After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival


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Song Yi is a sweet and gentle scum who grew up wandering up to the sky.

Gu Xingchuan is a suave male god whose beauty crushes everything.

For the same white moonlight affection, the two have fought for many years.

Until Song Yi changed from a man with eight pack abs to an omega exuding the scent of sweet milk.

In front of everyone, Gu Xingchuan pinned Song Yi against the wall and smiled disdainfully, he then lowered his head and sniffed the warm, soft smell.

“Your pheromones smell exactly the same as White Moonlight’s, I’m sure you’re seducing me.”

Song Yi: “…”

Gu Xingchuan: “If you are not seducing me, why can’t I help but want to kiss you?”

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After being marked by a wealthy love rival
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Danmei_Empress rated it
August 15, 2020
Status: Completed
    • WARNING this is a long review (sorry for the bad grammar)
        • Is the ML a spoiled little brat/tyrant? Yes. Yes, he is

      In the beginning his love rival kinda ran him over by accident so he took this opportunity to get back at him and use him as his nanny until his leg was fully healed (get food for him, carry him...). Still, he's not like other douchy ML's who would use it to threaten their MC. They were love rivals in high school and were used to bullying each other (ML bullied MC because MC flirted with Shen Li and MC was the only one with enough balls to stand up and fight back against the little lord. Still, they never brought adults or parents in their fight. Just a brat and a more mature kid brawling against each other while going after their first love.)


        • Is he possessive? Yes and he can't really mind his own business
      I like possessive ML's. No, in fact I love them, but sometimes his possessiveness was more of the bratty tyrant kind than the yandere kind which I kinda found irritating. But that's just my opinion/preference.

      The MC did say multiple times that alphas were possessive of their (temporarily) marked mate. He used to be an alpha before his omega glands were fully formed so he understood this feeling. Of course this is not an excuse for the ML's stalkerish behavior but I do think that he started to follow the MC because he wanted to irritate him (his love rival was his only "playmate" that dared to fight back) + he subconsciously knew that he slept with the MC (he started to notice how handsome and lovely the MC was)

      Also, after their second rodeo, he kinda started to understand his own feelings and started to see their relationship as more than friends. But too bad the MC just thought of him as a good friend or a big kid that craved for his attention.

        • Did the ML r*pe the MC?

      Talking about their first time I would say no. He did not r*pe the MC. You have to keep in mind that Shen Li (first love) set the two up by agreeing to meet them on a date in a hotel room after 6 years of neglect. The three men hadn't seen each other in those years and did not know how the others looked/smelled/sounded. Both the ML and the MC were overjoyed that their crush finally reciprocated their feelings and in the dark hotel room they misunderstood the identity of the other person. They started to flirt and kiss while bathing in their happiness. The MC only noticed that it was his love rival the ML when the ML let his pheromones free (the smell isn't important, he just recognized alpha pheromones) + he was called Shen Li. It didn't take much to uncover the mysterious identity of the one on top of him.

      The MC did wanted to stop and explain that he wasn't Shen Li. But they were kissing and he couldn't get the words out. After that his omega pheromones burst out of him and he got swept away by his emotions. So in my opinion the ML is innocent. They flirted, kissed, MC didn't/couldn't deny he was Shen Li and although he bit him before they both fell into passion, lovebites do happen in the bedroom. In my opinion their first rodeo was the same as two drunk people in bar hooking up with each other and one getting a bit sober in bed, seeing that the stranger wasn't as handsome as he first thought he was or recognizing an acquaintance but still going on with it because he was drunk (so IQ = zero) and it felt nice.

      The MC also acted like it was a one night stand when he woke up. (But he did steal ML's clothes cause he felt that it was to shameful that he lost (bottomed) to the ML and wanted revenge haha.)



      The second time you could say that there was dubious consent. This was the first real estrus of the MC and I don't really remember if he had an inhibitor with him, but he did ask the ML to get one. The ML just asked if he wanted him or the inhibitor and well, the muddled headed MC of course said that he wanted the alpha.

      I don't know if the ML was sober at that time or not.

      You can see that I compare the estrus in this story with being drunk because the MC doesn't really object to it like in other ABO's where the omega is screaming no!!! and pleaasseee and ahhh and blablabla. He does get muddleheaded and of course horny so he can't make the right decisions but the way the author describes his thoughts after he woke up does remind the reader of the morning after a one night stand. Yes, the MC is embarrassed that he got topped again by his rival but he isn't really afraid or regrets it. (The forceful kisses when they are sober, however, do make him upset in the beginning)

      Also, I could be wrong cause, you know MTL can cause confusion sometimes, but after that the MC didn't have any estrus anymore. The ML did want to bed MC after knowing he was an omega who he was attracted to, but he did not force the MC when he said no. He did, however, forcefully kiss him, he licked his earlobe, crawled into his bed as if he owned it and followed him around wherever he went. This did scare and irritate the MC in the beginning.


        • ML x Shen Li
      To be honest, I don't think ML had really loved Shen Li. Did he have a crush on him? Yes. But I think he liked the hunt (and the brawls with MC) more than he liked Shen Li. It's also explained in the story that he fell in love with Shen Li after their first encounter when he had a rough time

      It wasn't Shen Li but MC

      . Then he kinda forgot about him before he met him again in high school and ONLY BECAUSE he was also the most beautiful omega with many suitors, he thought that he would indeed suit him, so he went after him... Be honest with me. This sounds more like a bratty kid seeing other kids playing with this cool toy and ends up wanting it too. Later in the story he even said that his feeling were only rejuvenated because he hadn't succeeded in catching him. If not for that, he wouldn't even have gone to the hotel room.

        • ML x MC
      I didn't really like his bratty possessiveness as I am a fan of a more mature kind. But it could be because the MC is too mature and independent that it feels unnescesary.

      (unlike other MCs he noticed that his friend liked him and handled it very well)

      He also wanted to help him when he thought the MC had problems with a loan shark (it's funny that the MC also wanted to help him because he saw ML doing research on his laptop) and stood up for him when MC manager wanted to have MC "beg" for forgiveness because he ran him over.

      Someone said that ML lusted only after MC's body but I disagree with that opinion. If he only wanted his body, he wouldn't remember the time he spend with MC in high school more clearly than the memories with Shen Li (another reason why I think he didn't really like Shen Li) and wouldn't care so much about MC and his career, try to do little things for him and protect him

      I am not talking about protecting him as in beating love rivals who went too far (altough he did do that). E.g. when Shen Li, mother MC, MC and ML were eating together he noticed mother MC making spicy food. The MC has a weak stomach and couldn't stand spicy food so he took it on himself to go into the kitchen and take over the cooking to protect his little mate


        • MC
      I love the MC! Unlike other alpha turned into omega stories, the changes that the MC underwent were very realistic! He still couldn't put his feeling for Shen Li down in the beginning (though this wasn't really pure love either or maybe not a healthy form of love. He felt indebted to him and served him withouth asking anything for it in return), when watching a movie he still preferred the white, cute actors over the bulky ones, did not become some mindless idiot/child persona... In other words he didn't suddenly become a weak omega who loves every alpha in sight.

      He is mature, calm, loveable and too good for the world. To be honest, there wasn't one thing that I didn't like about him or his POV. I did however find the melodramatic plot twist unneeded.


      MC is the real grandson of the Shen family, not Shen Li. I did wanted him to leave his ungrateful family behind that forced him to put on a mask of good brother/son. (I disliked the sister not because she was bad but because she couldn't make decisions for herself and was too dependent on her older brother. The mother on the other hand... she deserves to be thrown away with the tr*sh!)


        • MC x ML

      In the beginning the MC didn't really look at the ML as a love interest but as a friend. The MC matured faster than anyone else because he had to work for his own tuition fee/living money and needed to take care of his sick father and the rest of his family. So he was always calm, nice and polite as if he was wearing a mask. Even when he was with his first crush, he wasn't really himself. He didn't care if others forgot about his (dis) likes or even his birthday and always tried his hardest to help others. In other words, he couldn't count on anyone and couldn't be anything else than the reliable brother/son. Only when he was with the ML he could truly become a kid/himself. Fighting back, losing his calm, making fun of each other... Even his only real friend Chen Suo couldn't do what ML did as MC kept his distance and talked politely to him.

      When Chen Suo (?) asked him what kind of person he wanted to marry he only described a person with who he could have a stable life with (feelings didn't seem to matter that much? Of course some kind of positive feeling was needed.) Again, a person he couldn't be his true self with.


      Some readers say that the MC didn't really love the ML and just went with it. But I disagree.


      The ML is the only person who could have made him truly happy. Yes, he didn't fall in love in the passionate way a lot of other protagonists do. (He did however like the handsome looks of the ML) His love is slow. First he started to open his heart to the ML, started to feel this bond of trust between them and suddenly the ML was the first one he thought about when confronting a problem or when he needed someone to talk to. (Before that it was Chen Suo (?)) The MC was afraid to lose this and didn't want to invest any feelings in the rich master because he didn't wanted to have a fling or just any relationship. He wanted a marriage. But after the ML has proven his love was real, he wanted to give them a try.


      So I do believe in the love between the MC and ML. Of course, everyone has his own opinion

      Just a small recap.


        • well written
        • realistic MC : alpha --> omega (love him so much)
        • likeable and thoughtful ML
        • fluff
        • good flow

        • ML being an irritating fly when he keeps buzzing around the MC (the author really failed in describing his possessiveness in a believable/likeable way)
        • Melodramatic plot twist MC

          family + grandfather kicked Shen Li out after living 20 years with him? Okay, he knew he wasn't a real white lotus. But really that easily? And how could someone act that nice/warm to a complete stranger even if he was your real grandson.
          Like, there wasn't even any awkwardness?? And the first day MC slept in the mansion? He did it with the ML? Like eh.. author? Why?

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takame rated it
August 29, 2020
Status: Completed
That Shen Li white lotus is hidden so deep! I was super surprised at the twist of the story. I felt pity for the two main characters.

MC is actually a pretty good one. I don't understand why some readers would dislike him. He isn't melodramatic nor acts cutely but don't mistake it as flat. He didn't shout nor cry nor ask to be spoiled and protected. There is a difference between acting mature and being boring. His character realistically fits a person that grew up as an alpha and just... more>> recently learned he is omega. (IDK.. Why expect him to act as a canned shou?) He is his own person. He could handle the gong's wild, badboy temper and jealousy. He is a very careful and rational person so he took time figuring our his feelings. The couple's rivalry hate to love transition is actually the most realistic one I've seen in a long while. Perhaps the only thing I do not like is his lack of consciousness as someone pregnant. I appreciate the character development of two couples. ML is the badboy type but he is flexible. He isn't a tsundere but is just intuitive and straightforward. When he realized he liked MC he accepted it and acted on it without all those denial like in other stories. When he realized he is wrong, he will admit it, not cover it up. He even tried to fix his temper for the MC. They are polar opposites of each other and as it says, opposites attract.

As for the couple's misunderstandings, it isn't really that much. Shou can handle the gong pretty well. I've read plenty of novels and in comparison, this one easily resolved the couple's quarrel. Not an ounce of dogblood. It's just between the both of them. Besides, they started as enemy when they were teenagers. Maybe in their consciousness they enjoy their little fights more than chasing their target omega lol. Quoting MC on this: "Destiny is one of them, but the reason I like him is that he allows me to see the other side of life." <<less
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lizabernal96 rated it
August 3, 2020
Status: c25
Is not bad but the ML is so frustrating, his personality is like a child (but not the cute one, I mean the bad one). In this novel there are too many misunderstandings, I tried to skip some chapters but this novel is still too frustrating. Only people who like misunderstanding and drama will like this.
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attilde235 rated it
August 10, 2020
Status: Completed
I quite like this ABO story. I MTLed it but it was pretty understandable. Overall I think it is a good story and well worth the time!

There were twists and turns but nothing was dragged out too long. I think the author made a wise decision to keep the story just under 80 chapters. Yes, like the other Reviewers have mentioned, the ML is a bit childish and can be impulsive but I liked how over the story, he matured and tried to tamper down some of those urges in... more>> regards to the MC. The MC is sensible, responsible and a strong person overall. Even though he turned from Alpha to Omega, I like how he is still the person he was before then.

I like how his personality contrasts with the ML as sometimes he can be overly rational. It's clear that while they are both very different people with different ways of thinking, they match quite well as both bring something valuable to their relationship. Also, one of the more equal ABO relationships I've seen in novels. <<less
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omgquiznak rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: c12
I skipped around the novel after reading 12 chapters, just to see if the novel would get any better. To be honest, It didn't really get any better, at least for me.

I think there are good parts in the latter part of the novel, they do look sweet, and the ML did get less annoying overtime, but in the first half of the novel the ML was just a typical a**hole alpha male.

The story starts off... With a one night stand. Quite cliche for an ABO, but even though I'm... more>> not a fan of one night stand novels, I'm fine with reading them. However, it makes the ML looks like he's only lusting for the MC's body, which is typical for an ABO. Another review said the ML really wasn't lusting for the MC's body, but I skipped around, so I'm not sure if it did get better. The bad things start here. The ML is so obsessive he tries to take control over the MC's life in some ways, like not letting him TALK with other people, or just hanging up the MC's calls and being f*cking rude. It's in the tags, so I didn't count it into my review. If I had the review would be 1 star. The ML also is kind of disgusting? He looks at a girl and goes "You have a big chest" in the pick up artist kind of way. He also forcibly kissed the MC a lot of times? The MC said it himself 8n Chapter 29, that "all his other pursuers treated him with respect, and that he'd never seen a person before like the ML, always bullying him, teasing him, and harassing him like a psychopath". There's also some weird sh*t I can say in words that I don't feel right about the ML and his first crush. I honestly think the author failed at making the ML likeable, whether his personality or his obsessiveness.

The MC also has his own fair share of problems. His personality seems to be really shaky? It's like his peaceful and calm and all of a second his personality is suddenly this easily ruled up idiot. And who the f*ck waits six years just for a person you don't love, just like? And who would buy a ring for their high school crush? That's just... s*upid.

There are definitely good parts, but I just really can't see how the MC would fall in love with the ML. Perhaps it's because I'm not far into the novel, but I can't keep on reading, so I dropped this.

You might have a different opinion than I do on this, so sorry if our opinions don't match. Sorry for the bad English and have a nice day. <<less
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shouahang58 rated it
August 13, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel was a big disappointment to me. I love reading ABO novels and yet this one just fails me greatly!!

I found both MC and ML to be not like-able. The romance in the novel felt rather very forced as they both don't even like each other already at the beginning of the novel.

... more>>

For me romance was not in the novel or the reason why ML was so obsessive and possessive, I feel like ML was only lustful for MC's body after the second time they slept together. There is no romance only lust. MC just went with the flow of ML even tho he didn't really like ML, which was a total turn off. ML even stated in the novel that he doesn't care about what MC thinks because MC has to do what he says. All the snu snu in 2/3 of the novel was borderline r*pe for me with ML forcing himself on MC even tho MC just went with the flow when he realizes that he win against ML. ML's character is impulsive and really immature. He's like a kid that has to get what he wants or his way. He's just a total jerk who don't care about what people think or feel cause by the end of the day it's all about him.

I also just wanna put this out here that I don't like MC's character. He really had very little character in the novel, he really just went with the flow of the people around him. He's like a tasteless food. Also I hate how even tho he knew he is pregnant he didn't really take care of himself as you would think a 1st timer for being pregnant would. He didn't even stop to think that maybe traveling over sea and going on a hike in the first three trimester was going to be dangerous on the fetus. Like WTF dude, you not scared you gonna lose the kid or what.


Plot of the story wasn't all that too. The novel was unnecessary long when the story could had ended a lot sooner. I wouldn't recommend you guys to read and I won't be reading this again even if the novel finish translating. It was a big waste of time. <<less
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Pavetta rated it
August 2, 2020
Status: c1 part1
If the chapter got some editing, it could easily be a 5 star.

The translation is done well and doesn't look like minimally-edited MTL. However the punctuation needs corrections, as there is on average a mistake in at least every third paragraph. Mostly there'll be a comma instead of a full stop, so what should be two sentences look like one sentence.

If you don't care about that then you'll like the story.

I loved the premise, but unfortunately I won't be reading more until a round of editing has been done.
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Melange rated it
March 2, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a tremendous trainwreck where the cars detached and created their own accidents. Let's not even talk about the fact that normally level-headed and stoic MC goes super OOC right off the bat and buys an engagement ring for a person he hasn't met in half a decade, but that both he and ML are so dumb that they can't tell who they're sleeping with at first?

The man's voice is deep and transparent, somewhat familiar, like a good musical instrument. Song Yi was startled, why did Shen Li's voice change so much?


... more>> Then ML falls in love with MC after... maybe 4 chapters. Except he starts a manbaby's version of "be mean to the person you like" which evidently he's been doing since high school.

Add in a bunch of actually nonsense like MC vindictively pouring yogurt in ML's lap but then making up with him right after and... I don't know what that was supposed to accomplish? They play hot then cold, yes then no all over and none of the characters have any semblance of consistency. There was a lot of confusion as I tried to puzzle out just what the characters were trying to do, which most of the time, was nothing.

At some point, this becomes a game of Chinese novel bingo. Love rivals, check. Totally irrational white lotus, check. Business family drama, check. Baby swap, check. Extortion, check. Pseudo-incest, check. Kidnapping, check. Deus ex machina where love interest shows up to save the day, check, check, check!

Forget about the fact that MC and ML are entertainers because they practically spend no time doing any of that stuff. Rather, they're traipsing around all day doing god knows what.

Also, can ML stop using his car as a weapon?! I lost track of the number of times he showed up and rammed into people. Ram them in the parking lot. Ram into their tea house. Ram them on the street. Stop it!!! Someone take away his license! <<less
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Roxasfleur rated it
December 26, 2020
Status: Completed
ML is one born with a silver spoon, so he has a different views and personality compared to MC. MC is the opposite of him and that's why the both of them has a misunderstanding for so long about their youth. The pairing here is childish ML x Calm dependent MC.

A not-so-surprising plot twist happened in the middle. Poor MC. Fortunately he still got his little sister (even though she is also unreliable).

I'm just confused on the ex-boyfriend turned to white moonlight fiancee. What kind of relationship did they have... more>> in the end? I just don't understand what is his use. White moonlight didn't seem to like him that much, and neither does he himself. At the end they are just not together anymore. A bit confused.

Anyway, this story is one of the ABO verse story that I like <<less
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MehrM rated it
November 25, 2020
Status: --
The only thing I can say bad is that the ML is super childish and overly possessive

However this is an important part to the story

While he can be annoying but he fits the MC perfectly

... more>> He's childish short tempered while the MC is mature and steady...

What the MC doesn't dare to do he would push him... for example their relationship... the MC probably liked him way before but dare not act because he wanted someone gentle etc... while the ML is definitely not... hence ML imposing himself on the MC lead the MC to understand... that steady might bring him balance but the ML brings him Happiness

Whereas the MC maturity covers the ML short tempered... calms him down preventing him to be absurd though sometimes hes too late but he can still stop the situation from worsening <<less
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November 12, 2020
Status: c6 part3
The main character sure is pure and he doesn't have negative thinking about other people. In other world, he and his whole family didn't have a good eyes to select people.

And I'm so frustrated about his mother and his sister. In my opinion his mother can't be ragard as good. She doesn't know her son, always gave him worrying and made him take over the responsibility of the head of family. And always ignoring her son psikology and mental.
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