After Regenerating Into An Omega, Everyone Is Dying To Marry Me


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Fu Yuanzhou betrayed his family and became miserable. He realized it too late. But when he woke up one day, he had returned to the past when he was still in high school. At this time, he was still the young and proud Fu family’s young master.

With a chance to start again in life, he is determined that this time he must live well. He will never make the same mistakes, and do his best to compensate his family and friends.

It’s just… Fu Yuanzhou looked at his ID card suspiciously. What does the word “Omega” on here mean?

Learning what that meant, Fu Yuanzhou’s face was pale, and he banged frantically on the door of his best friend’s home. Xie Lin happened to open the door, and Alpha pheromones hit his face, causing Fu Yuanzhou to freeze.


Xie Lin held him, his eyes deep, and he spoke in a low voice. “Why did you come here? You know I’m in rut.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “???” What was this bastard talking about?!

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srrrahim rated it
January 27, 2022
Status: Completed
MC has many suitor

#1 : Xie Lin => childhood sweetheart, best friend, dependable elder brother type. The silent lover type. He is like a rain that slowly and surely break mc's defense

#2 : Yu Fei => In mc's previous life, yu fei is his ex. Yu Fei is Xiao Lin's cousin and mc's childhood friend too. Cute little cousin

#3 : Ran Shutang : 2 years younger than MC, but skip classes and end up with the same class as MC. Mc's rival. Enemies turn to friend. A super sweet and... more>> shy guy. He is also a great cook. A really good husband material, and my favorite ML 💕💕💕. I want him for myself and I don't think MC deserve him 🤭

#4 : Yuanye. Mc's best bro. His comrade in previous life. They used to fight side by side. He want to be a professional e-sport player.

#5 : Shen Xigu => Sexy mixed raced with blue eyes. Mc's has a complicated past with him. He is mc's peach blossom debt, his past bestfriend, the one that he used to depend on. He has a mental illness and his relationship with MC in the past life is full of misunderstanding and dog blood

Personally, I really want MC to end up with shen xigu.. he is the most interesting ml, and his relationship with MC is unique, twisted, and complicated. Make it a good novel to read. But... I guess author choose the most easiest route

Childhood sweetheart route. Yes. Xie Lin the the main male lead. The other just love interest

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MantanFujo rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: c20
Mom why are you so careless with your kid!!

This ABO is not at all like ABO world. Author just want to add some spicy and fluffy about alpha beta omega.

... more>>

one time MC in heat there's his mom and alphas. She actually say with so easy 'how about him giving you temporary mark? No? Then how about him? Mom, mc-i'am not prostit**es.

Meanwhile, some time before Xie Lin said not to enter omega's room casually. The boundary between ABO in this novel is so strict, but then in heat, heat! His mom suddenly throw that boundary out of the window.


Obviously author not put importance as ABO lines in practice.

It's not sweet at all, it's just so weird.

Offcourse not many people put something like this so important.

There's some fluff part on occasional scene that I think the author is actually good making it. But I think the author is bad at making harem genre.

Most of the story is kind of absurd. But you won't lose something if you read it. Go n try. <<less
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Nanolu rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: Completed
FIVE STAR PLS. This was such a good read, I didn't feel stressed at all. Honestly a relaxing and light read, the mainleads are so so so so cute. But the MC do be kinda dumb in his previous life NGL. I love the character improvement, how they didn't make worst of mental illness and helped him get better, how the ABO world actually have parents (lmfaooo) and the omega's and alpha's were treated normally here! They go to school and get along! I love it! I don't usually eave... more>> reviews. Heck I think this be my fifth one after dozens that I've read but I put this book close to my heart and will come back to reread if the extras get translated UWU <<less
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Likalily rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Reverse harem, at first I was annoyed because the MC character always doubted and denied the words and deeds of the ML. MC sucks, even though before being thrown out in this parallel world, the ML had shown signs that they liked it. There are 5 ML, namely childhood friends (brothers, lovers), childhood friends (in the previous world he was a woman and MC's ex-girlfriend), classmates (bro), classmates whom MC hates and a netizen known to MC. Well it has been seen to whom the MC is anchored but take... more>> it easy! Other ML's also have a bonus chapter about their relationship with the MC. <<less
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ylial rated it
September 18, 2021
Status: c20
It's good. It's hilarious and sweet. But kinda overwhelmed with harem trope since the MC can't have a breather with several alphas vying on him.
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Vi_lace34 rated it
January 26, 2022
Status: --
Do these men not know what respecting boundaries and opinions are? The criteria for being a decent alpha is low when you see how these MLs (specifically XL and YF) act near MC. It irritates me how they treat MC like a ragdoll, pulling left and right just for them to take advantage of him using their phermones. Want him to genuinely fall in love with you? Don't use your phermones to get him to be in the mood to tolerate your touches, is it that hard to do so?... more>> The only sane ML i've encountered so far is RS :/ Man is the real mvp for outdoing those s*x hungry MLs in terms of handling MC's heat <<less
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Suisui rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Well, where to start. It's not a long novel but it was alright. I was actually thinking whether to rate it 4 or 5 stars but still ended with 4 because even though it was a really nice read, I rarely give 5 stars, unless the story really blew my mind.

It's a HE and in the end 1v1 romance even though there are multiple love interests fighting for MC.

Make sure to read the extras because all the loose ends are explained there (wattpad translation only has the 62 ch of... more>> the main story, so you'll have to mtl the extras).

It's an interesting story with a good premise which was also very well executed. The ending was very satisfactory and there isn't much I could criticize, MC's personality may seem a bit meh at first but as the story progresses and we learn more about his past life, you get to understand why his personality is like that. Though just a heads-up, he has a bit of a low EQ but there is some character development and we get to see him take initiative as well, so it's all good.

I'd definitely recommend to read this story and coming from a person who drops novels very easily or takes a break very often because I just can't take too much drama/angst at once, the fact that I binged read this and only took one break of several days before finishing reading it shows how much of a great story it is. It's a refreshing read and a bit relaxing since it isn't very plot-heavy (compared to some infinite flow or QT novels, which I usually read). It's well-paced and the whole story flows really nicely, it's not too slow nor too fast.

Give it a try, I'm sure you'll like it. It's well deserving of 4, 4/5 stars I'd say. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bluedrop rated it
October 25, 2022
Status: DNF
Extremely disappointed. This was supposed to hit a lot of my kinks, OK? I low-key love ABO and occasionally all the problematic stuff that comes with it lol. I like when MC starts out getting to know their omega self (altho what I really love are the ones where MC owns their omega-ness. Let's NOT go into all the psychological implications and in depth analysis on ABO and gender roles pls. 😅). I occasionally enjoy harem with MC being huge alpha-bait. I sometimes love domineering alpha bullcrap. But dayum this novel was kind of a let down. All signs pointed to me liking this but I couldn't get into who the ML ended up as. It was kinda obvious.

it's Xie Lin the childhood friend.

In any other novel maybe I would have gone with the ML. I sometimes root for the broody childhood friend and codependency is another kink I have lol but the ML just kept rubbing me the wrong way.
Mostly I think it had to do with being in contrast with the other supporting MLS.
I honestly usually like possessiveness and a hint of yandere in my MLS but I really could not with Xie Lin. His actions and treatment of the MC was kind of ugh compared to the other MLs. The lack of basic respect is one. I don't mind scummy gongs as long as they're the only choice and they get character growth or something but character development would be difficult in a harem type novel like this.
Where we can't really emphasize with ML since there are way better alphas than him. I agree with one of the reviews that said they were OK with RS not being the ML because RS deserved better.
Huge red flags that I couldn't ignore with the ML. More so than the others. ML was unrepentant about their actions toward the MC. I like them broody but I also like when they're marshmallows underneath all that hard exterior towards the MC.

My petty self likes to think XL, despite the acronym, has the smallest pp out of them all.

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JaqiONwbqi rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: dropped
A buncha dogs thirsting after a dense and awkward MC

except for RS anyway, my sweetheart ♥♥

Overall its pretty good/average, the writing isnt bad, whether you like the MLs or not depends on your own preferences (as u will see from my rant following this), and the MC is a typical dumb + awkward MC, pretty much the same as u can see in this author's other works - just modified to fit the plot.

onto why I hate this novel

... more>>

i lied lol, im just sad the actual ML is like bottom 2 in between the 5 mls. I only dropped because I genuinely cant stand any of the other MLs. I mean, RS isnt perfect either - but hes the only one who literally sprinted to get MC a restraint needle from his relative when MC went into estrus, none of the town members had one, and the local hospital would take 2 hours, so my man sprinted home - how badass is that? And all the while the other MLs were debating over who would get to force MC into a temporary mark. And on that note, the whole reason MC went into Estrus was because one of our MLs decided it would be a good idea to abuse medical advice to over-release his pheromones near MC, on purpose! His literal personality is green tea b*tch.

our actual ML, the one MC ends up with, was among the ones who was debating - except instead of trying to charm MC, or trying to hide how excited he was about a chance to force a mark on him (coughgreenteab*tchcough), he was literally shouting at MC???? To let him mark him?????


Anyway, I hate all the MLs except RS and I would have kept reading this if RS was the main ML, but instead we have the shitty other MLs taking the center stage (and eventually MC) just because theyre more forceful/conceited/selfish.

Give me RS love goddamnit!!! I will not stand for this slander!!!!

in conclusion - if your favourite ML, or in other words the one ML you can stand, happens to not end up with the MC then youre pretty much wasting your time here. <<less
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October 3, 2022
Status: c49 part1
I should've read through all the reviews. For me, it was only 'relaxing and light' for a little while. I mean, I don't mind drama but these ML Alphas...

Beginning was okay because MC was getting used to his new ABO world setting, nothing super serious has happened, and you know, the MLs could start 'bad' as long as they improve later. But as other reviews have mentioned, only one ML is respectful to MC while the rest remained or became more like wolves staring at a piece of meat. When... more>> author revealed the main pairing, and I didn't expect a twist/upset, I was out. A guy practically forcing the other party 90% of the time just doesn't appeal to me. <<less
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solangelo rated it
June 21, 2022
Status: c20 part2
This novel was enjoyable to read, but it seems like all of the MLs except for Ran Shutang have no idea what consent is. There are a few dubcon scenes, but what really made me drop this novel was when one of the MLs, YF made the MC's heat come earlier with his pheromones so he could mark him which is definitely a big NO for me. It feels like all of the MLs just treat the MC as an object. Not to mention, the MC is very dense and... more>> an airhead. The fluff scenes were nice, but the way the MLs treat the MC is too frustrating for me so I dropped it. <<less
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AImmortalZ rated it
December 31, 2021
Status: Completed
(From my perspective, I'll describe Shen Xigyu's viewpoint.)

... more>>

This novel contains anguish about the MC and Shen Xigyu, which is linked to the MC's prior life as a victim of Shen Xingyu's house confinement. There are numerous misconceptions between them that extend to the MC's current life (he was reborn). Shen Xigyu was suffering from a mental disorder inherited from his mother, which prompted his overprotectiveness and possessiveness toward the MC, which the MC was unaware of.

Shen Xigyu, it was revealed at the end of the story, lacked the will to live and was unafraid of suffering or death. That's why, when the MC mistreated Shen Xigyu, he wanted to punish himself by killing himself or inflicting wounds on his own body. Shen Xigyu treated the MC as if he were his entire world. He could be a companion, a friend, or a lover, but he was well aware that his sentiments were one-sided. That's why he was so cautious with the MC.

(Please note that Shen Xigyu is not the main character in the story; he is simply my favorite.)

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Potatoteeth rated it
April 2, 2023
Status: Completed
This review was made from reading until chapter 20, then skimming through the rest in boredom.

I disagree with the premise of this entire novel. It promises that as long as you are cute, earnest, and omega enough in an ABO world, you can be surrounded by protectors and prance through life with a brain full of chauvinism and hamsters. MC, ML, and antagonist deserve each other; what a relief for the others, a true case of BEs that in reality function as dodged bullets.

Theres no point to the ABO setting... more>> except to blame pheromones for all sorts of things. In reality, MC never needed pheromones to f*ck up, because he is ridiculous. I would have liked the ending of MC's second life to have been the same as his first one, because nothing was learnt after so many extra years, but no such luck, because being a barbie O in ABO solves every problem. The ending that the antagonist DID get is also ridiculous. Plot-driven mental illness sure is convenient.

P.S. Where are the betas? Perhaps, unlike other ABO settings, they are actually the rarest of the rare types in this novel universe?

2 stars. <<less
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Gluttony rated it
February 6, 2023
Status: c73 part23
The author is under the impression this novel is fluffy just because it’s reverse harem and everyone loves the MC but in fact that’s what actually made the novel really depressing for me. It’s not a polyandry ending - the MC chooses one partner. And so you just watch everyone else, who has loved the MC deeply to the point of obsession and pain, get essentially a BE. Not to mention one of the potential MLs is literally apathetic to life and suicidal to the point that the MC is... more>> his only purpose in life. And yepp most of the other MLs are maladjusted humans who the author has shaped with the intention that they will pine for the MC the whole life. Mind you, these potential MLs are not all rando ppl off the street - the MC was deeply connected with all of them across both lives. He liked them all, just didn’t love them. So yes, I feel like this novel actually very bitter. And NGL, I somewhat regret reading it because it wasn’t even a great novel and the mid attempt to give the other MLs a decent life (career success) left a sad taste. <<less
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FrmTUrabbithole rated it
March 20, 2022
Status: c30 part1
First time reading a harem omegaverse, or any harem bl, and it's quite refreshing. Story moves a lot quicker with more love interests as opposed to a traditional, you-know-who-the-OPs-are and every chapter is see a waiting game to see how they get closer. Actually, I wasn't even looking for harem, but I know now that it appeals to me. Sometimes, I'm impatient when I have to wade through daily life fillers to get to the good "candy" or angsty parts. I also like not knowing who exactly gets the MC,... more>> although it's apparent some are less desirable than others. Talk about one that is kind of high on the creep factor. Throw in omegaverse pheromones for added flavor, and this novel is a winner! Translation is decent, but some areas feel like more editing is needed post MTL. Overall, I'd recommend for those who like eventful chapters that keep you guessing. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
aiannaq rated it
April 25, 2021
Status: Completed
This is very tolerable to read, the MC was reborn into an omega (In his previous life there was no concept of ABO). Regretting his previous life's decisions that brought tragedy upon his loved ones, he decided to make up for his sins, and live his life more happily.

1 MC vs 5 potential MLs (1v1)



My heart goes out to Shen Xigu 😭😭😭he is a truly pitiful character, if only the MC was more sensitive on his previous life.. They could have had a happy ending. I hope Shen Xigu will be able to live his life for himself.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 15, 2023
Status: c10 part1
I love the premise of the rebirth story, but reading this just reminded me again if why I hate harems, especially harems masquerading as 1v1. The ml's are all awesome, which makes it sadder that he keeps leading them on. I think they might have all liked him in his past life as well, but he was oblivious and they couldn't say it as freely. The ML is clueless and slightly annoying in how unaware he is.
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gayisyay rated it
October 27, 2022
Status: --
When I first saw the novels premise, I cried and kissed my phone. It had so many factors I liked. Straight Shou, ABO, genderbend. I want to pray for that foolish former self because the current me is spitting out blood.

This novel is so frustrating that it's my second time dropping it. Firstly why is it so Mary Sue regarding the number of male leads. How are there literally 5 outstanding male leads that have all been deeply in love with him since they met. Where's the buildup of their... more>> relationships 😭 And the character of the male leads...I swear I confused them so often because their character is literally the same. Possessive ML which doesn't care about the MC's boundaries and uses their pheromones and other tricks to force the MC into precarious situations he doesn't like. It really makes me feel so bad for the MC, like I can't imagine treasuring your friends only to realise all of them just want to f*ck you. One-dimensional characters, especially the childhood friend AGHH Ran Shutang is okay AND Shen Xigu is so interesting😭😭


WHY ISNT HE THE MALE LEAD I swear they chose the worst guy possible he's so red flag in an obtrusively ignorant way. 0 respect.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 11, 2021
Status: --
Now, I say, this novel is pretty good. Well, even though Mary Sue's impression is very high, it doesn't matter. This is a harem novel (and ends with 1 ML), so of course MC must be thrown here and there by various ML. I can't stop smiling when all the ML's drink vinegar to each other, my goodness I can't help but smile!!

MC is a slightly naive omega, but he's not the type to cry easily and be fooled. As for the MLs like MC, their reasons are different haha.... more>> The ML I like the most happens to be Xie Lin, he is the first ML mentioned. I don't know who the MC ends with, but isn't it in some anime, the MC will usually end with the first ML mentioned? Is not it? I hope the MC is with Xie Lin!! <<less
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graysons rated it
April 15, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a good solid fluff piece. So it’s getting a firm 3! It’s not super long: there is enough chapters to really get to know and like the characters but its not so long you feel like it could have ended 100 chapters ago.

There isn’t a lot of MAJOR conflict in the story, again it is a fluff piece, but that doesn’t mean there is zero. I definitely had my favorites but still enjoyed the ending.

It is not a detailed ABO piece (if you are looking for that specifically... more>> atm) and its pretty straightforward who the ML is despite the harem qualities that would suggest an ambiguous ending/pairing.

If you are looking for an easy read, a feel good, and/or a self indulging harem piece this is a good one. <<less
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