After Swapping Bodies With My Arch-Nemesis


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Every single student in Yi High knows that the school bully – Chen Yueyang and the school genius – Shen Shicang have been at each other’s necks ever since their freshman year.

During the start of their senior year, the duo somehow swapped bodies in a dramatic turn of events, and because of this, they ended up becoming roommates.

On the night of the final day of their University Entrance Exam, the school bully confronted the school genius in a back alley not far from the school back gate.

Shen Shicang, “ Are you looking for trouble?”

Chen Yueyang, “Trouble and I are inseparable.”

The following morning, with his hands on his waist, Chen Yueyang began contemplating his life.

Why was his life so different from what he had in mind? /tableflip.

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