Adorable Creature Attacks! Cuteness Overload!


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Gu Qingyu, a licensed psychiatrist in the modern times, is thrown into turmoil.

Her own unjust death, a new world, and much more awaits her!

『A sudden attack from a shadowed figure in a hospital!

She reaches out with one wish on her mind as her blood flows out,

“I-I don’t want to die! S-Somebody save me!”

In the midst of her desperate cries, a mysterious being receives her wish and relocates her into a new body and world!』

Thrown into an ancient era without any warning, she discovers magic, monsters, and localities to explore!

On her journey through the four empires, she encounters hardships, meets new people and builds new relationships, all while trying to evade losing yet another life!

『New situations thrown at her at every turn, a comedic story of love, friendship and trust! Follow Gu Qingyu and her friends’ adventures through the four empires and her path to survival!』

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Adorable Creature Attack! Beauty is Irresistible!
Meng Shou Lai Xi, Mei Se Nan Dang
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solomaize rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: c17
*Looks at title, looks at cover, reads synopsis* What is this?!

Well, it's not what you expected from a story about a transmigrated doctor into the ancient world, that's for sure. It's refreshing and you will surely remember this gem among all those that you hoard in your reading list.

Not going to spoil much. The lead is the adorable one in the summary. Their squad are goals btw. They remind me of "Journey to the West" but with supermodels.

... more>> Still too early to say more, but for now it's really enjoyable.

Edit: c22

I guess I'm too used to the icy cold heroines of this genre that I find the chirpy attitude of the MC a bit too much to take. She's not arrogant, nor revengeful which I like. But her character is just too lax, missing an amount of level headedness you'd expect from a psychiatrist.

The Hero is probably slotted to be the ML, it feels forced, but the writing gets better. The saving grace and healing element of this troupe is Mo Bai (get to the end of c22 to know why). That gap attack is lethal.

Add-it: c25

There is a rather innocent quality to this writing. The way friendships are portrayed is really warm. And I guess it has to do with the author being 12 y.o. I kid you not. <<less
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crimsoniv0j rated it
July 6, 2017
Status: --
Reading this felt like big joke. The summary above sure is a clickbait but man, Im really disappointed. It feels like Im reading a gradeschool-level fan fiction. The MC magically adopt really quickly to the transmigration life (seriously, where is the fun in that 😒). The ML and supporting characters are like bunch of kiddos just following the MC. There's no character development. It was a meh 😓 reading this.
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GoldenTiger0 rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: Completed
The plot is pretty good. Our MC is rather accommodating. Even though she's 20 in her soul, she completely gets accustomed to a young girl's body and behaves in a way that's younger than her actual age. She feels nothing of the sorts of affection for her family after transmigration, except her mother and Xiao Qi, her maid.

... more>>

It's probably that Gu Qingyu was a psychiatrist in her previous life.


The MLs are all different types. But it's like a hierarchy for them to interact with MC, according to their style and personality.



Following are the MLs:-

  1. Jia Qizhe - He's the 1st ML she met and also the 1st to accompany on her adventures. He has most interactions with our MC. Known as Hero Jia across the 4 kingdoms. Quite popular with young and old. MC's body's original lady was on a mission with him upon stubbornly tagging along with him. That's why he's the first important character she comes across after transmigrating. He's cold, but rather than that he treats her a little harshly only until when he supposedly realizes his feelings for her. He's very cold to 2nd ML. And he has a high jar of vinegar inside him, but loses it all when he sees her crying. Favourite color: Blue. Weapon: Blue gas and sword.

    He's the lord of 'Night', an information and killer organisation. Oh, and he immediately declares MC his lady when he reaches the headquarters of it. Plus, I think he's one of the only people who doesn't have a mental problem.

  2. Mo Bai - He's that 2nd ML she met but, the 3rd one to accompany her on her adventures. This guy has has second most interactions with MC. Known as a Divine Healer. Very gentle and polite. Goes along with every wish of MC. And he hesitates to show his real feelings to our MC.

    He's Southern Kingdom's King. Quite a big position. But, he's a problem child. By that I mean that he has very deeply hidden mental properties. He actually is afraid that what he loves or what he likes will be taken away from him, and therefore kidnaps our MC and gives her a forgetting herb making her forget all, so that she will only have him in her eyes and will not leave him. He has a mental problem, so when our MC recovers her memories, she plays along with him, so he can be cured. And he does seems to start getting cured. But then, a tragedy happens and - can't tell too much as it's a really big spoiler.


    This guy has another side to him which is very cold. And he claims that ' Those who hurt MC, he will kill them' and he does so very quietly. His actual identity is known by our 1st ML. Favourite color: White (more) /Yellow (little). Weapon: Black gas and flute.

  3. Qi Yichen - He's the 3rd ML she met and the 2nd one to accompany her. He had second least interactions with MC. He's also the reason she started to go on an adventure aside from having thoughts of leaving her home, just because it's troublesome to be in a familial politics. He isn't that popular and he probably doesn't hold any special affections for MC aside from being a friend, which is only until an incident.

    He's the national division of Western Kingdom and seemed to be in a relationship with the King. But was betrayed by the king, who felt that he was only in the shadows of him. Although it was pretty bad, the guy still saved MC from being controlled through a poisonous bug. This ended up in him being unable to control mana and regrouping with our MC's group, because of his attitude towards MC and MC's trust in him. He's also a problem child as he insisted on believing a person who wanted to kill him even though he knew.


    After the incident, there are points which shows his ambiguous attitude towards out MC, but honestly I'm still not clear if he likes her or not. Favourite color: Cream/White. Weapon: Fan.

  4. Murong Zuoye - He's the 4th ML she met and the 4th one to join. He has least interactions with our MC. Whenever our MC makes him flustered and he turns 'tomato', he quickly and stiffly goes away. He is the second prince of Eastern Kingdom. And he's loved by the eastern populace. He accompanied MC and others so he can watch over the holder of the Blood Jade or whatever is it, also known as 'the rock' by MC. If the holder turns evil, then he will kill her, and if not, then he will protect her. But he seems to have a crush on her? Favourite color: Purple. Weapon: Sword.
  5. Qi Wan - He's the 5th ML she met and the 5th one to join. He also transmigrated and is seemed to have acquired a lord's identity who has opened brothels, restaurants, inns and horse stables. Turns out to be quite rich. He's the only one with whom she has a feeling of home, since they are from same place. He calls our MC 'boss'. And he has the third most interactions with her. He's funny and usually jokes with MC, which only people of Earth can understand. He's also quite a target of jealousy and killing intents from both 1st and 2nd MLs.

    He's also a problem child. He believes that since 1st ML was unable to protect MC from 2nd ML, 1st ML have no qualifications to protect her anymore and since 2nd ML was unable to protect MC from a killer maid, he also doesn't have any qualifications. This all maybe due to that he solely depends on MC due to being from same place, turning it into an obsession type of love maybe?


    Favourite color: Dark Green. Weapon: Belt.

  6. Xue Zang - He may be mentioned as an ML whom she met after Qi Yichen and before Murong Zuoye, but he still seems to qualify as a friend even until the end. He's the City Lord of Blood Glaze City. He seems to hold no romantic feelings towards MC or regard her as a crush. He's playful and usually teases MC. He calls her 'little kitty'.

    He ha a little sister. And he's more powerful than all the MLs except MC's master.


    Favourite color: Red. Weapon: ?.

  7. Venerable Flames - He's MC's master and a soul residing in Blood Jade or 'the rock'. He's also known as Respect Yun. His real name, which I forgot, is also very important and he himself may not remember his real name anymore. He although may not qualify as an ML (according to many) or may not show jealousy or love on his face, but afterwards he's mentioned to be jealous of the 1st ML quite a few times.

    He seems to be on a revenge and wants MC's help on it, indirectly. He also had predicted MC's coming several thousand years ago. And he's the most powerful of all MLs.


MC also has quite a background but her background mainly lies on her acquired body.


She's a cat demon at first. But then, turns out to be a white tiger. The biggest point is that she's the ancient white tiger. You know, one of the four. Phoenix, Dragon, White Tiger, Basaltic.

As for her psychiatrist abilities, I think it's to cure the three problem children - Mo Bai, Qi Wan and Qi Yichen.


All in all, it's an adventure and reverse harem story with a background. But I don't get how she fell in love at all.

There's a time loop. Current things happen because of past, then they go to past which becomes their present and try to change future but no, those actions are exactly what makes the present (in this case future). Back to their timeline having experienced the past, found and lost things, and then realise that it was all fate.

There's an extra sort of chapter in which she goes back to Earth.

Read the spoilers at your own risk, because after that

You might hate the MC, just like me.


She died, then returned to her Earth timeline and has lost memories of other world and lives in continuity. Due to her promise with Qi Wan to get together with her in her next life, she's pursued by him. Finally they get married and live as husband and wife. This thing of breaking up the official couple and adding on the third party to live in next life makes me feel as if the original party's love wasn't strong enough. I get that the ML wasn't a person of Earth so it might be impossible for them meeting on Earth, but what's with the MC?! I feel as if her love wasn't strong enough! True love means to be together for as long as the lifetimes they are supposed to live. In this way, MC's love is quite cheap.

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Senethari rated it
July 17, 2017
Status: c12
The synopsis sounded like great fun, but I'm not really seeing any sign of it in the actual story. I'm not sure how to describe this other than the usual transmigration story presented as a complete farce (literal).

While there does appear to be a larger plot lurking in the background, the characters and chapter-to-chapter happenings are completely without depth, and their actions are without consequences except when necessary for comedy. So, taken in the same vein as other stories in the same genre, it's s*upid. It's vapid. It's face-palm-induced head... more>> trauma with a side of rage aneurysm.

BUT - rather than take it seriously, I prefer to read it as brain candy. I can imagine this as a cheesy play put on by the king's fools. Sure, it's missing a lot of the deeper characterizations that make a piece great (or good... or... decent) but frankly, sometimes a girl just wants to watch the mummers make fools of themselves and get rowdy in good company.

If you, dear reader, can turn off your brain long enough to at least reach the comments section of each chapter, then you might enjoy this... whatever the hell this is. <<less
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Qfaea rated it
January 6, 2018
Status: --
Its just something you read for fun, dont take it too seriously because the plot is blurry and characterization kinda off balance but It was fun reading a character that isn't cold or revenge driven like the usual.
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Antisocialcow rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: --
Definitely a must read; this novel stands out from the rest of transmigration novels, where usually the female lead is a Mary Sue killing all the people who have done her wrong. The story's MC isn't very serious and actually revolves around the OP party's shenanigans. This novel is one of the most hilarious stories I have ever read. So if you're looking for a light hearted and fun novel to pick up, this is the one.

I'm really glad this novel was picked up by Volare Novels because they do... more>> a great job translating and they're consistent with their updates. :D <<less
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johannremoroza rated it
May 9, 2018
Status: --
It's just because I love reverse harems, the protagonist is quite different from the usual female protagonist that has a cold and ruthless persona. It is a good read if you want something light and adorable
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October 25, 2017
Status: --
It feels very childish and almost a joke. Granted I didn't read very far but compared to other lackadaisical novels with a more ridiculous premise, it's boring and the MC lacks a presence. She's supposedly a psychiatrist but barely acts like an adult and the canon fodder is just..... s*upid. I just can't bring myself to read more when it reads like a joke told flat.
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