Adventuring While Hiding My Identity, I Woke Up In Bed With The Princess of Enemy Nation


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For two years, I’ve been diligently working as an adventurer while hiding the fact that I’m the fourth prince. It seems I’ve accidentally made advances on a female adventurer whom I’ve been adventuring with for a long time (cue awkward comedy). And to make matters worse, the woman, Anri, has been disguised using a magical tool called “Disguise” and her true identity is the princess of an enemy nation. Similarly, I’ve been using a disguise as well. Anri’s disguise has been lifted, but mine hasn’t. I’m the only one who knows she’s a princess.

If things continue like this, I, as the scumbag who made advances on the second princess (a fact), will cause the kingdom to fall. For the sake of my own love life and to evade responsibility, let’s aim for peace negotiations.

Will this battle, which determines the fate of the kingdom, succeed?

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If You're an Adventurer Hiding Your Identity, And End up in Bed With The Princess of an Enemy Nation, You're Screwed
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MarketResearchReading114 rated it
April 24, 2024
Status: c4
Honestly this is pretty fun. The premise gets landed within the first 4, and it feels like its going to be a fun romp. I like the tone, and the sort of earnestness but frank relationship he has with his perception of himself. The tone of the relationship so far is 100% going to be freaking fun if it continues.
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