After I Transmigrated as a Mermaid, I Transmigrated Back


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After five years of being a mermaid that hid deep within the cold sea, Zhao Xiaokui had finally returned back to her human body.

Mobile games, anime and manga, my idols, and a peaceful society, I have returned!

But on her very first day at home,

“Congratulations on your achievement: Killing a water demon.”

“Congratulations on your achievements: Killing a vampire.”

Zhao Xiaokui: “…wow, this welcome ceremony is really chic.”

Fu~ this really was a world full of peace…

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Mermaid’s Return
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New Potatoteeth rated it
March 3, 2024
Status: Completed
At first I was like, "oh, a Yuri! A READABLE Yuri!!" and wanted to give it 5 stars, and then in chapter 127 I saw how the author sensationalised colonial stereotypes about African religious rituals, and I nearly wanted to give it 1 star on the spot. Instead, I'll take away 1 star because I need to be fair: given the awareness of the generic mainland Chinese webnovelist, it's already good enough that she doesn't go about making strawmen of every other country on the planet. In comparison with her... more>> compatriots, this one is already very liberal in her worldviews on race. In fact, even with this plus the plentiful plot holes, I might have reluctantly held the 5 star rating in appreciation of 'finally a readable Yuri!' if the Chinese national insecurity complex hadn't reared its ugly head in the penultimate chapter. Talk about starting strong and ending in a pit. So it's 4 stars, with the caveat that your own mileage may vary, and that the fight scenes aren't very exciting. <<less
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New Sera_phimora rated it
February 27, 2024
Status: c77
Very good, the romance is developed early but from how the story flows it doesn't seem unnatural at all. The action part is pretty good as well but it is kinda slow. The plot seems steady and laid out. The couple is very sweet too. But still, I'm sorry if I'm being rude but... Chapter 77, scroll down a bit

... more>>

what do you mean protection? From the FL's words "there's safety in the bedside table in the bedroom", safety? You mean sanitization? Or 'that' kind of safety?Someone please clarify 😭😭, does our MC have a stick or something? 😭

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blazingseraph rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: Completed
I MTLed all of it and I gotta say, I really enjoyed the setting. The romance was really cute, though I wish Shen Zhifei appeared more often. This novel focused a lot more on world-building and action than romance, but there was still a fair amount that kept me satisfied. The only complaint I have is that this novel felt way too short. There's a looot of stuff that could've been expanded on in the later chapters, but despite that, I still enjoyed what was there so I'm not too... more>> peeved by it. <<less
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Quhon rated it
April 25, 2021
Status: c9.2
First a thanks for the translator ❤ you're doing a great job. It's easy to read and to follow, the wording doesn't stuck and flows good.

To the story in it self, I like the transparency, that the love interest is being involved and the dynamic of their relationship is starting right of the bat.

The FM lead is a person easy to sympatise with and her love for food 🤤 and the action she is bringing with her~

It's not often that there comes some cool beating scenes in a yuri novel,... more>> plus the romance right at the start, love it~

Pls keep up the good work, I'm rooting for ya 😁 <<less
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Empathatic rated it
March 28, 2022
Status: c9
*Edit* The previous translator dropped this because of the amount of Nationalism and other garbage that the author put in the story. Just know that there's a good reason for the translator to drop this, and I agree with them. *End Edit*

So far, this one has exceeded all of my expectations. There's a very clear fantasy story being told, yet it's set in a modern setting. The fantasy elements are well described, and there's a lot of "show don't tell". Aspects related to what makes one being stronger than... more>> another are relayed through the POV of the MC, but there's no System, or some badly made Stat Screen. So far, the parts that are fantasy are just narrative fantasy. The world that is modern day feels real too, and the city itself is described in a way that makes it feel like a city instead of someone's grassy backyard that they tried to arrange a Lego town in. There's a moment of realization where the MC is enjoying getting their life back that relays it well. This quote is long, but I think most of it should be included:

"As the door closed behind her, she could feel the cold air of the AC controlled café behind her pull on the hems of her clothes, as the warm August air outside proceeded to assault her....

... Zhao Xiaokui quickly left the vicinity of the café. Turning a few corners on the street, she gradually came to a stop and found a place to sit by the side of the road. Sitting there, she took a deep breath in and tasted the scent of exhaust and burning asphalt in the air. The smell that most other people would find discomforting, she instead found to be nostalgic and pleasantly fragrant. As she sat there, enjoying the city, she silently thought to herself that it was good to be human again.

Zhao Xiaokui remembered that someone had once said that the bigger a city was, the more similar it would be to another city. Having donned a pair of sunglasses to hide herself in the case she was actually a famous artist, Zhao Xiaokui could feel the truth behind those words as she looked around the unknown but familiar city landscape for a landmark of somesort."

With this I feel as if the world building is done pretty well so far. It's still early which means there's time for the author to use more cliches and employ some bad tactics, but I like what I see as of now. As for the relationships, it's still too early for me to judge. I can see that something is there, and it does feel a little forced...


Our FL jumped right in to rescuing the MC, believing that severe pain and cramps to the point of passing out were caused by low blood sugar. As someone who lives with a diabetic, that's not exactly how it works. On top of that, the FL has something akin to a curse put on them by the MC, but they just roll with it. It's a bit too quick


I'm looking forward to where this goes, and I'm happy to see a transmigration novel without Gender-bending, a System, or Stats-screens.

And it was picked up by a new translator! This translator is excellent, and I love how they translate what is probably a lot of idioms and expressions that might not come over well in to a more easily understood English alternative. I hope they keep working on this! Thank you so much Tosakun Translations! <<less
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Mishi98 rated it
October 21, 2023
Status: --
It had a sweet romance but not enough of it and I got tired of the rest by about midway through the book and couldn't keep reading. I kind of wish that it was more encountering supernatural stuff in the entertainment industry or straight out focus on the police stuff and get rid of the entertainment industry part. It was like it couldn't make up its mind the MC is bouncing everywhere and I just feel sorry for the FL who's always getting left behind. I started reading this for... more>> the power couple tag but it did not live up to it. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: Completed
I think that this was overall a story with great plot progression from beginning to end. The story ends on a strong note that wraps everything up nicely. The main character and love interest are often separated for months, but the actual pacing of the story keeps the love interest from fading into obscurity. All in all, I quite recommend this.

Biggest Negatives (imo)

  • Some plot holes that require a leap of faith to accept
  • Africa is given a very biased treatment. Their supernaturalists almost all improve using a shaman style method involving live sacrifice to totems that severally backfires and causes most of the continent to die outright. This includes a a scene where some backpackers are sacrificed to drums and dancing tribesmen. The story almost depicts Africa as a whole to be very barbaric.

Something I didnt understand + theory


The grandmother seems to be revealed as the mcs... previous life? (?) This raises some real questions. The biggest for me is... how does a photo of the MC and her grandma in the same frame exist???

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tropezero rated it
January 30, 2024
Status: c48
This is a rare treat. The author does a wonderful job with the romance. So many stories go to annoying extremes. Either the relationship is so dry and unexciting that you'll end up wondering why they even bothered. Or it will be so over the top - exhaustively poetic, hyperbolically romantic, or so melodramatic that it puts soaps to shame. And in my opinion simply having heated kissing or s*x scenes doesn't make for a believable romance. Don't get me wrong. Those are definitely the icing on the cake, but... more>> if we don't see the steps leading up to that... it just feels contrived. Or at the least you wonder if over 50% of these characters are s*x crazed and have no capacity for having an actual loving relationship.

Well, I'll admit sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered. But it's refreshing to see a couple that is sweet on each other, unafraid to express their feelings, and occasionally have disagreements. Certainly it's still very rose colored, but it's sitting at maybe a 5, instead of cranked up to 11. A level mortals or dysfunctional normal people might achieve if they're lucky?

I'll also mention it does a good job with the setting/exposition without feeling like a slog. <<less
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