After Rebirth, Married to a Deadly Enemy


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Bai Xiangxing was originally a fierce A. Because of family conflicts, he was designed by his uncle to be injected with a sex-switching potion.

How could Bai Xiangxing, who was cultivated as an heir since childhood, tolerate being oppressed by others, decisively break away from the family, start from scratch, rely on himself to become the richest man in the alliance, but in the end he died of overwork.

It’s a good thing to be reborn after death. The only pity is that he was reborn one day late and became a little O.

After rebirth, Bai Xiangxing decided to change his way of life. He looked at the marriage agreement before him, and Bai Xiangxing decisively signed it.

“Isn’t this dog currency in Shizhen just trying to humiliate me? Humiliation means humiliation. Face value is worth a few dollars. After divorce and alimony, I will struggle for 20 years.” Bai Xiangxing planned.

“No divorce, I will support you.” Shi Zhen said.

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