After Failing the Tribulation, I Became a Sword Spirit


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The fairy princess Ji Hua sacrificed herself in the Xuan Ming realm, never expecting to wake up again. She had been transformed into a sword. Her godly sword, Ji Hua, which she had personally forged, had fallen into the mortal world and shattered into two pieces. When she saw a half-dead young man lying under the moonlit night, she furrowed her eyebrows, and he asked, “Who are you?” Seeing the broken sword beneath the young man, Ji Hua thought for a moment and replied, “Your sword.” However, the young man smirked maliciously and said, “I’m sorry, I did it on purpose.”

Ji Hua’s golden body was destroyed, and half of her cultivation was lost. She saw that the young man had an innate talent for the sword and was willing to take him as her disciple. She hoped that he would inherit her legacy, ascend to the fairy world, and reseal the Xuan Ming realm for her. However, the young man played with the Ji Hua sword and said carelessly, “I am a killer, and my sword is only for killing.”

Despite Ji Hua’s tireless efforts to guide the young man away from killing and onto the path of cultivation, she did not realize that the young man’s desires were never for the Tao.

After Shuo Feng dug his own grave, he contentedly broke the divine sword and placed it next to him as a burial offering before lying down. The moon shone brightly in the sky, and he slowly closed his eyes. However, when he opened them again, he saw a girl even more radiant than the moon.

Later on, he carried that sword and chased after the moon for the rest of his life. If he couldn’t save Ji Hua in this life, all he wanted was to fade away into nothingness with her, without reincarnation.

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