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Xu Chuanchuan is a yuri novel writer who firmly believes herself to be as straight as a steel pipe. At one time, she even swore to herself, “I will never date my readers!”

Afterward, Xu Chuanchuan inadvertently slept with the tycoon ranked first on her donation list.

Later on, Xu Chuanchuan found out that said tycoon turned out to be her boss, and she regretted everything she had done.

Reader: “The Lord has stopped regularly updating recently. Is she busy?”

Xu Chuanchuan dared not reply truthfully to this question. While enduring her aching back, she responded: “I feel unwell, so I’ll be skipping releases for a day. /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~”

Xu Chuanchuan had been living a sweet and fulfilling life ever since she had secretly acquired a partner. However, it seems her body was becoming worse by the day…

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Catria rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Where to begin, words can't express how much I loved this novel. It was very sweet and fluffy and I got hooked instantly that I read through it in a week. There was some drama later on but even the author didn't want to write about the drama, so all that's left is a good resolution of the conflict.

Story: Our main character works in a company by day and as a novelist of yuri novels by night. Despite writing yuri novels after she got introduced to the genre by her... more>> best friend and novelist Ange, she keeps saying that she's straight. Meanwhile our female lead is MC's CEO's daughter and ultra rich, but very domineering. After some coincidences our FL finds out about MC's novelist identity, and MC begins to catch FL's attention.

I really loved the interactions between MC and FL and they made my heart race.


The pace starts slow and we get our first kiss at around chapter 41, but I promise the wait will be worth. I loved the cat and mouse game and some of their interactions made me fangirl so much. You really cannot help but cheer on them.

Later on there will be conflicts with their families, the topic of coming out will play a major role and since our MC is a novelist, you'll also catch a glimpse into the novel platform's special rules and even some platform drama.


The first half was completely dominant with MC and FL, but I swear to God in the latter half I began to ship Ange and FL's friend so hard that I couldn't wait to read more about them. Anxiously, I awaited their mentions and it was very exciting to also read from Ange's perspective. Really wish there were more chapters with them.


Sadly there was a couple I was very supportive of too, but it didn't get established. The ship has sunken.


I'm sad that the novel ended but happy that I got the chance to experience the novel.

If you like a sweet romcom with likeable characters, and don't mind some nsfw content, I highly recommend this novel that got me hooked instantly. The translation quality and speed is also superb. <<less
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RozuArison rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: Completed
This one looks interesting and funny! The story is clear and interesting so far. I'll try to read more.
It has a medal too in JJWXC! I have a high expectation on this one.
I really enjoyed the book, and I sometimes laughed so hard! The story is light and fluffy. I enjoyed it a lot. The progress is quite slow at first because the author wants to establish a good foundation for the two characters.

Xu Chuanchuan is a part-time lily novel writer of JJWXC. She claims that... more>> she's straight despite writing yuri for years. She works in a office during the day, while she writes novel at night. One day, she hears a news that the new Vice President on her office will come. It turns out that this boss is the girl who threw Chuanchuan's coke on the girl's boyfriend.
Murong Shi became the Vice President of Mc's office. She was bored at some point, so she tried to read JJWXC novels. Then, she accidentally sees Chuanchuan's novel contract, and she remembered that MC's pen name is a friend of the author she reads in JJWXC. She became a reader of Chuanchuan, and she throws a lot of money on her novel. Murong Shi loves teasing/bullying this author and subbordinate of hers because she finds Chuanchuan as an interesting person.
-end of summary


It was later revealed that Murong Shi is gay all along, and Chuanchuan is the first person who caught her attention. Murong Shi and her boyfriend were just pretending because it's beneficial for both of them.
One day, she fought with her dad, amd Chuanchuang accompanied her to drink. She kissed Chuanchuan, and then, she realized her feelings for the MC. Right away, she pursued this 'straight' MC


Ahh it's a good read, and I shipped some characters along the way. My favorite ship is MC's friend and FL's friend. They had a screentime, but it's not enough for me 😭 Seriously, my only problem here is I want to know more about the other ships. The didn't give them enough time! I can only use my imagination HAHHAHAHA Geez, don't write a good CP! I'll get thirsty! <<less
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GreNinja rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: Completed
-__- good read if you don't have anything else to read. The MC's personality is really annoying she just can't admit to anything.... I won't be giving any spoiler but yes she is quite annoying at some times. FL is really rude if you ask me she just does things in her own ways which is really annoying. If you want a light hearted story you can read it. BTW side pairs are really good but they don't have much screen time.
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Altair545 rated it
October 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Damn what a great ride guys this series is freaking good, the main pair we follow go through a lot of development throughout the story and their romance is quite sweet while still having enough drama and spice to keep you invested, the side characters are fleshed out and interesting, the main story and premise about MC being a writer actually matters, and the series is quite satisfying for a chinese series, I just had a really enjoyable time from start to finish.

Now it does have some problems though its... more>> definitely not perfect and I think that's its biggest drawback might be the amazing series of coincidences that happen, like god damn is the main pair's love based on just the luckiest series of coincidences I've ever seen, it'll really test your suspension of disbelief lol, now I didn't really mind it tbh I just found it a little funny and maybe even plausible cuz hey it might just happen, but well it is a bit much at times especially when even the side pair begins their relationship with another crazy amount of coincidences, then it was a bit much.

Still the story really keeps you hooked throughout cuz theres always something happening, the relationship between the main pair is a bit of a slowburn but quite enjoyable to see and the supporting cast are quite developed and likable for the most part, everyone does feel pretty real.

Now I personally really loved our main pair Xu Chuanchuan (The timid but determined writer) and Murong Shi (The cold outside but hot inside CEO), their relationship does take some time to take off and their relationship at the start can be quite irritating but I find it quite normal seeing as none of the two women are lesbians at the start, at the beginning Chuanchuan even swears that she'll never like girl so yeah I understand how their relationship takes some time to really take off.

Chuanchuan is a woman that comes from a little rural country and has a barely okay job were she makes just enough to live a decent life, she doesn't have much ambitions in getting promoted and just likes her cushy job cuz its easy to do and doesn't demand much, she also has been writing since high school and somehow ended up being a well known sweet romance yuri author, she doesn't really get the genre not being a lesbian but shes a good enough writer to make it work, makes more from this then her job but still here she feels shes just barely okay and doesn't have the confidence to make it her full time job, people might get irritated or bothered by her lack of ambitions and low self-esteem but I think her backstory really lets you understand why she's like that, hell I think a lot of people relate to just wanting to live a decent good stable life lol, her development to have more confidence in herself is quite enjoyable though, also while not a super beauty several people state that Chuanchuan iss very pretty.

And Murong Shi is just an Elite among the people lol shes your typical smart super beauty that seems can do anything and is out to prove herself to her family, she takes over as the CEO of the shitty company Chuanchuan works out just to get away from her controlling father and prove she can stand by herself, shes not just a miss perfect though shes actually quite a pitiful girl, she's always been tried to be controlled by her dad to follow his "correct way of life" and due to various circumstances hasn't really ever felt loved, she wants to prove herself as an independent woman and works hard sure but she doesn't really seem to enjoy it, at the start of the series tbh she seems quite depressed in a way just going through life but due to very lucky coincidences she starts to pay attention to her silly employee Chuanchuan and starts enjoying her reactions and person very much.

Now I see a lot of people don't like their dynamic but I personally quite enjoy it, not everyone is looking for someone that is their equal in all things and can stand up to them in any situation, Murong Shi takes quite some time to actually like Chuanchuan cuz she really never thought she could fall in love and much less with a passive and humble person like Chuanchuan but well she really likes the contrast between the timid and low presence she shows in RL to the person she shows to her readers as a writer and somehow really enjoys her books in a weird way, becomes dependent on them to sleep and all, and she just loves teasing MC and seeing that contrast.

While at the beginning Murong Shi does some kinda questionable stuff cuz she knows Chuanchuan is a writer and secretly follows her stories and talks to her she never really goes too crazy you know and later on she really pampers and apologizes to Chuanchuan for it.

She also really respects Chuanchuan all throughout the story, idk why people keep saying their dynamic is f*cked and Murong Shi has all the power when it really feels the opposite to me, Murong Shi always respects Chuanchuan as a person and respects her pride, Chuanchuan isn't exactly rich and feels a little down about it, even has that "do I really deserve to be with this rich young lady" moment but she realizes it that if she loves her and Murong Shi loves her back that shouldn't matter but still lets Murong Shi know they'll always pay for their dates equally, doesn't need expensive gifts, wants to feel equal to her at the start of their relationship and Murong Shi respects that, its even Chuanchuan later on that breaks the rule on expensive gifts.

Murong also respects Chuanchuan not wanting to quit her job even when her writing salary starts going up cuz Chuanchuan feels it'll never be truly stable, they start living in a small apartment kind of? Till Chuanchuan gets money for a house and many of such things, it can even get a bit irritating cuz solving a lot of problems with her own wealth would be nothing to Murong but Chuanchuan wants their period of dating to be truly equal so she doesn't feel she's taking advantage of Murong's money which I find understandable.

Murong also really respects Chuanchuan having her own friends and time which like yeah of course but its actually quite hard for her, as I said before Murong had never really been interested in anything, just going through the motions, but once she falls for Chuanchuan she really has something to look forward to, she likes her stories, spending time with her to see her reactions, teasing her, her life does kinda start revolving around Chuanchuan and tbh she's also a little dark inside, has multiple crazy ideas lol but she always calms herself cuz she knows Chuanchuan is her own person and always gives her enough space.

Now Murong almost always tops Chuanchuan cuz of course lol being the straightforward and to the point beauty she is but its not like shes the one always leading in the bed, even here too she always likes it when Chuanchuan takes the initiative an even submits a couple times

Especially when Chuanchuan buys this particularly skimpy outfit for Murong Shi to wear, she just straight up said "if my baby wants to see me in it ill wear it"


Speaking of this im quite surprised how descriptive some scenes we get are for a chinese story like really god damn theres quite a bit and theyre all quite spicy, and you know how heavy they need to censor that stuff there so I was just quite impressed with the author.

Kinda random but she also mentioned Taiwan and god damn the balls of steel this author has lol, if you know why just mentioning Taiwan takes guts then yeah

Again I know I went way too ham on this but I really feel that since they get together and Murong Shi recognizes she likes Chuanchuan she always respects her, before that she does some f*cked things but that's cuz Murong herself was pretty f*cked.

And yes as you can see from my high focus on her I really loved Murong's character, Chuanchuan is quite an interesting character herself though, she has a lot of insecurities and has a lot of problems making choices and being decisive but again her backstory explains it pretty well and its quite believable, shes quite a sad woman herself too really and its nice seeing her grow and gain confidence, though from the very start I'd say she has backbone it does grow with the story.


theres this particular scene where just the simple act of Murong taking her to the train station and seeing her off brings Chuanchuan to tears cuz her family's always been pretty neglectful of her, just seeing Murong care like that for her brings her to tears.... Damn and I felt that lol


Its nice seeing her accept being a lesbian too, she kinda fights it but she falls at th end lol, Murong also does go along with her character, she plainly states she never really had a preference even if she found women slightly more appealing but she never thought she'd fall in love, it kinda just happened with Chuanchuan.

And sometimes emotions are like that they just kinda happen.

Murong does really help Chuanchuan grow thx to all her love and support and its very nice seeing Chuanchuan gain confidence and start aiming higher and Chuanchuan does let Murong actually start enjoying life.

Side characters again we get quite a large cast with a lot of development, Chuanchuan's and Murong Shi"s best friends especially get their own little story which was quite nice to follow, both their families and their coming out to them were also pretty impactful without getting too annoying, Chuanchuan's sister and Murong Shi's cousin also play an important role, Chuanchuan's sister though I really hated lol, a very annoying woman though she has a great scene at the end.

As for other problems tbh Murong Shi when she first starts going for Chuanchuan suddenly starts acting out of character and things turn very strange for a while


so for certain reasons Murong Shi just goes all in and kisses Chuanchuan one night when their relationship was just starting to form as friends then after that she just starts ignoring Chuanchuan for a long while only to again outta nowhere confess to Chuanchuan and ask for a relationship, that whole part just feels so weird and outta character for her tbh, she seems so casual and from outta nowhere, her circumstances at the time were pretty bad though so I get her feelings were a bit off though


Also Murong Shi is acting weird at that time cuz of her father who up till that moment seemed was gonna play a bigger role in the story but just exactly after he does something quite f*cked he just disappears lol, his whole plotline just gone, and well tbh I'm glad cuz things take a much better turn after that point.

Now Chuanchuan's little sister and Murong Shi's cousin... Their ED is a disappointment too tbh, throughout the first like 3/4 of the story author gave them quite a bit of focus and it seems she was planning to make them more relevant but then they just disappeared and their ending bro..... Just oof

its a f*cking joke ending tbh, so Chuanchuan's little sis realizes shes into girls too and is planning to confess to Litltle Yan and Litltle Yan geets a boyfriend just before she does, it all happens in llike 3 paragraphs at the end and it was just s*upid.


The ending itself is quite satisfying tbh though, if you've been reading chinese stories for a while you know theyre almost always rushed unsatisfying tr*sh but here all the important points get a great conclusion and I was feeling very happy at the end especially with

Murong Shi's wedding proposal, damn it just comes at the perfect time and it hits super hard, its a very emotional moment


Now I really went too ham on this review but I just really wanted to give my take on why I like both characters and think their suited to each other, 9/10 from me.

Still bro at the end theres this very weird detail that idk wtf the author was smoking to put it in there

so all throughout the story Chuanchuan grows to love and accept Murong Shi and really falls deeply for her like I said throughout this review but at the very end someone comments that she's been getting away from her now and asks why and Chuanchuan says that she might be growing tired of her.... Like what the actual f*ck author ? Why the f*ck would you put that there at the very end ? After all they've been through together ? Like it was so out of left field and so ret*rded bro, it's just 1 little comment but it's s*upid as f*ck

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J4Numbers rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: Completed
A well-written story with a relationship that I honestly cannot support. While the domineering president cliche is something I enjoy, I remember reading through most of this story and feeling worried about just how big the imbalance was between Murong Shi and Xu Chuanchuan (in the sense of Xu Chuanchuan's seeming inability to go against Murong Shi's word or demands).

A lot of the story comes across (at least to me) as low-key manipulative and left me feeling uncomfortable while reading it.
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yyooimu rated it
April 16, 2021
Status: Completed
If you like fluff, and good story progression, this is good for you to read.

Even though the main protagonists falls into some sort of stereotype at the beginning, I think their characters are fleshed out very nice, there is also no unnecessary push and pull (where the characters are too scared to confess type of things), its all cute and fluffy (〃▽〃)

Not too much drama and the other pairings are adorable, I just hope if the author could post a chapter or two for the two pairings so that... more>> they could have a proper ending. <<less
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atavatain rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: c106 part2
Very sweet story. I enjoyed the humor. My only complaints are that it was very slow in the begining and then rushed to finish. The primary throughline of the protagonist's relationship was handled satisfyingly, but the side characters storylines were fleshed out too much to be dismissed, yet pushed aside toward the end. If you enjoy sweet stories and can accept the standard cold CEO archetype and all of the unhealthy things that come along with it, then this is a pretty good read.
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DoingMyBest rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this novel and I would highly recommend it if the tags are your sort of thing. That being said I unfortunately cannot give this 5 stars due to a few glaring (at least to me) issues that I'll bullet point here and cover in more detail further on. (Negatives first, since most people reading reviews want to see if it contains their least favourite tropes/failures before giving a shot)

    • The plot speed starts really really slow, and ends really really fast (If you read it to the end, you WILL wish there was more of this novel, for both good and bad reasons).
    • Like other reviewers, the imbalance between MC/FL is a bit much. One or two different factors is enough but the author goes a bit overboard here.
    • If you enjoy any ship other than MC/FL, unless you enjoy filling in the gaps yourself, or creating a fanfiction, you are unlikely to get enough time with it to be satisfied.
    • There are a number of characters who felt like they should have plot points that don't.
    • There was some pretty serious inconsistency in character behaviours (at least from my perspective)
    • Half the novel runs on coincidences
The positives summed up:

    • Translation quality good. No complaints.
    • I personally found large parts of this novel to be absolutely hilarious. You could very well slap a comedy tag on this one and I wouldn't complain (in a good way).
    • Character building at the beginning is solid (though not always capitalised on later). You get to know the main characters fairly well rather than just having some arbitrary tags assigned to them.
    • You get more than one ship (though if and how long yours will sail for is a different question).
    • Characters behave pretty realistically and like actual human beings (though there are some inconsistencies), it's not just senseless romance/relationships.
    • While your side characters may not get much screen time or plotlines, they're interesting and well written enough that you'll complain they should've by the end (as witnessed by other reviewers).

Plot Speed

    • The plot speed unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired. For most people I think they'll find that there are three different speeds throughout this novel. The first 40 chapters (which for most will be far, far too slow unless you really enjoy character development. Chapters 40-90 which went at a pretty comfortable speed (at least for me), and then the last chapters 90-106 which went far, far to fast. I'll sum it up as concisely as I can below:
    • CH1-CH40: I really hope you like world/character building because all you get is that and some teasing/tension here.
    • CH40-CH90: A good speed, lots of plot development, well capitalises on the character building in the first 40 chapters. This should really have been at minimum 70 chapters rather than 50 to flesh out all plot points, and ideally more to have covered side plotlines much better.
    • CH90-106: A rush to close as many plot points as possible from the first 90 chapters, leaving at least myself personally unsatisfied with a lot of conclusions.
MC/FL Imbalance

    • A level of imbalance is fine and understandable (even encouraged), but there are too many imbalanced factors at play here for this to be really comfortable.
    • FL is: Very wealthy, extremely good looking, confident, capable, in a superior workplace position.
    • MC is: (Probably) above average looking, has modest income/lifestyle, inferiority complex, much lower in the workplace chain.
    • On top of this the FL coincidentally gets hold of plenty of information to start the relationship in an even more dominant fashion, and the MC is extremely submissive for most of the novel to the point of being unable to say no.
    • There are some cases where the MC gets angry with the FL but these typically barely last 1/2 chapters, and the MC forgives the FL while the FL proceeds to learn absolutely nothing (especially in relation to lying/deceptive behaviour).
    • I feel that if the FL had a slightly milder personality, or the MC had a stronger one then the social/economic/genetic disparities would be fine, but the level to which these stack on top of eachother make it seem like an ideal self-insert MC rather than one with a defined personality at times.


    • This novel does have some absolutely hilarious parts to it well merged into the story. More than a few times I found myself chuckling/laughing audibly (not just a strong breath out the nose!)
    • I won't cover any of the specific comedy to avoid ruining it, but it mostly involves interactions and thoughts rather than direct jokes. It's well interspersed throughout the novel so there's plenty of it to be had from beginning to end.


    • I already discussed MC/FL above, but this ship is pretty sickly sweet. Even situations that should be much worse in a relationship basically get glossed over to make this one fluffy.
    • AngeFan ship is pretty solid and surprisingly realistic (though built on a series of coincidences and a very, very uncomfortable first meeting for me at least). Unfortunately not enough time was given to this ship to do it anywhere near justice, though the parts it did have were incredibly well written.
    • SisterYan ship - to all of you on this ship, I am deeply, deeply sorry for your loss. I have no idea why the author alluded to this so long, then finally gave you hope and dismantled it in less than a chapter. One of the most baffling situations for me. You have my condolences.


Character Behaviour/Inconsistency

    • First off, before I complain, I think most of the characters in this story are astoundingly well written. Pretty much the only complaints I'm going to have here are on the MC and the FL, I enjoyed the rest of the characters a lot. Though some of them were missing plot points, I can't attribute this to behavioural inconsistencies so I'll cover that elsewhere.
    • FL: The FL is incredibly devoted to the MC, and while this is fine and all, there are numerous situations where she engages in behaviour that she knows is uncomfortable or painful for the MC, and this continues right until the end of the novel with seemingly no learning curve (lying/deception). This despite everything else in her earnest/straightforward personality type not seeming to support that behaviour, especially after hurting the MC with it once. Considering her own insecurity with the MC staying with her, it makes no sense that she would willingly choose to engage in behaviour that could be obviously misread. FL is also supposed to be intelligent from what I understand, yet seems to be completely incapable of seeing obvious situations that can be misread (locked phone, cousin (but not told its cousin) right after rejection, etc.).
    • MC: The MC only really ever gets angry when she feels lied to/deceived by the FL. The issue is that as this happens a few times, she forgives this incredibly easily, and more unbelievably, almost seems to get less upset each time. I could understand if the first time was a harmless mistake, but the first deception is literally the basis of their meeting and the start of their relationship. After this things like keeping her phone locked should have effected her much, much more. Surprises like the one at the end should also have been discomforting given the MC's deep rooted insecurities and aversion to deception, even though they were pleasant surprises, they were built on lies. If the FL lied about that, what's to stop her lying about someone else? For an MC that often seems to overthink things she seems to be complete unconcerened with a track record of concerning behaviour from the FL.


    • This is basically the novel's bread & butter at this point. Almost everything is built on coincidence and timings for the most random things happen to be incredibly convenient. Foreshadowing except in a few cases basically happens in the same or prior chapter before you get something slapped on you. The amount of coincidences between the four characters in the two main ships is insane. You really do have to keep suspension of disbelief for this.

Plot Points (Not Adequately Covered)

    • There are a number of these and most people who've read the novel will hopefully understand where I'm coming from with these so I'll try to keep them concise.
    • Murong Shi's father: ???. Actually what? Where did this guy go? The author built him up to be a fairly important developmental character to Murong Shi and a combative person but then resolved his entire being in basically two sentences near the end of the novel. I have no idea what went on here.
    • Little Yan: This cousin does find (though doesn't really get a huge amount of screen time) but again her entire character is wrapped up in like 4 sentences near the end of the novel.
    • Little Sister: I felt this was actually covered pretty flawlessly and was a relateable and well written character with just the right amount of screen time. Until in one single chapter alone she suddenly gets bent and has her heart broken in under a minute of reading. Why was this necessary??? If there's no sister/yan plotline, why even acknowledge it just to tear it down instantly? The relationship between the two was perfectly fine being cut off where it was (although unfortunate for sisteryan shippers).
    • The boyfriend: Like FL's father this is very much a ??? For me. The only power he/FL have over eachother is keeping their parents decieved. After this deception is uprooted, there seems to be some relatively mutual friendship (though not warm). But somehow he acts like a lapdog whenever the FL calls him? I could understand if threats or incentives were involved but he basically just does whatever the FL tells him to the rest of the novel. This deeply confused me. Novel plot seems to place these two as equals (I don't see anything about his family being worse than hers) so there's no real reason for this seeming subservience to exist.
    • MC's grandfather: Why isn't this guy included in the coming out? The father goes over there but somehow it seems later on that this is still being covered up? Why would a father who's against it not also tell a grandfather who would seemingly be against it? I'm not sure why they bothered to introduce the grandfather if he wasn't going to be plot relevant.


This is absolutely worth a read. A few key points knock it down to 4 stars but it has a lot of 5-star elements. If you can tough it out through the first 40 chapters, the time spent building characters there really shines later on. Unfortunately it will leave you feeling like rather than 106 chapters you really should have gotten 150-200 to close off all the plot points and give you a satisfactory ending to those 40 chapters of character building. I also disliked the ending chapter (due to reasons covered in the inconsistencies section with the FL). But the chapters leading up to the ending were relatively satisfying despite the rush to finish up.

Overall the biggest issue is that after the investment of the first 40 chapters you put in, there's just not enough novel to feel like everything's complete. Of course a good read should leave you wanting more, but this one leaves you feeling like there should've been more originally. Otherwise though a fantastic read that I thoroughly enjoyed.
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Walkingpineapple rated it
September 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Quite good, it’s very much sweet. And in the genre of GL it’s well translated and the word count is nice; not too long, not too short. PLUS IT’S COMPLETED so no need to anxiously wait for the next chapter. Okay all this being said... Though I do enjoy fluffy GL’s, I must complain that between our President Murong Shi and Lord Xu Chuanchuan they have an unbalanced power dynamic thing that is a tinge annoying. That is if you’re like me and enjoy a semi-stable lover dynamic. It’s understandable... more>> though, like who wouldn’t suffer from a slight inferiority complex since Murong Shi is so perfect (It’s bearable unlike some sweet fluffs dw). It’s been a good run and I do hope that you’ll give this novel a chance. Make sure to stick around for my favorite coupling wink wonk... I love the relationship between tsundere Angela and Fang Qin. In comparison to Shi and Chuanchauns pairing being sweet yet unrealistic/ Angela and Qin are more like real people they struggled with LDR, understanding each other, and so much more. I do hope they get a spin-off. I enjoy the occasional fluffs but their story would suite my taste in GL’s more (more so than my usual villainess historical GL’s :D). <<less
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mustachemerlin rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: Completed
This book is written as if it's one of Xu Chuanchuan's own books, in fact later in the story she straight up does write it, and Xu Chuanchuan writes it as her own self insert. XD

I think it matches exactly what you would expect from the protagonist. Murong Shi's review of Xu Chuanchuan's writing applies perfectly to the real book. "Silly, unrealistic, sickeningly sweet... so why can't she stop reading?"

Good stuff. A nice happy story. Murong is a bit of a bully but she mellows out, and Chuanchuan is able... more>> to stand up to her when it counts. They're cute!

As for their inequality of shallow things, what Chuanchuan can't provide isn't what Murong needs anyway. Murong is rich, she doesn't need Chuanchuan's money. Murong is strong and confident all on her own, she doesn't need Chuanchuan to stand up for her and protect her (though she's touched when she tries anyway).

Murong has everything in the world already, so what she gets from Chuanchuan is clearly something fame and fortune can't buy her. Something not quite so tangible or easily measured.

And Chuanchuan being plain... is a lie. It's a total lie! Chuanchuan describes herself that way but Xu Chuanchuan has low self esteem. Keep in mind that the whole story is supposedly written by Chuanchuan herself, naturally she understates her own looks and fully believes her girlfriend is the most beautiful person alive. In reality Chuanchuan is pretty enough to turn heads, enough so that Murong eventually gets jealous and makes her stop dressing up in public to try and keep the men away. Maybe don't trust her so much on this point, Chuanchuan can't be relied on here. XD <<less
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lasthorizon rated it
September 2, 2021
Status: c106 part2
I will have to agree with the other reviewer that the imbalance between Murong Shi and Xu Chuanchuan was too big. It felt a bit unrealistic that a woman nearly as perfect as Murong Shi would fall completely in love with someone as unkempt and docile as Xu Chuanchuan. This actually read as wish fulfillment to me so I just treated it as a self-insert story from the author. Anyway, some of the domineering and manipulative stuff Murong Shi does at the beginning can rub people the wrong way but... more>> if the MC was written with a bit more of a backbone the banter between the two characters would have been great fun. Unfortunately, this didn't happen so we end up with this icky feeling of one abusing their power too much.

In the end, I became more invested in Ange and Fang Qin's relationship which seemed more balanced to me. I'm not sure why the author didn't focus there instead.

4 stars for a well written story and some fun shenanigans. Even though the MC annoyed me at times it wasn't unbearable and the other characters made up for it. Not the sister, though. I hated her. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kanion rated it
August 1, 2021
Status: Completed

I found it very interesting how the story progresses, of a woman who is sure she is heterosexual, but over time and gradually leans to one side.



It was a very good experience to follow the entire translation, but getting closer to the end I wasn't that involved in the story anymore and I just hoped it was over. But even so the ending was pretty satisfying and it sure is a great Yuri.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Twistedfire425 rated it
January 5, 2023
Status: Completed
This is honestly one of the best novels I’ve ever read, I loved it so much. I have at one point disliked almost every character in the novel, however I end up eventually liking them again so I guess it’s fine. At the beginning, I disliked Muring Shi, because of how much she messed around with Chuanchuan ... more>>

I started to seriously dislike her when she made chuanchuan do that thousand word praise and then read it out load and she recorded it, it also irked me when she was making fun of the green hair, but when the two finally start coming together, she got way better and I didn’t dislike her anymore


I also disliked Chuanchuans little sister

how spoiled she acted and her doing the live-streaming was super annoying, and how she didn’t feel even a tiny bit guilty that a creepy fan of her had scared the sh*t out of her sister really annoyed me. The thing that seriously got me tho was when chuanchuan confessed abt her relationship and her sister actually talked about how chuanchuan was so inferior to murong and how it’s weird that muring likes her. Like that’s your sister, come on. I liked her more when she supported their relationship tho, and I liked her a lot when she stood up to their father for chuanchuan


I liked ange at the start but she ended up getting on my nerves


when she obv liked Fang Qin (I liked her the entire time) it was super annoying that she thought she shouldn’t be in a relationship with her and after they had already had s*x she had run off like that, like imagine how that made her feel. However I was super glad when ange moved to S-City to be with fang qin so I didn’t dislike her anymore

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
PQA rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: --
I wish it was longer, I liked it so much.

I think I'd like the fictional author/MC Xu Chuanchuan's novels

It's very light and fluffy and I ended up identifying with the MC so hard. This was basically a wish fulfillment story for me.

There were 3 things I didn't like about it


her little sister getting bent after reading MC's books, the villain got overly punished, and MC's menstrual issues not being explained or resolved

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Laindesh rated it
January 13, 2022
Status: c106
The novel is pretty decent.

The MC (Xu) thinks she's straight, but it turns out she isnt. She also denies her own feeling for a long time, ending up troubling others.

The FL (Murong Shi) starts as a outright prick, she bullies the MC for her own amusement, but gradually falls in love with the MC. As the stories progresses her relationship with the MC makes Murong a much better person.

All in all, you WILL get annoyed by the 2 leads. But its part of the charm, the characters is flawed and... more>> atleast murong turns into a better person because of her relationship with the MC.

It's worth a read, :) <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
scorpia95 rated it
December 4, 2021
Status: --
It’s a juvenile story about two 26 year-old women slowly building a relationship. The entire premise is that one of them is a yuri author, while the other is a ceo who reads her work. The ceo is a tsundere who falls in love first and initiates the relationship by chapter 40.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
minayuki123 rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: c1
Aside from the MC being indecisive and worrywart, and the FL being immature at some times, overall, the novel was good. There was some part where reading became uncomfortable to me so I nearly dropped this one.

When the MC rejected the FL, the FL hired a new assistant. Every night, the MC would hear strange noises besides the room that the new assistant was occupying. The MC misunderstood that this new assistant and FL were doing lewd stuff during the night. Turns out, it was the FL's cousin.


I liked how the story progresses. I just hoped that the side couples were given much story. Another thing,

Since the parents from the both side agreed with their relationship, I wonder how the people in the company reacted when they came out (if they did came out) since they're in a boss-subordonate relationship. But then, in the end, the MC became a full-time author, right?


That's the one thing that's lacking for me.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dippityboppity rated it
September 23, 2021
Status: c35
Man. I'm 35 chapters in and nothing has happened. Also, the love interest is just a very unlikeable person. I'm pretty much only still reading in the hopes that she ends up feeling bad about tormenting the MC so much. The writing style itself is pretty decent, and the main character's cool. But yeah, be prepared to read for f*ckin ever with nothing happening, and for the love interest to just be a major jerk the whole time.

OK, I should have given it one stars. This sh*t is infuriating.... more>> NOTHING HAPPENS except for the main character getting repeatedly f*cked with by everyone in her life. I'm like halfway through the book and there's no romance. Her sister has more chemistry with the love interest than she does. Really, this is shit. Read if you want an aneurysm. F*ck, it's so annoying.

Murong Shi is seriously just an absolute piece of shit. I hate her so much. She's awful. Bad book. She never once apologizes for any of her incredibly meanspirited/downright abusive actions and she gets rewarded for it. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TheDaoOfBrickSmashing rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: Completed
it is quite a bad novel for me, MC doesnt look straight as a steel pipe when they get laid that easily, contradictory plothole for me
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lilith8 rated it
June 10, 2021
Status: c48
I must say....I don't know what shinanigans is the reader doing... Just because

... more>>

the female lead rejected her she went like a scumbag just in a week??? She brought a girl as her new assistant and kept comparing no rather than comparing it's more like she's telling to the female lead their similarities and keep doing lewd stuffs in the dorm where the female lead could hear it


I feel sorry for the female lead rather than to the boss.... Like what can she do she's straight, never been in love much more to same s*x so how can she just admit so suddenly that she was bent??? And by a boss like her who has many problems in personality much more 😂

Still the fluff and sweetness is there and the plot is not that deep but good for pass time but when you arrive at some certain chapters like this chapter around 48 or 47 you will feel your blood boil 😂 it doesn't even have next chapter yet so it made me wanna erase my Memories and question myself why did I had to read this unfinished 😂 <<less
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