After I Save The Ice Princess From Another School From a Mol*ster, We Started as Friends


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Minori Souta is an ordinary high school student. Today, he lives his daily life as usual.

Even though he’s like that. Every time he went to school, he felt happy.

Because there was a beautiful girl on the train that he boarded.

She had pure white hair and blue eyes. Her Western-like face was somehow fragile and pretty. She has an outstanding style and is so beautiful that she could be considered an idol or an actress.

[Ice Princess]. That’s what she called at the high school next door.

Souta followed her with his eyes every time he got on the train. She rejected all the students that tried to talk to her, and now there are no other high school students on this train except for him and her.

He thought he would just go on with this ordinary life. He had no desire to get close to her. He never thought about it.

But—one day. An incident occurs.

Souta saw her being mol*sted.

No one tried to help her. Souta gathered up his courage and saved her.

The next day. Souta thought that he would return to his ordinary life, but she appeared in front of him.

“Um…you helped me the other day. I just wanted to say thank you.”

Shinonome Nagi, aka [Ice Princess]…… She was the girl he had saved yesterday.

Souta was puzzled, because she was someone he only saw from the distance, nonetheless, he accepted her gratitude. ….But, he kept his distance again.

He was. Because he doesn’t hate his daily routine.

It was then.

“Something, I want to ask. To you.”

Souta couldn’t bear to hear those somewhat sorrowful words. And decided to listen to her request.

“While I’m on the train. I want you to……stay by my side.”

At those words–Souta couldn’t even refuse. He accepted it.

However. Souta didn’t yet know that he would be toyed around by her again and again.

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New TCGDraco rated it
March 22, 2023
Status: c40
Read until chapter the end of ch35 if you want to read a 4 star, wholesome and fluffy high-school romance novel. Afterwards the author tries to incorporate drama and ruins the story. Although there is some foreshadowing in earlier chapters it is easy to ignore. The following is just a detailed summary of the events following ch 35 and just an outlet for me to rant.

... more>>

Ch36 starts of with ML and FL at an amusement park date where the ML plans to confess his feelings. Before he has the chance to the FL announces she is getting engaged to someone. She accepts the engagement without even trying to negotiate it with her parents knowing full well that she loves the ML and vice-versa. Her reasoning behind her firm decision is that as an adopted child she feels very indebted to her adoptive parents. Due to this she makes a promise as child to her father to marry a good man. Then she goes on to explain that she only used the MC to get used to men so she be prepared for engagement but accidentally ended up falling in love with him.

For reference the novel so far has portrayed her parents as very loving and understanding parents. So the absurdity of this forced situation is unreal. In order to create some drama the author changes the character of the FL removing any positive feelings for the FL from a readers perspective. Then the author proceeds to mend the relationship in the following chs where the MC talks to her parents and they agree to dissolve the engagement and even apologise. Complete collapse of the plot only for it get resolved in 4 chs? Just plain bad writing.


No hate to the author (maybe a little) but first time experimentation on a well established series with a genre change will never go well. I gave 2 stars cause I was nice :p <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New Touch-San rated it
March 15, 2023
Status: c36
Dropping this as of the most recent chapter. I came here to read a romance story about a cold girl and a caring boy eventually fall in love and start dating.

... more>>

As of chapter 36, this has now become a drama about a said cold girl ending up in arranged marriage to a grown man. Notice how I didn't say anything about it being forced? That's because it wasn't. She willingly accepted it. Not pressured to, but voluntarily. Another point to make, why did this author, or any author who writes stories set in modern times, write in an arranged marriage. Do those still happen in Japan? As far as I know, aside from the heavily regressive middle-east, nowhere still has those. Arranged marriage has no place in the 21st century, fiction or otherwise.


I don't doubt that the story will end with them together, but because of this, they'll get together only at the end. The rest of this story is just gonna be the MC trying to get the ice princess to escape her emotional shackles. While that would make for a good drama, I didn't come here for that. I was hoping for something similar to otonari no tenshi. So yeah, if you enjoy romance dramas, you'll like this. As for me; dropped. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Deadmilkmen rated it
March 9, 2023
Status: c30
Not bad, definitely not good though. It's just a string of cliches written together.

Loner dude meets super hot chick.

He lives alone, check.

She starts cooking for him.

He has an out going friend who has a girlfriend.

They start getting closer, she makes the most obvious signs that she likes him, he says "I wonder if she likes me"

Their flirting is the cringiest shit. Blushing and stuttering over calling each other's names.

Super lewd hand holding.

At this point I feel like they're just writing these novels with a checklist in place.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
spacewarlock9 rated it
March 10, 2023
Status: c31
Yet another typical rom com novel. Archetypal and essentially nothing breath takingly new:; it's like a more toned down version of Otonari Tenshin. Like any other JP rom com, we've got the introverted but sensitive and nice MC, the extremely pulchritudinous FL that somehow associates themselves with the MC because of some arbitrary and illogical rationale, and the extroverted and teasing best friend with the dimwitted girlfriend; but, it's still undeniably 90% better than most other JP Rom Coms. In chapter 31, the plot actually advances and deviates from the... more>> occasional norm of lover A meets lover B's family and vice versa. The addition of a "love rival" is a plot device, but one not unappreciated because it's a fresh look for 100% fluff novels, especially for me. Whether or not it will be executed well depends on the author's proficiency.

If you've never read the top dogs of sugar fluff rom coms before, you'll be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes from this. Regardless, while it is still cringe, it's still a great choice for light reads (1-3 chapters daily). I still find it to be quite sweet; perfect for amorous teenagers with no experience in romantic affection... like me. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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