After the White Lotus Fell Off the Horse


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In order to get Xiao Weijing to back out of their political engagement, Tang You has been playing the role of a disgusting white lotus for more than four years.

Xiao Zexing, Xiao Weijing’s youngest uncle, had returned to China, and it is this noble man whom Tang You fears most.

He was a man with no desire, austere and upright.

His eyes seem to be able to see through all pretences.

No one knows what traits Xiao Zexing admires in a woman.

Tang You, who does not notice his gaze, was still working hard to get out of the marriage.

Playing the good vase, pretending to be a little white flower, being a docile lamb to gain the favorability of the elders of the Xiao family.

Raising Xiao Weijing’s disgust towards her and arrogantly “bullying” his beloved.

Until one night….

The man sat on the dark red sofa, his fingers pale and long, personally poured her a cup of warm tea, his voice warm and mellow: “I want to marry you.”

The Tang You, who’d unknowingly hit all of Xiao Zexing’s preferences: (*°▽°)? ? ?

A sweet, heart-thumping romance dramedy powered by mistaken identities and false pretenses!

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Kaparin rated it
March 10, 2021
Status: c46
I'd give this a 2.5 but rating it as 3 since it's just alright. Might change over time since I tend to self reflect first and see where my judgement is going.

Despite the little chapters the word count is actually long. Read this if you've got enough patience for ambiguous and slow burn teasing and romance. Enough patience to get past everybody's ego!!

The story starts off with the MC engaged to Xu Weijing as kids as their grandparents were bff and the MC's grandfather's last wish (?) was for the... more>> friend to take good care of his granddaughter. Xu Weijing the fiancé refused to acknowledge the MC and took off abroad for 4 years before coming back. He stood up on the MC numerous times and MC barely met this guy so she cannot remember his features. She was set to meet up with him to at XX restaurant by fiancé's mother after the stood ups and guess what, dude actually still stood up on her. However, the MC could not remember if the booked restaurant room was 13 or 3o and decided to go to room 30 and met the ML instead which is the fiancé's uncle. Unknowing the ML was actually here on his old cousin's behalf to meet his future adoptive kids which coincidentally the MC shares the same name as the adoptive girl. They both mistook each other for one as the scumbag fiancé and the other as an adoptive child in high school. The misunderstanding continues... for you to find out.

I decided to drop this as I felt that everybody was a little too immature. No offence I hate the "running away trope" and the "you'll understand my actions/why I did this".

Honestly, it was amusing at first but man it just gets worse every time for me. The author did revise her chapters numerous times and informed readers in comments to justify how and why she decided to change the plot or actions of some characters. I tried my best to understand you know character "decisions", "personalities" and "development", but it's either getting inconsistent or a turn for the worse despite the character's past.

Sighs, the main issue for me is the MC (21). I thought she is supposedly strong minded but she is very wishy washy/weak. One time she is fierce and another she is more fragile than snow. I can't tell if she is s*upid or naive, oblivious or insensible...

Don't even get me started with how the MC says she is physically strong in a sense that she is not weak to the point she needs people to do things for her. BUT, people still have to attend her omg. AND CAN I TALK ABOUT HER SKIN? Why does almost every novel when the ML touches you either romantically or not, but seriously on a romantic side you get bruises after a few touches or hold?! You don't know how many times the author kept talking about the MC's body marks urgh.

Ok for the ML (29?), I guess he has personality but as you know cold to strangers but does have priority when interacting with people he acknowledges. A PLUS ONE FOR THE DIMPLES. Very scheming. He's very caring or should I say over caring towards the MC. I guess his main principle is actions first, report later. But my respect to the guy at least slowing down his beast inside however it doesn't mean he is considerate of other things. He's the type that pushes and pulls, hard to read... actually I can't evaluate this guy properly...

The supposed fiancé Xiao Weijing (26) - you just need to understand he is tr*sh, non-recyclable

Wenling (23) - no comment, she's the green tea bish

The ML's dad aka grandpa xiao bruh he's abusive af

I don't think I can mention more characters because nobody is decent. Ok maybe weijing's mother is alright... OH WAIT THE MC'S STEP BRO, they aren't blood related but I can't tell if he has romantic feelings for her but I felt the subtle hints. I'm quite glad he is around to protect the MC. But I was thinking if he had no feelings towards her, would he even help her back at home... hmm... he does seem nice enough tho <<less
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kleeklee rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: c10
I'm not sure why there are so many bad reviews, but I am really enjoying it so far. It's a bit of a slow-burn as the misunderstanding gets untangled, and there is a little too much emphasis on the delicacy of her skin, but story wise, it's not too bad! The interactions and misunderstandings are quite amusing.

I disagree with the early review that the FL is wishy-washy-- she's strong in areas where she has control, but falters when vulnerable, and that makes quite a realistic characterisation as compared to novels... more>> where the FLs are OP no matter what.

I was impatient and MTL-ed ahead, but it's worth waiting for the TL as the quality of the TL is very good. Thank you! <<less
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CKJnovelFANatic rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: c5
*** dear TN stopped in Nov2021 <boohoohoo> but came back Aug2023 <hiphiphooray> !!!***

I don't know why this is poorly rated, just not their cup of tea I guess but I think they didn't sample enough chapters to get a good taste.

This is a really interesting beginning with very good translation and extra kudos to the TN for the super filling long chapters. I look forward to more.
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readingmaniac7 rated it
June 15, 2021
Status: c36
I couldn't bring myself to complete this....

Although the beginning parts are quite interesting, towards the end the MC's character seems to fall apart. She says she doesn't love the ML, only covets his beauty and it doesn't feel like she'll fall for him anytime soon or if she hasn't just noticed her feelings. The ML is just suffering from where I stopped because the MC wants to sleep with him but says she doesn't love him.

Overall I feel that the author prolonged them getting together for too long and misses... more>> out on the part where they are in a relationship. <<less
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Shortk rated it
January 12, 2022
Status: c30

She's mad at the ML for tricking her and his response: stop being childish.

He can't f*cking respect her. Omfgod. The audacity.

... more>> Officially dnf. Even if the chemistry is good. There's nothing good about a man who can't respect a woman's feelings. It's a shame bc the MC really isn't that bad and is quite interesting. But pass on this alpha basic bit*h ML (I've seen worse than him but I've never settled for mediocre before and I won't now either)


I have to say I'm kind of uncomfortable.

To a certain degree, the ML doesn't cross the line persay but

I think the MC brings up a very good point about not knowing whether he is in love with her or just wants to sleep with her, talking to her friend after she was kissed without her consent (again) after the pool. Although the readers know he probably likes her but his thoughts are ALWAYS ON HER BODY. in fact his kink is a small waist and it's constantly said.

so honestly it really sometimes gives off predatory vibes.

Though I know the author is just trying to go for a black belly ML boiling the frog under hot water vibes. I mean that's essentially the same thing as viewing the MC as prey though. But the problem why it feels so predatory here is the constant imagery of her body and comparison to a rabbit and eating her at I repeat a constant. I mean whatever this is probably a preference thing (and I don't even think the age difference is bad but they make him seem so predatory that it seems bad even though he hasn't really acting that bad technically ehh if you don't count the

unconsenting kisses (2))


I actually think the author seems like a good person. But honestly it's a bad vibe when the ML

can't take the anger of the MC from finding out he has been tricking her into basically kissing her the first time seriously. And b. In general doesn't think much of her rejection except that he finds her cute and can't wait to eat her up. Again viewing her looks and body again. Makes it definitely feel more lustful and predatory when you don't take her anger seriously homie

it's definitely grey for me because I think his intentions are good and he is a good person except you very well know the ML will never take a no for an answer.... It feels like the mc's reactions are just not being respected like as if he knows better than her always. That's where it's a little hmm.

But I think that's a preference thing and I feel like a lot of other people probably don't care but for me I'm just a bit turned off. <<less
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Carpedickem rated it
December 31, 2023
Status: c37
I think this novel is actually pretty unique, we don’t usually get female leads that are open about their own s*xual needs, that’s a right usually reserved for guys in Chinese novels. The male lead is especially endearing, when they are starting the relationship, he clearly communicates his emotional needs for the relationship.
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Roxasfleur rated it
December 1, 2021
Status: c26
I'm on the latest translated chapter so far so my opinion might not be accurate.

This story has interesting premise with a very cunning ML. His tactic is actually very easy to guess if you take down the 'elder' glasses when seeing him.

So far, I love the MC. She is described as small, petite and sweet yet she is not a pushover.

However, I don't really like the very *imo* slow burn romance.
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Tasnim_tkr rated it
June 15, 2021
Status: c20
The story is pretty good and I enjoyed reading it. However, I can't find the mtl version so I can't complete it : (
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