After Being Robbed of Everything, She Returns as a Goddess


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[Sweet and refreshing, the group’s favorite, ab*ser of scumbags] When Si Fuqing opened her eyes, not only was she robbed of her luck, but everyone also told her to get out of the entertainment industry.

To live her new life, she just wants to lie down like a salted fish. Who knows there are always people who want to fight her without any real skills. Can it go on like this?

Si Fuqing squeezed her wrist and moved.

Later, the internet is crazily cursing her for overestimating her capabilities and sticking to Yu Yao, starting a rumor about her inappropriate private life, and—

International Diva: I can stand here today, thanks to Qingqing

Top No.1 male streamer: Stay away from my sister @Yu Yao

Even the officials of the International Games: Congratulations to Si Fuqing for winning the 13th individual gold medal, waiting for your retirement.

Yu Yao initially disdained Si Fuqing, but when he learned the truth later, he repented and knelt down to beg her to take another look. He could only post a clarification on Weibo: @Si Fuqing, Hello ninth aunt.

On that day, the whole network was down.

According to history books, Emperor Yin became famous at a young age. He was perfect, powerful, and loved the world. However, he died of illness at the age of 27, and his life was short. He had no wife, no concubines, no children, and no grandchildren. He was the hero of many people.

No one knew, he opened his eyes again, and came 1500 years later. This time, he saw the prosperous Daxia that he had imagined.

Not long after Emperor Yin’s identity was exposed, Si Fuqing learned that her idol was by her side, she admired him so much, and only wanted to—

Si Fuqing: Work hard!

Emperor Yin: Give your heart to me.

Si Fuqing: ???

I’m determined to work hard and you want me?

Almighty Goddess of Beauty × Resolute Noble Emperor

From being cursed by anti-fans on the internet to a top celebrity, easily 1v1 with the male lead.

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User.948761 rated it
October 26, 2023
Status: Completed
July 7, 2024

I forgot most of the plot to this story so I came back to reread when I stumbled across it again. It took a few days but totally worth it. Wow it is long. Make sure to read the tags. It's enjoyable for a story about an OP MC with a wild plot and humorous undertones. The romance is actually quite enjoyable but very much a slow burn (it takes well past half the story for progress). You get to enjoy everything from the entertainment industry, live commentary, mysticism, martial arts, super powers, time travel, world traveling, virtual reality, esports, cultivation, world saving, and more!

November 3, 2023

It took me several days but I finally finished this novel. It was worth it. I'm satisfied. Everything is tied up nicely that I don't really want more. I recommend this story to anyone who has the time (it's so long) and wants a story of an OP MC. The plot gets quite complex later on which makes for an enjoyable read. I've never read a story with so many tropes and themes and genres meshed together. It was very interesting. I did read this through mtl. So it's not a perfect story. And actually rather ridiculous at times. But I think it's pretty good for what it is. There's a constant comedic undertone through the entire story.

October 26, 2023

So far it's genuinely hilarious because of the MC. Even the side characters are fairly funny. I keep laughing at random things 😂. I recommend for a funny crazy read. Don't take things too seriously. The MC is definitely OP but all the different aspects of the story keep be interested. This story has: time travel, reincarnation, traditional Chinese mystical elements, mythical creatures, e-games, virtual cabins/world, secret sects, business wars, hidden abilities, showbiz, and more! There are an insane number of chapters so I'm excited about it. Hopefully the story continues to stay this funny. I thought the mishmash of different themes would make the story chaotic but it actually works.

I was a bit surprised but this story is set in an alternate world timeline where there is a mix of ancient and modern and fantasy.

The MC presumably accidentally kills herself. She is reborn (my understanding that she was reborn 3 years prior to her memories awakening into a body that is in another part of the world. But her memories don't exist of those three years. The timeline is essentially the same as her old body's - just three years into the future. The geography is a mix of ancient/fantasy. There is modern technology but also some more futuristic technology that lets people enter a "game world". There are "sects" that exist. Prominent families with a lot of power. Hidden conspiracies. The mishmash is very interesting.


Note: the translation chapters don't align with the actual chapters. I read up to ch73 of the translations (which are very decently done with very nice cultural and phrase descriptions which I appreciate) but it's about chapter thirty something in reality.
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LaylaBlack rated it
June 20, 2024
Status: --
Love it!!! It's a fun read and I loved both the MC and the ML and Loved the interactions between the cp <3 and how their relationship evolved.

I love the troupe of ancient people reincarnating to the modern era. Where can I read the completed novel? I can't wait to read the rest of the chapters?


I wanna know who stole the majority of the FL's luck? And where does the miss of the Ji family fit in?


Definitely 10/10 recommend.
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popcornisyellow rated it
February 19, 2024
Status: c120
This story is definitely unique where it slightly incorporates martial arts (very very little though) with the modern day world. The translation is subpar; there are times where the pronouns get mixed up, but I do like the little notes the translators make for specific Chinese sayings.

The female lead is interesting and I feel this story could be funny, but it feels like there is a translation barrier that prevents you from truly enjoying the novel. The interaction between the ML and FL is nothing very intimate so far as... more>> in their relationship still feels very superficial. This novel has the potential to be good. Overall, if you want to kill time, this novel is worth a try. <<less
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