this is one of the better novels here. I think that what most people like about this novel is the witty-ness it has. Though I think that just because you are amused by things in this novel, you shouldn't be critical. This has always been a strong pulling factor by many sources of entertainment. I've seen it first hand recently in the society where I live... more>> in. It is good and witty, yet not the best. I can say this for sure as I have read better ones, both here and not.

Before anyone has the idea to go refute me, saying maybe I haven't read enough, let me clear this one out... I think there's a high probability that I've read more than most people here. Just for published books, it goes to 3 digits and not just a hundred or so. And for all the literature I've read on the web, I've already lost count of it. I think it's not an exaggeration to say I've read more of it than the published ones. I'm sorry if this sounded smug. It wasn't my intention. <<less
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