After Transmigrating Into the Cultivation World, the School Topper Was Reborn


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A rebellious girl transmigrated to the world of cultivation. Then she was reborn again in her world!

Having passed the rebellious period of youth, she decided to turn around and reinvent herself! She studied hard, and improved every day, struggling to succeed!

Campus Forum: Surprise! That Shā mǎ tèi entered the top ten in school!

That Shā mǎ tè crushed Straight-A students!

That Shā mǎ tè became the scholar!

That Shā mǎ tè came first!

[Shā mǎ tè (杀马特) is an edgy aesthetic that comes from China. Very similar to Japanese Emo. Shā mǎ tè involves spiking one’s hair and dying it unnatural colors, dark makeup focusing on the eyes and lips, and shocking/statement-making accessories such as religious symbols, dog collars, or anything representing death and darkness.]

In order to resist the cold violence and injustice from her family, and to attract the attention of the family, the female lead became Shā mǎ tèi. After transmigrating through the world of cultivation, the female lead came back. She realized that the rebellion had no effect other than wasting her own life. She no longer needed any attention. She studied every day and get to the top in the face of her despicable family.

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New meiloulou rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c210
A cute story, in which the main story is about growing and growing up. In this story we follow the FL as she betters herself, becoming a symbol of hope in the form of a celeberty, who studies hard and slays her exams.

The story starts with a description of the relationship FL has with her family. It is absolutely heartbreaking, especially because such things really could (and do) happen. I cried.

The ML is introduced quickly. At first I thought he would become friendzoned, but as the story progressed her feelings... more>> for him grow. I can understand, as the ML is so cute and sweet! This is the first time I really felt like the ML could be that boy next door.


Our FL is (of course) amazingly beautiful. On top of that, she has been reborn. She died in her previous life at 20, from overworking herself to pay her college tuition. After her death, she transmigrated into a cultivation world. In this world she had a subpar body, so she chose to be an alchemist, specializing in the beauty industry. When she died in the cultivation world, she was reborn to when she was about 15/16 years old. [I could never figure out her age, it's weirdly described.]

In this life (so, the continuation of her first life), she has good meridians and decides to cultivates herself. However, cultivation costs money. Her parents are extremely patriachal, so they wouldn't give her any money, not even for clothes or underwear. She decides to once again make money in the beauty industry. Therefore, she starts to learn hard.

Most of the story is about her learning, and her inspiring others to follow her and learn. She constantly studies and betters herself, from the last in the grade, to the first in the Province


The ML is with our FL every step of the way. He follows her in studying, in order not to be left behind. At first, their friendship is so precious. Later, we realize he is in love with her, and he is SO SO cute and good.

This story is a light read, there is a lot of repitition (FL studying), and sometimes a lot of rushing trough (important) events, but it is mostly not boring. The ending was very rushed and a little disappointing, but I was glad the story was over. At least the author did not drag on when it was not necessary.

I give 5 stars because of the cuteness and because I cried, but, if I am really honest, it is worth something between 4/4.5. <<less
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New Julianita rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: Completed
This is really good stuff. I like reading cultivation in the modern world, but sadly there are just too few with female MC's. This one, even tho it's short, even tho its focus isn't even on cultivation made me binge-read. And I wasn't disappointed.

Our MC lived a shitty life in her first life, then got rebirth at a cultivation world. Spent 30 years there and came back to the time when she was 15-16 yo (I'm not sure, Chinese age system confuses me).

She isn't overpowered, arrogant, revenge-driven, and dependant on... more>> a ML pants to get things done. She just likes to do things her way and is extremely hardworking.

As for cheats... having a better cognitive talent (something she already had before cultivating, it just got boosted with cultivation) and talent to never forget something she saw or read, and that's it. She is indeed, supposedly, the strongest human on earth because of her cultivation but she doesn't use it to who knows, become a mafia leader, or beat up people she doesn't like. she just uses it to open a door to the entertainment world as a good martial arts actress. Her main focus is studying and to make money for cultivation resources, as she did in the cultivation world.

As for the ML, what I liked the most is that even if she wasn't that impressive or didn't have that many emotional scars (in her past life) because of her family, I think the ML would still be beside her. It's not because she is pretty, strong, intelligent. He just likes "She", whatever package she has. He is a typical rebellious teenager at first, that could not understand his family and went green spiky hair to get attention. But as the history goes he gets himself up and strives to at least follow MC's footsteps. He has family issues but doesn't try to fix it - because he understood that he could not expect from his parents something that they never had or expected. They are in a marriage agreement and don't feel bad about this. If the parents themselves were ok with this, what he could even do?

As for the MC's family, it gets to the point where you just want to pack them in a package and send them to the farthest artic. Her grandmother is hardcore patriarchal, her grandfather is a wall decoration, her mother is a controlling hysterical woman, her father is a typical henpecked husband and filial son, her sister is a friggi'n bit*h and her brother just lives in his world (but is the house little prince).

Next can be a little long, but I just want to make some clear points.

This family is hard to swallow because everything is just too unfair for the MC, but this portraits how a Chinese patriarchal household can be. Nowadays it's way better but please mind that if a couple had a daughter, not too long ago, they would be disposed of as in abortion, tr*sh bin or homicide, even more in rural areas where even education isn't that cared of by the government. And this is a practice spanning 2.000 years, not only in China.

As for I imagine the timeline of the novel history goes, China already had the one-child policy and benefits for a single female baby in the family. Is this case, families would receive compensation for having the first baby as a daughter and would be eligible to have one more child without penalties in some provinces. But the government gave preference to boys, Chinese history gave preference over boys. So one female in a family can be swallowed, but not two. So that's why, I suppose, when the MC was born the family chose to just give her away (even tho the grandmother wanted to simply drown her in the river and wasn't even shy about this) to their family in the countryside. MC's family more like could pay the penalty for getting a third child. I would bet if the third turned out to be another girl, this would lead to a divorce and the baby would surely be thrown out. This is how cancerous a patriarchal household can be.

So, to simply put, MC was seen as a completely unnecessary burden. Worse than a pet, a cat, a dog. This is completely unfair and infuriating but at the same time way too real, unfortunately.

As for the family per se, here are some spoilers:


The Father can be the most controversial and infuriating one from this bunch. You already could expect the reactions from the other members, besides the brother they were tr*sh to the beginning to end. But the father was contradictory and at the same time... this was how he was supposed to be. One time he reflects on the MC's bad treatment by the family, tries to do good to her, but in the end, he still can't understand how the MC is stubborn, how can she be this unfilial. I think he does like his daughter in his way, but it's more as an obligation as a parent. As a treasured male, he can never understand how an unwanted female can feel. For him the family is harsh but it is her filial piety duty just to keep up with it - says the son that had everything to the best the family had delivered to him. So he can't understand the MC and even if he tried a little more I doubt it would make much difference, due to his education. That's why I approve the way MC handled her family - just be not intimate acquaintances that just happen to be her biological family. Not reporting this family to abandonment in the police is the epitome of filial piety in this case.

As for how the MC dealt with her family, I thought it was the best. She didn't try to get revenge, even against her sister. She just treated them a little better than strangers from the beginning to the end. Even tho her brother tried time and time to get near her, she just maintained a polite distance. The only one that did felt hurt for her was this brother but it was just too late. He never treated her bad but the thing is... he never did anything. He just lived in his little world and enjoyed the benefits of being the house's only son. He more or less received the same ideology as father Su but was way better than he, just in this.

And his end was satisfying. What could be worse to a patriarchal house than it's only male descendant turned out to be gay? And the fault lies entirely on the household females. To put it simply, he got so much traumatized with his grandmother, mother, and elder sister personalities that he just straight got to reject a relationship with a woman. he would rather be single than get married to a female like them.

And the sister, even tho the readers asked the author to give her a "bad" ending, she just made it so she got everything she wanted at the start, the family property. In the end, she got to be the second mother Su. She realizes her wish but it was still a bitter one.


This is a good story more about relationships and growth, with a bit of cultivation on it. It isn't the best written but it sure does have many charms. A worth read. <<less
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cookieconquerer rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a story about growing up and cultivation, with a relationship that grows from immature to lasting as well.

At first, I was dissatisfied with the male lead because he wasn't what I was used to. He was arrogant, childish, and rebellious unlike our usual OP super capable ML who are written to match the FL. However, because we get his thoughts and feelings expressed throughout this novel I found myself more and more invested in him and their relationship. He grows up throughout the novel, and even before you... more>> hit halfway I promise you'll be satisfied that he was the one she chose.

I took off a star because of how frustrating I found her family.


Her father kept vacillating between acknowledging his guilt then wiping all that away and blaming her. It was just constant criticism after criticism. Even when she's successful it was never enough because it wasn't EXACTLY what he wanted her to do. He would criticize her and tell her not to be a star, then when she quits the industry he becomes angry that she's not continuing. I know this kind of toxic environment has become many people's reality in one way or another, so the story isn't unrealistic. I just wish she had cut them off entirely rather than continuing to reply, albeit lukewarmly, even until the end of the novel. Everytime her father was mentioned I couldn't help but groan internally. Such a hypocrite. I won't bother to mention her mother/grandmother because they're just unreasonable tr*sh of family members. Vitriol is all they know how to spew.

Her Aunt/Uncle's family more than make up for her nuclear family's deficits, so despite the frustration there is some relief. She does have the ability to maintain good family relationships, which just goes to show it's the environment that affects someone's personality, not just who they were born to. Our girl knows who really deserves her filial piety.

Concerning our female lead, she's cool, hardworking, and unfazed through much of the novel. There aren't any big battles or faceslapping because her focus is always on cultivation. While there are hoards of internet sheep included in the novel, they don't affect her one bit because she 1- doesn't have time to go on the internet, and 2- genuinely doesn't care about people she doesn't know. It's nice to have a novel with the entertainment industry where the FL herself gives no f*cks. Some may wish she was more emotional, but considering her time as an immortal (and age of at least 50+) you can't expect her to truly have exaggerated emotions. Don't get me wrong though, She does cry/express sadness and happiness. She's not a robot, she's a phoenix risen from the fires of abuse, neglect, and loneliness.

In the end, there's love, marriage, children (although I wish there was more mention of her pregnancy etc), and cultivation. There's even a hint that in that cultivation world her man would see her again. So I'm pretty satisfied (I managed to binge read this after all) even if her family were as annoying as a piece of lettuce that you just can't get out of your teeth.

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