After Squandering My Money, I Became Viral!


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Cheng Youyou became famous when she was young, but as years passed by she became more and more transparent in the entertainment industry.

As the time she couldn’t make money continued, she died. She was only left with 10 dollars.

After her death, she knew that she was a cannon fodder who was destined to not survive in the entertainment industry.

The heroine of the original Novel has a money-absorbing system that can suck all the money Cheng Youyou should have earned into her bag.

Only 23 years old, after Cheng Youyou was born again: I love it, but it’s a prodigal.
Reluctant to buy clothes, but she needed to buy! Expensive beauty spa, do it! Luxurious hair care, go!
Netizen screamed: She! Is! Prodigal!

Participate in variety shows,
During the dragon boat race mission, the guests took out: oars, bamboo poles…
Cheng Youyou: An electric motor, go!
Escape from the room, horror NPCs approaching, all guests screaming and avoiding but…
Cheng Youyou chased the npc: Friends, your foundation is really white, where did you buy it? I also want to buy.

Netizen: Cheng ​Youyou has really high traffic, hahaha
Result: Sit firmly in the c position in variety shows and she will get the highest pay

Received a very promising script,
Result: The acting is extremely real, please look after it.
Money sucking system: This is too difficult, Cheng Youyou has too much money to suck up, forget it.

Cheng Youyou:? ? ? She didn’t die.

Seeing a lot of zeros in the bank balance: Go on…Being Prodigal

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jocelyn473 rated it
February 9, 2022
Status: --
I mtl the entire thing because I have been obsessed with salted fish/spending money novels recently. Its really easy to mtl, super understand because its a really simple novel. There are no huge plots or horrible family members, as she is an orphan and remains an orphan, and there is only one real "villian" of the story.

... more>>

The villian, the female lead who caused her to die in the original timeline, disappears about 1/3 way into the plot, and even her ending is just a side note, like a few paragraphs. Which is great because her plotline was honestly really boring...


The real star of this novel was definitely the female lead, without her loveableness and squandering, I would never have finished the novel. Honestly, I have read a lot of entertainment novels, and I hate to say it, but usually I don't think I would have been a fan of the female lead in real life. I def would have been a fan of Cheng youyou lol.

I don't know who tagged this romance, but it honestly isn't?


The male lead shows up less than her castmates tbh. Which is a shame because I thought he was really interesting? lmao, their first meeting is him being a sort of extra/passerby in her reality show, and him deciding she is now his best friend because she shows him to enjoy life. He isnt the typical male lead, because while he is the richest in the world, and handsome (they only mention his looks like once I think, maybe not at all, but veterans of these novels know he's got to be handsome lol), he isnt really cold, just quieter I guess...I cant explain it. But when have we ever seen a male lead that thinks the female lead is his new best friend because she showed him the real joy of being a shopaholic lmaoooo.


The ending was honestly kind of rushed, maybe the author couldn't think of anything else?, even the FL couldn't think of other things to buy lol. I would have enjoyed seeing their romance actually flourish, although their few scenes together were cute


Dude she bought him hundreds of boxes of eye shadow as a return gift and he enjoyed it lmao. And there are no fireworks allowed in their apartment complex, so he buys a bunch of drones to fake fireworks, and she asks him where she can buy them herself LOLOLOL these two are funny together bc they are both being super sincere, no blackbellied here. Also he spoils her, but so does she because they both want to spend money lol


Last thing, because my class is about to start so Im going to end this essay lol, I really enjoyed the female relationships in this novel. Alot of times in female lead novels, ESPECIALLY entertainment ones, she is surrounded by cool and interesting and funny guys, and every woman, and I do mean every woman, except maybe her assistant, is her enemy, or comparing themselves to her. 2 women cant be on top s*upidness. Not in this novel.


Most of her friends are girls, and one of her friendships with this actress who is like the movie queen, but is famously known to have no friends, blows up so much that they become the national CP lol. Like they are called the future sisters, we get whole descriptions of fan videos, and she shows up as much or even more than the male lead! Even the last chapter, major spoiler here Yes the final scene is her inviting the male lead in to watch TV, after finally realizing that he likes her and knowing she isnt going to die, but the few scenes before that is her and her female best friend crying together after winning huge awards, and netizens obsessing over them! Heck, the actress has never posted on social media before, and her first and only posts are about the female lead and their friendship!


TLDR This is a cute, slice of life story about a really really likable FL, who is the goddess of luck lmao, with no real drama because the only antagonist is a small character. Everyone else, male or female usually becomes friends with the FL, and the romance, albeit barely there, is cute as well. Im going to remove the romance tag and change it into romantic subplot though, I was a litttttle misled. <<less
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Ryoto.Ryuji.630 rated it
October 8, 2022
Status: c60
The story is quite interesting, but about halfway through, you can tell that the story became a victim of censorship.

... more>>

The story starts off with our FL trying to spend her money and buying everything that she likes. She promotes the products that are good and interesting, and doesn't care where they come from. But about halfway through, the direction changes.

The FL starts to become interested in domestic development. It starts with the FL changing the direction of her career from being a national actor which she has previously touted as what she loves and what she wants to do, to working in what China refers to as "The Mainstream". This is working at significantly reduced pay on government projects and propaganda films.

The route she had taken in the story until the turnaround was completely cut off. She stops spending her money on foreign brands and items, which weren't all that detailed, and starts looking for domestic produced products. In any story, this would be fine, but miraculously, she finds all sorts of items and goods that outperforms all foreign brands. Saying that they are better because they are produced in China for the Chinese.

The biggest issue with this novel, is that there is a foreign jewelry brand that makes her a "brand friend". She carries out activities that promote the brand and bring a large number of benefits to the domestic market for the brand. But, when the local office requests to make her the domestic spokesperson, what is written is that Europeans aren't as efficient in their work as the Chinese.

And worse yet is that she is ignored by not only this luxury brand, but all foreign luxury brands, as if they look down on her.


Quite frankly, Nationalism is one of my biggest turnoffs when reading a Chinese novel. I know that China doesn't permit novels and the like to be published without including national interests, but do they really have look down on and degrade foreigners so much?

The story that was quite interesting, ended up being made into Chinese propaganda and has lost my interest. Down grading to two stars.

One thing to note, when a novel is turned into propaganda, the novel is ended early to prevent the writer from hindering the propaganda with additional chapters. Unfortunately, a large amount of propaganda novels started out quite interesting, and was doing very well. I just think it is quite shameful. <<less
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solivagantsoul rated it
June 17, 2022
Status: Completed
its a fun read.

honestly felt like this would make more sense had the MC been transmigrated but it was a rebirth to around 1/2 yrs before her original death (I think)

I loved the extras but felt that I wish I could get some intimate moments with the leads... like I really wanna know how these two with this beautiful relationship enjoy each other...

... more>> could obviously be better if some plots were taken more seriously but ig not what the author was aiming for

a casual fun read... no serious plot.

romantic subplot.

its a novel about becoming crazy rich and popular 'accidentally'

although it starts out as salted fish in matters she has high interest I she works harder than anyone else.

easy to mtl. <<less
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