After Reading Everyone’s Minds, Reverse the Fate


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Yun Wan Ning found herself transported into a novel as the despised, short-lived villainess. Fearing for her family’s future, she silently lamented.

[Mother, your niece is scheming to seduce Father and ruin your reputation, ultimately leading to your demise.] [Father, you’ve been framed by the female lead and conniving ministers. After your death, your head will be displayed on the city walls as a symbol of disgrace.] [Sister, even though your fiancé is the male lead, you’re not the female protagonist. If you don’t leave him, you’ll be sold to the villagers, tortured, and eventually beaten to death.] [Brother, watch out for your friend Gu Heng. He’s the female lead’s lackey and will betray you to help her.] [And Second Brother, if you lose your memory and fall into the hands of the female lead, you’ll become her lackey and cause harm to Uncle Qi and your beloved, who will die in your arms.] Later on, Yun Wan Ning was astonished to find that the destinies of her family members had been completely rewritten.

Mother thwarted their enemies in advance, eliminating all future threats. Father survived unharmed and successfully brought down the treacherous ministers.

Sister married the Emperor and became the favored one in the palace.

Brother betrayed his friend first, and Second Brother reunited with his beloved. Even Uncle Qi, once vilified, became a sought-after match for noblewomen.

Yun Wan Ning was bewildered by how their roles as villains had been miraculously reversed. Had she entered into a fake story after all?

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