After the Full-Level Boss Entered the Infinite Game By Mistake


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Bai Lixin was caught in a strange game.

[Ding! Welcome players to the immersive escape game.] [Ding! Let’s begin the luck detection. The luck will be linked to the player’s copy selection.] As the other players’ tests were A,B,B..the detection system slowly pulsed on Bai liXin’s head.

[Ding! Congratulations player; your luck is F-, and the universe deems you unlucky!] [Ding! Congratulations to the player. You have obtained the special title – “God of Bad Luck” (unique).] Bai Lixin: “???”

Congratulations? Where’s the joy in that?

Soon after, the players trapped in the escape game found that there was an incredibly beautiful but tragic player in the game.

The face is unbelievable, the strength is unbeatable, but the luck is so bad that the copy he gets either has a bug or is a horror S level.

Just when everyone thought that the little beauty would certainly die, he broke through countless levels and embarked on the road to immortality.

Bai Lixin, the full-level boss, mistakenly strayed into a strange game to find his husband.

Later, he found that his old attacker had become all kinds of bosses in the copy and these big bosses were most often not human.

A water body, the true ancestor of the vampire clan, an undead knight, a dragon….

Well, he had to admit that each had its own advantages

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Lucy666 rated it
August 12, 2022
Status: c92 part1
I absolutely love this story. This story is the sequel of a world hopping novel, so if you haven't read that before, many things are going to feel not quite right. To people who complain that the ML and the MC fell in love too quickly, it's because they didn't fall in love in the first place; they were married and already in love, hence the summary. It's an established pair already, why do you still want them to "fall in love"?

I am so glad I could follow this loving... more>> couple from "The return of the Lord God". They really are a power couple in every sense of word and the ML is absolutely hilarious. Also, even though they are an established couple, their relationship keeps getting deeper and deeper. Both are gods (this is not a spoiler, it's in the summary, so stop complaining about overpowered characters when the character is literally a god)

The translation is great, as expected of ckanda. The quality of chapters is really great and the update schedule is also fast. It feels like I can binge on a lot of chapters if I try stacking for like a week, and boy does that make me happy.

Contrary to what the reviewer femalenoveli said, the MC's name isn't actually Baili Xin. His name has been translated properly. If you read the prequel you will know that MC is really cunning and lies a lot. He's using an alias in this story, which is why he's called Baili Xin by the players and is still referred to as Bai Lixin in the narration. To those who find other such factual "loopholes" in translation, I'd suggest they read the prequel. While it's not necessary to read it to make everything make sense, it does give you a different perspective (and quite a lot of easter eggs.)

Lastly, the MC and ML are overpowered. However, the reason I absolutely love this author's works is because even tho they made their characters op, the struggle, the tension, the development and the plot is still there. Take the first arc, for example. The way everything unfolded gave me the pleasure of reading a good detective novel. An absolute page turner (or well, chapter turner?). The arcs I've read so far are all very deep, with characters that can be loved and hated. All in all 5 stars from me for now (unless it derails in the future, when I'll come back to change the rating :)) <<less
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femalenovelist rated it
August 7, 2022
Status: c12 part1
The novel is good! So far, I like the MC as he is smart and pretty strong. Did not get much feel for ML yet.

The translation is not bad, but I found it annoying that they kept calling the MC Bai Lixin after the MC explained he had a compound last name Baili.

So MC's name is Baili Xin.

Did translator not understand their own translation?
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Roosssaaaa rated it
August 26, 2022
Status: c354
I absolutely love this novel. I've already read all the chapters that have been published in jjwxc (14 arcs I think) and I'm still very hooked by the story.

The relationship between the MC and ML is really adorable. It might seem a bit wierd that ML just takes a glance and then boom he's in love. But this book has a prequel "The return of the lord god." they have been together for like thousands of years So it's not much of a suprise that they are together from... more>> the begining of each instance.


While ML looses his memory in each instance MC correspondingly gives himself different character setting to seduce his husband (from white lotus to green tea MC will show all his various sides), so it's really fun to see their interactions. Though ML does remember things at end of some instances.


The side characters Xia chi, Li Cancan, Liang Xi and others will grow up as well. With the increase in arc MCs gets acquainted with many more characters. Then there are the audinces of live broadcast who make the atmosphere hilarious.

In short I give this book a five star review... till now. I still suggest to read the prequel before this one so the interaction between the main couple will feel natural and MCs opness also gets a reason.

Just remember to read till second or third instance before deciding wether to read or not. <<less
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Wintercreeper rated it
August 23, 2022
Status: c20 part1
Two stars for the first 20 chapters.

It's formulaic, MC is basically a god so he's super intelligent, OP in all aspects, everyone looks up to him, and he's so beautiful that people left and right would turn gay for him asap.
ML seems copy-pasted from other "soul-split" infinite flow novels, he's attracted to MC every time, right from the start, without remembering him at all.
Massive deduction of points for ML's r*pey behaviour, I'm just so tired of that shit.

Generic side characters, generic bad guys, standard games, it really doesn't... more>> shine in any way, it's just another survival game story.

Some parts made me chuckle, seeing that it's not tagged with humour, that might not have been intentional by the writer... but it made these 20 chapters more enjoyable, without it I would have dropped it much earlier.

The first game already killed all expectations and fun I had when it became clear that the "mystery" was designed in a way that made it impossible to solve for everyone but MC who had supernatural help not meant to be in the game.
Great that the players were outraged as well, still just an excuse from the writer who's unable to write a compelling mu*der case, it made no sense in the context of the story and there are several more hints that the writer implemented other easy ways out for themself to cover up their shortcomings.
Second game pulls something similar, I'm not wasting more time on such a half-assed novel.


The games are bugged, the system/boss just doesn't bother to fix them, because having whole batches of newcomers die in their first, unsolvable, instance isn't important, the other bugs that ruin instances apparently aren't either.
Relatively few instances are bugged to hell and back but of course MC's are.
That's honestly an impressive way to explain every plot hole that's going to pop up, instead of just not generating any and putting some serious effort into your story.


If you are into lightweight survival stories (with r*pey MLs) like Face of the devil then you might find this one worth your time, if you expect something like I'm Really Just an Ordinary Person, then skip it.

I honestly might have loved it if it was meant to be comedy, then all of this stuff would have fit well and made it hilarious, but that the writer thinks they can sell it to us as a serious story is downright insulting. <<less
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November 19, 2022
Status: --
These protagonists come from a 2016 book (world hopping), so you can treat it as a continuation or a sequel. So unlike other books where MC and ML have no idea about each other and have a long way to go in their relationship, these two are a power couple that are deeply in love with each other, but encountered such a predicament. Oh yeah, they are gods, literally, because one was already a god and other came along and all that happened in the previous book, so don't be... more>> surprised how op such characters can be and don't treat them harshly. Although it's not obligatory, but I find reading both will make your reading experience more profound. At least you won't make mistake about Bai Lixin's name uwu

Oh, and as for the novel? Well, I'm having my own experience and you're having yours. I find it good and I love my boys, but because it's ongoing I don't rate :P *runs away*

Btw there's a new cover to this novel, I assure you it's hot. Check it out, all those entagkements with a snake mmm <<less
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Madame rated it
October 16, 2022
Status: c387
Yes, I use mtl to reach the chapter, thank you very much.

On to this story. I actually enjoyed it more than the prequel since in here, ML rarely become normal human being and every situation is so different from each other.

You need to read the prequel to understand how is their relationship and how it become like this. This novel has a very long chapter, especially suitable for you reviewers who actually complaining on why every stage/transmigration is so short without any character development. Although to know what actually happens... more>> outside the game took time and many chapters later.

I wonder why anyone bother to write their reviews without reading longer than the first few chapter. And knowing the prequel of this story actually helps a lot in understanding the flow of MC and ML relationship.

I can predict that the novel might reach 500 chapter or more since there are many things yet unknown although it's already ch 387.

For the people who can't wait...


Basically ML is stuck in the game and waiting to be absorbed by the evil system admin? game? and this is where the MC comes from. To save the ML from the evil clutch.

Seems like a fairy tale but when someone actually reached inside the game, there is no way out. The things about fulfilling your wishes is just a wishful thinking. Especially when the player reached level 900, their freedom is doom.

There are some player who actually come 10-20 years ago and still there. The MC need everyone helps, especially ML who knew what happened first to release everyone from this evil entity. ML actually self-insert himself in every game for the purpose of helping MC. That's why there is so many inhuman character of ML.


So please, give this novel a chance. It is entertaining for me who finding myself getting unimpressed with many bl c-novel with plot holes the size of jupiter and their generic writing. I can still stand the same main story but the writing and idea needs to differ to attract attention of the reader. <<less
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whimsandfantasies rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: c270 part1
Among the favorite novels that I am following right now. Kudos to the translator for the amazing translation!

Regarding the protagonists, the tags mention it all. Yes, the MC is a God and yes, he is OP. The ML is not r*pey, not in my opinion, because, r*pe usually implies lack of consent but, if you read the prequel, you will know that they are an old-married couple, so it is basically fun-play for the MC.

Honestly speaking, in most novels with many chapters (surpassing 200 or 300), the start is always... more>> rather slow or even a little obscure. So, unless you read atleast a 100 chapters or so, you rarely get a proper idea on what the story exactly entails or how it plays out. And this is one of those novels, especially since it has a prequel which makes their relationship even more obscure. So, I suggest that you hang in there for atleast 2 or 3 arcs and you will definitely realize how fun this novel actually is. <<less
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bluedrop rated it
March 19, 2023
Status: c196.2
AAAAAAGHHHHHH I didn't know RotLG had a sequel! I'm not a fan of horror but I'm willing to put up with it to see one of my fave MCs and pervy ML be together on screen. Thank you so much to the translators and their hard work ♥️♥️♥️

Edit: I really hate horror but gosh I am enjoying this immensely. The humor sprinkled in and the sexy stuff between MC and ML helps me take this in a lot. What I am seriously loving is that the supporting characters are also... more>> fleshed out and aren't discarded like props. They're here to stay and give so much more substance to the story.

Also unlike one of the reviewers here, the ML being such a horn dog for MC is one of my favorite things to see lol. Sad we don't get anything explicit and outright smut but things do get really hot and the implied scenes are pretty good.

Edit: The Ice Mountain Arc


made my heart f*cking bleed. Gosh the lengths the MC and ML would go to for each other 😭

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Gfreecs rated it
February 19, 2023
Status: c119.1
This is the sequel of the first novel which is important to read in order to really understand the main Baili Xin's character as well as the ML Dijia's basic characteristics. At the start of the setting of this novel both characters have already had a long relationship that is still going strong and have been separated due to the emergence of the new world.

This unlimited flow formula is basic, but interesting since it pulls the both of them where Baili Xin is limited due the character settings as well... more>> as his already established god powers being limited in different ways in each instance. You meet and get some memorable secondary characters, all with their own goals and hopes, though at times they are more often than not more muted as compared to the main character. The ML is fragmented in each instance as a character/being that only has vague ingrained feelings towards the MC whenever they meet.

The "romance" if you can call it that often feels pretty off putting since it's almost always forced on the MC, though he usually doesn't mind since he already has love for the ML, but it comes across really "rapey" to the reader because it's so sudden almost always comes off as the ML caging the MC. I can kind of understand why it has to happen so fast, since each world instance only lasts a matter of days at best and there really isn't time to really slow down and take their time. It all really hinges on having already read the previous novel and knowing that they are deeply in love and kind of helped put each other together. It also helps if you consider each ML instance to be a fragment of his overall obsessive love with the MC.

As far as the instances themselves they are pretty interesting, you get the hints of something larger at play as you follow along with story, broken up here and there by other players commenting on the live stream.


It's overall an interesting read, but I'm stopping at 119, personally because the ML's growing obsession is hitting me in the most annoying way. I just can't keep looking past it with how I see it myself. I understand the reason, and it's very in-line with how the first novel went where Baili Xin was gathering the fragments of Dijia and they fell in love in many different lifetimes always stronger than the last. And again the time constraints together with the looming tasks don't leave a lot of time to let MC/ML interaction be gradual and they already have an established love. But it comes off a little frustrating because only MC has the memory of those times while ML only has that vague feeling of pointed interest.

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Hats4Days rated it
October 4, 2022
Status: c35.1
First, translator awesome. No hate on them.

Onto the novel, I found it boring and not terribly interesting as a horror novel.

First frustration is that basically in the 2 complete arcs I’ve read, the MC solved it with a lot of the ML’s help. Like MC wouldn’t have gained access to areas without the ML’s help. So there’s no way we, the readers, could have solved the mystery or that the other characters would solve it either. So what’s the point? I guess to make the MC look best.

Second, I swear,... more>> this novel could have been 5 chapters shorter (IN JUST WHAT I READ) if the author stopped writing about how the character was the prettiest, most beautiful, most <insert positive adjective>. It was sometimes painful how the author would just start talking about the MC’s appearance in the middle of something else.

Third, the MC and ML are caricatures of BL novels. Can’t really say much more of personalities. MC is the best, overpowered, and most beautiful. ML is overpowered, most handsome, high key r*pey, and likes black box play (aka lock up MC so only he can have MC). Aka boring and unoriginal personalities.

Fourth, there’s a lack of narrative tension. Because the MC is OP and ML is holding his hand the entire time, nothing has negative consequences. It happens to other players but not to MC. The lack of tension and consequences hurts it lot as a horror novel. Why should you be scared if nothing is going to hurt you?

Last, the hook (s). Usually the author has something to hook an audience. I believe this is the MC’s terrible luck and god husband. Terrible luck hasn’t done anything (it is suppose to put him in the worst games, so far he’s not had any trouble. If there is a HINT of trouble, gets solved in a chapter bc plot armor). Husband? Uninteresting and randomly is interested in MC cause the power of love?

Idk, foreshadowing (more like fore-hit you over the head with a boulder) that husband is trapped. That is the only thread making me slightly interested.


eh. Basically you want something brain dead without any narrative tension then perfect story. You want something that makes you stay up until 3am both because you can’t put it down and you are too scared to sleep? I recommend going elsewhere. <<less
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Risingray rated it
July 6, 2023
Status: c167
Ok first of all I rated it five star why is it showing 2 stars, if someone knows how to fix this please comment and rest is my previous review

Wow.... some people are complaining that MC and ML are OP forgetting that they are literally gods for thousands of years and ML in each copy is also living thousands of years before meeting MC again for just few days...... some said that it is mentioned many times that MC is pretty, but just face it.... people are face-con in real... more>> life and people do talk about beauty if that beauty is skilled on top of that with good character........ it just shows character is lovable and I have seen many people like this in real life who are beauty with brain so I don't feel any kind of inferiority when people watching live broadcast praises MC...I mean common he is literally god among mortals and many people comment on his calmness and sense of security more than his good looks, he is good friend, rational person and only shows his immature side to his husband. And I literally loved ML..... he is a god but for his lover he is a very patient person who trusted him whole heartedly......I mean the dude lost his memories because he trusted MC will help him.... and each copy can sense the MC and MC knowing fully well ML, so he plays along with it... it's just a lover's banter and role play in different situations and ML knows MC enjoys this damsel in distress situations... I don't know where people saw ML being r*pey because all I see is trust, respect, patience and love <<less
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IateMangotodayAndTommorow rated it
October 28, 2023
Status: c333.2
First of all thanks to the translator for translating this!!!

It's fun following the MC after "The Return of the lord God" which has a decent read and also had my favorite system! My favorite part of the MC is his continued show of humanity which is cool, despite the cruel environment that surrounds them.

... more>>

Like when He reveived thousands of people in that one copy I was like woah!! XD


My only problem with this novel is it gets stale for some arcs that I skipped it whole... Maybe I am getting a fatigue reading the same settings like cultivation, etc, etc... Had some small spelling errors but I can ignore that. <<less
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June 13, 2023
Status: --
Starting this novel with the knowledge that there is a prequel and that the MC and the ML are already in a deep relationship! Also the line "Well, he had to admit that each had its own advantages" really caught my attention
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XD rated it
April 11, 2023
Status: c195.2
I think my favorite part of this series is the mini-stories. The background of the "worlds" they go. The background of characters (NPCs and other players). The villains' reasonings. It's all so well written. Each one is basically a short story on its own.

I didn't count how many times I've cried.
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ReereeChi rated it
March 16, 2023
Status: c13.3
I just found out, this was a sequel. Glad I found out earlier or my disappointment will be immeasurable. Prequel had lots of chapters, I'm already hooked in this sequel though! T^T it's hard to decide what to read first. I even prefer infinite flow novels rather than transmigration. Oh my what a dilemma. But anyway I love the MC and ML already. They're a cute couple.
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ylial rated it
March 13, 2023
Status: c144
I like instance stories, they are good but the ML is very p3rvert3d, making my eagerness on the plot abruptly stops.

Well, the MC likes his gong doing it. But I hate that they disregard the Occasion and people they're together when they do it. Also, MC seems like he's selling his body to ML. For every help that the ML will do, a s3xual gratification will be given back.

Hence, The romance is common, repetitive and tiring to read.
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