After Taken as a Prisoner of War, the Vampire Queen Turned Me Into a Vampire and Made Me Her Daughter


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As a holy knight, I had been taken as a prisoner of war during an engagement against the vampires. “Oh my, granting you death? You wish! Accept my embrace and turn into a vampire. I will be counting on you in the future~ my precious daughter.” The silver haired, vampress loli queen lifted my chin gently, and with a smile of ridicule, aimed her sharp fangs towards my neck.

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The Blood Princess And The Knight
Vampire and Knight
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36 Reviews

Mar 23, 2020
Status: c29
Ok, they got me. Funny, original, and a bit chuuni. It's not serious, but not overly goofy. It has a story to tell and it isn's wasting the reader's time. I look forward to more.

Ch 27 update. It's starting to lose focus. I have the feeling it's about to take a hard turn into "waste of time" ecchi harem territory.

CH. 29 And there goes the MC's brain. OK, this took a nosedive from chuuni but funny to brain dead misunderstanding humor BS. I'm out.
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Feb 29, 2020
Status: c500
I've been reading this novel in the past 2 weeks and reached chapter 500-ish. What I have to say about this work is it is excellent. Every character is well-developed with their own stories and characteristics. The plot of the novel is interesting and fairly dark with many twists. Our MC is pretty clever and reasonable (the further the story progresses, the more cunning he/she becomes). The story also has a fair amount of humor which helps make it more light-hearted. What I like most about this novel is how... more>> the author wraps things up at the end of each volume with a satisfactory ending with enough cliffhangers for future volumes. I was glad to see this novel picked up and translated to English and I hope the translator would not drop this masterpiece. (Sorry for my bad english btw)


For anyone who wonders whether our MC is op or not, he is decently op imo. In human form he/she can be considered to be the strongest among human BUT human are just a bunch of weaklings in this novel. So don't expect him/her to sweep across the battlefield and overpower every enemies. However his skills and TWO identities are enough to face-slap many others. Only later on would you see an actual op MC. Btw dont expect much romance in this series bc as far as i've read romance is still.. Lacking and I am not sure whether the MC is more of a girl or a boy but I was expecting it to go the yuri route

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Apr 21, 2020
Status: c44
This story suffers from the typical problem of having a main character thats supposed to be old but acts like hes a kid. For example in one chapter he educates a veteran knight how a knight is supposed to behave but in another chapter he gets educated with an argument that basically claims hes not righteous because hes a racist when humanity was/is basically the losing side in a war of extinction with the demons and the MC who apparently fought on the front lines for a long time actually... more>> accepts this as a valid argument. The same argument basically portraits him as a hypocrite because he would shelter some harmless demon in a human city but not a super powerful vampire and again the MC accepts that. In short the characters moral reasoning doesnt make sense in the world that they are actually living in and the MC behaves like a kid even though isnt one. The story is slapstick comedy and because nothing much actually happened in 40 chapters its like reading slice of life. <<less
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Mar 18, 2020
Status: c36
I love it. It is my cup of tea and I agree with most of the MC's actions along with actually seeing what he does as not as embarrassing as it should be, which is great because I got major problems with 2nd hand embarrassment that cause me to be unable to read or watch certain things (I.E. Watching the MC dress up in a costume and do cringey stuff is literally unreadable, but this MC actually pulls it off and makes it cool).

... more>>

The MC sticks to his values and is pretty stubborn about it, some people are annoyed by his straight up racism towards demons, especially vampires, but saying that he was a knight who fought against tons of evil demons and led a vampire army that killed many innocents, while also always being near an insane vampire queen, you get to see how it is not unusual that his prejudice is deep.


Finally the thing I like the most about this read is that the current translator is the greatest, I love him/her. <<less
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Jul 07, 2021
Status: c50
Honestly, there's a lot to like about this novel. Interesting premise and plot developments, good world building, not spoon-feeding the readers everything and keeping some mystery and intrigue going. So why the 1-star rating? This web novel commits one cardinal sin:

The MC is insufferable.

He's a hypocritical, brain-dead racist without a strand of self-awareness. He repeatedly throws his emotional baggage, temper and violence at those who are trying to help him, while moping around when the people he claims to protect are in danger. He jumps to the most s*upid conclusions... more>> imaginable in an effort to feed his own superiority complex and then gets angry when reality doesn't match his black-and-white world. In just a few sentences he'll repeatedly violate his established beliefs for no apparent reason, and then deny that he did so.

I really wanted to like this WN, it has so much going for it. If only the MC would either calm down and ask questions before jumping to conclusions, or be more faithful to his beliefs, this would be fine. But as it stands, I can't continue tolerating this idiot. <<less
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Feb 21, 2020
Status: c7
I am now eight chapters in. When I started I expected a story set in medieval times. While the time period/technology is more modern the society is quite backwards and medieval.

The gender bender part isn't really that important to the story until now. This happens in the prologue and Chapter one has a time skip of a year. So it isn't really touched upon.

The story until now is interesting, not much information has been given, thanks to that time skip. But it gives enough information to peak my interest, how... more>> the character will adapt to sociaty with his current predicament. (Which isn't really the gb part)

The translation is great, the translator does an outstanding job. Only things is that the chapters are short and could be seen as two pages of a book at max. But the translator updates frequently so this upsets it a bit.

Until now the story has given me enough to keep it on my reading list. <<less
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Feb 22, 2020
Status: v2c100

A story about a human male hero that can transform into a loli vampire trying to make a living hidden away from his former comrades. Still following his creed to obliterate all demon (especially loli vampire) but fail in the face of cat ears.

This MC combat power was not in line with his job description... He's sometimes strong and sometimes weak letting his comrades die or losing a fight against some low tier boss, he supposes to be the strongest knight after all. The story is kind of great, filled... more>> with cat ears and lolis <3. It contains a bit too much dry humor but the pacing is great with little filler. No major plot so far.

*Update* This author is a huge sad*st that forces MC to bleed 3 buckets of blood before allowing him to transform every single time in the hope of making combat intense and exciting but it is not.

A little bloody later on, not recommended for fluffy readers, imagine goblin slayer, hell yeah. <<less
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Mama Cayna
Mama Cayna
Oct 25, 2022
Status: v13
This is one of the best Chinese novel /manhua which I have ever read. There are several reasons why this novel is worth reading:

  1. If you like story of the family drama with slice of life, comedy and tragedy, then this novel is worth reading. I have never come across a novel that presents a family plot as unique as this.

    How the MC interacts with his adopted sister who became a yandere after the MC left. How the MC meets a blood sister who disguises herself as a criminal but is actually just a spoiled little sister who misses her older sister. How the MC acts tsundere towards his vampire mother who is loving but hard-hearted and strong. How MC interacts with her vampire aunt who wants a cute loli niece that is MC. How the MC disguises himself as a stiff and stubborn man in front of his tsundere female cousin. How MC becomes a strict and loving mother to her innocent and naughty daughter.

  2. The character development of MC is really alive. The MC has really developed his personality to become a reliable person, from sentimental to rational, and still sticks to the noble values of chivalry. MC is not a holy character who is free from sin. Instead MC learns from his/her sins to become a wise, mature and reliable person.
  3. The genre is indeed gender bender but the gender bender genre only shows the transition between the MC as a knight (male) and a vampire princess (female). The MC himself doesn't really care about his gender and prefers the comfort aspect.

    MC was actually a female from previous life.

  4. The plot of the story is filled with political conspiracies, wars, racism, conflicts, crimes and betrayals that can make you feel 'mind blowing'. The tragedy genre in this novel really stands out in the storyline.
  5. Unexpected character development into a plot twist. You might think that certain characters are friends to the MC because they are kind or at least not suspicious but can turn into villains who betray viciously. On the other hand, the character who initially looks bad towards the MC turns out to be an ally and can even be considered a friend/family member who really cares about the MC.
  6. MC has over power but still growing. Even so, the enemies are also strong so that MC practically has to fight extra not only relying on strength but also intelligence to be able to defeat his enemies.
  7. The MC has an unexpected hidden identity as a plot twist. The MC himself is quite good at hiding his abilities so as not to be exposed to the public. A little leak of this novel adheres to the concept of reincarnation but it is different from Japanese reincarnation novels where the MC usually brings memories from his previous life. In this novel, people who are reincarnated do not carry memories from their previous lives unless those memories are sealed with a certain method and the MC is also the subject of reincarnation of important figures who drive the history of the world.
  8. Although including the chinese fantasy novel but it doesn't show many mainstream Chinese fantasy novel elements like cultivating. The author truly developed his own concept regarding the fantasy strength owned by the population of the world in the novel.
  9. Not many fans service that are poury. This novel sells more dynamic story plots, instead of providing disgusting fans service.
  10. If you like loli characters you will most likely like the characters and designs of MC who is very cute. Besides the MC, many other characters are cute loli in this novel.
In addition, the lack of this novel is more on:

  1. Many improper expressions / vulgars are even relecting in dialogue between characters who might disturb you.
  2. This novel clearly enters the dark fantasy genre so that there are so many cruel realities that might make you feel uncomfortable when reading it.
  3. Don't expect romance in this novel. As far as I've read, all the romances between the characters end in an ironic and tragic ending. For examples:

    How a female knight who has saved the world ends up marrying a drunken gambler who often hurts his wife until she decides to commit su*cide. How a carefree daughter who loves her family ends up getting a traitorous husband who forces his wife to betray the royal family. How A wise and dignified princess chooses to take off her crown to be able to pursue her love but is killed by the one she loves. Everything ends tragically, I can't understand why these good women get such a tragic love story? Maybe the writer hates or is traumatized by romance? Who knows.

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May 17, 2022
Status: c137
This novel has just gone to shit...

I like the premise but it feels like the author is developing the story as they go along but not correcting older chapters creating inconsistencies, for example

... more>>

During the troll invasion arc MC uses vampire form to kill the trolls who were super weak against him, then switches to his human form and kills a bunch of trolls without much issue. Then during the sewer arc he struggles against goblins and suffers a wound, later in that arc he fights goblins and a troll and struggles a lot, it feels like the author is trying to create the him being weak in human form despite portraying him before as a strong hero, then ends up using vampire form after making a dramatic inner-monolog about how he can't use this ability much since it pushes him towards the vampire side, despite having none of this during the invasion arc... Then it gets even worse in the orphanage arc since he shows his radiant armor which he has never used in a crisis, despite this form seemingly not having any major issues like the vampire form making him "less human" despite the fact that he could of used it to crush the troll rather than his vampire form... Overall it just creates this annoying feeling for the reader with how his abilities keep changing. (For example how he doesn't use his knight armor ability in the sewer after the cat girl faints despite it not having a drawback like vampire form)


While this does annoy me its still readable, I think it would be between 3-4 stars... but for some f*cking reason the author added 2-3 chapters of just pure s*xual harassment for little to no reason... Ke'er gets a job since they are broke and the author decides to have her work at a maid cafe where she is then sexually harassed by her boss and co-workers... I really don't understand why so many authors treat yuri s*xual harassment like it isn't s*xual harassment, and the weird part about this story is it isn't even the fanservice harassment, as a reader it just feels gross. (The boss tells her to change into revealing clothing, makes her change while the boss is staring at her, then her co-workers smell her while one puts their finger to her lips and then sucks on it to have a "taste" of her)

Its hard to describe but it feels like almost every chinese novel has this undertone of women being objects or lesser... For good novels I generally ignore it but with novels I already have issues with (for this one its in the spoiler) I just can't motivate myself to bother reading through it when there are plenty of japanese and korean shitty novels that don't have this disturbing undertone... Its such a weird thing since I can't site an example but it feels like its almost always constant in chinese novels.

Also, just one final thing is what is up with this author and loli's... Its complete overkill to have every single f*cking relevant character a loli... His female form. Loli. Vampire mother. Loli. Ke'er. Loli. Classmate cat girl. Loli. Moon knight headmaster. Loli.
Not to mention the fact that almost every single loli in this novel is sexualized. It really gives off the vibe that the author is a pe*ophile with lets say for example Ke'er we are constantly told how young she is yet then the author devotes 3 chapters towards s*xual harassment towards her (Where it's very clear she doesn't like it) and this is a constant thing... The more I write this review the more things I can think of that are wrong with this story if you stop to think about it but I can't be bothered to type more so I'm leaving it with this. <<less
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Mar 04, 2021
Status: c450
One of the best novels I have ever read. Definitely in my top 3.

The best I have read here on NU.

The main issues I see is that the author sometimes loses focus.


In one volume the MC returns to the vampire land and it takes 60 chapters until he reaches the capital...


Other than that it is a master piece. Read it.
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Oct 22, 2020
Status: c95
I started to read this series way to early, it' really really good but you progress so fast you would be done in 2 days...

Luckily the raw is over 700 chapters so I will probably just translate it with deepl and read it, its this good, even though the reading experience wont be that nice, the plot and the characters makes it worth it.
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Oct 09, 2020
Status: c94
It's good, a bit slow in the beging.

No it's not a harem and the MC isn't as dumb as he seems at first, he/she falls into the crouching idiot hidden badass category.
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Because it works
Because it w
Jun 23, 2020
Status: c227
I personally believe the strong points of this story are its premise (but not always the story), its characters (but not its characterization) and its setting (but not its world-building). The MC is probably the best example of everything that's good and bad with the story: Is he a deep and flawed character whose experience doesn't mean he can't grow more?, or is he a man-child of vague and contradictory age with an idiotic "'hypocritical' honor before reason" personality?

Like, everything is nice in theory but its execution's sometimes so-so. It... more>> makes me feel it's the kind of story you either love or hate —no in-between. That said, if you can weather the painfully slow start, this story is definitely worth a read, or at the very least a try to see whether it's your thing or not. <<less
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Apr 20, 2020
Status: c20
I think the issue I have with this story. Is that it's not what I'd expected. From that title and synopsis. I thought this would be about some Vampire queen doting a ton on her 'Daughter' And any whacky hijinks that ensue.

With the story itself, the biggest issue is that there is a massive time skip of 1-Year at the start. Glossing over a lot of the parts I'd have liked to see and making the story seem rushed.

Being turned into a Vampire loli of that is now that daughter... more>> of the Vampire Queen, well, there isn't much to it. The MC has the ability to transform. So he is now able to just be his regular self. At least that's what I think, It wouldn't make much sense he can transform his body into that of some random dude but not his original body. The vampire part is also rarely brought up. So the story just feels more like an OP dude that used to be famous now being incognito. <<less
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Jul 08, 2021
Status: --
Advertised a story about cute vampire girl, got story about extremely racist uncle instead...
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May 25, 2020
Status: --
I may be a bit biased because I edit for this novel but here goes.


The translation quality is decent (when I read it) and I think that with the edits we do before we actually release the chapter it gets pretty good

Story: Its a pretty fun story overall It's a dark fantasy romp and if that your type of thing go for it, it falls victim to a few general s*upidities you see in Chinese novels, like people holding others up on a pedestal for no reason at all, but... more>> aside from that the only real drawback is that I can't remember half of the names, I mean I remember the Important one's but aside from that it's gotten to the point where for some character's I basically recall them and classmate 1 or knight 1. If

Art: Pick it up just for the art, my art is amazing and after chapter 60 I draw, my art is so amazing that it puts Leonardo da Vinci to shame. (All art in the T.L is unofficial and made by me an editor)

Consensus: I don't know how to write a review, and if your looking for a dark fantasy novel this is a fun one to pick up <<less
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May 22, 2020
Status: c58
This novel was a surprise for me, I started with low expectations and the story has developed so far really well. The MC is really interesting, as he makes us sometimes cheer and others jeer him, and the story is just starting and with a time skip to boot. There is more action than I expected, but it not exagerated and present all the time. The side characters are interesting enough to keep an eye out for them.

The translations is also really good, this is the first time I'm reading... more>> a CN novel, but I can understand most what is spooken and there are tidbits with more info after the chapter.

Overall an interesting series that I will keep following and only hope it continues getting better. <<less
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May 09, 2020
Status: c51
You thought this is a medieval fantasy but plot twist, this is a modern civilization but with medieval/fantasy military, for some reason. MC just gonna keep acting like a kid despite being an old man and solve everything with his OP Martial Art and don't need to think abou things too hard with his totally not vampire harem by his side of course. Also he/she is can change gender so MC will not catch the gae.

... more>>

MC also didn't change his name after his "transformation", for some reason nobody remember the name of the "mornarch knight" who etablish an knight order people respect. And only one year have pass, its only took one year for his name to be forgotten

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Aug 04, 2023
Status: Completed
This is truly a gem, the novel does not have many psychological details of the characters. Although Quy Bai was turned into a vampire, most of them use male form, but each character has its own story., surprise, dark plot. Fantasy theme with a bit of humor in it. I must say this is one of the best novels I have ever read.

Most of the story basically revolves around the MC's journey of redemption. Quy Bach is not super strong, he is like level 70 in a game with a... more>> max level of 200. Tragic circumstances lead him down the path of a heartless piece with false beliefs.. You might think it's like Tanya, another genben novel but the fantasy, he's lonely, poor, brazen, which makes reading his journey interesting. Really recommend this, it gave me the saddest but also funniest experience I've ever had.

Btw if you want to enjoy this novel then please skip episode 8 and episode 9, it's completely nonsense. I don't understand why the author dropped such a ridiculous buff and threw it on the ground, for any other purpose than to turn the existing good plot into a piece of Sweeden cheese, this will continue to happen in the next episodes, ignore it and act like it never happened <<less
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Oct 14, 2021
Status: c110
The story is pretty good. Comedy and action is on point.

The main problem is that the story is riddled with Cliches.

... more>>

For instance, the class which the MC becomes a part of, is formed of very special beings. One is princess of the cat race, the troll is also someone special (not yet revealed), the vampire is also a noble and MC himself/herself is the Vampire princess.

Wherever, the MC goes, it has to be a big problem. Either the MC is already running to a big problem or wherever the MC goes becomes a big problem.


The MC is also bad at prioritizing. On one hand, he is a "good knight" and wants to protect innocent people but at the same time he is not letting go of his own wishes for that.


The MC regularly promises his friend that he will protect them only to not use his full power (even of a knight let alone the vampire powers) which either creates difficult situations and even leads to deaths. He however, always survives because he ends up relying on his vampire powers.


The story also feels inconsistent in some ways. He has been a vampire and locked up for only an year but he doesn't know much about the human side.

The translation however, is very good. The chapters though are very small. The comedy from being Gender bended is also good. If you are okay with cliches and difficult situations (that seem to be artificially crafted due to MC's stubborness), then you can give it a read. <<less
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