After Transmigrating into a Cannon Fodder Real Daughter, the Plot Changes


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Jiang Li transmigrated into a true and false daughter novel and became the cannon fodder in the book. On the first day of transmigrating, the wealthy parents came to the door and said that Jiang Li was their biological daughter who had been living outside for fifteen years.

According to the plot: Full of joy and anticipation, the novel Jiang Li went home with her parents, but found that the parents and brother only cared about the adopted daughter.

The elder brother also warned her more than once: My sister is not in good health, so don’t you dare make trouble with her.

Because the novel ‘Jiang Li’ was targeted everywhere by the female lead’s supporters, she was full of resentment and gradually became blackened.

Of course Jiang Li refused to follow the original plot, so she decided to find this body’s maternal grandfather.

After arriving at the Feng family, with the support of maternal grandfather and several older cousin brothers, Jiang Li suddenly became everyone’s favorite.

Only her youngest uncle Feng Qi had a cold face and was lukewarm to her.

But a month later, Feng Qi took her everywhere to show off: “This is my niece, biological!”

Three years later, the Jiang family came to the door and asked Jiang Li to donate a kidney to Jiang Ruo. They persuaded her to be kind, saying that people can still live with one kidney.

Feng Qi rushed home from the scientific research institute and protected Jiang Li behind his back, “The person who can bully Xiao Lizi has not been born yet!”

Seeing that the Jiang family still did not give up, Feng Qi coldly looked at his elder sister who had cut off her relationship with the family after eloping many years ago, “Sister, Xiao Lizi and Jiang Ruo are not related at all, but their kidney can successfully match each other. Does your pig brain have no doubts at all?”

After that, the Jiang family ran away with tails between their legs, and they no longer dared to make trouble with Jiang Li.

Jiang Li looked at Feng Qi curiously, “Uncle, how do you know that Jiang Ruo is Jiang family’s illegitimate daughter?”

Feng Qi said confidently, “I was just talking nonsense. Who knows if I hit it right.”

Jiang Li:……

What Jiang Li didn’t know was that not long after she returned to the Feng family, Feng Qi ordered people to investigate the Jiang family.

He kept silent over the years, only because he didn’t want that brainless sister to come snatching his precious niece.

But later, his niece was snatched for real.

At that moment, he really wanted to break that bastard’s leg!!!

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7starkiller99 rated it
March 5, 2022
Status: c32
Novel absolutely not recommended to read.

Within 13 MTL chapters, all sorts of complete nonsense and exaggerated events have occurred. There's no even close sense to realism and not much has happened yet. However: The MC is a Mary Sue like character and the ML is already shown to be a scumbag.

Spoiler Timeline: (Actual novel summary)

... more>>

MC crosses into pitiful fodder and is instant Mary Sue.

MC is beautiful and easily acts indifferent to scumbag biological (?) parents.

MC mocks scum dad for scolding her for being loose without investigating.

MC refuses to call fodder not-sister her sister or her scum brother as her brother. She doesn't call anyone her family because they are selfish.

MC calls out scum family for not preparing her clothes or anything. (MC only brought a tiny suitcase with her.) MC also has unpleasant dinner after family forcibly changes her school.

MC goes to school to take placement test (due to scum family trying to mess with her) and Mary Sue magics her way to a perfect score on it all. MC meets ML who is a ruined genius lazy loser and ogles him.

MC goes to class, meets fodder girl friend of the fodder not-sister, and mocks them all.

MC locked out of room by fodder girl friend and then mocks life teacher who unfairly sided with the scum fodder girl when she locks scum girl out.

MC borrows money from ML since she has no money. People are shocked ML lets MC interact with him because tropes.

Scum girl trips MC during physical examination and all the teachers are blind morons who notice nothing. MC has teacher check surveillance so that they realize how incompetent they are.

Scum girl is punished. Mc's scum brother scolds her. ML discovers MC looks like Feng family guy but doesn't contact them because he's a scumbag too. ML spooks scum brother.

Scum brother tells scum girl to pretend fake su*cide to make MC apologize to scum girl. This is all sorts of levels of nonsense. Reporters arrive and MC mocks scum girl and reporters. ML uses aura to shock reporters.


It's your predictable "Scumbag fill all the school" experience where even teachers are crooked.

A Spoiler Timeline TLDR:

MC deals with scum family a lot and then studies. Since she's Mary Sue she is super amazing and too scoring. ML is lazy there and Mc's bank giving her money and a way to make money. Scum family and lots of fodder wastes the reader's time.


The novel is basically your typical sort of face-slap novel, but since the MC doesn't (supposedly) care that much about any of it, there's a lot of time wasted. She makes a lot of flashy decisions when instead she should be taking advantage of her current situation, especially since she knows the entire novel world she's been transferred into.

Writing is somewhat mediocre but passable for describing scenery. There are a number of times the author chooses to describe from fodder perspectives so the audience can realize how shallow everyone else is, and also how crummy the Mc's rich school is and how horrible student bullying can be.

-500tril/10 An over the top nonsense story where you wonder why the MC didn't just choose not to be adopted or rather avoid the scumbags entirely so as to not waste her time.

CH32 Edit: Novel continues to go more and more downhill. Scumbag author attempts to whitewash the scum girl and make her sympathetic, the evil scum brother is now nearing being an in*estuous creep, MC living even more in the background not doing much, and the novel decides to focus much more on gossip and how messed up the school kids are. Horrible all around, and it only looks like it'll get worse. -900Tril/10 morally reprehensible.

P.S. Perhaps recommended to people who want to feel relaxed about their female protagonist false daughter swap story. No deep thought here, but the MC has not let herself be bullied, which is worth praise given how many stories have the MC be simply rescued by a ML. She's still very reliant on him, but not to the point where she can't intimidate people herself. <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kawaii12345 rated it
March 3, 2022
Status: Completed
Very preliminary but this one is looking to be fantastic. The character of Jiang Li is fantastic. I predict she is going to be one thorough going badass in this story. She is already kicking behinds and taking names but in a very realistic and believable way. She is an adult who has had a very difficult life experience, knows the plot and isn't going to take crap.

If you liked "I just want to freeload on your luck" or"The legitimate daughter doesn't care", this should really appeal.

A special mention is... more>> needed. The translation is absolutely excellent. The translator deserves a standing ovation.

Update: It lives up to its early promise and was a very good read. While there were flaws, (The main character being referred to by 6 or 7 name variants) they don't detract more than a quarter point from the story.


Right in the synopsis it tells you she isn't the original and what's more she read the story. So yes she does make decisions that someone who didn't know the plot couldn't make. If you don't like that you should stay away from second chance/transmigrated into a novel books altogether. They just won't suit your taste. I especially liked the afterward. It tied up so much that usually gets left hanging in these tales.

A very solid 5 stars and even more applause for the great translation.

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nelle rated it
August 21, 2022
Status: Completed
There's a cute romance between the MC and her bestfriend-turned-lover. There is also a cute uncle-niece relationship featured in the story. At first, I thought Jiang Ruo is pitiful bc she suffered so much for her immature lies, but after reading this bit I realized that she doesn't deserve pity and her f*cked up situation is what she deserves (see MAJOR spoiler for this). ... more>>

She has a kidney failure and requires dialysis. MC's biological brother paid a doctor to get MC's blood sample to do an illegal kidney matching for Jiang Ruo. They matched as expected. Jiang Ruo tries to convince the brother to not harvest MC's kidney. I thought she doesn't want it because of her ethics, but no. This is what she said: "If there are no people from the Feng family, I will ask her to donate a kidney, but she has the Feng family to protect her. Even if she agrees to donate kidneys to me, those from the Feng family will not agree." She acts like she's in a high moral standpoint, but her reason for rejecting the idea is just so the Feng family will not take revenge on them, wtf.

Male protag's thoughts: "Jiang Ruo she... She didn't think there was anything wrong with Jiang Zhou's thinking."

MC's words: "In this world, everyone wants to live well, but Jiang Zhou and Bai Guolin tried to deprive others of the right to live in order to let you live well, and you also don't think there is any problem with this."

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nevelvir rated it
March 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Complete by mtl.

A light read, not too much intrigue and I don't really think much about the content. Just enjoying how much the MC was pampered by her new family and how other cannon fodder got their due retribution.

The MC could be called as Mary Sue, but the story itself is not too exaggerated. Like the punishment for the villains, it's all proportionate to their respective crime.

Just read it for fun of you loved easy going transmigrated into a book stories like me.

Rate it 4.4/5.0
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aster Anemone
Aster Anemone rated it
February 15, 2023
Status: Completed
Normal straightforward story, similar to the same genre, fast read in the single sitting.

MC, white lotus sister who is insecure about her fiance, Impressive ML who only gives in to MC, and some s*upid brainless people and to balance them some intelligent sincere troop.

And you get your typical face slapping story.

3.5 stars
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Addictedtoreading rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: c97
The novel is alright, not great, but also not that bad. The start kinda reminds me of After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness. Only in this novel ... more>>

MC's maternal family takes MC in and it is more dramatic and longer.


I quite like MC. She is straightforward, doesn't easily connect with people and make friends, studious, very smart and can fight. She won't go after others, unless they cause trouble for her. She is very dense when it comes to romantic relations. She doesn't get signals ML gives her of liking her. One would have to tell it to her straight. Otherwise she won't get it. Pretty much a Mary Sue character.

She has very good grades, but works hard to get those. She helps her uncle in his medical research to learn extra. She does not do much else than study and visit her family. She loves to eat pears.

She wants to become a medical researcher because that was her wish from her previous life when she had a terminal disease.

ML is also very smart, good at earning money, but pretty bland. He helps MC from the start.

I don't understand why her mother decided to do a DNA test? Both MC and Jiang Ruo have the same bloodtype (becomes relevant later on), so they couldn't have found out because of a blood test. I saw a review saying that MC's bad relationship with her family was caused by herself. I don't agree with that. Yes, MC did not treat them very nice, but things have to come from both ways. MC already knew what would happen from the novel. Even if she wanted to give them a chance, they weren't nice to her from the beginning. They showed no enthousiasm taking her in, Her parents already started berating her in the orphanage and took everything she says in a wrong (bad) way. Except for her mother I never saw any of them trying to get along with MC. Wouldn't you try to get some understanding of a new family member who has spent their whole life in an orphanage? The mother does a few attempts, but also does not try very hard. In several months time she only approaches MC 4 or 5 times I think (if it is that much). I believe she only visited her in the dorm once and that didn't go well, but again it came from both sides.

During her visit in the dorm mother saw MC working on her computer and she thought she was playing games. She berated her for that. However MC was doing questions which could earn her money she needed for lunch etc. Because her mother closed her laptop, she lost her chance to earn money that weekend, so MC reacted harshly at her mother's berating.

And even if she was playing a game, would that be so bad? Mother came to have some contact with MC and then did that. How is that trying to build a bond.

Later on when mother hears about MC's grades she acts surprised, again showing she has taken no interest in her daughter, not even checking if she is doing well. This is just taking a daughter in and dumping her.


As far as I'm concerned, the novel was too long. It became boring at a certain point. The villains were dealt with and the rest was about MC learning, finally becoming a couple with ML and a few extra's about the original Jiang Li and Feng Qi.

Main story about MC


Jiang Li (MC)

Jiang Li was terminally ill in her previous life. She came from a wealthy family whose parents had died. She wanted to become a medical researcher to try and find a cure for her disease. When she was 18, she was told she did not have much time left, so she decided to have her body frozen in the hope someone would find a cure in the future.

When she wakes up, she has transmigrated into the body of a 15 year old girl who grew up in an orphanage. Her biological parents have come and told her she was switched at birth and are now picking her up. She gets memories of a novel in which she finds out her parents and elder brother will prefer the girl they raised and will tell everyone she is adopted. The people around her will believe she is her father's illegitimate child and start gossiping about her. She will get bad grades at school, because she is not used to such an advanced school. Because of this she will cause trouble with her "sister" and the relationship with her parents will deteriorate. A few years later when her "sister" gets sick because of kidney failure, she will offer to donate a kidney. The son of her father's secretary is very much in love with Jiang Ruo and doesn't know that. He drives into her with his car, after which both her kidney's will be donated to Jiang Ruo, ending her life. Jiang Ruo lives happily ever after with her beloved Qin Zheng.

So far Jiang Li has had a happy life at the orphanage.

Jiang Li and her parents immediately start on a bad foot when they berate her. Jiang Li treats them coldly and refuses to call them father and mother. When they arrived home they continue to berate her and take everything she says in a bad light. Especially her brother and father.

When asked how they will introduce her they tell her they will tell everyone she is adopted. When MC refutes them Jiang Ruo and her mother start to offer to tell the truth to everyone, but are stopped by MC's father and brother. Her father wants the alliance with the Qin family to stay intact. Jiang Ruo and Qin Zheng are in love and are supposed to marry when they grow up.

Jiang Ruo has bought a lot of clothes for her, but they don't fit. As reason is given that MC is much taller than Jiang Ruo. I find this kinda weird, there should always be some clothes you could wear even is one person much taller than the other (sweaters, skirts, etc?), but oh well.

Jiang Ruo is sent to the same school as her brother and Jiang Ruo and ends up in the same class as Jiang Ruo. She becomes a deskmate with Tong Yi (ML).

Everyone at school is afraid of Tong Yi. Tong Yi loans her money to buy lunch at school because she hasn't gotten any money from her parents. MC decides to stay at the school dorm and not go back home. She starts to study hard and immediately starts getting good grades, even becoming the first in her grade.

Her brother has asked a few friends of Jiang Ruo to keep an eye on her to prevent her from bullying Jiang Ruo, giving them the illusion that MC is a bad person. Shen Mian starts to harrass her. During a gym test (which gives max 60 points) she trips MC, causing her to not get a full grade for gym, lowering her grades. Shen Mian gets 15 points deducted because of that.

After Jiang Zhou instigates her, she decides to fake trying to commit su*cide by jumping of the school roof, while warning journalists. The intention is to blame and put pression on MC. Jiang Zhou turns their questions around and proves they were warned beforehand, so the su*cide attempt is fake. Shen Mian tells the school principal she was instigated by Jiang Zhou, but has no proof of that. Jiang Ruo does not believe her, breaking up their friendship. Shen Mian leaves school 2 months before the graduation test and study at a cram school.

MC's cousins (twins) from the Feng family see a video of her interview with journalists and think she looks a lot like their 3rd uncle Feng Qi, a genius medical researcher. They decide to find her and find out she is their cousin.

They tell their family and the Feng family decides to take her in after knowing about her relation with her parenta. Feng Qi becomes her guardian. MC immediately gets along well with everyone from the Fang family.

MC graduates as first of her grade, Qin Zheng becomes second.

At high school she stays first in her grade, and Qin Zheng stays behind her. She joins national contests every year and does very well there.

When her son attempts to commit su*cide because of Jiang Ruo's kidney failure MC's mother goes to her father to beg him and let MC donate a kidney. Feng Qi tells her Jiang Ruo is her husband's illegitimate daughter (he secretly had a test done when he found out about MC). This was not known in the novel.

At the university admissions exam, MC, Qin Zheng and Tong Yi become first of their province.

MC starts to study at a medical school. She gets good grades. Tong Yi and Qin Zheng study finance. MC shares a dorm room with a 16 year old girl who becomes a good friend of her.

When her mother has mental problems she tells her about a dream and the the fate of the original Jiang Li. She also tells her uncle she told about a dream and asks him if he would like a different Jiang Li. He tells her he would like both.

When she is 19 (15 last chapters) MC finally realizes ML likes her and they start dating. 10 years later MC is recognized as a famous scientist. She finally gets married to ML. Her uncle Feng Qi is still single.




In the extra's Feng Qi wakes up in a parallel world. He realizes the Feng family has never taken in Jiang Li and immediately goes looking for her. He rescues her at the moment she is about to be run over by a car, preventing her death and the kidney donation.

He has a DNA test done on Jiang Ruo and publicizes te results. He also bankrupts Jiang Huai. Feng Yun becomes mental and castrates him, ending up in a mental institution. Jiang Li visits her but does not forgive her.

Qin Zheng leaves Jiang Ruo when he finds out what her family tried to do.

Feng Qi brings Jiang Li home and becomes her guardian, slowly giving her more confidence. Jiang Li decides to repeat high school by studying at home and 15 months later gets a good result on her university entrance exam. She is not a genius or a great learner like the other Jiang Li, but can learn quite well. She has gotten a boyfriend who is the son of a friend of her grandfather. She meets Tong Yi at her cousins wedding and thanks him for helping her when she first came to his class. Tong Yi tells Feng Qi he will never get a girlfriend and always stay single, not showing any interest in this Jiang Li.


Main characters in novel


Father (Jiang Huai)

Doesn't really care about anyone but himself. Cared for his first love and started dating girls for money to help raise money for his lover's kidney dialysis. That's how he met his wife and got married. She came from a wealthy family.

His first love died somewhere after MC was born, so he cheated on his wife during their marriage. Her child was born on the same day as MC. His lover switched the babies after birth and committed su*cide after that. MC ended up in an orphanage. Father didn't know about the switch at first, but when he knew (when she was still a baby) he never tried to find MC.

Also doesn't really seem to care about the children he raised. If it causes trouble for him he can abandon them.

His company is finally bankrupted by the Feng family.

When Feng Yun finds out Jiang Ruo is his illegitimate daughter, she starts torturing him. However he doesn't leave because he is afraid to have no money. When their son is convicted Feng Yun drugs him and castrates him. She then gives him a choice to call emergency and then she will start harassing Jiang Ruo, or not call emergency and Jiang Ruo will be left alone. He chooses to have her call emergency. She then tells him she already called them. This was a test to see what he would do.

When he leaves the hospital he goes to Jiang Ruo. He loans her money, promising to invest it, but loses everything. He then tries to sell her to a bad apple. Jiang Ruo runs away and he loses everything. He is later convicted and sent to prison for fraud.

Mother (Feng Yun)

Ran away from her family to marry her husband. Has a rather weak personality. Always does what husband tells her. She wants to have a relationship with MC, but does not really try her best to get there. She does some half-baked attempts, but only tries to get into contact with MC a few times. The clothes they prepare for MC when they take her in do not fit (half-sister bought them in her own size), but she does not offer to get new clothes (later on when relationship with MC is broken off it describes how she buys clothes for her daughter, but then it is already too late).

She doesn't give MC money or a phone when she goes to school, so MC has to borrow lunch money etc from ML, her desk-mate. When she realizes her daughter has no money, she asks her son who is very hostile to MC to give her money (who then of course decides not to give her any money). I see hardly any attempts from her to really try.

I saw other reviews blaming this on MC being very cold to her family from the start, but they also treated her very coldly from the start (except for mom trying a bit) and MC knew what would happen so I can understand MC's point of view.

In the novel I only saw mom really trying to approach MC 4 or 5 times I think before the relationship was broken of and this was over a longer period of time. If she wanted to connect with her daughter, shouldn't she have tried a little harder? She doesn't work, so she could have at least tried to call her daily when her daughter decided right away to live in dorms. Then she might have also realised MC doesn't have a phone.

When she hears about her daughters good grades months later she acts surprised showing she never showed any interest in her daughter.

When Jiang Ruo needs a kidney dialysis when her kidneys fail, she first refuses to ask Jiang Li who could be a donor for help, but when her son fakes a su*cide attempt, she gives in and asks.

She only changes when she finds out the daughter she raised is the illegitimate daughter of her husband and he knew about the switch early on. Then she starts to torture her husband.

When her son is convicted, she castrates her husband. She then gets mental problems. MC visits her and tells her about a dream she had and describes the original novel. She tells her she will not forgive her, but Feng Yun's mental state improves. She decides to open an orphanage. She doesn't talk anymore (except a rare time she wants to) and is loved by the children.

Elder brother (Jiang Zhou)

In my eyes he is the main antagonist. He is very hostile towards MC from the start. Novel describes it as being afraid she will try to harm Jiang Ruo, but to me it seems he is obsessed with her from the beginning. In the extra the alternate Jiang Li also mentions that.

He is the one who sets people at school up against MC by asking them to guard Jiang Ruo against MC and convinces a friend of his sister to fake a su*cide attempt to blame this on MC.

When he realizes he has fallen in love with Jiang Ruo he starts to keep her away from the boy she loves (original ML) and convinces her to break off contact with him and break up with him.

Around the time Jiang Ruo has kidney failure they start to date.

When he finds out Jiang Ruo has kidney failure and needs new kidneys to survive for a long time he arranges for MC's blood to be tested to see if she is compatible. When she is, he tries to convince his mother to ask his grandfather for help and ask a kidney from MC. He even does a su*cide attempt to convince her when she first refuses.

When he finds out Jiang Ruo is his half-sister he gives her money to leave and distances himself from her, while still caring for her. He starts to drink and has insomnia.

When he is called to help get a kidney for Jiang Ruo he immediately decides to help and gets a doctor to operate on a potential donor to donate both kidneys to her. By doing this they will kill the donor. Tong Yi's people warn the police and he is arrested.

He is sentenced to 15 years in prison. At first Jiang Ruo visits him regularly, but when she runs away from their father, she starts to write. However the intervals between the letters become bigger and she starts to write only about her problems.

He realizes their relation has been broken and regrets the things he did for her. His mother visits him regularly and only looks at him and says nothing. 10 years later he watches news about MC in jail.

Jiang Ruo

Main antagonist according to story and original FL of novel.

She is more of a white lotus. She never actively tries to harm MC and even tries to stop people from harming them, but does not try too hard. Rather selfish. Has been physically weak since young and has acted in several movies / tv series and is pretty well-known.

Her maternal grandfather was very kind to her when she was young and often visited her at school, but when her father found out about it and told her not to see her grandfather anymore, she broke off all contact with her grandfather. She even refused to see him when he was lying in the hospital asking for her.

Her parents decide to tell everyone they adopted MC because they want to spare Jiang Ruo, but this causes people around them to think MC is her father's illegitimate daughter.

She makes a faint attempt to offer to tell the truth to everyone when MC is not happy about the parents decision, but stops right away when her brother interrupts her.

When people at school ask about the adoption she tells her friends MC was the daughter of friends who helped her parents in the past and they decided to adopt her when they found out she was in an orphanage. This is described as trying to harm MC, but I don't really understand that (cultural differences?).

Yes, it might be selfish for her to go along with the story about MC being adopted, but I can understand she is feeling insecure after finding out she is switched. Her parents decided to tell this story and she just goes along. Of course it would have been the righteous thing to refuse and tell them to tell the truth, but she does not do that.

I rather find the reaction of her friends strange. They act like MC is holding the fact that her parents supposedly helped Jiang Ruo's parents over Jian Ruo's head. Wouldn't the normal reaction be to say this is very kind of your parents?

How is telling this trying to harm MC?

When her best friend fakes a su*cide to set people up against MC, the friend tells Jiang Ruo that her brother instigated her doing this. Jiang Ruo does not believe her friend. Again this is described like this is bad, but wouldn't it be logical / believable to believe your own brother first, especially when the friend has tried to harm MC before?

When rumours about MC come out and her fans discredit MC on the internet she does not do anything to stop this from happening.

When her agent tries to convince her to sleep with others to get roles when it becomes difficult to get roles, she refuses and does not renew her contract. She starts selling stuff on Weibo / Youtube to earn money.

During her university admissions exams she becomes sick and is brought to a hospital where she finds out she has kidney failure and will have to go through kidney dialysis and will only live for about 10 more years.

When her brother finds out MC would be a liable donor, she tries to convince her brother not to try and get a kidney from MC. Yes, the reasons she gives are utterly selfish and not because she does not want to harm MC. She is afraid of revenge of MC's family.

When everyone in the internet finds out she is the illegitimate daugther, she tries to commit su*cide but is rescued. She decides to live her life and do her best in spite of people mocking her.

So far Jiang Ruo has never tried to harm MC in any way herself or deliberately instigate people to harm MC. She also never did her best to defend MC, but she tries her best in her own way, never tries to harm anyone and has her own integrity.

She decides to go to the capital to study at a university she can join and meets Bai Guolin again. He tells her he will volunteer at a blood bank and try to find a donor for her. She does not refuse. When he and her brother find a donor they try to kill him and take both of his kidneys without her knowing.

The cases is covered in the news all over the country and she becomes infamous. She is found innocent and is released. She tries to avoid people as much as possible after that.

When her brother is convicted she begs Jiang Li to help her brother but she refuses. She then convinces Tong Xu to spread rumors that Tong Yi was responsible for entrapping her brother. She hopes to create a wig between Jiang Li and the Feng family this way. This is the only time she actively tries to cause some harm to MC. This fails. As a result Tong Yi and the Feng family act against Tong Xu and his father creating economic damage to their investments and company.

Tong Xu hires people to harrass her after that, making her life miserable, so she visits her father begging him in public to stop it. This finally helps. She files a police report against her dormmates and is left alone after that.

When her father comes to live with her she gives him 5 million of the 6 million she received of Qin Zheng to invest. He loses everything, letting her realize he is not a good businessman. When he wants to sell her to a bad apple she runs away, quits university and moves to a small town. There she meets a former classmate who always liked her and starts dating and later marries him. However he is very possessive and jealous and starts abusing her. She divorces him, but he refuses to leave her alone. That is the last that is mentioned about her.

The author gave her a real miserable ending. Like mentioned above, she never really did any bad things. She only tried to act against MC once and was never evil. She was selfish, but that was it. She didn't deserve this ending.

Feng family

MC's maternal family is quite wealthy. Her grandfather used to be the wealthiest man. He has retreated now and the son who has taken over his business is now the wealthiest man. She has 3 uncles and 3 cousins. They all treat her very well when they find out about her existence and move her family registration to their home when they find out she can't get along with her parents. MC gets along with them very well. The family is very intelligent. They almost all graduate from highschool as the best in the province / country. Her 3rd uncle Feng Qi is the youngest and is a medical researcher, still single and has won a nobel prize. He becomes MC's guardian. Feng Qi is still single at the end of the novel and is about 40 years old at that time.

Tong Yi

ML of this story. Becomes MC's desk-mate in middle school. Is 2 years older than MC, but has left school for 2 years.

He and his parents were kidnapped 2 years ago. His parents made a fuss and got MC to escape. They were killed by the kidnappers. His uncle took control on all his assets after his grandfather's death and tried to raise him as a good for nothing and spread rumours about him.

His uncle never did anything to physically harm him.

The people at school are afraid of him, because they heard he beat someone up who had to be admitted ino the hospital.

He lends MC money when he finds out she does not have any money.

He graduates middle school with good grades, but is not in the top because he did not join the physical exams. Otherwise his grade would have been 1 point higher than MC, who graduates first in her school.

After middle school he leaves the country to study abroad. He starts his own business there and does very well. 3 years later he returns and his grades for university admissions exams are the same as MC, which is best in the country.

He stays in contact with MC and gives regular hints he likes her, but she never gets it.

His aunt marries MC's cousin, so he would have to call MC aunt. This is an ongoing joke between them (her trying to get him to call her aunt and him trying to get her to call him elder brother).

Towards the end of the novel he finally starts dating MC and about 10 years later they get married. He is a very succesful investor.

Qin Zheng

Original ML of novel. Has been in love with Jiang Ruo for a long time but gave up after he heard her and her brother talking about trying to get a kidney of MC. He warned MC about this.

Is a very good student. Graduates high school with the same grade as MC and ML. A nice person. Becomes friends with MC. Never sees her in a romantic way.

Bai Guolin

His father is the secretary of MC's father. He is very much in love with Jiang Ruo.

In his previous life he killed MC by driving into her with a car to get MC's kidney. Both of MC's kidneys were transplanted to Jiang Ruo and MC died.

When in high school rumors appear about Jiang Ruo because of MC, he tries to stop MC and hit her. MC dislocates both of his arms. After repair in the hospital one of his arms is dislocated again twice, which causes his arm to dislocate easily.

His father decides to resign and move to the country to get his son away from Jiang Ruo. When he finds out she has kidney failure he goes looking for her again and saves her life when she tries to commit su*cide.

He decides to start working at a blood bank as volunteer, to find a compatible kidney donor for Jiang Ruo since she has a rare blood type.

MC happens to see him when she decides to become a blood donor with a friend. She tells Tong Yi and he hires people to watch him. She also tells a friend from the university who has the same blood type and is also a donor.

When the hospital refuses to do a DNA test when he finds someone with the right blood type, he calls Jiang Gong for help. They contact MC's friend and he decides to see them when they call. When he refuses to donate a kidney when it is proven he is compatible with Jiang Ruo, they knock him out, deciding to give both his kidneys to Jiang Ruo and by doing this killing him. Tong Yi's people warn the police and they are arrested.

He is sentenced to 15 years in prison. Jiang Ruo never visits him and never sends him letters, making him realize how dumb he has been. His parents never visit him during the first half year he is in prison. Around the time he has been captured his mother finds out she is pregnant. Because of that his father hides his imprisonment from her and when he sends her a later later on, she goes into early labour.

He regrets the decisions he made for Jiang Ruo.

Tong Xu

Cousin of ML. His father has been discrediting ML for years. Falls in love with MC at first sight when he sees her when she is 17. Asks her out publicly in front of an audience and MC straight out rejects him.

On instigation of Jiang Ruo he makes it public that ML set up MC's brother in the hope that her grandfather will start disliking ML and won't have then together. Feng Qi, knowing what Tong Xu plans, tells his father in advance that he set him up (he also had his men watch Jiang Zhou and was intending to set him up).

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Gallad-Ne rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: c13 part2
[1 out of 5 star novel]

Okay, what the fuq did I just read?

It's been a while but reading revenge switched at birth stories just reminds me how and why I hate these stories so much if they're cookie-cutter.

... more>> I'm going to spoil a lot so skip this if you want.

Basically let me just start this off by saying that the Main Character is just a horrible and spiteful person that it's not even fun to read the story.

She's not the original cannon fodder daughter that's easily manipulated and shy right. Let me repeat, she's not the original real daughter that this Jiang family misplaced.

She's just this complete random stranger that just decides to utterly hate the living crap out this reasonably subpar rich family. Hell! we find out that she's this hospitalized girl that been sick a majority of her life and just spends her days studying like a nerd with no social skills.

Like stay with me here, imagine you wake up in a novel right, you get all this information about what happens right. You literally know the future and personal information about all the important characters. Maybe get some of the feelings of the original body with you for extra. What do you do you ask, well our MC answers that by being a d1ck towards EVERY SINGLE PERSON expect this delinquent guy that was mentioned in the novel information she gets... and literally no one else.

I mean come on, I think another comment said it the best earlier, she doesn't even try to use her current situation to her benefit.

From the get go she fights tooth and nail with her biological mother and father over EVERY LITTLE THING. In the beginning I could understand because she was basing everything off the novel info she got and was looking out for herself. They did just pick her up out of nowhere without her say... But she's an ORPHAN AT AN ORPHANAGE. It's the dream come true for a real orphan and she super confrontational. Not once does she have an actual conversation with her parents or siblings when they all get together that she needs time to adjust. She doesn't even give them a chance and condemns them for the whole real daughter announcement thing. She doesn't say that she feels real uncomfortable calling them all her parents and siblings after just meeting or that it's nice to meet them at all and just goes off at them picking a fight with all four of them individually.

Imagine you meet your long lost family member and they immediately start talking sh*t to you and the rest of your other family members when they meet.

I mean she has a right to be mad about the whole announcement thing but she holds grudges for no real reason. SHES NOT THR ORIGINAL DAUGHTER. She's a blank slate with no real relation to he family or story, she can use that information about them to her advantage and live a regular and nice life, she doesn't have to pick fights and hate these people for things they haven't done towards a person that isn't yourself. Hell people aren't perfect, they're people!

She can't for a second think about how complex the situation is for everyone in her family. The fact that she isn't even joining a regular family but a rich high ranking one instead! Imagine yourself a paren taking care of your two children for over a decade, they're grow teens turning into young adults soon, you love and understand them dearly. Your oldest is a little siscon for your youngest, but honestly everyone in the family is also. You even sent up a very important engagement between another high ranking rich family after you found out that your youngest daughter and that family son are in love with each other. Everything is fine and normal. Then One day you find out one of your children isn't really related by blood and was switched at birth. Not only that but an orphan that's been living in what you and a majority would believe to be in poverty. You find out it's real, and maybe take a week to process everything and get things ready to bring her over. It's no little thing mentally, emotionally, or socially to find out this major detail. You don't even consider that a girl living in an orphanage on the country side would turn down this opportunity to live a better life. Obviously while this is going down you are taking care of the youngest daughter you thought was your blood your years. Assuring her that no matter what you are all family and won't be forgotten and discarded. That the years you all spent together, raising the girl from a newborn means something. Only for that switched at birth child to fight you at every given turn for no reason to your understanding since she gives you no reasoning or ground to form a relationship with her.

And it's not even just the family she holds grudges against and fights unreasonably, at the school she does nothing to be sociable and make friends. She doesn't try to be friends with her half-sister and so her half-sister friends are a little put off, she then fights with her half-sister friends and snaps at anyone who asks about her personal life and her relation to her new family. I mean why not just explain you are related to the Jiang family and is staying with them for a time, and ask your half-sister to agree since you aren't lying. The MC with no reason made enemies when all she had to do is talk and communicate. Hell The nerve of her during the whole locked door thing after the dorm mother already settled the situation. It was her being extra petty for no reason. Sure get your get back and feel vindicated, but to talk back to the person who helped you and admonished the one who wronged you is crazy. The dorm mother is an adult, someone who's supposed to be impartial around children, not picking sides and ending children conflicts as easy and quickly as possible. She doesn't get paid to deal with all that bu11sh!t our MC was pulling RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. The MC is kinda bipolar too! We see little scenes where she's able to be reasonably nice to people, she forgives the assistant for telling her father her personal information before the father daughter pair meet, but hates her father unconditional. The assistant apologizes even though she been wronged and she accepts it. But when her family apologizes about the whole real daughter announcement she holds that grudge.

Then the poor mother... I just can't. This was when I knew I hated our MC. I already explained about the whole complex position that the parents are in right. They have to figure out how treat both daughters fairly while maintaining their household and their business that's tied to their household due to them extending a business deal involving their daughter and the son of another family that are mutual interested in each other. Now the father I can understand not liking, even without our MC deliberately verbally clashing with him, he's just this stereotypical rich dad that doesn't care too much. It's the mom that I'm hung up on because we see her really try everytime she meets with our MC. Granted she isn't entitled to a mother daughter relationship but by common fu€king courtesy she should be able to at least build up a friendship or something beyond strangers. But no, the MC straight tells her to go duck herself each time they talk even though the mom tries so hard to find common ground and fix the tension when MC goes off on everyone.

The whole money thing, sure it's partly the parents part for not checking up on her sooner but for their part, who wouldn't think their previously orphaned daughter wouldn't come to her super rich parents when coming to a place she wasn't ever been before with nothing but the clothes on her back. I mean come one here, I would be flabbergasted too if the kid didn't ask for help like a normal person would. If not me then my husband, if not my husband then myself! Then when the mom heads over to say sorry, have a heart to heart with her daughter and give her some money and support like any reasonable adult would, she gets b!tched at. Remember the mom is coming from hearing all these bad things her blood related daughter has been doing to people she knows and is still giving our MC the benefit of the doubt, even getting mad at her rich husband for not caring as much as she does.

The mom heads over and the MC turns her down and says it's none of her business like an immature brat. Again let me reiterate that the MC isn't the real original daughter that got done dirty in the original novel. She's a person that being sick for a long time and has no relation to the mom that's so deep. She has no first hand reason to hate her so much or to dismiss her. The worst part of all of this and what makes me HATE THE MC is when she turns down her mom for the finally time and the mother that just can't relate with her no matter what she tries as she juggles being a mother for her original family and a caretaker for her new daughter. The mom leaves accomplishing nothing thanks to the MC, and as she's leaving the MC finally looks at the mom and thinks that moms retreating figure is embarrassing and unsophisticated... THE AUDACITY TO EVEN THINK THAT IS CRAZY!!! Everyone else I can kinda understand with the men being defensive with the father being a sewrd businessman, and the brother being a siscon. The daughter too as she is afraid of our MC and the trouble she'll bring, but the mom has been nothing but nice and friendly towards the MC from the get go, even leaning towards the MC side the best she can in her situation. A mother that doesn't care wouldn't get mad at someone bad mouthing her daughter when no one is there to witness and it's about two young girls she already knows and cares about, those two being her youngest daughter and her youngest daughter friend that she's familiar with.

Finally man, the roof top scene... Did she really just start talking back when someones life is at danger at the moment due to su*cide. Regardless of you is at fault at the moment, the kid is about to jump off, follow your pride and pig head and just try to defuse the situation! Any other regular person would be like yeah, oh no, I don't want someone to die regardless of our little teen drama and would head up and instantly apologize about what happen. It's not that serious, class points aren't that serious when a life is in danger... Then a absolute balls of her to be listing off amounts of money whilst this is all going down like she doesn't have rich parents she can rely on is crazy. Talking back to her half-sister and the other students/teachers about it's none of her business and they should fu¢k off. IT SHOULDN'T EVEN MATTER EVEN IF IT IS OR ISNT YOUR FAULT!!! A LIFE IS IN DANGER AND ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS SORRY!!! IF THE POINTS THINGS ISNT A BIG DEAL THEN WHY IS IT SUCH A HASSLE FOR YOU TO APOLOGIZE!!!

Again let me reiterate she has no friends expect for the delinquent boy she knows nothing about expect for the novel info she got stating the original did the delinquent favors in turn for protection and when her rich parents like any other normal parent found out that the original was hanging out with a bad apple, told the original to stay away from the delinquent. The MC decides wit no further information to hangout with the delinquent foolishly only because she knows the parents would disapprove.

All this ranting just makes me realize that I've been saying the hidden truth since the beginning. The MC is this strange spiteful girl with no social skills and only broken ass book smarts that also has no reference to working with others emotionally or mentally because she lived a sickly and closeted life before.

I have nothing else to say except that this was an horrible novel 0/5. <<less
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VictimOfGuiltyPleasures rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: Completed
Kind of long.

Very predictable romance.

I like the MC.

I like her uncle.

I think the family relationships progressed kind of fast.

A very Mary sue ish story

The ML was ok. He didn't really grow on me that much he was just there. Overall ok
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 6, 2022
Status: Completed
Very entertaining, the FL is strongminded and decisive, her goals are clear since the beginning and she works hard to achieve them. I specially love the fantastic relationship with her maternal family, all the love she receives from them makes her thrive, specially from her little uncle - later self acclaimed dad. I have to say that the fake daughter isn't really a villainess, of course there are some circumstances but... The romance is really slow, almost at the final part, so be patient! Forgot to... more>> rate it, I give it 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐, but only because I don't like school life novels that much. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eeria rated it
November 8, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a 3.5

it's a nice story though sometimes a bit draggy. The FL is my type of FL, no nonsense, very cool smart and strong. The ML is bland. Their romance is cute. Face slapping and retribution are appropriate.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 10, 2022
Status: c123
It's so boring

i really wanted to push through because I wanted to see the parts where the family gets what they deserve but god it takes too freaking long to get there

like the conflict would be introduced in one chapter, after two chapters will the planning and rising action happen for that specific conflict then another few chapters before the actual conflict

and mind u the chapters ain't short so its a lot of fillers that even though you skip a lot, u don't really miss out. I get that the... more>> MC is supposed to be oblivious and stuff and tbh the ML does make moves that won't let anyone know he looks at MC any different from a friend, but thats what makes the whole story lag. It would have been fine if there was something (plot wise) happening that was slowly making them closer and the MC realize her feelings, but its all planning and wooing and gosh so boring

the one thing I do like about this is that the OGML of the story does not fall in love with MC. I love that so much and it shows a lot of his struggle for his feelings for the ogFL and his morality and civility. also maybe I just found this boring because I read a similar story to it already and I loved that (I'm going to go look for my father) so judge this for yourself! Its a worth read though as long as ur not in a hurry. Lmao <<less
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solivagantsoul rated it
January 13, 2023
Status: --
a good read. Enough for when you cant find anything else to read, will keep you entertained enough.

the MC is pretty smart but funnily enough its not overrrrr exxagerated in compliments or 'God of learning' scenes but somehow she still manages to be top pick in the country.

honestly its a very slice of life kinda novel, it just breezes through without too much drama or at least the drama does'nt feel exciting enough. TBH idk if it's the writing style or what but I felt the OGFL was very pitiful.... more>> The whole butterfly effect became too much imo. <<less
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Shio rated it
July 14, 2022
Status: c1 part1
It's passable. Not the best, don't really have a lot of impact or depth, but it's a pretty standard novel. If you want to read 'I didn't care about the protagonist, and my life is going uphill' marry sue novel, this is probably for you.

There's quite a lot of faceslapping moments, and the original protagonist life was ruined. I am not a fan of that, but there's people who do.
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tenshineko rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: c163
Easy to understand, even through MTL. It’s a straightforward story without a lot of twists and turns, and no real crazy drama.

... more>>

Although it can be satisfying when the antagonists get in trouble and pay for their crimes... honestly, it was a little too much IMO. The consequences were too heavy for the actual crime committed. Her mother was weak and easily manipulated, which was too bad as it seemed like she actually might go against the original plot. Actually, I think she might have if the MC gave her any encouragement, but she had already written off her Jiang relatives from the beginning, knowing what happened in the book. The sister... she did some low level bad deeds, but it made it sound as if she manipulated the guys into their serious crimes, and I didn’t see that at all. Her fate was particularly harsh, and the author at times made her a very sympathetic character. She was quite strong to persevere in the face of her illness and constantly getting attacked, but it was all futile. The brother was absolute crap, and deserved what he got. No brain at all, it should have been relatively easy to advertise for a kidney and make the reward enough to get a few takers. I understand it’s illegal, but you could do it in another country or handle things privately - mu*der is a lot more risky and illegal. Anyway, I think that if they just revealed the truth of the girls’ parentage, that was enough. Actively persecuting the Jiangs was somewhat of the impetus for pushing them into the crazy crap they did. For the mom, Jiang Li doesn’t have to forgive her, but being mocking and rude came off as cruel.


I did like the family aspects and the ML’s careful chasing. The MC moves steadily forward and excels at most everything, but she works hard and isn’t one of those geniuses that somehow has skills that would be impossible to acquire without multiple lifetimes of training. If you like a merciless way of dealing with antagonists, you’ll probably like this story. It’s not bad, but don’t expect a great novel either.


I did wish the third uncle found a partner.

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