After I Stole The Male Lead, The Female Lead Cried


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The female lead has been chasing after the male lead even after being abused and treated as a substitute. But only the male supporting character, who had a disability, stayed by her side and guarded her silently.

The male supporting character gave everything to the heroine, even died for her, but he couldn’t get the slightest love from her.

Qiao Xi transmigrated into the book, and she became a short-lived female supporting character in the book.

She found that her life was bound to this male supporting character with a disability on both his legs.

Since then, Qiao Xi needs to find ways to approach him every day.

She would change her ways to placate him and she would caress his ugly legs with her hands. Her beautiful eyes were full of distressed expressions.

The man’s hand on the armrest of the wheelchair clenched into a fist, and he covered his ugly legs tightly with a quilt because of his low self-esteem.

Until one day, the male supporting character couldn’t control it. He lowered his head and kissed the girl in front of him and the legs under his body suddenly turned into a half fishtail.

Qiao Xi:…

Later, the man opened the quilt and he proudly played with his beautiful golden fishtail.

He looked at Qiao Xi in front of him with his clear eyes, longing for her touch.

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New F.A.M.H rated it
March 29, 2024
Status: c91
Ch, 79

I can understand that the FL couldn't help the ML by going back in time for him much at first becuase she didn't have enugh perecentage (let say points). But what about later? She leterly spent almost all day everyday with him, tuching, kissing, hugging, or even just setting beside him, which made her gain so so so much points that she can exchange to go back to help him almost every day or more than once a day.
But what she did? She will only go back to help him once every 2 weeks or a month.
I really don't understand her.
I do understand that the author want to make so much unnecessary drama before for the ML and torted him before he could be healed completely. but it's really waste of time and frusting keeping seeing the FL kept doing things that keep giving her too much points everyday but she never used this pionts.
As much as I'm consered, she probably has more that 500 or much more than this, and she only need to spent a few tens of points to save the ML which would lead to her saving her own life.
Waste, waste....



The FL....!!!

Now she has both the current ML and his pastself.
And she actually took the past little ML to introduce to her mother as her boyfriend!
She actaully took a precious chanse that the original ML has been wating for for so long and easly and happily gaive it to his past one!!

I hated the FL here so much.
She know that the original ML hate her bing with his past one, but she still gose to him, I would say it's okay I can understand her thought that they'er the same one in her heart and can't bring herself to ignore the little past one, but to go and take the the past one who dosen't belong to this time frame and introduce him to her mother as her boyfriend and totally ignore the one who original own this time frame, that's too much of her.



I felt the author wanted to show us how the FL was strugle between the original ML and the little ML from the past (he actually not so little, he's in high shcool. and as the FL has already gone to the past twice to meet the 1st grade ML and 2nd grade ML at high school, so I think the one who jump to the future is the one at 3rd grade high school. So he actually younger than the original ML by just 2 or 3 years!). But she failed miserably.
Becuase I at least as one of the readers didn't feel that, I always feel that since the past ML came she ignored the original ML. She didn't even call him or thought about him until he call her, which is totally different from her usuallself.
Pluse, if she really cared she wouldn't go act so intmately with the past ML while she still has the original ML in the same time frame.
Maybe the FL felt like the past ML was more pitiful, he still can't stand up, he just come from a fight, he's younger, he's in a new time where he can't walk freely, and that the original ML was more staple now, can stand up, has start to get confidint, he's in his original time frame.... maybe and maybe, but that all won't change the fact that the FL has forget, ignored, throw behind her back the original ML and give all her time for the past ML and took a thing that should be for the original and give it to the past one.


And her I want to complain a little about how the FL ignore her parents too.
Since she came to the novel, let say it was more than 6 month till now, but the times she spent with her parents or sat to eat a meal with them can parly counted on one hand.
No matter how much she is busy, or want to go have fun, at lest give your parents whom love you so so much at lest one meal time once a week, can't once a week? then once a month. Just sat there and eat with them!
I felt somewhat sorry for them, their daughter no matter how much they waited for her won't come to company them for the meale. Though they never stopped her from going out or forced her to come to eat with them, and they also has their own life and won't expect her to come eat with them everyday, but still she should at lest put them in her list for those whom she will spent time with maybe she won't forget them.

This novel is not that bad and I actually thought that I will completed it, but when it come to introduce the boyfriend, I felt angrey and want to drop it. Don't know if I would come again to read it so I write what come to my mind 😁

3 Stars before introducing the boyfriend accedent, 2.5 Stars after ⭐
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gzd132 rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: c142
Read most of it. Dropped after a while. The story could have been wrapped up in 120 chapters... there’s a lot of filler and a lack of character development in the female lead. She was just so perfect that it bored me to death. Plus the author doesn’t forget to remind us how tender and white her skin is every two second. Anyways I’m done.
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Joy45h rated it
April 8, 2022
Status: c172
Sweet story with a bold protagonist. They actually start dating at ch 20. FL fell in love first and took the initiative to sedu*ahem* cajole the ML into dating her, though the ML was actually in love with her too but had inferiority complex. No love rivals just sweet doting.

ML in his past life was also in love with FL but mistook her for the orginal. Heroine. FL does time travel to the past life and accompany him till he dies from the disease (made me cry really bad)

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Pahpie rated it
July 12, 2023
Status: c81
So when I was starting out, I would have directly given the story five stars but as I go on, well, let's just say, my 4 stars are now kindness.

First of all, the book is well written. The author has few grammatical errors and slang in their writing so it's extremely readable in mtl. My compliments in that regard.

okay let's start with the synopsis, yes!

so when I first read the synopsis, I thought it was another story about a holy mother showing all kinds of kindness and gaining the... more>> ml's trust. And honestly, if I had followed the synopsis and not given it a chance, I'd think it was just that.

the synopsis is probably the fattest spoiler here but let me give you a few details that made me want to read the book.

so when I got to the first pages, I found out that MC was actually a cannon fodder that died and the og FL literally took all her things and replaced her. Then our ML was actually the villain of the story.

at this point I'm like- SOLD! The synopsis and title didn't do any justice to the actual book.

And in the beginning, things were looking up. It was cute but not in a sugary way. The ML was kinda omega and the FL domineering- which is my cup of tea, porridge, poison. I love and live for the genre.

I felt that the skinship was perfectly timed and the author didn't make me beg or frustrate me. They kissed enough, teased each other enough, I think we had or**sms somewhere. Honestly for me it was perfect. It wasn't too much and it wasn't too little.

the only problem came when we get to the villainess,


so the villainess is the og fl. And she has a system that collects energy by harming people. And obviously, the first 2 or 3 times I didn't want her to win but after a while, I also wanted to see her do something.

see, her role in the book is basically to be contrasted with the MC so that the MC can shine brighter. It's so much that they are literally the same person with the same things and moving towards the same purpose.

Not only do the both of them have systems, have the same love interests and have systems with a similar target, they literally look alike.

and of course you're going to hear things like- but the MC is more beautiful and more refreshing. Or- they put on the same dress but the whole room feel silent when they saw MC.


the plot had potential to go in a more intriguing direction but I think the author didn't dare to explore it, which I don't hold against them at all.

but, the MC became too op for me and so was the ml. Op in a not nice way. By the time I get to chapter 78, I'm tired of seeing them winning.


The worst part was that the villainess and MC used the same methods to approach the ML but for some reason (plot armor) the ML constantly rejected the villainess.

It would have been fine for him to reject her because the method of approach was really s*upid- but the FL uses the same approach and is literally more willful in an unpleasant way and the ML suddenly losses all his senses- saying things like "he couldn't understand it but there was something that blah blah" In short he couldn't resist her.

if she isn't using a cheat we don't know about, then she's definitely using a cheat. Her system is just stronger than the villainess', literally. That's all.

at first, that plot armor wasn't so obvious until the ML became a teenager.

like literally, girls would send him letters and try to approach him but he would purposely isolate himself. Which would have been fine if the author included things like, he didn't believe in people anymore. Or maybe he went along and was humiliated but nope! He directly rejected everyone and automatically accepted fl.

Only the FL that only he could see would be allowed close- and I'm thinking- this guy probably believes the world should revolve around him to involve him, right?

Because every time the MC said that only he could see her, he would say something like, "something that belongs to only me."

I think the ML just wanted to isolate himself for the MC.


And something that really ticked me off


I'm not the kind of person to let the truth get in the way of a good story but seriously- the real world doesn't have so much stigmatization against the disabled.

and I was thinking- it's okay- it's all good, as long as the plot of the world aligns. But even in the world, there were laws against stigmatizing disabled people- mark you, these are modern educated people but- everyone has this thing against the lame. Like the moment someone can't walk- they are automatically useless and can't even have a romantic relationship- and I'm thinking- what?!

it would have been fine had the world been set in ancient China or the republican time or at least if the setting of the modern world matched the stigmatization but goodness.

What killed me was how everyone kept referring to the ML and Ji Tui (a lovely character- I was almost going to ask MC to open a harem) as useless people. Even the characters saw themselves that way. Apparently only if they could walk would they be worthy of love and affection.

and I'm thinking- what's wrong with you?

I can blame that on the years of stigmatization they had to go through.

but what kills me is the fact that MC refuses to introduce ML to her parents until he can walk. Like the f*ck! Would she never show him to her parents if he could never walk?


the plot armor just got s*upid at this point


so the grandfather takes ML to beat the mandarin ducks. Yes!

he is taken to a heavily guarded remote villa where MC obviously finds ml. And I think this is where the setting starts to collapse.

the people who protect the ML suddenly become dumb as f*ck and forget their work ethic. They don't even report to the grandfather that the ML is seeing someone.

they are so gullible in front of the MC that she also rolls her eyes at them at some point.

See? She clearly has a cheat that the author has refused to tell us about.


from then on, you'll see how op the ML is.

you'll never forget the fact that the MC is beautiful, and the ML is beautiful and the mo only deserves to be next to the MC because he is beautiful and he is only truly worthy when he can walk. Because- when you can't walk, you're as good as garbage but the moment you stand- gasp!!! 😰 You're formidable and everyone can finally see your ability.

when you can't walk, they forget that you're kind, you saved someone's life, you're exceedingly smart and you're good looking.

it's like as if we are in the world of babies where those that can walk are praised by their parents.

it becomes a bit lackluster as you read. And I'm afraid that if I read further, my stars will drop further. <<less
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Lazygoddess rated it
June 4, 2022
Status: Completed
God this story was just too cute and lovely, the author has again made a masterpiece of cuteness and heart-warming novel. Well after knowing that it it the same author of "Married to the Male Lead’s Brother" I couldn't be more grateful for another wonderful story.
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Sweethoney96 rated it
February 9, 2024
Status: --
Light story to read to pass time. MC and ML are just too cute. There really isnt much drama because MC solves them really quick.


I do wish theres more of MC helping others who has low energy rather than random fillers and also I feel that she shouldve spent more time with her new parents, specially they didnt get to have that time in og MC last life.


But other than that, cute light read story.
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MajorGPuff rated it
July 3, 2023
Status: --
It's good but it's boring. So many chapters skimmed. The cause: ... more>>

the author emphasized so much on their skinship. Whether its FL touching ML's tail, or kissing, it gets old since they all are 2nd base act that were REPEATED only on different locations. What am I reading, soft p*rn? It's not even that good


Here, we will see the classic example of FL's golden halo + golden finger. Fuuurther near the end though, I thought FL annoying. Boring. Repeated words of praise and adoration towards ML & FL do gets old!

TBH, I persisted until the end just to see if the ML can do it or not. But the ending also is kind of bleh--i think it's due to over prolonging & too many filler arcs, my interest is flopping away somewhere in the middle. <<less
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Cixivy rated it
June 28, 2023
Status: Completed
Wow, this is the first after so long that I can finish reading romance novel +100 chapters. Full of sweet and fluff.. But I agree with the other reviews that the story could have been wrapped up around 120 chapters. You can skip some part in some chapters if you feel bored, it's doesn't affect the storyline..

If you like "Married the Male Lead's Brother", then I'm sure you will like this more. The other novel have a lot of loophole yet here even though it's not possible but still makes... more>> sense..

But you have to bear with one things


ML and FL is too perfect here. The Halo is too strong, typical cnovel


ML here


at first he is such a cutie innocent type but slowly will be a big wolf (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Character development of the ML is good, you can see it slowly he change in a good way. Not change so much, still in the line with his previous characters. I like him so much. Well there is still a but, he is too perfect.. I meant he can do anything, ANYTHING!! Too inhuman, at least I hope he have something he can't do to makes him more human.


The FL..


she's bold and cus of that the relationship between both ML&FL is good. You know in relationship one of the two have to take the initiative first, and here FL who did that job. Yet I agree with the other review who said she have no character development, tho I like her boldness


A lot of


kissu kissu scene


so in the end it's worth your time to read it too fill your free time with some sweetness here, ehehe..

And about the Grandpa Lu


he's too old-fashioned.. All that makes ML blackened one of the big reason is his Grandpa. He is too believing in other people word and treating ML unfairly too much. I think he have a mental illness cus however bad child do, it's not possible to always lock the child alone and never give even a bit of warm. Moreover, ML didn't do anything bad here!! He is too much..


All in all is still 5/5 for me, just give it a try and don't stop in the middle. Almost every chapters have the sweet moment, so don't read in public and smile too much lmao.. <<less
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nasdhadg rated it
September 18, 2022
Status: Completed
like another comment, I also agree this one is similar with Married to the Male Lead’s Brother in which ... more>>

the FL has a system and with the points she can go back to the past to help ML deal with his grievances


this one is fluffy yet frustating at the same time, I wonder why

ML grandpa had to more or less imprison him? I mean he cannot go outside at will, even go to the university???

moreover, really, I hate his cousin brother really a real bully


anyway, this one is a happy ending and full of kissing between ML and FL hahaah <<less
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ricachuu rated it
May 6, 2022
Status: Completed
This is very cute and heart-wrenching at the same time. Don't get me wrong, the story is a HE and a proper happy ending at that. It's just that their love is too tragic and moving. From the very start, ML only loves FL even though he didn't remember her in his first life.

FL is the kind of woman I aspire to be. She's shameless towards ML while wearing a pure and naive appearance. Her favorite thing to do is just tease the innocent ML into revealing his tail that... more>> she further 'bullies' (wink wink). She knows how to use her cards right and is extremely possessive and protective of ML. She may seem so smug most of the time, but she's also pitifully tragic as she loves ML with all of her heart, and some people and situations just like to try and tear them apart.

ML of course is the most tragic character in this novel.

Due to some evil people's schemings, he was branded as a harbinger of misfortune since he was born. He is also half-mermaid and couldn't walk nor use his tail due to him being slowly blackened from a young age. He was bullied for being lame, isolated, wasn't given any hint of love, and was treated like a monster. He grew inferior and savage, not letting anyone near him. Of course, FL won't listen and is still stuck by his side every day.

To him, FL was like the moonlight and he was just a muddy fish in the gutter. He just wanted to look and not dare to reach out, but FL was the first one to reach out to him and love him. It wasn't just because FL was the first one to save him, it was a lot more than just that. Knowing that FL would always love him and love only him, he got more confidence and worked hard to deserve FL and be by her side openly.

I also really loved the side chapters where ML grew up with love and had his loving family with him, and FL became his cat girlfriend that can transform into a human. I really like how despite all the heart-breaking twists and turns, the happy ending was just peak satisfaction. <<less
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May 1, 2022
Status: c11
Read till chapter 11 and waiting for more translations.

I’m usually super picky with novels and have been really bored lately with the ones I found. This is really cute!! I like the little elements of the leaf buds sprouting.

Also I tend to stay away from BxG novels usually because they always depict the MC (female) as an annoying character who just whines and does nothing all day. So this novel is great so far as you can really see how the MC takes a lot of initiative and is firm... more>> in what she wants to do. (Ahem also nice to see the FL reeling in ML slowly)

ML is kind of similar to the usual stand-offish character due to his background. But Bruh the flashbacks to his youth really made me wanna protect him too. Although the ML is cold to FL for a short while, I like how he isn’t overly mean or nasty like how some novels illustrate their ML. He just isn’t used to being treated nicely and has really low self-esteem. But his longing for affection just touches my heart 😢

anyways translation is good too and I can’t wait for more! <<less
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