After Being Reborn, I Was Matched To His Majesty


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As a rare Blue Star person with a healing ability, the treasure of the empire, Shi Xing died.

He died in the third year after his spiritual sea dried up, the second year after his husband was forced to divorce him. When he learned that his husband was going to remarry, he didn’t believe it.

On that heartbreaking day, Shi Xing still had to go out to watch the grand wedding in the heavy snow. After confirming, Shi Xing fell into the snow, and before his pupils slackened, he vaguely saw a crystal snowflake falling into his eyes.

In the blink of an eye, Shi Xing came back to life, reborn, and returned to the matching dinner before his maturity. This time he passed the bamboo horse looking for him and stood in front of the tall man who was matched with him by the main brain according to his talent and ability.

Looking at the man, he anxiously asked, “Hi, are you willing to match me?”

The long silence made Shi Xing uneasy, he gestured with two knuckles, and said, “I’m good, I only need a little spar.”

As we all know, the Blue Star people live on crystals worth tens of thousands of gold, and their physique was very weak.

His Majesty was invited to the matching dinner every year but has not chosen any blue star to be his partner.

Just when the doctor asserted that His Majesty’s mental disorders could no longer be suppressed with drugs, the elders decided to force the last banquet before the match. This time, Chi Yao took away a blue star person.

According to legend, a powerful blue star person can not only heal, but also devour. Besieged by mutated beasts, lost contact with the support army, His Majesty’s blue star partner showed the talent of devouring, and wiped out all the high-level star beasts by himself.

When the news was sent back to the empire, the bamboo horse who has been looking for Shi Xing after the matching dinner, has blood red eyes.

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Wintercreeper rated it
April 22, 2023
Status: Completed
Remark: The translator is splitting up chapters but numbers them as full ones, currently the three posted chapters aren't even the end of chapter one. Just read the raws from the start.
Raws aren't super easy to understand but not too difficult either, you'll be okay if you have a good grasp of the language and/or a proper dictionary.

It's a second-chance wish-fulfilment story, don't expect MC to be more than, or different from, that kind of protagonist.
Absolutely OP, heavy plot armour, everyone loves him, being a virgin Mary, and... more>> so on.
There's nothing special or surprising about him, swap him with another second-chance MC and it wouldn't change anything.
But that's fine, it's just that kind of story.

ML is great, their relationship is fine, nice progression, mutual support and respect, nothing's forced.

Side-characters are just there, apart from one or two, they are flat, which is fine for this kind of trope.
Don't expect to really care about them or be able to distinguish them without their name being mentioned, they are pretty similar.

In short, the novel is fine. But that's about it.

There are so many, very long info dumps, the world building is enough for a proper series but by far too extensive for a simple novel.
The writer wasn't able to integrate it all in natural ways, instead they masked it as MC not knowing and other characters explaining it to him in great length.
Chapters are long, if over half of it is spend on info dumps, every few chapters, it's just exhausting to read.
I started to skip large portions of it around chapter 50 and didn't miss anything, no problem at all to fully understand what's going on because most of it isn't used or brought up ever again.
It's unnecessary background information that's really only relevant for the writer to keep it all consistent, and not something you should include in the published story because it has no value for the reader.

This is very obvious when it comes to politics, only a single point was actually important, and even that was used only for a 10 chapter long sub-plot, the rest was completely useless to know.
Half-way through, at the latest, you'll just feel like the writer is wasting your time, and it pauses the plot for so long that you are out of the mood when the dump is finally over.
It's like an unstable internet connection in the middle of watching a good show.

If you are into second-chance wish-fulfilment stories, then try it out.
Skip whatever seems boring to you, the core of the novel is very simple and rather small, there are no surprises and the ending is obvious relatively early on. <<less
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lostinmyownworld2001 rated it
May 9, 2023
Status: Completed
There are some spoilers ahead - not enough to reveal the whole story but still !

I have mixed feelings about this one. To be exact this novel is of the same nature as many other interstellar novels where the MC is super op and ML is super op too - but - the motions here are jerky ! From the start you are told that ML is super op but up until you get to the end - where his supermassive illness is cured - ML has no action !... more>> From start to more than half all we get is the MC having a crazy level up and there is nothing wrong with it but there are times when the MC is on verge of life and death but the ML and whole other bunch of side characters are nowhere to be seen - I could understand if it had been described as the ML and side characters fighting with other beasts while the MC is on verge of death but it is clearly stated that all beasts are clearly targeting the MC ! I don’t know what to call this plot hole or logic hole !

Besides this we do get to see the ML being super op in last few chapters ! Other than the typical super op MC trope this is just a feel good story. The premise for rebirth and whole theory behind the blue star people is interesting.

Overall it is good to read ! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
User.948761 rated it
June 23, 2023
Status: Completed
So it wasn't just unite what I expected from the summary but it was interesting read. A lot of worldbuilding. I used mtl to read it so definitely some things lost in translation.

The MC is quite the interesting character. The past life doesn't really matter after a few chapters because the MC quickly changes the trajectory of his life.

I removed the Mecha tag. That's how I found this story but turns out there is no mecha technology involved at all.
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