After Genderswap Reincarnation, I Raised the Strongest Player


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Reincarnation with a System, these two ought to be a good thing when put together. But he became a girl, and the system was locked to her original self. If she wants to change her tragic past life, she had to find her old self and raise him?

‘Well fine, nobody understands me more than myself anyway.’

It should be a simple task, but… she gradually began to realize she had led him down the wrong path.

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New Rahmatrianz rated it
March 23, 2023
Status: c50
Finally some unique gender-bender instead of just another Yuri, and selfcest at that lol it's fun read even though some of the event are a bit rush and lack world backgrounds it's still good and make me curious what happened next
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Fr0stb1te rated it
February 20, 2021
Status: c73
What is self-cest? For this specific niche, it means that the romantic partner is yourself, usually one of them is changed to the opposite gender and another body. It's some magical stuff so no down syndrome okay!!!

What is the appeal of self-cest? It's a bit hard to answer that question. One day I just stumbled into it.I have to say, it's quite a different feeling from normal gender bender. It places less focus on gender and more on the interaction with yourself. Why do I like it?it is because... more>> of extreme narcissism?I hardly believe so.... I'm sure most of us dislike ourselves more than anything. We trod along with our daily life feeling lonely because there is no one that understand us.

but what if there is? someone who understands all the things about you down to the thought process. likes, dislikes, down, regrets, dreams down to the thought process. With anyone else, you have to keep certain thoughts in because it's not normal, but you don't have to with this pairing because one of them is your older self. Basically, you don't feel restrained.

Hows the actual novel? The dialogue is like your usual jp light novel. Might seem a bit simple and silly but jp light novel has its charm. If you tell me this is from japan I would believe it. So author got that checked out.

Summary : The MC is a lone wolf who is strong and battle-hardened. She had to face-off aliens to save his planet and comrade so she went kamikaze on them. After that, she traveled to the past with a new body with a system. Forced to guide her past self to become stronger so that they won't get screwed by aliens. Where does these goddamn aliens come from? Their origin have something to do with a vr game that suddenly appeared.

The Bread and butter of this novel: Umm, delicious. Back to the vr game, you have to do one mission after another to continuously get more powerful. It's the world-hopping complete mission type.Having a hard time? Think, terror infinity, thriller paradise and lifeline. Those novels.

Ayo hold up, isn't this like your usual cn novel? Exactly, but it's written with the intent to mimick jp novels so it's quite refreshing. Also, usually with these world-hopping novels, they just go to another world without break. but this novel places slice of life moments for a breather. This novel manages to mix action and sol moments pretty well.

Crown and jewel of this novel:

Usually, with these type of novels, the main protagonist is a man. With this no el, I consider it is the same. It's just the novel is written from the love interest pov. When I think of it like this, it just makes it better. She prioritize his safety first and his gains. So the scenes that come with it when the past self is in danger is satisfying. After that happened, the past self is like fk I am so useless and then he tryhard. It's like a scene from a vn or anime.... You might say it's just your usual tr*sh sob moment but since it's in such an anime way it's just too good.

I tell you now, it's the moment where both of them interact with each other. That's where life just oozes in. First impression, since the girl is not such a tsun, both of them does not conflict with each other. It makes me feel childish, not the bad kind, it's where you are small and happily going with your parents to travel to places. Watching them tease each other just makes feel I dont want to be horny, I just want to be happy

How they act:

Past self : Naive, wary and hot-blooded. Since he's just a teenager, he's pretty weak in the early part of the novel. He's like an ADC in LOL. Scales hardcore late game. He's a pretty go-along-the-flow guy but changes due to the MC contribution.

The mc: Mature and calm. From the past self, what is she like? I reckon she is like a dream girl in your boy-meets-girl story done right. Since she is more experienced, the way she deals with problems is calculative. Endure trouble with a smile and then strike while the moment is right. So she seems like an innocent girl but cool-headed inside.

Target audience: Uhh it's definitely toward shounen and seinen. Male-frequency type novel. Probably more towards otaku. <<less
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Zelgadis rated it
January 31, 2021
Status: c3
This is some cringey selfcest shit.

I had to stop reading about halfway through the third chapter. It's just that bad.

The protagonist goes to the past as some kind of Goddess among mortals and fails to seduce her former self into being her roommate. The conversation was more cringe than you can imagine and I just couldn't read any further.

I'm only bothering to write this review because there are literally none right now.

Simply put, don't waste your time on this.
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