After Waking up Beside the Villain


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Chu Yunsheng’s head hurts every time he wakes up. Because he is usually either lying in the villain’s bed, or had just gotten up from the villain’s bed.

The reason why villains are called villains is because they are extremely lethal and vengeful… and they love to blacken…

Villain: Bastard, I will castrate you!

Chu Yunsheng: …Oh.

CP: Silly and crazy gong x silly and crazy shou

*High energy warning*

1. The dog author wants to see this sort of gong in a quick transmigration story. There are a lot of bugs.

2. The main characters are 1v1. Shou is similar in different worlds. As long as the gong is not blind, he can recognize the shou. The real world is a higher civilization, the gong does not have complete memories at the start, the shou has a crush on the gong. It’s a silly and sweet novel.

3. No pit.

4. All worlds have no children.

Associated Names
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从反派身边醒来后 [快穿]
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New Staringatastar rated it
July 7, 2024
Status: c41
I've only read the first two arcs so far but they're amazing! I love the richness of the arcs - the characters and world building are very vivid. The characters are also rather consistent from world to world, with some growth as well. Both the MC and ML are rather op, though the author makes a point of showing how it's all through hard work and diligence.
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LunaSolis070 rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: --
Im still reading the first arc and I thought it was too fast and checked if its world hopping and I guessed it correct. 😂 1st arc Entertainment
And let me tell you. My high blood got high everytime Tao an and Zhou's scene appears. 🙂 2nd arc ABO

3rd Ghost marriage

4th arc 70s-80s

5th arc dynasty

I laughed when the little prince said that when he is crowned as a crown prince he wants to have the regent (MC) so ML moved the little prince crowning ceremony for years 😂

6th arc BD*M nah just joking its about Vampires 😂

The scam medicine though 😂

7th arc Cultivation

The demon cultivator and hus cheep master the Garfield 🙂

ML worries that once they live longer MC would be exhausted of him and wouldn't like him anymore. Then MC said "try me." So they world hopped to cultivation. MC and ML lived longer here in this arc. They would bicker, MC would become burnout with ML and ML would hate MCs introverted chara but still they stayed together for thousands of year. There would be a fight for small things, they would be exhausted by each other but they didn't broke up. ≪--- I actually like this because this is the normal life of a couples and marriage partners. No marriage life is perfect. There will be fights and want to give up. Aug 9, 2022
8th Arc E-sports

I was actually getting tired of reading this novel but I'm still reading

9th arc Republic of china 1912? 1949? 10th arc Martial arts

11th arc

I dont understand this, maybe its about illegal experiments? Or original world of MC 🤔
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Sinistersis rated it
August 2, 2022
Status: c30
Another world hopping face-slapping story, while most similar books are with shou protagonist this one is with gong protagonist.

Honestly, I don't really have high hopes because story like this tend to have cliches that leave a bad taste in my mouth by how ridiculously s*upid it is from the MC's iq and eq also by the actions of other characters.

No surprise that the MC is a really OP character, he was from a really advance world working as a scientist who found anti-cancer medicine and very profound in technology.

So onto... more>> the story, we have a really nice and honest ML that got splashed with dirty water by the original shou and gong protagonists, and our MC body was a scum that advances the plot to blackened the ML.

From 2 worlds I read MC did not stray from the path of technology, I think all the arcs will always be like that we can say MC is a really dedicated man to his job and evetually gain a lover whom he really dedicated into. For the foward, MC always become the turning point of the plot, since he has a mission to change the fate of ML he does all he can to change it and eventually fall head over heels with ML.

I'm going to start with ML, he's probably the person I really like on the story he is a really hardworking and honest, at the start of the story he is a person with morale before the original protagonists changed him, between him and MC situation is always sweet and understanding there's no forceful stuff between both of them, so both are willing to commit in the relationship.

The author really did a great job, for making me hate the original protagonists entirely. Both of them are really greedy, superficial, really selfish, arrogant, and exploiters with hyprocritical demands. The way that they use ML to their own gain ruthlessly even though he is really innocent brokes my heart a little, fortunately MC is here to save the day.

For the face slapping I would say both original protagonists deserved it, there's no turning point for both of them. The facts that they used the ML when they could've left the ML alone living their lives but instead they made ML feel like a black sheep, and their hypocritical action to make something 'better' even though it sacrificed an innocent person.

So onto the point, the story is cliche because it is a face slapping book but it's a good one since I feel very satisfied when both original protagonists fall while both MC and ML advances, if you don't really like OP MC you can skip this, since the story pretty much simple and rarely any complexity.

I cannot say an overall score since I haven't finished the book yet but I would recommend it, the MTL is easy to read. If you really need an entertainment, you can read this. <<less
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GoldenTiger0 rated it
January 13, 2024
Status: Completed
First of all, although each start of the arc is a r*pe scene, it's actually a setup to remove the poison in MC by ML. Later, MC gets more control over his body after each transmission to the new arc and avoids non-con situations. So if you have problems facing r*pe scenes, you can read it from the 4th arc, the one after 'Dark Marriage'.

MC and ML knew each other before and liked each other before the accident, it's just MC never expressed it more clearly. And thus, review... more>> told by WallEyeKnee ain't true. Also MC doesn't end up being a s*xual beast.

Although ML calls MC "teacher", ML isn't a disciple of MC, MC just gave lecture in the uni of ML for 2 months and this the title.

MC is somewhat of a genius scientist who has exceptional learning ability. His mental power is in tatters due to a virus he developed himself but went out of control. To save him, ML and ML's assistant set up a machine in spaceship with the help of an AI apparently designed by MC himself.

ML already liked MC and fell in love with him more during their life-and-death escapades before the incident. So, he even sacrifices his own body to reduce the MC's poison.

ML's memory is sealed in each arc as the machine and his own mental power would be unable to handle the load of so much memory as healing MC is the main aim.

There are many arcs, each quite unique, and MC picks up a skill in each of them and perfects it. All the protagonists in the arcs are kind of a chess piece of the virus except the last arc's.

MC and ML's own world's story is also interesting and unique. They are kind of two of the thousand hopes of the mankind against the aliens.


    • Rise of Superstar (Infamous Star Acting Emperor)
    • True and False Omega (False Omega, True Beta Second-ranked Alpha)
    • Dark Marriage (Ghost Emperor Low Cultivation Taoist)
    • 700, 000 Fans (that's the MTL translation of chapter name) (Mute Genius in Village Village Gangster) [No non-con from now on]
    • Tyrant and Imperial Master (Fake Tyrant, True Scheming Emperor Regent Imperial Master)
    • Blood s*ave (Fake Experiment, True Vampire Viscount)
    • Cultivation of Demons or Immortals (Fake Righteous Elder, True Evil Sect Leader Fake Little Demon, True Demon Lord)
    • Great God's Rules (Handicapped E-sports Captain Substitute Player)
    • Transmigrating to "Pear Garden of Republic" (Revolutionist Warlord Mysterious Doctor)
    • After 10 years of seclusion, I became No.1 in the world (Genius Swordman Young Master Disguised Young Miss)
    • Ancient God Experiment (Experiment No.1 New Dean of 9th Research Base)
My fav arcs:

    • Tyrant and Imperial Master (5th arc)
    • Cultivation of Demons or Immortals (7th arc)
    • Transmigrating to "Pear Garden of Republic" (9th arc)
Edit: There are some flaws too.

The length of the arcs sometimes feel way too long. Definitely world-hopping but not quick transmigration. Too many details in each arc and too many names to remember.... Often despite a detail in earlier arc, something contradictory to it occurs in later arcs.

For eg., the MC starts to forget the details of the earlier arcs (maybe because of the long span of memory?) AND in 7th arc, he became exceptional in weapon-making without receiving much guidance from a master but in 10th arc he receives training and knowledge from a blacksmith for 3 days in order to reforge his weapons. And many such small details. <<less
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Akih4645 rated it
January 9, 2023
Status: c157
I'm not done reading yet, but I just can't help myself from writing this review!

This is definitely one of the best QT stories with gong protagonist! Only second to Cannon Fodder Is King in terms of face slapping and researched contents.

The first arc is very very sweet. The romance is not too forced.

... more>> The Gong MC is very smart, and he's the type of smart MC whose IQ and EQ is always online. It really deserves to be recognized by readers.

Second arc is probably the most perfect way to establish the plot without forcing it too much, because you know, it's an ABO story and the MC recognized the ML at first glance because the ML looks the same in every world.

Every arc that I've read are very entertaining, except for the e-sports arc tho. I love playing games because I'm a gamer, but I don't like stories related to that.

The author is like a noob who doesn't fully understand the concept of PUBG. It doesn't give me the feeling that they're playing computer games, but it felt like they're playing holographic games instead.

But it's still interesting tho. The ML's background is also very very mysterious, even the MC was tainted with mystery because of his connection with the ML. <<less
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stilderis rated it
March 28, 2024
Status: Completed
good story, interesting characters and strong love. At the end there were arches that made you cry. Regarding the ending itself: I still haven’t realized my attitude towards it. In this genre, this is a private problem for me.

in general, I recommend reading it.

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Kimheendra rated it
December 15, 2023
Status: c136
The novel is a gem! Love the natural progression of their relationship without any forced elements. I adore the main character very much, his respectful nature shines, especially in navigating a not-so-ideal first meeting with the ML, ensuring the other person doesn't feel pressured or uneasy. The MC's love language being acts of service is beautifully depicted as his warmth envelops you, who wouldn’t fall in love with that? Certainly, not me. Yet, MC doesn't shy away from being vocal about his feelings, offering words of love when the ML... more>> seeks reassurance. The ML is incredibly endearing, expressing love more on physical touch. Great read!

Can I just say how much I like seme protagonists??? <<less
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WallEyeKnee rated it
March 14, 2023
Status: c62
I read 3 arcs and chose to stop, I think it goes down in path which is very depressing to me.

I think here we have a super genius scientist that was hurt mentally by one of it's inventions and his student who is crazy in love with him want to save him. But he's also scheming in a way to try develop feelings with that block of wood who lost his memories. Because before he lost his memories he would always focus on research and nothing else so he doesn't... more>> love the student at all. But then he was force into r*pe scenes in the beginning of every arc.

I get the student ML is trying to save him, but this kind of developing feelings is not my cup of tea. You can let the MC develop feelings in a different way that doesn't seen deceptive. Also they keep losing memories while MC maintains them it's not fair at all. I think I know where it's heading towards the end. MC will be fully transformed into a s*xual desire beast full of love for ML after he was cured.

I am against this, anytime this happens I feel I want to throw up. This is not it taking advantage of someone when he's in a vulnerable position, saving him is great and moving but with these motives involved it's not.

From the first chapter I thought it was going to be a Gong trying to make another Gong in each arc turn into a shou which is fascinating, but then the more you read you get fed up with the same clinch.e. Also the outside interference gets more hectic makes it more annoying and confusing because it doesn't make sense. Even you know ML is sacrificing himself by doing something for MC, I am not moved at all. To me he's more like a scheming b*tch. MC is going to fall in love with ML blabalbablablablabla in each arc they are going to win face slapping then HE.

MC block of wood science researcher x some other existence other than a scheming student who had feelings for him is way better. I guess this is still form of a love but it's not my taste. But others can give it a try I am going to read something else. <<less
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