After the Almighty Cannon Fodder is Reborn


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Bai Chenghan was reborn, returning to the very beginning of the tragedy that plagued his life. His half-brother, born of a different mother, innocently pleaded for the inheritance left by their grandmother. The greed in his brother’s eyes revealed that the inheritance was indeed precious. In their previous life, his brother had used this lucky stone to reach the pinnacle of success, snatching away Bai Chenghan’s childhood sweetheart and pushing him into an arranged marriage with his comatose cousin. Bai Chenghan’s luck deteriorated day by day, leading to dropping out of school, disfigurement, disability, and a life of despair until his eventual downfall. Meanwhile, his half-brother became the most sought-after top star, the youngest film emperor, the youngest academic award recipient, and one half of the most perfect on-screen CP couple. All of this success was built upon the fortune that he had stolen from Bai Chenghan. However, this time, his brother’s luck didn’t seem as favorable.

The only thing that Bai Chenghan willingly did was run to his cousin’s comatose fiancé for the wedding ceremony. Later…

[Shocking! Rising star Bai Wenyu’s wedding scene overshadowed by an unexpected surprise from a mediocre variety show?] Onlooker: Did they buy their way into the trending topics? I want to see who dares to do this!

Shortly after…
Onlooker: Ah, ah, brother is so handsome!
[Reality Show about Love and Marriage? Only interested in Bai Wenyu’s marriage, the rest are just has-been celebrities! And amateurs? Not interested, not interested!] Later… so satisfying!
Amateur couple is the best!
As a comparison group for married couples, Bai Chenghan’s luck value is closely related to his partner, Li Yu. Before marrying into the Li family, Bai Chenghan thought it would be difficult to gain Li Yu’s favor, considering that in his previous life, Li Yu often wore a cold expression and seemed to despise him. However, after Bai Chenghan married into the Li family, he looked at the fierce and intimidating Li Yu in front of him, falling into a long silence. Meanwhile, the system kept reminding him with a continuous sound of +1+1+++ indicating the increase in Li Yu’s favorability.

Until the favorability value reached its limit…

Bai Chenghan: ????

*永远的神 (yǒngyuǎn de shén; yyds) means “eternal God” and describes an outstanding person or thing. It’s similar to the saying GOAT (Greatest of All Time) in English.

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3 Reviews

New hy-d-ra
Oct 02, 2023
Status: Completed
Not rating, although I completed reading this novel at some point (I remember too little to comment on entire novel), but I have a bit to say about disabled characters in the novels. This will be the place for my outburst.

Personally, I'm not a fan of seeing disabled characters in the novels, at one point it felt almost like a trend and this is the main reason why I didn't like. But one disability or another might be mentioned in the novel, in modern novels it's always someone in a... more>> wheelchair after a car accident. We also know that at one point they'll heal anyway, so it leads some to think what is the point? But authors try to make it "diverse", that someone devastated after a tragedy can find love and strive to come out from the shadow. The thing is I don't like most of the executions of these novels (not this novel in particularly, but in general, I've read a bunch).

But, there's a big BUT. Many readers might go through this stage. Most commonly we forget that Eastern and Western cultures differ and they differ a lot. Let's also face the truth, too many countries are not accomodating when it comes to disabilities (from accidents, born, veterans), so let's not point fingers on who is who, you can't point fingers and say that every corner of your place is accomodating, while others do it wrong, especially when it comes to mentality. Have you forgotten the stories how disabled cildren in the past were thrown away, abandoned and left with no way to survive? It's only in modern times we changed our thinking and became more open-minded. But don't expect every place to be like that. But don't expect every place to not be like that.

So while I was reading many novels from bits and pieces here and there the picture slowly emerged. It won't come as a surprise and I will say the obvious, but like in many cases it has a lot to do with mentality. I'm not even touching Taoism. I don't expect the modern Asians to be this bad as it was described, but I can understand where the sentiment comes from (except the reproductive organ disability joke along with leg disability, that one was bad). It's not that I accept, but I can see that most of it has to do with fate/luck/fortune. The most basic example how integrated some things become is that remember how in Chinese film industry they start before filming with sacrificial ritual or give red envelopes to anyone who dies on sreen to ward off bad luck, they believe in hexagrams and numerology, there is still some superstition going on etc. etc. So I wouldn't jump people who believe in feng shui and karma and all the other stuff, since we discuss it from the point that treating people with disabilities like that is bad, while others might mean it from the point that what happened to a person is a bad luck. Yeah, I know it seems ridiculous, but what can you do? I also was at the stage of wondering once. Although I must add, not all authors put the disability in such a bad context, some try to put it on the opposite scale, that such old-fashioned thinking does not belong in modern times, it's harmful and someone who suffered should not be treated like they won't be able to do anything in their life if they lost ability to walk. This novel should be treated as one of the bad examples of "let's not write it like this". Especially when it comes out so one-directional and simply bad. Even the rates on JJ aren't that high, so...

PS: As a redemption arc for this author I must say, I've read several of their novels and not all of them are bad. They have flaws, some were fine. They might have a problem with omnipotence of their characters and lacking depth, they also wrote several works with similar framework. Just saying. <<less
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Jun 01, 2023
Status: c76
Cliche second-chance story full of condemnation towards people with disabilities.

MC is OP, can somehow do absolutely everything perfectly, and it just so happens that these things always come up in the shows he participates in.
Characters either love or hate him immediately, of course he’s blindingly beautiful, always in the right place at the right time to be a hero/gain fame, etc.

ML is the cold CEO with a soft heart.

... more>> Original Shou is a one-dimensional villain.

Everyone on the villain’s side shares one brain cell.

The thing that makes me lower my rating from mediocre two stars is, that ML’s disability is mentioned, ridiculed, and portrait as a dooming flaw by basically everyone and comes up in nearly every chapter.
I seriously have to ask how much the writer despises wheelchair users.
That this is so prevalent in Chinese novels is sickening, that seemingly none of these writer can think for themselves instead of parroting this brainless nonsense makes it even worse.

It’s the year 2023, there’s no excuse for this, neither makes it any sense.
Using this to cause braindead drama is low-quality writing.

Romance is frustrating as well because both people act like teens too s*upid to confess or at least make it obvious that they are interested, MC doesn’t even want to realise that he’s in love with ML when everyone else can clearly see it.

I tried to finish it despite all of the cons but now that the romance gets dragged out AGAIN even at chapter 76, I'm not willing to waste any more time on something that was a 2 to begin with. <<less
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Jul 09, 2023
Status: Completed
The MC is SUPER DUPER beautiful that everyone fell in love with him for his beauty. Take the ex-fiancé for example, he grew up with the villain stepbrother but changed his mind to like the MC after seeing how beautiful the MC is.

There was potential to make this a good story instead it got turned into a brainless story about obsession with beauty. The MC was super OP which I didn't care: MC can win a professional car racer (even though he was a country bumpkin where did he learn... more>> to race car?), play piano like a pro, play guzeng like a pro, fight sword like a master from a wuxia series, and many more.

Also, I agree with the other reviews about disability in Chinese BL novel. I read two other novels where ML was on a wheelchair/cannot walk, and I was amazed at the discrimination toward disability in it. In one novel, the MC joked with the ML that if his legs are not working then his d*ck is probably not working too. I find that offensive to think that men in a wheelchair also has a disable pen*s... and that was coming from the MC. I didn't like that MC to begin with anyway so I dropped when I saw that 'joke' from the MC.

In another novel where the author wrote the ML disable on a wheelchair, the author had to apologize in a note stating that she/he hopes the reader don't hate her/him for creating a disable ML. It was as if disability is such a bad thing it makes me wonder if disability was looked upon badly in their society or not. <<less
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