After She Left


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“I shall now commence the execution ceremony for Empress Kilianerisa Sei Resfontia.”

The notorious Empress Kilianerisa met her end that way.

After her death, the empire found peace.

No one mourned her death, perhaps, it was a fitting death.

She was regarded as a villain by the world, so her death was justifiable.

Callisis did not deny it.

Today would be just one of those days when he felt a little lower than usual, that’s all.

At least, that’s how it would appear to others.

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그녀가 떠난 뒤
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Book Lover Slytherine
Book Lover Slytherine rated it
September 29, 2022
Status: Completed
So much angst!

    • This story is a combination of many people's regrets. So, our FL was ignored, abused, and not liked by her family cause her mother died giving birth to her. I don't understand these types of fathers or families. Why do you even have s*x with your wife without protection if you gonna blame the poor child for something she was never responsible for? The duke becomes obsessed with more money and power for his family. And he blamed his daughter she looked exactly like his wife. Knew he was wrong but he still couldn't stop himself from hating her otherwise where will he put all his resentments?
    • So anyway, our FL was always hungry for affection. Wanted to do anything to have her father's care. She had a bf who is a marquis. They were in so love. But as she was obsessed with her father's love to give him more power, she married the emperor. Her father was first time happy in her memory as he was finally going to send her away from his life. For that single affection, she broke up with her lover and became empress.
    • She thought she could love the emperor but when she saw him smiling with his concubine the same way she and her ex did she broke down. She understood she never loved the emperor. All was a delusion. She was truly happy with her lover only. She lost her only chance to be truly happy for her father's moment of care. She only wanted care and recognition of her father. But lost everything for that.
    • So, she devised a plan with the concubine. She told her to act like pregnant and then pretend she (the empress) poisoned and killed her baby. It was a success. As a result, she was executed by the emperor. She chose to end her life like that. After she died her letters, she thanked her father for giving birth and cherished those scraps which her father threw at her. Even after her death the father never cried or remorse for his action. He always blamed her for ruining his name. But after reading her letter he regretted it. How cheap it was!
    • Then became a series of regret for different people. Her husband's regret for not understanding her, and Her father and brother's regret for not cherishing her. Her lover regrets not forcing her to marry him. And her regret for not cherishing her love. So, way later after some scheming with the 2nd and 3rd concubine, it turned out the emperor is infertile. The concubine regretted her greed for the throne. She also regretted killing an innocent person.
    • Honestly, I also personally felt the emperor and her shitty family didn't regret much. They should grove in remorse and suffer for what they did. But it didn't happen. The only one who suffered was the lover. He killed himself after knowing the truth to be with FL again. He never married and was alone all his life.
    • Then Fl's dreamy life began which I would like to assume is true. During this life, FL had her mother. So, her family didn't hate her. I hate that the scummy father and brother still got to be happy after what they did to her. During this life, she married her lover and became happy while the emperor was still rotting as he was infertile! But this was FL's Hallucination after death which I'll believe is real.
My Thoughts:

As belonging to a such family, I found the FL selfish for giving up her love for someone who never cared for her. Though she regretted it later, her lover suffered all his life. All characters here are inhumane, heinous, and selfish except FL's lover (ML). This 1 star was also for him. If those pieces of sh*t suffered it would have been a 3-star for me at most. But for this reason, it's a minus for me. Will not recommend but if you still wanna read it's your choice.
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itsgraxiabibi rated it
September 19, 2023
Status: c8
This is the second time I'm reading the novel and it's still as gut-wrenching as ever. Super thank you to Cookie for picking up this novel after months and months of begging on the forum. Thank you for making the translation so smooth that my one brain cell could actually pick up ❤️

I'm not going to talk about the characters whether they are good or bad because this novel isn't about "best ML" and "best FL" award.

In a way, you can think of the characters as a bunch of... more>> anti-heroes meshed together. The characters here aren't heroic characters who are the epitome of goodness and love. Instead, the characters are the type of people you would meet in the street, the kind you hear in the news or social media or the maybe the type of people that looks at you when you look at the mirror.

So no, there are no nice characters in here. Just characters with reasons.

This so far my most recommendable korean novel because in the sea of villainess-centric novels here in NU, this novel was able to capture the essence of regret in a villainess story that I've been so desperate to find.

The way this was written was also something I definitely love.

The ending.

The possibilities.

The pain that lingers.

And you know what, I'm a firm believer that a really memorable story leaves a little bit of itself in us after we read them.


I've read this story (in a crude MTL copy) way before Everything Everywhere All At Once was released but I think this quote perfectly sums up two characters in the story. IFYKYK.

"In another life, I would have really liked just doing laundry and taxes with you. <<less
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cookiecrunch rated it
September 18, 2023
Status: --
Hi! I'm the translator for this novel.

So, the novel focuses on Kilianerisa, albeit indirectly. It has multiple POVs, where every person who became a part of or involved in Kilia's life has a POV. Each POV focuses on the thoughts and feelings they had before and after Kilia's death, hence the angst.

And this is where I fell in love with the story. The way the author articulated everything made me understand and even sympathize with the characters' feelings, thoughts, and decisions. I think the novel even has a little touch... more>> of mystery. As you read further, you will start questioning and speculating how such a situation came to be.

Moving on~

First, I want to say that those who gave a low rating didn't give justice to this novel.

Second, this novel dove deep into the angst.

Some reviews were bad, probably because there was a lot of angst in the novel. However, imo, it is unfair for this novel to be rated low just because it has "too much angst". Despite having too much angst, the author was able to compensate for it by being able to portray characters that readers can sympathize with. The characters indeed have negative traits, but they also have positive traits in them. All of these made them more human.

Again, as you read further, you will come to understand why they acted the way they acted.

For example, Kilianerisa:


She is seen as a villain, and yes, she is a villain. However, she chose to be a villain.

She left her lover just to gain the love and acknowledgement of her father [the thing], which she had been seeking all her life.

She was s*upid and selfish, both of which made her human. All her life, she'd been wanting this thing. Then, one day, she was given a chance to get it. She took the chance, knowing well that she had to throw away her lover. Since she grew up chasing the "thing, " she also grew up believing that that was her reason for being. That's why in the end, she chose his father over her lover.


Anyway, I won't elaborate further because I don't want you guys to miss out on feeling with the characters as you read the novel.

Overall, this novel is very well-written. It's one of the novels that almost made me cry. (Fyi, I don't cry easily)

Note: if you're not into angst, then this is not for you. But you will be missing out a lot. <<less
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Lulucute rated it
May 30, 2023
Status: Completed
This is angst, no he but you kind of get a he in an extra of some sort. If you like yo make yourself suffer emotionally like me then I recommend this.

Some may think the method of the FL is extreme and too much but I get it, especially when you are hungry to beloved, you will end up doing anything to get it and if you add desperation and hopelessness then you got a futile combination.

I cried for several minutes due to this, it's really good and I do... more>> believe someone needs to pick it up. <<less
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