After Marriage Agreement with a Disabled Gangster


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Shen Ci accidentally transmigrated into a novel. He became the tragic protagonist shou in a dog-blood novel featuring the rich and the powerful.

The owner of this body was originally the spoiled young master of the Shen family. But by a twist of fate, his family fell into ruin. He was therefore sent into a marriage of convenience by his cruel father.

And the person Shen Ci’s going to marry was exactly the villain Qin Yi, who, in the novel, made the blood run from people’s faces.

Qin Yi was a musical genius who became famous at a young age. However, his legs were disabled due to a car “accident.” He could only be accompanied by a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Ever since then, he became gloomy, paranoid, and moody, and he avoided others.

After news spread that young master Shen was marrying Qin Yi, everyone waited to see him become a joke.

Waited to see him being bullied to tears by this surly and vicious psycho.


One month, three months, and half a year went by… Instead of being bullied to tears, young master Shen climbed onto the villain’s head and acted domineering. The sound of the piano returned to the mansion which looked like a haunted house. And the psycho, who was supposed to imprison and torture young master Shen to death, not only smiled at him but even personally fed him cakes!

Later, Shen Ci, who was finally bullied to tears, sat on Qin Yi’s lap. His eyes were red: “If gege does this again, I will…I will run away from home!”

Qin Yi held Shen Ci tight in his arms, wrapped his slender fingers around the back of Shen Ci’s neck, and whispered in his ear: “I’ll never let you run away.”

How could you be willing to let go of the light that you tried your best to catch?

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After Marrying the Disabled Villain
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7 Reviews

Nov 09, 2021
Status: Completed
It was kinda fun to read, but looking back once finished I regret wasting time and money on it.

I am a big fan of "MC was forced to marry a disabled villain, but they fall in love and live happily ever after" trope and that is the reason why I started reading it (and didn't drop it).

I'd describe it as a slice-of-life story: while it has a start and a conclusion, but the main story is just MC living his everyday life. Literally, this is the meat of the story.

MC.... more>> He is a poor orphan who transmigrated into a cannon fodder character. At first, he is wary of ML but from day one he behaves like he is in love with ML. Once he got over his wariness, his feelings never develop. At first, he seems like a more stable person out of the two of them, but it is strongly hinted that something is up with his transmigration. Explanation under a cut.


There was no transmigration in the first place. MC was emotionally abused by his father, he was depressed, read a novel about a poor boy who wanted to learn piano and assumed his identity. Cool idea, but like I said, it was strongly (as in you have to be blind to miss it) hinted, but I was hoping for the other explanation. Originally MC is a sheltered child from a rich family. His "new" identity is a poor boy who had a paralyzed mother. To care for his mother he learned to give medical massage. He actually went to a med school (or where they teach you this profession) to later earn his living caring for sick people. So once he became acquainted with a paralyzed ML he was like "excellent! I have skills to help him, I am literally trained to do it!". The plot hole is "where did his skills came from, given that he has never actually gave massage to anyone?". (I wonder, if he read a novel about a pilot, would he be able to pilot a boeing?). Anyway, once he realized that he is the real owner of this body, he had a good cry over it and it was never mentioned again.


ML at the beginning of the story is suicidal. So yeah, Trigger warning for attempted suicide. (He failed because MC knew in advance and switched the poison). I liked that his mental issues do not resolve because he and MC are in love (I've read a story where they did). ML had to actually medicate to get better. What I liked much less, it that after some time he decided that he cannot take medicine all his life and asked his doctor friend to reduce the amount of medicine until he can stop taking them altogether. (I am used to the ableistic idea in this type of novels that a character must heal all of his disabilities to reach a happy ending, but apparently taking sleeping meds is also forbidden). Also, ML was in love with MC loooong before the start of the novel. So, no relationship development here.

Side characters: MC's father is a scum, but he is dealt with real quick to never be seen again. ML's father is also a scum, and I'm not sure what the author was going for with him. He was made into the worst type of scum, the type that is from the most dog bloodied novels, but it was resolved very anticlimactically. Maybe the moral is "the best revenge is not paying them attention"? There are other side characters, but they are all not important to the plot.

Another thing that I didn't like: pacing. When ML was thinking about how MC "matured over the last two years" near the end of the novel, I was surprised. It honestly felt like it was only a couple of months. Also, the last 20 chapters are a waste of time. Just nothing: nothing new and nothing interesting. The same things that we've already read. It also did not feel like MC changed over time. Once he stopped being scared of ML he never changed. (ML actually changed over time - became more relaxed after receiving proper treatment).

In conclusion: read only if you like reading about cute interactions between leads. If you want relationship development or plot - I'd recommend avoiding this novel. <<less
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Lost Happiness
Lost Happine
Oct 17, 2021
Status: c65
Very interesting. Lots of dog food, not too much drama.

... more>>

MC's memory before transmigrating seems to be disappearing. I wonder if there is a plot twist where maybe the transmigration part is merely a delusion he thought up to cope when he suffered avoidant personality disorder. At c55, MC was wondering why he thought he already studied his 3rd year of high school education. (This is due to MC having completed his 3rd year of education and is preparing to do the college entrance examination at the start of the novel)

Moving on, Wen Yao is actually Qin WenYao, ML's older brother. He dislike both his parents' surname but took up Wen as his surname since a dead parent's surname is better than an alive parent's one. He is constantly getting fed dog food from MC and ML affection everyday. ML gets information from Wen Yao such as clothing size and favorite food. ML received MC's necklace and MC told ML that the necklace signify MC protecting/being beside him since OG!MC's mother gave it to him. The emerald inside the necklace was mined out on the day of OG!MC birth. So the necklace is like an extension of him since its been with him for so long.


Edit: That 1 star reviewer is probably against BL novels, so ignore and read this novel first before judging. <<less
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Oct 18, 2021
Status: --
Quite a sweet 'marriage first, love later' transmig. Into a book type novel. As another reviewer said, there is not a lot of angst, but a lot of dog food (sweet PDA). I've read it before the translation started, and it was easy to MTL from jjwxc.

Don't take the 1 star review with a lot of profanity above seriously, so far this is the only danmei they've reviewed (the rest are all BG), so they might be against BL/danmei in the first place. Read the novel with confidence: it's not... more>> Shakespeare, but a fun danmei, nevertheless. <<less
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Oct 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I like this story! A Lot!

The plot is cliche, but the writing and characters make up for it. It's very enjoyable.

Based on the synopsis, I was afraid the MC would be a girly (no offense) and white lotus type while ML was a typical overbearing and obsessive protagonist. It's good that this is not the case.

The MC is in fact very cheerful and supportive. He has his own thoughts, high tolerance, and ain't so naive in handling things. Besides, he also cares a lot about ML and people around him... more>> and is capable of dealing with emotional matters, which is truly a blessing in this type of environment setting, or else there would be so many dramas and emotional breakdowns happened in their times together. The ML is also very considerate and cute. Very much Qin mao mao. Considering him suffering from severe mental illness since young age, his current behaviour is good enough and can be considered a miracle.

In short, The two protagonists here are really a perfect match. There is no heavy drama in the story. It's mostly about how they support each other through their difficult times, and the dynamic is also very good. I'd like to recommend this novel to everyone! Please give it a try. <<less
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Apr 14, 2022
Status: Completed
A story about healing. As another reviewer said, "I'd describe it as a slice-of-life story" and I would describe it as that too.

I love how there's a sense of realism to the whole healing, since some novels just say "this character has depression" and would introduce an MC and through the power of love, they would be "cured."

In this novel, there's no "instant cure" which is very commendable, but it's also a flaw since the novel was too fleshed-out, making it too slow-paced. I love how they keep on consulting... more>> doctors, as people actually should, which gives a sense of realism. Although this also actually means that the reader is subjected to the ugly truth about these mental illnesses.

So be aware of ⚠️trigger warnings⚠️ that are associated with mental illnesses before reading this novel because it might make you uncomfortable.

Another commendable thing about this novel is its plot twist (which occurs at around chaps 98-100). It's a fresh and grounded idea since it's a science-based explanation. I love that idea because it's simply brilliant but it also pains me because of why it even happened in the first place. As for what it is, you just need to read to find out.

Overall, I'll rate it as 4.6/5. Not bad but it was too slow-paced in my opinion. <<less
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Oct 31, 2021
Status: Completed
Very cute, lots of dog food, very sweet, but some trigger warnings must be brought up...

Trigger!! Warnings!!!!!

less spoiler-y:

... more>>

the novel includes mentions and/or depictions of child abuse (physical/psychological), domestic abuse and sexual violence (NOT!!! ML!!!!), suicidal thoughts and attempts. depictions of bipolar disorder, avoidant personality disorder, and manic episodes.


more context, but contains more spoilers:


Child abuse includes parents ordering their children to be told they are unskilled/bad at what they love causing significant psychological damage, physical violence, children witnessing domestic violence and sexual abuse between parents, children witnessing a parent's manic episodes, including the parent trying to kill them during a manic episode.

Mentions of suicidal thoughts/tendencies throughout the story, mostly focused in the beginning/middle. References to a side character's frequent attempts to commit suicide before being locked in a sanatorium, as well as directly covering a main character's attempt to commit suicide. Strong/hidden hints at said character's suicidal thoughts are frequent throughout the beginning of novel.

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Oct 18, 2021
Status: Completed
The author did a very interesting twist to this novel which really impressed me as it was the first time I've read something like that. The author foreshadowed it early on and I've been suspecting since chapter 40ish. Turns out I was really right.

The story featured mental disorder and I don't know if the author portrayed it accurately but in my opinion he/she was able to use that plot effectively in the story.

Overall, it's a feel good novel. The conflict in the story is not frustrating. The tone of the... more>> story is more like sweet and healing in a backdrop of dark themes. <<less
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