After the Rebirth of the Unbeatable Queen


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He pushed her against the wall. “You sealed off my Demonic Realm and went to get reincarnated?”

She looked awkward and shy. “I…”

He came closer. “So? How do you intend to make it up to me? Huh?”

She felt guilty. “What…what do you want?”

He gave her an evil smile. “Your punishment will be…to have a bunch of little Demon King babies with me.”

She was the queen of the Godly Realm and in a battle between the Gods and Demons, she sacrificed herself to seal off the door to the Demonic Realm in order to save the people. Later, she discovered that this was a well-planned scheme of betrayal.

She used the last bit of Godly Power she had to send her spirit back to be reincarnated. She swore to return to the Godly Realm and slaughter that betrayer with her own hands!

After ten thousand years of reincarnating, she finally goes from earth in the 21st century back to that otherworldly realm.

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