After Sleeping With My Childhood Friend’s Best Friends


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The scales had fallen from Xiang Yi Mo’s eyes. 

She suddenly realised that she was merely a facilitator in the relationship between the male lead and female lead, where she would perform her roles as the cannon fodder and female supporting character to the best of her abilities. 

And, she was also told that she was about to die soon? 

If she wanted to survive, she had to capture all three of the male lead’s best friends — Jing Qian, Lu Wang Chen and Ji Heng Yu — and, at the same time, collect Love Value and Love Juices Value from the mission’s capture targets.

Xiang Yi Mo: ???

Frick! What’s modesty? 

In order to survive, Xiang Yi Mo was willing to do whatever it took. 

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4 Reviews

New Sakurahime10
Aug 07, 2022
Status: c87
Its what ive been looking for that I cant really find in a book. Really wanted to read a reverse harem one and most books I found (english books) were either gang related, heavy bullying (which I found disgusting), confusing plots (nonsense) smut was good but this was wonderful T^T

... more>>

you might be weirded out well really weirded out and grossed that the male leads have touched her while unconscious or wasnt herself (basically took advantage of) but you do know that at some point FL was like yeah for the points! But yeah it weirded me out a bit, especially for the guys to like, fall for her once they had something physical going on too ahahhaa but yeah


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Jun 24, 2022
Status: c141
I'm the translator of this novel. Hence, this review might be biased.

This novel is my guilty pleasure I read every day (since this novel is ongoing) *cough*. I loved how detailed the FL in her planning. The MLs are possessive yet truly treasures the FL.

The following is the pros and cons of this novel:



    • Reverse Harem (1 female lead and 3 male leads)
    • Face-slapping/refreshing novel
    • Scheming FL as she plans on how to approach the MLs and even made sure that she doesn't go out of character too.
    • Clear-headed characters. The only irrational characters are the original ML and the original FL.
    • In my opinion, it's a good balance between smut and plot.
    • Sweet and fluffy. E.g how the ML will pack her luggage and sent her to her friend's house after they "fought."


    • Since this is a smut novel, some parts will definitely seem immoral or unethical. An example would be one of the ML kissing the FL while she was "sleeping" (since she wasn't asleep).
    • The FL stays in her "character" for quite a number of chapters, which might annoy some. However, the part where she officially prove everyone wrong is very refreshing.
    • The romance isn't your traditional courtship
      > intimacy. In my opinion, it's the opposite. And I feel that for some of the MLs only fell in love after being intimate with the FL. But on the flip side, their romance is such where love blossomed from the time they spent with each other (since they were young till the present times).
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 11, 2022
Status: c137
To some extent the reasons why the male leads choose her and arent opposed to sharing her is kind of understandable? They're all suffering from some sort of problem and feel like a normal person when theyr with her.

Its really smutty though the descriptions can be kind of off (?) Or not make any sense Though that might just be cause I mtled it. Don't expect the characters to be very fleshed out either or sensical descriptions since its smut.
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Jul 03, 2022
Status: c146
In FLs previous life, she was ill and due to patriarchal family and her illness she killed herself.

Now, awakening as Momo, who was in love with QC who only treat her as sister at the beginning and QY the current girlfriend was actually all about her revenge and jealousy.

... more>>

She was told by the system that she is ill which is unknown, just fainting, body organs declining and vomiting blood here and there.

She had to collect fluids from our 3 guys.

She started with Doctor JQ, who found out about her illness and decided to do home visit, eventually cohabiting with her.

Next is LW, previous soldier turned businessman, she approached him at a bar, drunk scene turned into taking her home.

Last is, Jh. Momo was sent to his company, she accidentally ate a chocolate with apphrodisiac thus they were entangled.

They found out about 3 of them chasing her, agreed to be together. Their first bed scene, they're altogether as well. JQ became Momo's first man but they'll all happy.

Again this story is smut so, dont mind the plot.

She is sent to hospital multiple times, but always ended up having vigorous snusnu with the 3.

QY, had a grudge against Momo and just wnat to snatch everything she has.

QC was actually not the real son. The real Win child is Qin She.

In the previous life, QC was the one behind the Qins death

Some parts are illogical, but there's some plot in some and again this story is smut

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