After Rebirth, I Became the Scum Gong’s Uncle’s Destined Omega


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In his past life, the beta Su Liang dared to seduce Lu Zhizhao, the future of the Lu family, and eloped.

In the end, after burning down all his boats with no hesitation, Su Liang realized that he was nothing but a big joke.

Su Liang gave up everything, and died silently on the day after Lu Zhizhao’s marriage to someone else.

Reliving a life, the courageous fool of that year finally learned to accept his fate.

This time, Su Liang honestly accepted that he was an unfavoured and mediocre beta, feeling that this bland and undemanding life was quite good.

After all, the way of the salted fish is the best way.

But after just a few peaceful days, he was sent into the forbidden area, in the depths of the noble’s compound.

Lu Taipan – who used to be a big boss, is now a big boss, who will always be the kind of sinister and ruthless big boss who would make everyone tremble with fear when he comes out.

However, it was this top-level alpha who single-handedly supported the Lu Family, but suffered from pheromone disorder.

And, the place where he rested, was a forbidden place in the eyes of everyone.

No matter how many things Su Liang thought about, he didn’t expect Lu Taipan to embrace him in the frenzy of his pheromone disorder.

Then, he bit the back of his neck with a single bite.

“Your pheromones…. smells good.”

The devil-like man, like a beast, scented the pheromones on his body, and muttered greedily.

Su Liang was horrified to discover that Lu Taipan and him became more and more intimate. He, who was supposed to be a beta, somehow began to develop unusual pheromone glands.

From a beta, he was now an omega.

Moreover, he was an omega who matched perfectly with Lu Taipan.

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New Xiu_er
March 10, 2023
Status: c93
Rating: 3.4/5

How do I say this... This story is a bit meh for me. There is a lack of world building and a good number of plot holes, a few of which the author seemed to have wanted to patch up through a half-assed explanation that barely had any substance behind it and had me feeling like someone is trying to dupe me.

... more>>

Such is the case with the Leia flowers. In the beginning it is said that they are easy to raise and thus the MC is tasked to take care of them. Later on they are suddenly so difficult to raise that only the MC is able to grow them properly. And this is supposedly due to his Sigma status which has some history with the Leia people and flower. Frankly, it feels like the author pulled this out of their butt, especially because we don't get any further information pertaining that end.

Then there is the ex bf that dropped from S-level to B-level after being crushed by the ML. It was said to be irreversible. But suddenly, he was back to S-level which was explained later to be due to him taking illegal drugs to re-raise his level. I have the nagging suspicion that the ex being back at S-level was a mistake and the readers pointed that out to the author, forcing the author to come up with that excuse. It felt that half-assed to me.


While reading this I kept feeling that something is not quite right or doesn't match up. It's hard to pinpoint what exactly caused me to feel that way. Maybe it was the already mentioned lack of world building and plot holes or maybe it was the characters' feelings/actions that did not quite make sense to me.

The MC, especially felt a bit out of tune imo. His character felt a bit blurry. While he did not fall into any stereotypical mold which can be considered good, it was also difficult to pinpoint his exact character traits. He is a damsel in distress at times because he is physically weak and has an underprivileged status. But he is mentally strong as he doesn't give up easily even when he is struggling. What gets me, however, is how innocent and naive he can be when he used to be in a relationship in his past life where they did try to get intimate and used to talk and interact with prostit**es in the slums no problem, even acknowledging that he had listened to them talking about debauched topics just fine. How come in this life he is all blushes and acts like a scared rabbit everytime there is some s**ual tension between him and the ML? At times he acts like a sheltered young master who doesn't know much about the world and at other times he is normal and level-headed. He confuses me.

As for the ML... His character seems like a green flag. But when he loses control, his actions are a red flag. He does, however, try to control himself, even going to far as to self harm to keep himself from doing something that could harm the MC. However, his inhibitions are quickly dropped as soon as he gets the go-ahead from the MC and doctor. His cold, abstinent and reserved image was easily discarded to make way for the jealous, barely in control horndog who uses every opportunity to stick close to and take advantage of the MC.

That said, the plot wasn't too original nor too boring. But the author did cut corners. This is especially apparent at the end as it was rushed and kind of abrupt. I did not bother to read the extra chapters as soon as I saw that I was about to read a kindergarten AU. I don't really like AUs or side CP in the extras as I didn't sign up for that when I chose to read the novel based on the summary. <<less
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xjgg rated it
July 21, 2022
Status: Completed
it's alright. Sometimes it gets long-winded (the usual repetitive descriptions of beautiful appearances, intimidating aura, etc. Etc.). I kinda (kinda because he later assaulted MC several times) pity the scum gong;

... more>>

in the first life, scum gong eloped with MC. Their assets were frozen and they were repeatedly forced to move houses and couldn't get decent jobs because scum gong's family blocked them. Later, MC got really sick and needed medcare. The gong finally gave up; he went back to negotiate things with his family and fiancé's family. He was really idiotic, not having any suspicions that his family and fiancé weren't being honest and instead sabotaging his relationship with MC (intercepting his calls and faking mc's voice to make him believe that MC was fine). His family ofc didn't let him go back to MC. His fiancé proposed to him that as long as they got married, gave birth to an heir, he could go back and live together with MC. But MC died two days after his wedding. He went mad and did researches to revive MC. ML finally stopped him.

in this second life, his memories kept flickering between his first and second life and his mental conciousness suffered. MC later admitted that he wasn't actually in love with this scum gong. He (SG) was also drugged and r*ped by his fiancé. The drug was undetectable, so people kept jeering at him; no one believed him when he said he was drugged and thinking he was just the typical irresponsible scum alpha. His fiancé's gland was stolen from a girl who could've had a high matching rate with him.

dude had a really rough life; I would've jumped off a building once I knew I was made fun of after getting r*ped by my childhood friend. But he persevered until the end by sheer madness and his obssession with MC. He really lost his sanity by the end of the story. Such a pity.


lowered my rating to 2 because I can't stand the sanctimonious characters (including mc+ml) getting off scot-free blaming a r*pe victim lollll <<less
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stellar_soul rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Pretty good read actually. The plot itself is quite interesting and the MC and ML do love each other and have some respect for each other. The extras are cute! (Except the 1st one that is).

It's just that I can't really agree on the author stamping the ex as a scum gong. The ex was really just there as a comparison and contrast to ML, to highlight how capable and good ML is. The ex really wasn't a scum, at least not at first before the blackening and going crazy.... more>> He was really sincere to MC and he was willing to go through hardship for him. It was just that he was a naive young fool and got tricked instead because of the environment they are in. Honestly the real villain here is the white lotus and Lu/Ning family. MC's and his relationship was a tragedy because of the intervention of the Lu and Ning family.

(at least without of those corrupt b*tches the MC and ML would have been happily married with each other, at least if MC didn't realize he didn't "love" the ex. In fact I think the author making MC never love the ex is quite abrupt. I mean it kinda make sense but I smell that the author just want to cater to the "you are actually my first love" trope and make it easier to stomp on the ex, all just my opinion though)


The ex's journey is actually more complex than the ML. His blackened self is, in fact, quite similar to an archetype blackened CN protagonist. Really he could have his own story as an MC and the story would not be much different from most novels with the same blackened MC trope

rebirthed blackened MC who had been tricked all his life and had the love of his life suffer trying to win back his love and get his life on track.


It was just that in the later part of the story the author inserted scum gong qualities (delusional, etc) to him, quite forcefully I think, and purposely make everyone hate him for something he shouldn't be faulted on. It was like the author is dead set on setting even the young naive him as the villain even if it contradicts his initial character (even the ML has stated that the unblackened ex was actually not a bad person in early chapters). People was made to believe that this guy is evil inside out and nothing he does is ever good. He is a different kind of tragedy and honestly I am kinda sad for him.


Like, what's up with the author suddenly blaming him for stepping on 2 boats??? He has stated since the start that he never thought of white lotus that way and has repeatedly been confirmed in the novel, yet somehow the author keep making every single character never believe they are never entangled that way. He really thought white lotus was his chilhood friend, even considered a best friend, who is kind and considerate, he wouldn't have thought that bit*h wanted to harm anyone, not just because of his naivety but also immaturity. He didn't even understand that his insistence to be with his beloved would bring him danger.

I also couldn't accept blaming him for marking white lotus and the pregnancy. It was r*pe but the author make people scoff at him like an irresponsible scum who would throw things once he got what he want. He f*cking wasn't. Hell I know there are a lot of novels out there portraying such a scenario happening to the main character that made the MC hate the rapist and make the bit*h suffer. So why is it that the author feels like it is very convenient to put the blame on the victim instead? Honestly he deserve more of an ending.

Even then, I don't think the ex's obsession is out of place, because man that guy has gone through shit. It doesn't justify what he has done after blackening, but simply stamping him as scum through and through is quite unfair.

As other commenter has said, ML won because he is an adult. A very powerful one with freaking high status at that, who the MC just happens to fall for. He was already a full power OP character, even with the "madness", while the ex was just a kid with minimal influence who is used as a tool by his father. Unsurprisingly ML won because he was able to make MC feel secure and safe from the Lus and Nings while the ex didn't have the means to do so.

Also, what happened to other villains like the Lus, why are they not mentioned later as if every single thing that happened in the novel is the fault of the 2 biggest villains which include the ex, like nah other villains except these 2 I determined as the biggest villains are irrelevant. The ex really got a huge pot out of nowhere, even taking his father's. I just think the author dumps everything on him because it is convenient.

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XiaoPingGuo rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: Completed
hi!!! im the translator here. I absolutely love love love this novel and want to share it with everyone!!!!

You read the synopsis and think, wow, this is one of those cliche omegaverse novels where MC is a beta that turned into omega because omg fateee which is true but also; no!!!

As one of the lovely reviewers here said, the "scum gong" isn't really a scum gong. In a kinder world, this would have been a love story where su liang and lu zhizhao find ways to reconcile and trample those... more>> who wronged them, but this isn't a world like that. I absolutely love the characters in this novel; su liang, the beta who foolishly chased after a highly sought after alpha; lu zhizhao, the alpha who tried and constantly fails; ning jiayi, the omega who has everything and yet nothing at all.

I wish for everyone to not be prejudiced against lu zhizhao because of the first few chapters! You've only seen the past from su liang's pov, but what about lu zhizhao's? There's always 2 sides to the same coin. I hope everyone enjoys this story as much as I did! <<less
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Shimozuki Yue
Shimozuki Yue rated it
July 28, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a nice read of my favorites cliches. But the so called scum gong lessened the sweetness.

... more>>

He have the typical scum gong settings wherein he have a sweetheart but also very caring towards his white lotus/green tea btch childhood friend.

But as I read on, I don't find him as hypothetically as the scum gongs. No, I feel more like he's a victim. A very very sad victim. Everyone pointed at him as a scum gong on the outside, but seeing how he was driven mad by everyone, I don't feel like he is a scum gong.

He's just really really naive. So naive that it seems it's a sin. Especially so in the family he was born into. I would usually rage at scum gongs who couldn't put a clear line towards the bff but in here, I feel like he actually put a clear line but it's just that everyone is lying to him and pressuring him.

I feel so bad for him, I kinda hope the author at least let him go. But no, he have the worst ending. Not even that green tea btch ending was shown clearly. Heck, there's no word about his father. I really sheds tears for him as he slowly lost his mind.

He's so hopeless, everyone is using him, lying to him, and manipulating him. When MC said he just kept blaming everyone, I actually feel that he have the right to do so. Usually, I would feel disgusted with such scumbag, but I just felt my heart aches as no one believes him nor taking his side.

In the previous life, when they run away, unlike other gongs, he didn't chicken out. When he realized the hard life of a normal person, he stayed. When MC can't be intimate with him due to having allergic reaction to his pheromones, he still stayed. Even when he guy his rut and can't be appeased by MC, he just apologize for not being able to control himself. The only reason he run back was because MC vomited blood and got sick. In hope that he could have a stable environment to heal, he only then returned.

Seriously, I felt like their love was very very sincere. Even thru hardship, even when they're very incompatible in everything and even without pheromones, I feel like in the previous timeline, they're very much in love. It's like they're star crossed lovers. But unlike in other stories, they end up very tragically.

So seeing how very 'destined' MC and ML, I don't feel very sweet. Rather, I feel that it's so convenient for ML.

I also cannot accept how MC denied his 'love' with the ex. After all, in his whole life, MC's probably the only one who had love him.

I was hoping someone would save him. I rather he didn't remember and slowly move on. All those that pushed him into a desperate state got away while he'll suffer for the rest of his life.

He's just a really sincere guy mistakenly born in a very carnivorous family and eventually driven mad by them. For me, the ML won over him because ML is an adult, and he is just a kid whose life is controlled by others.

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hybridiris rated it
August 3, 2022
Status: Completed
I MTLed this novel and rate it 3 stars.

About the story

MC is a beta who has lived a tragic life where he was betrayed by his lover and died from a terminal illness. In his new life, he changes his life trajectory in the hopes of freeing himself from his past. This novel is psychological and includes topics of gender bias and heavy themes on omegaverse physiology.

... more>> About the world building

There's not a lot to this interstellar novel and it seems parts of the past or ancient past only crop up a line here and there to carry the plot forward. Most of the novel focuses solely on ML trying to woo MC. The interstellar theme with hints of ancient history is nothing but a pale backdrop to the relationship plot between MC and ML.

About MC

MC lives with the pain and trauma of his past life and wants to move on from the alpha he loved before. In his previous life, he was kind, calm and tolerant to everything his alpha did and tried his best to be there for him but it all ended horribly. In his new life he's very timid and careful in his interactions with the ML because he's afraid of love and afraid of ending up in the same way as before. His character development arc is to slowly leave his shell and come to love the ML.

About the ML

The ML is very powerful in his presence but is mostly described as oscillating between gentle and obsessive madness. His desire for MC is driven by himself and MC's physiological transformation into an omega. He is not very fleshed out as a character compared to MC.

About the MC's previous love (Minor spoilers)

He was a very naive man who was deceived again and again and I know some reviewers felt empathy for him because of that. I think for someone who could not see clearly the people around him, especially his fiance's actions against MC, he was doomed to not be able to have a good ending with MC. I don't think he ever loved MC but really was in love with the very idea of love itself. And when things didn't follow his naive and pure idealized vision, it tore him up and changed him completely. The author did a good job describing him through the twists and turns of his psyche. I pity him for being so blind but also truly think the one he loved the most was himself. No one who truly loves another would do what he did. About the relationship and why it's not that great (Minor spoilers)

This novel delves heavily in the instinctive side of omegaverse which means the pheromones and physiology play a big role in the story to push the plot forward as well as MC and ML's relationship. While I can't imagine what it would be like to have your body connect to someone before your heart is even ready, there is definitely a very explored part of this relationship that delves into the wordless connection between MC and ML. This is a very interesting concept but unfortunately, author did not add in emotional development and growth for the relationship. It's very sparse compared to MC and ML's physical reactions towards each other. While I felt the madness and obsession from ML was well portrayed, the emotional connection was not there for a significant portion of the novel. If the author had spent time to flesh these parts out, this would have been a much more interesting novel. If you are thinking this novel will be fluffy and sweet, look elsewhere. This is a very awkward romance with intimacy that is sometimes uncomfortable to read. It's just not really romantic and feels more like two people driven by impulses rather than emotions which granted matches the theme of omegaverse but leaves the emotional aspect missing a lot by comparison.


Read it if you want a psychological novel that focuses on MC taking a long time to get out of his shell and a very awkward relationship with the ML from start to finish. There are good emotional parts and villains getting their just desserts but those are few and far in between. Interesting story and idea but my preference is to have more emotional connection. <<less
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AriaSoul16 rated it
July 22, 2022
Status: Completed
I love this novel. It contains some of my favourites and blended them to create this wonderful story.

I like that the MC was not hurt. Usually, the protagonists were hurt by their enemies. I also liked how their relationship progressed and how doting/possessive the ML. I just have a few dissatisfactions.


Why did the author not elaborate more on their future together? They only mention tiny tidbits of the future.

They also didn't explain the flower clearly.

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Aruthea rated it
July 21, 2022
Status: Completed
It's been a while since I read this BUT I loved this novel.

The MC takes a while before he slowly starts becoming an omega, so it isn't the usual 'turns into omega' that sparks the plot. Because he spends more time with the ML he begins to become compatible with him. Plus the MC is understandably wary of everyone since he was lied to and betrayed in his first life. He tries to survive and get away from the fiance who betrayed him. The ML is nice and takes him... more>> into shelter but MC was scared shitless because it felt like a death flag with the ML's reputation. I can't blame him lol

also the plot twist of who the antagonist was incredible.



The real villain for this novel is not the scum family but the scum gong himself. Yes the family was scum for making the scum gong think that he was gonna get the MC back after throwing MC into the slums to perish. The story later shows scum gong finding the dead MC's body in the slums and he went insane. He went so insane he started trying to revive the MC to bring him back. By this point it's clear his love for MC becomes warped and even worse than the usual scum gong. He destroys the world in the process and proceeds to crawl over into the timeline where MC rebirthed. Scum gong gets memories of this scum gong and eventually loses his own sense of self that he goes insane. He kidnaps the MC and the couple has to fight him for their happy ending. The scum gong is Hella Yandere I tell ya! Even in the new timeline and seeing them together it feels like the scum gong was harbouring a weak puppy love/possessive love that went insane after he realised he sold the love of his life for nothing. He went back to get married for nothing since his lover died without him knowing. He was utterly useless and could not even keep the promise. The poor guy is also a product of the sh*t family so can't feel bad for him. Just smh...

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Miao Meow Liz
Miao Meow Liz rated it
July 24, 2022
Status: Completed
This was a nice read, it wasn't what I expected since the MC's personality didn't change. He just grew up a bit and experienced more so he did things differently this time.

The ML was adorable, he was this Dark Lord with a mask and everything. The author was open about just wanting to write a short novel with a classic theme. So that was what this was, a kind and sweet MC healing a damaged ML.

There are some dark themes like human trafficking, but everything is pretty much the couple... more>> learning and growing together. It's a rare novel which does that well. <<less
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Hyna rated it
August 5, 2022
Status: Completed
It really wasn't worth the time I took to read it. It lack world building, and logical decision ... more>>

the ML is supposed to have killed the enemy's emperor in the enemy's base before the start of the novel. Why didn't they explore, and took/got rid of everything that was in it afterwards ? I don't like this kind of plot hole decision made uniquely to give the new scumbag a base to hide and a horrible weapon developed by the previous enemy

. I feel no chemistry between the two protagonists, and no meaningful conversations. The ML is like 'I want to keep you locked away so I'll be the only one to see you', and the MC is like 'ok, I don't mind.'

And that's all. Nothing else to see... And I agree with previous reviews about the villain. <<less
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July 31, 2022
Status: Completed
a 3.7, really good for omegaverse.

i liked the story and the main characters. ill admit that I have nothing but pity for the mc's ex... the author forced him into a villain and blamed him terribly in the first life...i honestly wished he had his happy ending in the second life but poor guy madness took over him.
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seasaltxx rated it
November 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I love it! I love it so much. The ending was so sweet

tbh I guess in the prev lifetime (looking at it without any hate) I would think that the ex and the MC was a victim of circumstance and they truly did love each other (spoiler) but the ex was so weak and was so incapable of protecting MC. He was easily manipulated, easily tricked, and is so weak that he can't do anything but succumb to the family pressure. But I guess he did truly love MC.

but in... more>> the second lifetime, that regret made him a madman. MC became his white moonlight but he was still the same weak man.

aside from that, I love the MC and ML. I love how they have history together even before MC became an omega. It was kinda slow burn? I guess lmao. But ML was so polite and mature (well there is quite the age gap but it was not mentioned how much) that when he realized he had feelings for MC, he asked (asked!!) to court him. So sweet and so without misunderstandings. Though before that, MC was actually already misunderstanding becoz of past u know.

ALSO MY FAVORITE PART OF ALL is that pheromone dependency is always mentioned. It was one of the tricks used by the wife of the ex to the ex so that he would stay with her/him (not sure). But in the MC and ML case they also had pheromone dependency (it turns out it was normal in couples) but when the MC differentiated it turns out he was more powerful (not just matching but more!!) than the ML. THEREFORE it was the ML who developed the dependency. And it was freaking cute and hilarious how ML uses this excuse just to eat MC's tofu. And MC knows that ML is just pretending but he gets soft and just lets him do what he wants lmao so cute <<less
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Lea168 rated it
October 23, 2022
Status: Completed

It has been a while that I read this story. So many details I can't remember.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story! The romance was beautiful. Slowly, but in a very pleasant way and pacing.

ML is a tragic person. Because he is super powerful, he suffered a lot. He can't find an Omega as strong as him, that can soothe his mental illness. MC is also a poor guy, that suffered a lot growing up. They healed eachother. Both are really powerful and so sweet when they were together, a very... more>> well matched couple.

The side character, the lover in MC's previous life, was very tragic as well. If he was written in a more likeable way, I would have felt super sorry for him. But he was quite s*upid imo and of course he blackened and tried to force and harm MC. <<less
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ellie357 rated it
September 24, 2022
Status: c22
this entire novel almost feels like it should be the og novel in a transmigration story where the “evil” cannon fodder (who ultimately did no wrong) is able to change their fate. I was pretty excited for this one, and read the first 22 chapters in one go, but for me there was something that didnt match up right so I decided to look at the spoilers and sure enough... more>>

for some reason the “scum” gong in MCs first life had the worst ending despite his only fault being that he was naive.

and after reading so many stories where from the cannon fodders perspective and sympathizing with them, I actually just cannot stomach what happened. Its a shame because I rly do feel that I would have liked it a lot otherwise. 3 stars, and thank you for the wonderful translation! <<less
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User.948761 rated it
September 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Read it all including extras. Pretty straightforward story. I used mtl to read it. Some parts I had to translate myself with what I thought was happening but it's easy to parse through. Overall, I wasn't shocked by any of the twists and turns. The romance between MC and ML was pretty straightforward and without much drama which I like. It was cute. The twist with MC's ex was interesting. But nothing truly shocking happened.
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September 7, 2022
Status: Completed
I spent a lot of time looking for a novel, but no be into something and then, I finally found this. And how can I said it? It's became one of my favorites ABO novels. It's very lovely and refreshing.

... more>>

I really liked the parts where the ML said how much paranoia and obsessiveness he felt for the MC. In many others that I've read, they just felt that and tried to hide deep inside. In this one, I found it very interesting how he (ML) was honest with the MC


In the end, I think it's an interesting and fluffy story. <<less
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August 23, 2022
Status: c8
I feel so bad for the “scum gong” that I have to drop this. Did he even do anything wrong? I really wish he had ended up at the ML, because out of everyone in this webnovel, he’s the one who deserves a happy ending the most : (
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August 4, 2022
Status: Completed
I think the plot is refreshing! It still uses elements I'm fairly familiar with but the way the story progresses feels very stable and interesting. It doesn't recycle common scenarios, kind of has a twist to everything. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The romance is sweet but also not so sweet, because the plot is so unpredictable and the narrative is a little limited, I felt like I couldn't tell when the MC is going to fall for the ML. He's traumatized and scared, at one point I thought disappointedly that it... more>> might be a lost cause. I still go '???' at how they got together actually, because I just don't understand when their feelings are truly developed to that point. It's definitely not a straight-forward 'spelled-it-out' process, but it's alright!! I do like the pure innocent longing in the beginning of their relationship though, I think that was soo sweet and so well done! I had a lot of anticipation for it, but I wasn't dissapointed when it took an unexpected turn!! I'm just a little confused at how they did a u-turn or moved past that lol... but it's still a pretty fun read!!

As for the sub-plots, like parts about the Lu heir and Ning omega, it's... well... a cop-out for me I think. It didn't go anywhere, it doesn't have any further unravelling (besides the obvious), it just didn't hit or give me any oomph. It's mostly because there's no such character development after a certain point... compared to the overall novel, it just felt... well... lack-laster. The moment it stagnates, it stays like that. Until the main plot requires a villain... lol... don't put too much hope into seeing them often... but it's alright! It's still an interesting read! <<less
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TartufosKykeon rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: c93
Good amount of revenge and MC x ML relationship is very well developed, just missed some protagonist growth, but thats fine too.. Good reading, really enjoyed it
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Mairin rated it
January 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Don't take my 3 star rating as not good review, its just that among many stories I rated 4 stars, it falls behind a lot because I have handfuls of complains that I can't ignore... I love both MC and ML ok but the whole premise of the story just pisses me off...

Like one of the reviewer said, it lacks world building, its doesn't feel engaging at all because I'm having a hard time building the world on my own imagination without the story's assistance. There are a lot of... more>> blank spots that author just left out and didn't bother to explain that makes me too lazy to elaborate each. It started really good ok but as the story goes on it slowly dies plus with the rush ending that didn't made me feel satisfied at all...

The ex? The guy is a total victim but it doesn't mean he can get away with anything, he is a complete idiot that doesn't know how to use his brain at all. He's a shame to all alphas, really. But he could actually have a better ending but author decided to villainize him then made him a madman with no return. He could suffer for all his sins but I can't accept how he shoulders most of the sufferings when the ones who should suffer the most are the Lu and Ning family who doesn't even treat him as a person but as a tool taking advantage of his dumb brain. I kinda feel bad for him before his madness because he could be still a good friend with MC if he only let go his past obsessions but sadly he's s*upid... (I actually agree with stellar_soul's comment about the ex)

About MC... I was actually expecting for more back story about him and if he is connected with the Leias but left unexplained! Gosh what a miss opportunity for more depth!

Didn't even give the extras that could actually fill the story! Like I want to meet their baby and how they are as a parent considering their situation! Xiao Huan and Black Mamba too! There's a foreshadowing between them but it was left out!!! Goodness, author even forgotten about Su Nuan's husband, like what happen to him during the attack? Where is he? And he's even a rare good guy coming from the Lu family! Gosh author even made it like MC has a longing regret about his sister's death in the past life but it didn't even shows... <<less
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December 5, 2022
Status: Completed
MTL'd it. Like per normal some of the gender terms where off but once you read enough MTL I swear you gender swap automatically which sucks when u switch back to BG worlds once in a while LOL.

Cute story ngl a simple quick read probably wouldn't sit down to re read it but I enjoyed the MC ML and side characters even the antagonists weren't that bad of characters in terms of writing.

... more>>

the main ex lover plot and them going crazy may have dragged a bit too much but it allowed the final arc to happen regardless of how much I am wish a extra chapter depicting those idiots getting tortured.

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