After I Turned From O to A I Became the National Male God


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As an Omega, Bai Yue is not only the dream Omega in every Alpha’s eyes but also the thorn in the eyes of other Omegas. However, one day, he received a medical examination notice and found that he had been differentiated for the second time. This time, he became an Alpha with Genetics of the grade S +, the kind with only double digits in the world.

Bai Yue: Pupils are shaking. jpg. He is worried that because of this, he would be abandoned by his boyfriend who is also Alpha. Therefore, he was determined to conceal this new secondary gender and genetic level, and never give the other party a chance to break up! When his pheromones of the S+ grade woke up, Alphas that had originally wanted to make a move on him, all ended up lying on the floor, oppressed by his pheromones. Omegas, who originally regarded him as a thorn in their eyes, would have their legs go soft under the influence of his pheromones. Even the military, upon hearing such news, declared: Within 1 minute, I want all the information on this Alpha!

Finally, he was unable to continue hiding his identity. Bai Yue became dumb. Looking back at his childhood sweetheart, this formerly domineering Alpha unexpectedly turned red at the ears. “Idiot, I knew it a long time ago.”

Since I’ve become an Alpha, then I might as well be the most Alpha of them all

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GrimmyAF rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: --
4.5/5, reasons below.

ABO, but with a twist.

The MC is a perfect omega - gentle, nice, beautiful. Sadly, he's taken by this punk of an alpha who often gets into trouble. Everything seems to be heading into a perfect suburban love story with a set of childhood friends, but all changed when MC find out that he might be an Alpha instead.

... more>> About the novel:

A standard ABO interstellar plot with military school, but with certain twists regrading the characters. MC might seem nice or a pushover, but the novel clearly shows that he isn't, and is very willing to push his ideals forward even if the world stands against him. He's made it pretty clear through the novel, that there's only one reason he's doing everything he does, and anything else is nothing but a means to his desired end.

While the title does make MC sound perfect, he isn't. He has quite a number of flaws, and doesn't adapt to his current status overnight without any issue at all. The novel does cover the challenges he faces with his new Alpha gender.

ML might seem a bit of an as*hole at the start, but there's valid reasons which make him likable, and he learns quickly.

Relationship wise, I really liked how MC and ML interacted, and how to managed to solve the issue of both of them being Alphas, without turning one of them into an omega.

The side characters are great, and quite unique - my only issues is that I want a spin off with MC's roommate, who certainly has a story.


- It's interstellar, ABO, and military, which is a super common trope that has been repeated countless times.

- The ending.


The ending isn't bad or anything, it's just normal, not good, but not horrifying. A little open, but in a good way. People who love fairytale endings where it's all Happy Ever After without any drama are warned.


- A little misunderstanding here and there.


Really, communication is key and while MC and ML do communicate, they could have communicated more.



A great novel for fans of ABO, and not-fans of ABO (me). The unique twist with an A X A pairing add makes this novel a good read for people who don't like the usual kind of ABO, and the familiar setting makes it suitable for fans of the genre. <<less
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YoriMei rated it
July 27, 2021
Status: Completed
It’s such a good story that I ended up shoveling as many chapters as I could into my mouth for an entire day and read nonstop until I finished it all. I really enjoyed this one! Bai Yue is honestly such a lovely protagonist; he’s gentle but firm, and never strays from his goal of staying with Shang Yufei. He’s refreshing, respectful and has this silver tongue that takes you off guard, no wonder Shang Yufei is smitten with him! SYF is also a breath of fresh air when it... more>> comes to ML’s, he’s a rebellious little punk for sure, easy to get jealous, super devoted BY and prickly to everyone else, but he actually shows weaknesses and his insecurity about their relationship as well. Also it’s cute watching the gentle BY tease the super fierce SYF! I appreciate that the gender change plot point didn’t drag on forever, and their group of friends is super cute, it makes me wish there were more of them hanging out!

My policy is that my reviews can’t be 100% positive and when coming directly out of this story I had almost zero problems with this story, but when given time to think a few come to clarity. I think the plot is unevenly distributed, there’s a huge focus on school competitions/missions for about 70? 80? Chapters and it’s not until the last 30 or so chapters that we get more on character building and back story for BY, SYF and their friend group. One character even has a last minute character development arc that took me by surprise at how fast it went. Another is that while I appreciated that the story didn’t overstay it’s welcome and try to drag on, I think the ending is super fast. The last chapter is literally a time skip to their graduation, where everyone is going their separate ways. I didn’t mind it too much, but I really do wish we had more of the gang. For example one side character loses their father and he does go through grief and it causes problems during that arc, but after the arc is finished the character goes right back to normal.

In the end If I were to sum it up more concisely, the story is more like a interstellar military academy school-life story. I had a really fun time reading this and honestly if you like A/B/O stories I would highly suggest giving this a shot. I will say though that even though the main pairing is AA, it’s not a huge focus? Their relationship isn’t revealed to the public until near the very end, (most of the story deals with BY going on missions) and everyone that matters in the story is very accepting; so do be warned that if you’re looking for a lot of conflict or deep introspection on that part you might be left lacking.


*bites handkerchief* That! Said! I really didn’t expect to like Mu Sihan so much but dammit I did and I know this is an AA story but like Bai Yue has two hands!!! Is a threesome not good?? Is rebellious, devoted punk x gentle, refreshing leader x jaded, cold beauty not fragrant?! I! Ship! Them! I ship all three of them!! Both are jaded and beaten down by society, only to run into the gentle BY who not only treats them with respect to their boundaries but also believes in them!! Is that not delicious?!?! *Slams table with fist*

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Hell rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Within the expectations of the genre, it’s one of the best works out there.

The writing is good and mostly all the plot is neatly tied. There are some weird events that come out of nowhere and are solved out of nowhere but I can’t complain much since it’s all ramifications from previously established events.

There’s also a lot of propaganda but that’s also within the genre.

The characters are also charming and consistent, and even when it bothers me that MC and ML seem to need to talk more, it’s also within... more>> the scope of their characters settings, so it’s not really too bothersome.

The side characters are also compelling (and honestly I think Mu Sihan would be my ideal lover but *cough* that’s out of topic), and have their own independent arcs, although some of them could be more explored (Mu Sihan, my beloved, why are you such a mystery? Come back!)

Overall, the only things I’m dissatisfied with are forgetting about Lu Ke and some other plot points, but even the fact the arcs are fast and leave some characters behind feels okay to me, specially since the pacing doesn’t leave much to complain about (honestly thought I was much closer to the end at some points, it’s good and entertaining).

4.5 stars <<less
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Melange rated it
December 17, 2021
Status: Completed
This is quaint novel about a conventional AO couple who suddenly discover they are an AA couple. Omega-turned-super-alpha MC started off the first half of his life as a traditional homely omega only to find himself in circumstances beyond his control. Despite this, he works hard to maintain his relationship with his alpha lover, ML.

At the same time, the crotchety ML comes to terms with the fact that while his lover's personality has stayed the same, that he no longer requires the care and protection once afforded to him. Instead,... more>> the two of them learn to stand together as equals.

The couple remain steady throughout the novel and there are no real twists to their relationship. They work together to change society for the better. Plot is fairly straight forward and this is a nice easy read with two strong protagonists.

As for who is top and who is bottom...


Gentle MC is the top because ML didn't want to hurt him.

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magic101 rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: Completed
I mltd the novel. It was pretty cute fluffy read but the MC just wins at everything. Nothing is really a struggle for him so there weren't any stakes because you know that he'll come out on top anyway. Also, I wished the pacing was a bit slower and it was longer. The ending just cuts to their graduation and somehow everyone accepts their relationship. Tbh I wanted to see his journey to being a Marial and the changes he'll make. I honestly wanted to see the ML communicate with... more>> MC's friends even more.

Their relationship is pretty cute and I loved how rational the MC is. Also, I loved all the supporting cast and I wanted to learn more about them. Also, the MC and ML are the rare couple that actually communicates! If you love a light fluffy read, you would love this novel. <<less
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jasmin1028 rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: c3
For the first time I mtl-ed the whole story and I wasn't tired of it at all.

Although I liked the mtl, , first 3 translated chapters are really good so I think you'll enjoy the story more if you read those translations.

I don't have much to say, , I just want to say that I really liked this story. I've only read a few AO stories before but this one was unexpectedly really good. Everyone should get a lover like Bai Yue and Yufei so dedicated and committed to eachother.... more>> It was really heartwarming.

Also I really love these friendships, , kind of interested to know more about what happens to them later in their own lives.

Every one of them is so cute. <<less
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mottekoi_shanpan rated it
June 4, 2021
Status: --
Ahhh I am glad it got picked up!!! As an ABO lover, especially AxA cps this really was a great read.

Added bonus for me since they are also childhood sweethearts :)

Eventhough it is set in an Interstellar setting it is not complicated to understand, and the natural progression of their love is *chef's kiss*

... more>> The side characters are also likeable and memorable! As the above reviewer said, WE WANT RPOMATE'S STORY AUTHOR PLS ;)

It also has a good balance of fun and serious moments and overall a very good and easy read.

The only thing I felt this novel was missing:


was the very open ending??? Like the MC had reached his goal and all the issues where solved, but would have been nice to know what had happened after that with the characters, it's also because this novel doesn't have extras

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Erudite.Cielo rated it
June 21, 2021
Status: Completed
I loved this story. (⌒▽⌒) I've always been interested in reading ABO novels and this one is unique. I thought this story would be light-hearted just like the others I read, but this is heavy. The relationship bet AA is really hard, esp with the law that obliges alpha with A-level and above to be matched with a stranger before they reach 25 y/o. ⊙︿⊙ I'm proud and in awe of MC bec he still continued to move forward in this hard road and he didn't waver in order to... more>> achieve his goal. ⊂ (^ (工) ^) ⊃ This journey is really memorable. ヾ (@^∇^@) ノ Truly an unforgettable reading experience. <<less
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