After Waking up Beside the Villain


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Chu Yunsheng’s head hurts every time he wakes up. Because he is usually either lying in the villain’s bed, or had just gotten up from the villain’s bed.

The reason why villains are called villains is because they are extremely lethal and vengeful… and they love to blacken…

Villain: Bastard, I will castrate you!

Chu Yunsheng: …Oh.

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从反派身边醒来后 [快穿]
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New LunaSolis070 rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: --
Im still reading the first arc and I thought it was too fast and checked if its world hopping and I guessed it correct. 😂 1st arc Entertainment
And let me tell you. My high blood got high everytime Tao an and Zhou's scene appears. 🙂 2nd arc ABO

3rd Ghost marriage

4th arc 70s-80s

... more>> 5th arc dynasty

I laughed when the little prince said that when he is crowned as a crown prince he wants to have the regent (MC) so ML moved the little prince crowning ceremony for years 😂

6th arc BDSM nah just joking its about Vampires 😂

The scam medicine though 😂

7th arc Cultivation

The demon cultivator and hus cheep master the Garfield 🙂

ML worries that once they live longer MC would be exhausted of him and wouldn't like him anymore. Then MC said "try me." So they world hopped to cultivation. MC and ML lived longer here in this arc. They would bicker, MC would become burnout with ML and ML would hate MCs introverted chara but still they stayed together for thousands of year. There would be a fight for small things, they would be exhausted by each other but they didn't broke up. ≪--- I actually like this because this is the normal life of a couples and marriage partners. No marriage life is perfect. There will be fights and want to give up. Aug 9, 2022
8th Arc E-sports

I was actually getting tired of reading this novel but I'm still reading

9th arc Republic of china 1912? 1949? 10th arc Martial arts

11th arc

I dont understand this, maybe its about illegal experiments? Or original world of MC 🤔 <<less
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New Sinistersis rated it
August 2, 2022
Status: c30
Another world hopping face-slapping story, while most similar books are with shou protagonist this one is with gong protagonist.

Honestly, I don't really have high hopes because story like this tend to have cliches that leave a bad taste in my mouth by how ridiculously s*upid it is from the MC's iq and eq also by the actions of other characters.

No surprise that the MC is a really OP character, he was from a really advance world working as a scientist who found anti-cancer medicine and very profound in technology.

So onto... more>> the story, we have a really nice and honest ML that got splashed with dirty water by the original shou and gong protagonists, and our MC body was a scum that advances the plot to blackened the ML.

From 2 worlds I read MC did not stray from the path of technology, I think all the arcs will always be like that we can say MC is a really dedicated man to his job and evetually gain a lover whom he really dedicated into. For the foward, MC always become the turning point of the plot, since he has a mission to change the fate of ML he does all he can to change it and eventually fall head over heels with ML.

I'm going to start with ML, he's probably the person I really like on the story he is a really hardworking and honest, at the start of the story he is a person with morale before the original protagonists changed him, between him and MC situation is always sweet and understanding there's no forceful stuff between both of them, so both are willing to commit in the relationship.

The author really did a great job, for making me hate the original protagonists entirely. Both of them are really greedy, superficial, really selfish, arrogant, and exploiters with hyprocritical demands. The way that they use ML to their own gain ruthlessly even though he is really innocent brokes my heart a little, fortunately MC is here to save the day.

For the face slapping I would say both original protagonists deserved it, there's no turning point for both of them. The facts that they used the ML when they could've left the ML alone living their lives but instead they made ML feel like a black sheep, and their hypocritical action to make something 'better' even though it sacrificed an innocent person.

So onto the point, the story is cliche because it is a face slapping book but it's a good one since I feel very satisfied when both original protagonists fall while both MC and ML advances, if you don't really like OP MC you can skip this, since the story pretty much simple and rarely any complexity.

I cannot say an overall score since I haven't finished the book yet but I would recommend it, the MTL is easy to read. If you really need an entertainment, you can read this. <<less
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