After I Sent the Divorce Letter, My Husband Went Mad


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With his significant contribution to the war against the Kingdom of Seitria, Cassel Jen Roten, became the hero of the Empire.

In order to participate and qualify in the war, he had a political marriage with Leila Eloisa.

As soon as she heard that Cassel became the war hero, she received divorce papers from the imperial family.

With the tacit coercion that encouraged their divorce, even though she had a heart for Cassel, she was conflicted.

Leilia never wanted to beg for love.

That was why she signed the divorce papers.

She sent it to Cassel, but she got an unexpected reaction…

“There’s not going to be a divorce.”

Embers flickered from his fingertips, and the divorce paper turned into ashes.

“You’ll have to at least be my wife until I get back.”

He may not be able to take her heart, but the position as her husband… it had to be entirely his.

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이혼장을 보냈더니 남편이 미쳤다
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AkaneApples rated it
September 8, 2022
Status: c8
Interesting premise but some things don't make sense so far - why does the MC have this op merchant organization boss hidden identity that she's only using to bully her stepmom by buying up the jewelry she wants first? If she's so powerful, why can't she just leave her tr*sh family and go live her op luxurious life where the ML is convinced she'd be super popular and adored & he wouldn't even have a chance? Maybe she has a good reason to pretend to be weak and helpless and... more>> poor but I can't wrap my head around it thus far. <<less
25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MagykVen rated it
March 24, 2023
Status: c16
This novel is for those who like a slow burn romance with pinning and a (understandable) misunderstanding. MC and ML obviously love each other but it's one of those novels where they take a long while to get to the same page.

MC and ML's relationship

... more>>

Their moms were good friends. Her mom was the leader of the biggest merchant association and sponsored ML when his mom died. After her mom died, she continued the sponsorship because she liked him and wished for him to have everything and be happy. They both want each other to be happy so they're willing to put their feelings away.


Their misunderstanding:


Her uncle told her ML said he had someone he loves but ML refused to share who it was. She's willing to divorce him because she wants him to be happy and refuses to be like her parents (her mom loved her dad but her dad didn't and made her mom and her miserable).

Before they got married, he believed he doesn't deserve her because he has nothing to his name and he is an illegitimate prince. He had to leave for war right after they got married so they didn't have time to talk.


To the reviewer who asks why she can't just leave her tr*sh family even though she's rich:


Under the law, everything under her name belongs to her dad until she gets married. The dad hates her but refuses to let her get married because he has control over the things her mom left her. If she reveals her identity, the merchant association can also legally go to the dad.
She also has a good relationship with her half (or step) sister. She wants her sister to marry and leave the family before she does anything.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nightkiss49 rated it
March 7, 2023
Status: c25
This is a pretty beautiful novel I did read some spoilers too from the other website and I did read to chapter 25 and a bit of ending (it's a spoiler) so it's a pretty beautiful novel in the conclusion- it's all about marriage and misunderstanding, good communication and a lot of mistreatment or abuse you could say.

FL- well she's secretly the most Wellness person in her Empire but she does have self-esteem issues it's not mentioned in the novel or maybe it's not because of that translation, but... more>> she does have self-esteem issues.

I do not understand why she endures so much pain but I guess she just has low respect for her but she's not a complete pushover.

ML- from the novel I read it seems like he is a few years younger than FL he is tremendous respect towards FL and he's in his obsessive love to the point where he doesn't mind neglecting/disrespecting the Imperial family. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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