After Online Dating with Unlimited Streaming BOSS


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Rong Yi has an online dating boyfriend who is shy, infatuated, cute and reliable, and replies to her in seconds. The only thing that causes dissatisfaction is that, he always refuses to meet.

Little Boyfriend: [Little Rabbit covers face.jpg] I, well, I look ugly, and my workplace is also not very good, so I’m afraid to be seen in light…

Later, Rong Yi was dragged into an infinite thriller game and her life was hanging by a thread.

Unexpectedly, her little boyfriend hacked into the game system and helped her within seconds!

Little Boyfriend: [Big White Hugs.jpg] Don’t be afraid, Don’t be afraid. Let me tell you quietly, these bosses are actually very fragile, I strongly recommend that you focus on their hearts.

So as soon as Other players enter the game: Develop unnoticeably in the early stages and never run into a BOSS.

As soon as Rong Yi enters the game: Where is the boss, let’s talk about ten dollars!

She had a long talk with Mr. Ogre and actively solved his troubles about the work meals;

She had a drink with a high-risk mental patient, and fights against workplace bullying;

She opened the heart of the PUA(pickup artist) demon, ab*sed the scumbag, and helped the victim return to the happy life of terrorizing the player.

The bosses were grateful and said, “We have identified our sister-in-law!”

The young urban beauty Rong Yi: Where does this sister-in-law come from? !

Little Boyfriend: [Little Penguin blushes and scratches his head.jpg] Ah, that, this is my workplace. They called me big brother.


Rong Yi always thought that her online dating partner was a sweet, innocent and poor little cutie.

After all kinds of hardships, the two of them finally met.

The big guy with his tall, long legs, and a handsome face still stained with blood, raised her chin with the hand that had just killed a monster, his clear eyes filled with the mu*derous aura that had not yet dissipated, and he called her in a low voice: ” Rong Rong.”

Rong Yi, the rich woman who had been fantasising that she could raise her little cutie, rolled her eyes and passed out.

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4 Reviews

Sep 10, 2023
Status: Completed

Let's start with our MC. She is very smart. She is charismatic enough that she managed to gather a bunch of friends very quickly in the game. She is calm and collected pretty much all the time until it comes to her boyfriend.

Our ML is a cutie patootie. Especially at the start of the novel. I like that his identity comes with a twist. He is not overly controlling as in he only steps in to help when MC really needs his help.

While the plot has been done in BL... more>> novels immeasurable times, it's nice to have one with a female MC instead. It was kind of hard to understand the ending but overall it's a pretty fun novel to read. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 05, 2024
Status: c102
Edit: I wanted to like this story so badly. The concept was fun. The FL was not whiny and was logically tactile and funny. The concepts were good.

story concept

... more>>

Like the bio says, the ML is the random boss of the unlimited flow dungeons. He is more of an Ai, who found the FL Rong through WeChat. So it's a human dating and falling in love with an Ai, who is trying to survive death games.


The biggest problem is the ending and last arc


The last arc is cultivation and it's rushed. Raymond, a player since the second incident, and game elements get explained at the last minute and it's a massive information dump in two to three chapters. The ending is confusing because the ML sacrificed himself to save everyone and defeat his teacher, who is the big bad. The teacher was using the dungeon game to kill people to extend his life with their life energy since he was dying from cancer and his wife died. The ending has the FL depressed and communicating with the ML on WeChat again. The ML is the new game master and it's ambiguous. Is the ML dead? Alive? It said his body was in a coma and that is it. But it said he was driving to meet the FL??? Maybe it's a translation error but I didn't understand it.




Is an Ai of the game dungeon Lucky Carnival that the childhood friend put his conscious in. It became part of the ML and when exploring the internet, contacted the FL and they had an online relationship for three years. The ML has no memory of this, implying DiD, and the Ai would take over the ML body like DiD when he was sleep or programming the game itself. It was not clear and the ending implies that the ML merged with the Ai personality after sacrificing himself but it's not clear.


It felt like this story needed side stories or to cook a bit longer to find out more motivations of characters, how they were doing post dungeon, what happened to the NPCs, what happened to the main couple and how people react to the dungeon now. Also

what happened in the future? They hinted a Time Machine did that happen this time or?

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 30, 2023
Status: c2 part2
It was only two chapters and few of mtl-ed chapter, but to continue mtl-ing book of horror game was beyond me, so I can only rely on kind-hearted translators.

Impression for this few chapters is rather good, Rong Yi is cool-headed woman but also loving and doting on her boyfriend. Their communications looks very interesting and cute. It's hard to say more, can only wait for more translated chapters and say that book suitable for those who like sweet romance of strong people and horror games. And yes, little boyfriend trying... more>> his best to hide his true identity and abilities but also help the best he can.

This book deserve more attention and much higher ratings, it obviously should have if not 5 than at least 4+stars. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 17, 2024
Status: Completed
To be honest, the translation quality is a bit lacking, especially in regards to names and such but it’s still easy to follow. It’s not as bad as the ratings make it out to be. Genuinely a solid novel and you won’t regret reading it. 4/5 stars
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