After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


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Renjin Yanase is an ordinary member of society whose occupation is a sales person. His hobby is an online VR game “Einherjar” that has been on for over five years now. It is a game with high degree of freedom and Renjin silently works hard to nurture his subordinate character.

The next day was a holiday so he’s going to use it for boss hunting all night.

When the boss hunt is finished, Renjin falls asleep in the game. He felt like someone was calling his name so he woke up.

Standing in front of the half-asleep Renjin was Eleanor, a character he created.

When Renjin looked outside after being puzzled to the characters who behave like they are alive, the outside scenery changed into one that he did not know at all.

Renjin who surveyed the surrounding, realized that the castle and the 200 subordinates that he created with time and money was transferred to a different world.

The transferred Renjin announced the declaration of the founding of a nation after a week.

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week average rating 3.9/5 - 118 user ratings
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New calebra rated it
October 30, 2017
Status: c67
Well, it's another one of those wish-fulfillment stories with herbivore protagonists who gets eaten (s*xually) and at times, even abused by his own subordinates. Series like this makes me wonder if the author is a hetare or a masochist.

That aside, the story progression and characters are very bland. Really nothing special about it and they introduced so many characters so quickly that you get overwhelmed by them. This made it hard to remember others with semi-regular appearances in the story. But I read this series in the first place because... more>> of the kingdom building and they just started on that, so my opinion might change after a few more chapters or arcs (hopefully not that long), hence, the 3-star rating. Though if the quality of the story (or main character) doesn't improve, I might drop the series then.

Only read if you got nothing better to do with your time. Or you're a sucker for whipped guys, I guess.

UPDATE: How to say this. Pretty much all the enemies so far are stupid? What I mean is, they're so aggressive and they don't even collect information first. They just go straight to attacking and having the tables turned on them and in the end they're all "OOHH DRAGON KNIGHT!!". It's the same sh*t for all the new people he meets every single time. It's either they end up worshiping him right away or after they get beaten down pathetically. And some of these are high officials with important positions that needs to use their brains. <<less
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New yantopol300
October 27, 2017
Status: --
This novel exceeded my expectations, in terms of contents. However, the translation quality, the writing quality (the structure of the story, not the tranlating) and the VERY slow pacing kinda ruins it.

Plus, the begining is very similar to that of Overlord

If you can put up with slow pacing or bad translation, this is for you.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
arahera rated it
August 24, 2017
Status: c192
Well, this novel is rather interesting. Somewhat rough around the edges, but it's good.

It reminds me of a simple version of Overlord, subtract the part where the MC is a skeleton (which can't have fun during the night). As I mentioned, a simpler version; it has similar traits, for example trying to make a country and become a king and so on.

But it's faster and a lot easier in this novel than in Overlord. The easiest example I can give is that Overlord writes a lot of details and nitpicks... more>> on every thing, which makes it slow paced. While in this novel, it goes rather fast with a moderate speed which is somewhat believable if you got his NPC on your side. <<less
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shad12ow rated it
September 29, 2017
Status: c17
An Overlord-ish novel, which is good for me since I love that series. There's soo many similarities that it is impossible to not get that vibe from the very first few chapter. I mean, even the MC's first meeting is like the first chapter of Overlord. But overall, the story is very enjoyable. Relaxing so far. And I guess it is still in the middle of building the character.
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captain crunch
captain crunch rated it
October 23, 2017
Status: c40
Rating: 2-2.5, Translation: 3.5

[Rating/Translation scale: 5 = almost all readers may enjoy / infrequent minor errors. 4 = large majority of readers may enjoy / frequent minor errors or infrequent major errors, no difficulty to read. 3 = 50% of readers may enjoy / frequent major errors, unable to understand some sentences or a paragraph in a chapter. 2 = niche audience may enjoy / unable to understand moderate portion of a chapter. 1 = portion of niche audience may enjoy / unable to understand most of a chapter.]

Description: A... more>> solo player in a VR-MMORPG created a guild with only himself and 200+ customized NPCs. He "fell asleep" in-game and woke up with his guild and castle in a medieval fantasy world. The translation is still at a very early chapter #40. So far, the MC has directed his guild to make contact with a couple of surrounding countries, has some early confrontations with them, and has made his initial declaration of "founding his own country."

Criticisms: The writing feels like a rough first-draft of a web novel. The author even writes lot of notes apologizing for his writing. The main issue is lack of development of plot and characters. For example, the author will drop a the names of a dozen NPC guild characters, and then I will forget who they are in the next chapter. The early plot feels like an outline version of some of Overlord's volumes. Outline as in there is minimal build-up or step-wise progression, as if condensing each volume into several chapters. Like Overlord, the MC and his NPCs are already maxed out OP, so without a fleshed out plot, it just becomes a list of events where the OP MC crushes the another-worlders. On the other hand, those who found Overlord to be too slow, they might prefer this faster pace. The MC seems like a normal guy, so then his reason for forming a country ends up being strange: not wanting nobles to talk to him as if he's a commoner? And it's strange that there's no transition from being a normal salaryman to laughing about killing thousands of enemies.

Translation: It's machine translated, so there are awkwardly phrased sentences. Just a few of them can be harder to understand. I rate between a 3 and 4 on my scale. The current translation rate is very fast, about 1 chapter a day.

Overall: The general story seems like it could be good, similar to early plot of Overlord. But the storytelling feels like a web novel's rough draft. I think a number of "another world" fans may not be satisfied with the quality, but a little more than just a dedicated following may continue reading, so I give it a 2-2.5 on my scale. In the future, if the author comes out with an improved LN version, maybe readers who left might be interested in taking a look at it. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
elhessan rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c38
Overlord ripoff....... Or so I thought. The writing is lacking, as expected of Web novel... Hey, it's not a final product like Overlord Light Novel version...

At first, it gave the impression like what said in the beginning, but then, you can easily distinguish which is which, so yes, it's not a ripoff. Alas, the support characters gave the impression of total 2D, but I, overall, I'd give this novel a green light...
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Himari rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: --
As the other reviewers said it's kinda similar to Overlord (but please don't expect for those behind the scenes plots that are happening there). Well from what I can see from the novel, the novel more focused on world building and the leisurely route rather than a in depth portrayal like what happened on Overlord.

So to those who liked OP MC who never hides his real strength and a fast pace story telling you guys might enjoy this too.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mahiro9 rated it
October 20, 2017
Status: c28
The whole concept of this novel is great, being the same as Overlord but having a righteous main character instead of a dark one.

But this novel suffers from the amateurish storytelling and writing. The author has a good idea of how the story should progress but the way it is executed feel rushed and forced, and ultimately lacking in immersion.

Worse part is, the author seems to be fan of the bad japanese clichés, with a dense MC being clueless or acting clueless most of the time. Then some annoying characters... more>> will appear and the MC just take the sh*ts they throw at him while scolding his companions for getting ticked off by the annoying characters for throwing those sh*ts at him, like seriously?

The author make the MC appear smart and mature at times but stupid, clueless, and naive most of the time. It's like the author can't decide what personality he'll give the MC. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
EvilGodsAcolyte rated it
October 24, 2017
Status: c41
I've read it as of c41, while it was great in the beginning (it started Overlord-like but has doesn't have the "evilness" of Nazarick's denizens) it quickly lose its quality due to poor execution of the plot.

I'm still going to read more of this WN and I might review again depending of how it goes on but I'm still losing faith this WN.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
p17at23 rated it
October 9, 2017
Status: --
Similar with Overlord, but with MC being a High Human (like Shin from New Gate) and not an Undead Overlord.. The story kind of childish at first but slowly improved.. Quite ok to read because the author or the translator works fast in updating it (1 or 2 sometimes 3 chapter per day)..I revoke my last rating and put it back to 3 star so as to see the improvement af the author..
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